GateWorld FanFic Presents
Shades of Grey: The Aftermath (Chapters 21-30)
by MandySg1

Rating: Teens
Category: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Crossover
Season: SG-1 Season Three
Related SG-1 Episode(s): 202 In the Line of Duty, 222 Out of Mind, 317 A Hundred Days, 318 Shades of Grey
Featured Character(s): Jack ONeill, Samantha Carter
Summary: Someone is planning to get one member of SG1. Can anyone at the SGC be trusted? Or is it up to a lawyer to figure it out.
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Author Notes: This is a Crossover with Jag, but you don't have to know the series to read this story. Warning some language and a lot of violence. Minor character death. Can also be found at in chapter form.

Chapter 21

Jack was fuming; he couldn't believe Hammond called him back in to the base. Many Airmen quickly got out of Jack's way as he made his way to Hammond's office. Jack knocked forcefully on the door.

`What the hell?' George thought as he got up to answer the door. "Colonel O'Neill, what the hell are you doing here?" George said puzzled looking at a very irate Jack O'Neill.

Jack was taken aback by Hammond's question. "Ah, you called me in Sir."

"No I didn't." Hammond said even more puzzled. "You're supposed be watching over Major Carter."

"I know that Sir, but I received a call from you telling me to get down here." Jack was truly perplexed.

"Jack, I didn't call you."

"But Sir it was your voice." Jack said getting very nervous. "If you didn't call me then this was a set up." Jack said running away from Hammond.

George watched Jack's retreat, "I'll arrange for some backup Colonel!" He shouted to Jack.


Kennedy watched from his car down the street as Teal'c and then Dr. Jackson were taken away in handcuffs. `Well that leaves only one guard inside.' He thought as he made his way to Sam's door.

"Is there anything I can do for you Ma'am?" Parker asked trying to make sure she wasn't angry with him. It's bad enough having to face an angry Col. O'Neill, but he didn't want to have both of them angry with him.

"No I'm fine thank you Sgt.," Sam was still mad but didn't see any use in taking it out on Parker.

"Ok, I'll just be in the other room if you need anything."

"Very well Sgt., knock your self out." Sam was really worried, not for herself, but for Daniel and Teal'c. How could they have been arrested for attacking Stan? Everything just seemed to be going wrong. She just hoped O'Neill would be back soon so they could get things straightened out. Sam decided the best thing was just to rest while waiting for Jack, but the broken ribs and her battered body were making that even difficult.

Parker left the room and went to secure the rest of the house. When he finished he thought he'd do something nice, maybe make the major a cup of tea, 'might as well try to get on her good side`. He thought back to how she looked all weak and bruised and wondered if she did have a good side. He couldn't blame Dr. Jackson or Teal'c for attacking that prisoner; he was brought out of his thoughts by a sound at the front door. He drew his gun and headed for the living room, but before he could react the door swung open and a figure hunched low to the ground fired a shot and he went down.

Sam was startled by a loud noise; she gripped her gun tightly and hid it under the covers. "Is everything alright Sergeant?" She called out. Sam wasn't sure if she should try to get up, or stay put and keep the gun ready; after trying to shift around a bit she decided she could do her best where she was.

Kennedy checked on Parker, `Yea he'll be out for a while.' he thought looking at the dart sticking out of Parker's arm. He stood up and headed further into the house looking for Carter.

Sam was growing nervous she hated being so helpless, having to wait to find out what was going on. She gingerly reached for the phone and tried to dial O'Neill's number.

Jack was speeding down the road when his cell phone rang, he hated having to answer the thing when he was driving but it could be important. "O'Neill."

"Sir?" Sam said quietly.

"Carter? What's wrong?" Jack said feeling a knot forming in the pit of his stomach.

"Someone's broken in, and I don't know what's happened to Parker."

"What! Where are Daniel and Teal'c?"

"They were taken into custody and are on their way to the base. Sgt. Parker stayed behind as my back up but....

"Carter!...Carter are you there?" When Jack received no answer he stepped on the gas even harder trying to make it to Carter's house as fast as he could. He kept the phone to his ear hoping to hear something.

"Put the phone down Major?" Kennedy said from just outside the doorway pointing a gun at Sam, while staying shielded himself.

Sam glared at Kennedy with such hate that if looks could kill, Kennedy wouldn't stand a chance. She dropped the phone so it landed on the floor, but didn't hang it up. "So Kennedy what brings you here?" Sam said keeping her other hand under the covers gripped tightly on the gun while she leaned against the headboard of the bed.

"Put your hands up Major, both of them...slowly." Kennedy said as he waited outside the room. He knew her reputation and wasn't going to go in before he knew it was safe.

