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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Season 4 is killin' it out there!! I do believe we have had more action in the first 3 episodes of season 4 of Atlantis than any other season put together!! In addition to attempting to keep up with this demanding shooting schedule, I have also been putting together a lengthy fight sequence for the "Ark of Truth" Movie as well.....with the help of my team, of course.....alot of help!! It is true that a human can't be in two places at one time.....isn't it? I am proving this more times then I care to relate. All the cast and crew have been in fantastic spirits this time around and when all is said and done we are very proud of our work over here. Sheppard, Teyla, and Ronon have gotten into some huge adventures together, and individually......the scale being larger compared to anything you have seen before on our show. The talent of our guest stars this year is off the charts.........I can't wait for you to see......well.......I can't say at this point.....let's just keep it at that.....I can't wait....but I have to....and so do you!! Our new addition, Keller, has proven to be both impressive in the realm of action and entertaining on and off set as well. This one has a fantastic sense of humour and a strong ability to act the hell out of the place! Well....I have had some problems logging onto blogger to publish anything so what I had planned to write about on here has long since gone out of my little you go with something anyway!! I will check in with you again soon. By the way, Ivon has done a fantastic job on the special features again this year, with the addition of an internet piece called "Anatomy of a Stunt" that you can check out on the official Stargate is where you can find the video.....4 minutes long.....and pretty funny actually. Full of cool behind the scenes tidbits to chew on and laugh your ass off at!! Ciao.

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Monday, April 16, 2007


We started this season 4 off with so much action I can barely take the time to breathe folks!! Damn!! OH.........hello by the way. I have not been here for a bit.....I hope you understand and such............You will notice some changes this will notice some changes last will notice some changes.......ya......changes. I have just finished shooting the "Missing" episode.......what a ride that was.....for all you Teyla fans out there, lovin' it!! Just full of cool ass stuff for Teyla.......Keller is one of our newer characters and she is hittin' it full force up in the old "Missing" as well.........good times had by all.....Andy Mikita kicked it directing!! I even got to direct a little bit of the action one day but enough about that........."Travellers" directed by Will Waring was shot at the exact same time frame as "Missing" so as you can guess, we were overly busy......not that we are not always that busy but....well....we are not. We had some fantastic guest stars in both those episodes....tune in to find out! Robert Cooper's first episode of the year, "Doppelganger" will be a thrill a minute as carefully folks......great work in the VFX department on this one for sure!! "Tabula Rasa" started shooting today and everything is running smooooooooooooooooooth as it should for Martin Wood. Wow.....did that sound like Ali? So far the most on set time I have spent has been on "Missing" but with the SG1 movies coming up......yep........I will be spreading myself between the season 4 stuff and the movies.......lots of quality action programming for all to see. Ciao for now kids!!!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

IN THE LAND OF WRAPPED entries on the old blog since the end of the season..........I have been spending alot of time with work outside of Stargate, and with my friends and family. The end of the shooting season was full of surprises, both on the set and off. Lots of fantastic stories and action to behold in the second half of the third season of Atlantis and some great action to discover on SG1. I only speak of the action on SG1 as I am only involved with that portion of the show.......the combat portion.......The last day of shooting for season 10 I was there for however......very full of emotion and tears.........smiles and laughter........alot of recounting old times past by cast, directors, and producers was actually a great energy on set and back at the trailors. Visitors gathered to be there for the last shot of the tenth season.........I went home early as I thought there were enough folks already there that needed to share that time with each other without any extra faces to contend with. It was just a great experience, that whole last week. I wanted to write something about it before now, while it was still fresh in my brain.....but......other work took over and kept me busy right away. That whole week was full of big action on both shows for me to look after and keep safe. We really pushed it to make everybody proud of the season's end..................Nobody really knows what is in store for SG1 but something is...............what that don't have a clue!!! So don't ask me!! Sorry. I am not the keeper of that information. I do know that Atlantis is already going to be full of new cool situations with the same dark feel.......I am going to find new ways to make the audience cringe in their seats when they feel the pain of our heroes.........................The rest of season 3 will blow you away..........yep. Everybody is off doing their own thing......conventions........other films or we will all come together at the end of February next year to commit to making you a fantastic season 4. I look forward to it. In the mean time, I am working with some other professionals in film on other projects........alot of fun.....not the same as the family we have on Atlantis, but alot of fun. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween as I did. Stuntman John Kralt and Stuntwoman Melissa Stubbs both had huge Halloween bashes.....Kralt's being the annual......the stunt community attended both and enjoyed each others company greatly. Good friend and stuntman Lauro Chartrand is getting married in Panama this January quite a few of us will be gathering to so our love and support to our friend(and get a tan). Well............what else is there to write about? Hmmmmmmmmmm? Nada? Ciao.

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