Sam waited not moving, the last thing she wanted to do was let go of her gun; but he did have the drop on her; there was no way she could get a shot at him. Sam slowly raised her hands.

"Higher Major." Kennedy said motioning with the gun. He watched as she slowly raised her arms, he could see the pain on her face with the movement. He slowly entered the room keeping his gun aimed at her. By the looks of her, he didn't think she would be able to put up much of a fight. He walked up next to the bed and pulled the covers away, "Now now Major, that's dangerous you know." He said picking up the gun that was lying next to her.

"Only to you Kennedy." Sam said starting to lower her arms, her anger growing by the minute.

Kennedy surprised Sam by grabbing her ankle and pulling her hard so she slid down the bed ending up flat on her back.

"What the hell!" Sam gasped, trying to push herself up into a seated position, only to have Kennedy pressing his arm across her collarbone, just below her neck.

"Now Major, I just wanted you to get a little more comfortable." He said as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a rope. "This will be a whole lot easier if you co-operate Major. Or should I say less painful. Now put your hands together."

"You've got to be kidding, if you think I'll co-operate with you." Sam said glaring in his eyes.

"I just want to make sure we can have a little talk without you trying something." He positioned himself so he was leaning heavily on her, making it hard no impossible for her to move. Then proceeded to tie her hands. "There now that's better. Just one more little adjustment." He said as he lifted her arms above her head and tied the end of the rope to the headboard.

"What do you want?" Sam yelled slightly out of breath from having him leaning on her broken ribs.

"You know Major that's a good question. At first, I just wanted your help like I told you when we had you at our building. But since your little escape I've had to rethink things a bit." He said now sitting on the edge of the bed next to her looking down.

"You had a funny way of asking for help." Sam said feeling her skin crawl having him so close to her like this.

"Yes well good help is so hard to find." He said smirking a little.

"Where did you dig up Stan?"

"Ah yes Stan; you know he does take pride in his work." Kennedy said taking his gun and running it along the bottom of Sam's top slowly pushing it up.

Sam shivered with repulsion as she felt the cold metal of the gun against her skin.

"I see Stan did a lot of damage; must hurt like hell." Kennedy said inspecting the damage. "Hmm, lets see; broken ribs?" He said as he ran his hand over the area. "And it looks like you had some sort of surgery, let me guess...internal bleeding?" His voice steely as he ripped off the bandage covering the incision site. "You know you didn't have to go through all this? All you had to do was answer some questions to help us figure out how to use those alien devices."

"You didn't give me much of a choice. I couldn't spill classified information like you must have to your cohorts." Sam said showing her disgust in the man.

"Always the good little soldier, eh Major."

"At least I'm a loyal soldier, unlike you." She spat out.

"Oh don't kid yourself Major, I'm loyal; it's just my loyalty goes beyond those in charge. My loyalty goes to my country and planet; I was trying to make us better, more prepared to face our new enemy." He said getting angry at her doubting his loyalty.

"All you had to do was go through regular channels; you could have gotten the information there instead of kidnapping me!" Sam said showing him her anger as well.

"You really think that's all I had to do! I read those reports, the tests and results they had on you. They didn't want to take my suggestions that we perform more in depth experiments. To do what ever we had to do to find the answers!" He yelled standing up and looking down on her.

"Well thank God those running the program knew better than to make a lab rat out of me. No government has the right to force experiments on a person, or kill them just to get the answers they hope they will find. And if you read the reports carefully, you'd know that the only way to get the abilities I have is to have a Goa'uld symbiote implanted in your brain. Something I don't recommend."

"You survived." He said getting annoyed at her argument.

"That's because I had a Tok'ra who gave its life willingly so I would survive. You can't say the same for Major Kawalski; or did you forget about him." Sam said tiredly, the stress of the situation taking its toll on her.

"Of course I haven't forgotten about him, as you recall I wanted to experiment on him and find the answers! But those bleeding hearts at the SGC wouldn't think of it, now we have no answers and no Goa'uld to questions! All we have is you!"

Sam was getting even more nervous, Kennedy was becoming unhinged which in her book made him more dangerous.

******* Harm couldn't believe what he heard, General Hammond was yelling after O'Neill that he would send back up, then he heard him ordering a security detail to Major Carter's house. He looked at Mac, both saying "let's go" at the same time, which is why he and Mac were speeding down the streets of Colorado Springs. Harm only hoping that he remembered the way to her house.


Jack turned down Sam's street; he slowed the truck and tried to approach making as little noise as possible. He had heard some of what was said, but it was difficult to hear. He kept the phone to his ear as he approached the house.


"So Major, I'm giving you one last chance to join me. With us working together I know we can find the answers." He said once again taking a seat on the edge of bed, facing her.

"When Hell freezes over Kennedy." Sam said through gritted teeth as she struggled with restraints on her arms.

"I'm sorry to hear that Major; that only leaves me with one option...I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you."

"They'll hunt you down with a vengeance." Sam spat out.

"With you gone, there's only one other witness against me. Getting to Colonel Mackenzie will be a hell lot easier than getting to you Major. With both of you gone, there will be no one to testify against me and I'm sure I'll be back at my original position serving my country. Oh and not to mention with you dead, we can perform all the experiments we want to on your body." He said running the back of his hand along her side.

"You bastard!" Sam yelled struggling even harder against the ropes. "We have your people in our custody, someone will talk."

"Ha, you mean like Stan?" He laughed.

"So you had something to do with his attack."

"Sorry Major that wasn't me, although I can't say I'm sorry about it."

"We'll get the others to talk."

"Not likely Major, once your gone they'll know better than to talk. Now let's see; I have to kill you but I have to do it with minimal damage. Let's see a bullet could cause too much organ damage, we don't want to waste your precious blood; we'll need a lot of it for the experiments. Poison would mess up the lab results."

"Well then I guess you'll have to let me live." Sam said with the bravest voice she could muster. `Come on Jack where are you?' Sam thought to herself getting desperate.

"Oh I've got it, asphyxiation that will leave your body intact for all the examinations."

"My friends will never let you get your hands on my body. They'll have me cremated first." Sam said struggling again.

"Oh I don't think so." Kennedy said as he reached over Sam for a pillow, then placed it high over her face. "Good bye Major, it's been nice knowing you." Kennedy placed the pillow on Sam's face and began to push down hard.

Sam was struggling for breath; she had taken one deep breath before the pillow came down. She felt the weight on top of her; she tried kicking out with her feet but didn't come in contact with anything. She slowly felt the pull of unconsciousness.

Jack slowly made his way into Carter's house; he saw a body lying on the floor and went to check it out. He found the young guard he was unconscious but breathing. Next Jack made his way to Sam's bedroom. He was shocked to see Sam struggling with Kennedy holding a pillow over her face. Jack's instincts kicked in he ran over and pulled Kennedy off Sam, then pulled the pillow off of her face. He didn't have time to check on her, as Kennedy was still a threat.

Kennedy regained his balance and lunged at O'Neill. Jack saw him coming and braced himself for the impact; he grabbed Kennedy and used his strength to move the both of them away from the bed and Sam. The two men began to fight, Jack taking out his frustration on Kennedy's face. The next blow sent Kennedy falling backwards into a dresser. He reached for the gun in the back of his waistband. Pulling it out he didn't aim at Jack, but aimed it at Sam. "I suggest you stand down O'Neill!" He said wiping the blood from his nose.

Jack took a step back and raised his hands. "What ever you do just don't hurt her."

"You know O'Neill you always have a knack of getting in my way. I should just shoot you now."

"So why aren't you?"

"Because it would be over too soon, I want you to suffer. Killing Major Carter first will definitely cause you to suffer."

"You can't do this! She's suffered enough."

"Don't worry O'Neill I'll make her death quick, she won't suffer. You will." Kennedy raised his gun aiming it at Sam.

Two loud shots rang out in the deafening silence of the room.


Harm and Mac entered Sam's house through the opened door. They noticed the body lying on the floor Mac went up and checked for a pulse; she was relieved to find one, the young man was just unconscious. Harm was already making his way to Sam's bedroom Mac right behind him. They both took one side of the door peeking in.


Jack closed his eyes at the sound of the shots; he took a deep breath and steadied himself for what he was going to see. When he opened his eyes, he saw Kennedy lying on the ground. He let out the breath he was holding then saw Harm and Mac entering the room holding their guns up.

"Boy am I glad to see the two of you." Jack said, then rushed to Sam leaving the lawyers to take care of Kennedy.

Jack didn't like that Sam had been quiet through the whole situation. First, he checked for a pulse on her neck and was relieved to find one. Then he checked if she was breathing. Her breathing was shallow but she was breathing. `She must have just passed out from the lack of oxygen.' Jack thought to himself.

"Carter, can you hear me?" He said holding her face. "Come on Sam." Jack was relieved when he felt her stir.

Sam started coming around, she could swear she heard O'Neill's voice, but it couldn't be; she was alone with Kennedy. She startled herself at the thought of Kennedy and became tense. "No!" She yelled as her eyes flew open and she pulled on the restraints.

"Carter its okay, he can't hurt you anymore. Right?" Jack said looking at Rabb and Mackenzie.

Harm got up from checking on the man. "Yea he's dead." Then he and Mac made their way over to Sam, standing on the other side of the bed. They were shocked when they saw the position Sam was in.

"See Carter, you're safe now." Jack said reaching up to untie the rope from the headboard and slowly brought her arms down.

"Ahhh," She moaned at the movement of her arms. "I have to say, you took your sweet time Sir."

"Yea I'm sorry about that Carter, but when I left Daniel and Teal'c were here." Jack said glaring at Rabb and Mac while untying the rope around Sam's wrists. At least this time she had the bandages to protect her from further rope burns.

They all looked at the door when they heard loud noises, then saw four security guards from the SGC enter the room. Mac reached over and tossed the sheet over Sam realizing she probably didn't want everyone seeing her with her top hiked up so high. She heard Sam give her a quiet `thanks'.

"What's going on Sir?" Lt. Simms asked O'Neill.

Jack got up and approached the young man. "That's the man responsible for kidnapping Major Carter and Colonel Mackenzie; he broke in and tried to kill the Major. Contact General Hammond and let him know what's going on. But first I want everyone out of here for a few minutes." Jack said realizing Sam might want a little privacy to pull herself together.

"Yes Sir, we'll be waiting in the other room." Simms answered getting O'Neill's meaning as he escorted his men out of the room.

Jack returned to Sam, "So Carter what do you say about a little trip back to the base? I'm sure Janet wouldn't mind having a look at you."

"I'm okay Sir, he didn't hurt me; much." Sam said realizing that her arms were hurting more now than they previously had.

"I don't know Carter, with all this action happening tonight. I never knew your bedroom was as popular as Grand Central Station?"

"Colonel!" Yelled both Harm and Mac, shocked at O'Neill's insensitivity.

Sam just smiled and chuckled a little, "Well I have to get my entertainment somehow."

"Anyway if we go to the base, we can try and clear things up with Teal'c and Daniel's arrests." Jack said looking angrily at both lawyers.

"What?" Harm said.

"We didn't have them arrested." Mac filled in.

"The guards, who came here, said they had orders from you to take them into custody." Sam said looking confused at the two of them.

"Ah actually we discussed having them arrested with Gen. Hammond, but he said they were doing something important and it would have to wait." Harm told them.

"Yea well I got a call from Hammond telling me to come into the base; but when I talked to him he denied making the call." Jack said sighing.

"Someone must have a voice synthesizer, to set up this trap for me. The same mole we're looking for." Sam said.

"Do you think your trap worked?" O'Neill asked.

"There's only one way to find out Sir; we have to go back to the base." Sam said shaking her head slightly. The last thing she wanted was to make that long drive back to the base.

"You know Sam; you could always stretch out in the back of my car for the drive." Harm offered.

"Sounds like a plan." She answered.

"So Sam, why I don't help you get ready." Mac offered. "Unless you'd rather have Colonel O'Neill help you get dressed." Mac said with a little smirk, reminding Sam of what she told her about her feeling for O'Neill.

"Oh I think you'll do fine Mac, thanks." Sam said with an edge to voice.

"Okay then, as soon as you two are ready we'll head to the base and let the others take care of the garbage." Jack said motioning to the body on the floor as he and Rabb left the room.

Chapter 22

Jack was glad they finally made it to the SGC; he had gotten Carter to the infirmary; although she was quite reluctant to use the wheel chair and be wheeled through the base. He even contemplated putting her over his shoulder and carrying her there. He grinned at the thought as he made his way to General Hammond's office.


"So Sam do want to tell me what happened?" Janet asked sympathetically, more as a friend than a doctor.

"No, not really. I'm fine by the way; the colonel was just over reacting by insisting I come here." Sam said showing some anger at being stuck in the infirmary when there were more important things to do; like catch a mole.

Janet and Sam's attention was brought to the gurney being wheeled in, carrying a still unconscious Sgt. Parker.

"Put him over there." Janet ordered as she gave her friend a concerned look before going to check on the new patient. "What do we have?"

"He's apparently been shot with a dart Ma'am, and has been unconscious for quite some time." A medic informed her.

"Okay, I want blood work done and vitals every 15 minutes until he wakes up." Janet ordered one of her nurses before performing an initial examination.

"So how is he?" Sam asked concerned for the young man.

After a few moments, Janet answered Sam. "Looks like he'll just have to sleep off the sedative. I'd sure like to know what Kennedy's been using on everyone."

"I'm just glad he's alright, I wasn't sure what happened to him when...Kennedy broke in."

"Don't worry Sam, he'll be fine. All he'll get is probably the best sleep he's had in a long time." Janet said trying to comfort Sam so she wouldn't feel guilty about what happened to the sergeant.

"So now what about you?" Janet asked not giving Sam a chance to escape her questioning.

"Like I told you Janet I'm fine." Sam said abruptly.

"By the look on your face, I don't think you are. Now tell me what happened so I can help you." Janet said firmly.

"Okay, okay, my arms are a little sore that's all." Sam said, trying not to give too much information. The last thing she wanted to do was relive that experience with everyone to hear.


"General" Jack acknowledged as he entered Hammond's office, seeing Rabb and Mackenzie were already there.

"Colonel, care to tell me what happened at Major Carter's house." Hammond asked as Jack entered and then closed the door.

"Oh I thought they would have already filled you in Sir." Jack said as he leaned against a cabinet. It was a little crowded in the office, but Jack knew that due to security leaks it was the most secure place on the base to be having this meeting.

"They only filled me in on the death of Colonel Kennedy; ah how is Major Carter taking it?"

"Well she seemed to be okay when we brought her in, but with Carter she could just be putting up a brave front. It's not easy having someone killed in your bedroom." Jack said in a quiet voice.

"How did Kennedy gain access to the Major's home?" Hammond asked, hoping someone in the room had the answer.

"Well Sir, you know that I received a call from someone I thought was you; and when Carter called me on my cell she said that Daniel and Teal'c had been taken into custody. Then it sounded like she dropped the phone Sir." Jack said shivering as he recalled the moment.

"What! I distinctly didn't order their arrests and made that clear." Hammond said looking at the two lawyers he had the discussion with.

"Ah we didn't order their arrests Sir, we don't know who did." Harm said looking a little nervous at the look; he was getting from the general.

"So then what happened with Dr. Jackson and Teal'c?" Hammond asked.

"Well Sir the person who was in charge of the arrests is currently in the infirmary. He was unconscious when I found him at Carter's." Jack informed Hammond.

Hammond picked up his phone and made a quick call. Everyone remained silent as he finished his inquiry. "Well it seems Sgt. Parker woke up a few minutes ago, I suggest you people go find out what happened before we continue this briefing." Hammond ordered.

The three officers got up and quickly left the room heading for the infirmary. "Well that's one place I know my way to." Mac said, but not jokingly.

A few minutes later, they entered the infirmary, Jack leading the way. He stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn't believe the size of the needle the nurse was carrying. He took a gulp as he saw her disappear behind a curtain.

"Okay Sam this is going to hurt a little bit, but the freezing I gave you should help a bit." Janet said behind the curtain.

`A little bit. More like a hell of a lot.' Jack thought to himself.

"Almost done." Janet said.

"Not soon enough." Sam said the pain evident in her voice.

"Okay all done. You should be feeling better soon." Janet said as she came out from behind the curtain.

"Hey watch where you point that thing Doc." Jack said as he saw Fraiser carrying the needle towards him.

"Don't worry Colonel it's not for you." She said handing it to the nurse. "I'll need the second one in a few minutes; same dose."

"What two, hasn't Carter been through enough, without the needle torture?" Jack said clearly showing his disgust at the size of the needles.

"Well Colonel if you must know it's for a cortisone injection, and since its going into the shoulder joint this size of syringe is required. Now what brings the three of you into my infirmary?" Janet asked.

"Ah we're here to question the sergeant." Harm said, not liking the sight of the needle himself.

"Okay, he's in the last bed; he may still be drowsy though." Janet informed them.

"So how is Carter doing?" Jack asked.

"Ah I'm right here; you know I can hear you." Sam's voice came from behind the curtain.

Jack gave Janet his puppy dog look; "Okay Colonel you can visit, I'll hold off the treatment until you're finished in here." Janet told him.

Jack gave Janet one of his most endearing grins as he went over to the curtain. "Knock knock."

"Ah who's there?" Sam said, she just couldn't help herself.

"Come on Carter, stop joking around." Jack said a little annoyed, but then he found himself unable to stay mad or annoyed at Sam lately.

"Sorry Sir, you can open the curtain if you like."

Jack pulled the curtain open and found Sam lying on her side on top of t he covers she was wearing a hospital gown but still had her sweat pants on.. "So how are you doing?"

"Fine Sir. Janet's giving me some cortisone treatments for my shoulders."

Jack could only grimace, knowing how painful his shots had been to his knees.

"It's okay Sir, it should help for a few hours; then I'll be able to work better on the computer." Sam told Jack looking up at him.

"Geez Carter leave it to you to be thinking of work after all you've been through." Jack said exasperated.

"It's because of what I went through which is why I'm thinking of work Sir." Sam said not meaning for it to come out as harshly as it did.

"Hey Sam, come here often?" Harm said trying to break the tension.

"Yea, unfortunately."

"So Colonel, shouldn't we get down to questioning Parker?" Harm said to O'Neill.

"Yes, yes we should. Ah Carter feel free to join in the conversation if you think of anything." He said heading over to the other patient at the end of the room.

"Will do Sir."

"Sgt. Parker, I'm Colonel Mackenzie and this is Commander Rabb we're looking into what happened at Major's Carter's house tonight." Mac said to the groggy looking young man.

"Ah hem." Jack cleared his throat loudly.

"Along with Colonel O'Neill of course." Mac added.

"Yes Ma'am, Sirs I'll do what ever I can to help."

"So why did you show up at Carter's house to arrest Daniel and Teal'c?" Jack asked sounding a little irate.

"I was given orders Sir." Parker answered starting to become more awake.

"By whom?" Harm asked.

"By General Hammond...indirectly Sir."

"What do you mean indirectly?" Jack asked, thankful Daniel wasn't in the room to give a precise definition of the word.

"Well Sir, Sgt. Harriman told me the orders came from the two JAG lawyers who were under orders from Gen. Hammond."

"So you spoke directly with Sgt. Harriman?" Mac asked, she only remembered him as being the general's aid.

"Yes Ma'am." Parker said feeling a little nervous.

"At what time did you receive the call?" Harm asked this time.

"It was at 19:20 hundred hours Sir. I remember because I was getting ready to make the rounds to check on the prisoners when the call came."

"What? Then you took it upon yourself to pull off the two men who were guarding Major Carter." Jack said angrily.

"I...was under orders Sir and I offered to stay behind to guard Major Carter myself." He said feeling even more nervous.

"And a fine job you did sergeant." Jack said dripping with sarcasm.

"It's not his fault Sir." Sam interjected feeling sorry for the young man.

"Well Carter, when I left; you had two rather motivated guards and when I came back this one was unconscious on the floor. He should have had more than himself guarding you."

Sam couldn't argue, O'Neill did have a good point and she did almost get killed.

"I suggest we question Sgt. Harriman and find out why he gave those orders." Harm said.

"Well I think it will be another dead end, I can't see Harriman doing anything that would put me in danger." Sam said adamantly. "Actually I think I should be getting to my lab to work on finding the mole." Sam said trying to sit up to get out of bed.

Jack was by her side in an instant helping her to sit up. "Don't you have a date with a rather large needle Carter?"

"Thought I'd try to make a break for it Sir, want to assist?" Sam said with a slight grin.

"As much as I'd love to assist in a `prison' break Carter, do you really want to go through the halls of the SGC in that outfit?" Jack said pointing out the hospital gown Sam was wearing.

Sam looked down forgetting she was wearing the gown and shook her head. "We could always say its part of the new uniforms Sir."

"Don't look now but I think the wardens coming." Harm said as he saw Janet approach.

"Well I hope everyone's finished in here, I have patients to attend to." Janet said as she pulled the cloth off the tray she was carrying.

Jack saw the needle and backed away from Sam slightly. "Well that's my cue, see you later Carter."

"Actually Sir, would you mind hanging around a minute?" Janet asked.

"Ah sure thing Doc." Jack said confused.

"Okay then, we'll go ahead and set up an interview with Harriman." Mac said giving Sam a sympathetic smile as she left. Harm following behind her.

"So Doc what did you need me for?"

"Well Colonel, my nurses are busy looking after another patient and I was hoping you could help me out with Sam.?"

"What?" Both Sam and Jack said at the same time.

"Sam you need to stay still for the injection and I don't have anyone available to keep you still."

"I'm quite able to keep still myself Janet."

"Last time you had Peggy making sure you were still, and you were flinching. Look Sam I know its one of the most painful places to get a cortisone injection and you can't be moving while I'm adjusting the position of the syringe."

"Look Carter, I'd be happy to help; as long as the Doc remembers which person's getting the injection." Jack said trying to offer his support and lighten the mood at the same time.

"Okay Janet, just give me a minute to lie back down."

"Uh you can stay seated if you like Sam, might be easier than moving around so much."

"Sure sounds good."

"Okay Sam I need you to lean forward, and Colonel if you'd let Sam rest her head on your shoulder and just hold her tightly so she can't move." Janet said, amazed at herself for being able to keep a straight face.

"Ah...what ever you say Doc." Jack said, knowing this wasn't going to be the first time he held on to Sam tightly, and this time it was doctor's orders; so what else could he do but obey orders.

Sam leaned forward feeling awkward at having Jack being told to hug her. She was a little nervous as Jack came forward and put his arms around her. She started to feel a little more comfortable as his warmth engulfed her.

Jack was feeling quite good at the moment feeling Sam in his arms. There was a problem though; in this position, he was going see the procedure.

"You ready Sam?" Janet asked.

"Whenever you are." Sam replied, then felt a shiver as Janet undid the back of her gown.

"I don't know if I am." Jack said as he watched Janet pick up the big honkin needle.

"Okay just relax... both of you." Janet said as she saw O'Neill's face.

Jack watched as Janet slowly injected the needle, then moved it around a little under the skin as she guided it to the right place. He felt Sam bury her head in his shoulder and hold her breath. "Breath with it Carter." He said holding her tighter to keep her from moving

"We're almost done Sam." Janet said, not liking what she was doing, but knew it had to be done.

Jack could feel Sam's muscles tighten through out the procedure, and for once wished he were getting the needle instead of Sam. Then he saw Janet slowly pulling the needle out and put a cotton swab over the site. "Could you keep pressure on this Sir?" Janet asked as she moved his hand into position, then mysteriously disappeared.

"Ah Carter, I think you can breath now." Jack said as he could still feel that she was holding her breath again.

"Oh, yea right." Sam said, as she let out the deep breath she was holding. "Where did Janet go?"

"I don't know, she just kinda walked away." Jack said looking around.

"Uh, don't you think you should let go of me now?"

"Well...Janet did give me instructions to keep pressure on this, wouldn't want you to...leak."

Sam couldn't help but giggle at the colonel's choice of words. "I don't think we have to worry about that Sir."

"Well until Dr. Fraiser tells me to take the pressure off, I'm keeping it on." Jack said, but thinking he didn't want to let her go just yet.

Janet came back into the room and had to grin at the sight, it looked so natural for them to be in an embrace. `Oh yea Sam you owe me one.' "Okay, let me take a look." Janet took the cotton off and put on a band-aid, to match the other one.

"Ah, I think you can let me go now Sir." Sam was keeping up her soldier faade, even though she would prefer to stay in his arms.

"Oh, yea right." Jack said as he released Sam and took a step back. "I hope I didn't hurt you Carter."

"No Sir you didn't and thank you for your assistance. So Janet can I get out of here now?"

"Alright, but I still want you to stay off that leg for another four days at least."

"What? Four days, you've got to be kidding."

"Look Sam, your body needs time to heal, and from what you've gone through tonight, your not getting what I'd call rest."

"So then give me a pair of crutches so I can get around." Sam said adamantly.

"Afraid not Sam, those injections won't last very long and if you put more strain on your shoulders it will be even less time. You're going to have to keep using the wheel chair." Janet said being her naturally stubborn self.

"I'll make sure she uses the chair Doc, why I'll even assign her, her own chauffeur." Jack said grinning. `Oh I know just the chauffeur.'

"What are you talking about Sir; you can't assign someone to push me around base."

"We'll see about that Carter. So Doc, just keep Carter here until I get back."

"Will do Sir." Janet said, she liked having the Colonel on her side for once.

"I don't think I'm going to like this." Sam said as she watched the Colonel leave.


Jack knocked on the General's door before entering. "Sir we need to talk."

"What is it Colonel?"

"Since Teal'c and Daniel weren't supposed to be arrested in the first place, I'd like to get them out of the holding cells and put to good use."

"And what would that be?"

"Personal body guards/ nurses aids to Carter while on base Sir."

Hammond grinned at the thought of Teal'c being a nurses aid. "Well as long as they remain on base, I think I can accommodate you." He said as he picked up his phone to make arrangements.


"So Sgt, we've been told that you gave the order to Sgt. Parker to have Dr. Jackson and Teal'c arrested." Mac asked Harriman who was seated at the table in the interrogation room.

"It was not me Ma'am; I neither received nor gave any orders."

"Did you know what Dr. Jackson and Teal'c were doing?" Harm asked, not giving him a chance to rest between questions.

"Ah, no Sir, I thought they were just on downtime and for your information Sir, Ma'am I would never do anything that would cause any harm to come to Major Carter. We work closely together in the control room and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Major. Not to mention how many times she and SG1 have saved the ea..." He said cutting himself off not knowing if they were allowed to know about how many times they had saved the world.

"You were saying." Harm questioned.

"I'm sorry Sir, but I can't finish that sentence; I don't know how much you can be told."

"Okay then, what were doing at 19:20 hours sergeant?" Mac said taking her turn.

"Well Ma'am, at 19 hundred hours some of the shifts were changing; I'd estimate that about five or ten minutes after that Sgt. Walters reported to me and we went over the days events as well as performing some tasks that the general had ordered. That took about 30 to 40 minutes to finish Ma'am, then we went back to the control room and took over from our relief."

"And you were with this Sgt. Walters the whole time?"

"Yes Sir I was."

"No little breaks to lets say make a phone call?" Mac asked.

"No Ma'am. You can ask Sgt. Walters, or you could check the surveillance cameras. I have nothing to hide."

"Okay Sergeant your dismissed you can return to your duties but don't leave the base." Harm ordered. Both officers watched the man leave before speaking.

"You know Harm, I think I believe him."

"Yea I know what you mean. So we're getting no closer to finding the mole or proving Jackson and Teal'c innocent."

"No, I'm afraid we're not." Mac said feeling disappointed at how little progress they were making.


O'Neill walked along the corridor of the security level heading for Teal'c and Daniel's cell. `Well at least they were together.' Jack thought.

"Airman, I'm here for Teal'c and Jackson; you should have gotten word from Hammond to release them into my custody."

"Yes Sir we did; I was just waiting for you before releasing them."

"Okay open the door and give me a few minutes alone with them."

"Yes Sir." The young guard said then opened the door and disappeared.

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel getting into trouble again; and this time you bring Teal'c with you."

"Jack what the hell is going on! No one will tell us anything!" Daniel said angrily pacing behind the bars.

"Is Major Carter alright O'Neill?" Teal'c asked sounding concerned while getting up from the cot.

"Carter's fine Teal'c, well as fine as she can be after almost being smothered to death." Jack said shaking his head.

"What!" Daniel yelled his frustration and worry showing.

"It's okay Daniel, I got there just in time; and by the way Kennedy's dead."

"What transpired O'Neill?" Teal'c asked.

"I'll tell you on the way."

"On the way to where Jack?"

"Well I got you two released on the condition that you would be Carter's personal body guards on base, by which you're not allowed to leave the base until we get this thing cleared up." Jack said, thinking this may be harder to clear up than he expected.

"I will guard Major Carter with my life O'Neill, this you can be assured of." Teal'c said nodding to O'Neill as he stepped out of the cell, which O'Neill had just opened.

"Yea Jack, you don't have to ask, we'd do this no matter what."


Sam was getting anxious waiting for the colonel and her `chauffeur', she had been waiting a while after Janet had brought her one of the blue OR tops to wear and her button up BDU jacket. Now all she wanted to do was to get to her lab so she could start looking for the mole. Then she heard the Colonel's voice in the hall.

"So you understand, under no circumstances is Carter to put any weight on that leg."

Sam had to laugh to herself, who did O'Neill think he was kidding, there's no Airman on this base that would be able to keep her in that chair.

"Hey Carter." Jack said entering the room. "Your chauffeur...ah chauffeurs await." He said with a grin as he held arm out as Daniel and Teal'c entered.

"Daniel, Teal'c am I glad to see the two of you, are you guys okay?"

"Us? We're fine its you we're worried about." Daniel said as went up and gave Sam a gentle hug. He was still in shock from what Jack had told them happened to Sam. He knew that if Kennedy wasn't dead either he or Teal'c would have killed him.

"Easy there Space Monkey." Jack warned, he didn't want Daniel to accidentally hurt Sam.

"It's okay Sir, I'm fine." Sam said moving to hop off the bed ready to leave.

"Stay where you are Major Carter." Teal'c said as he approached her. "Colonel O'Neill gave specific orders that you are not to put any weight on your leg." Then Teal'c surprised Sam by picking her up and carrying her to the chair and gently putting her down in it.

"Teal'c you didn't have to that, I could have made it into the chair myself." Sam said a little annoyed.

"Ah ah Carter, no arguing with your new nurses." Jack said grinning.

"My what? I don't need any nurses, especially from Daniel and Teal'c...Sir."

"Now now Carter, you're just going to have to deal with it. They are under no circumstances to leave you alone."

"But Sir..." Sam said a little more than annoyed now.

"So where to Sam?" Daniel asked as he took hold of the handles of the chair.

"To my lab." Sam said shaking her head.

"Now to work on getting Teal'c and Daniel out of this mess." Jack said to an empty room.

Chapter 23

Jack was a man on a mission; he wanted to meet with Rabb and Mackenzie and find out why they wanted to have Daniel and Teal'c arrested. Surely, they've made a big mistake. He reached the room they were working in and walked in, without knocking. "Okay you two, what have you got on my people?"

Mac and Harm looked up from the files they were reading when O'Neill barged into the room. "Colonel." Mac acknowledged.

"Ah, would you like to sit down?" Harm asked.

Jack looked around the interrogation room and at the table; no doubt numerous suspects had sat at. "I think I'll stand, now just tell me what you have on Daniel and Teal'c."

Harm looked at Mac, and saw her nod in agreement. "Okay Colonel, but you're not going to like it." Harm then looked thorough the files until he found the right one. He handed a sheet from the file to O'Neill. "This is Dr. Jackson's statement accounting for his time of the attack."

Jack read over Daniel's statement; "Ah I don't see anything incriminating in here and he is right, he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize finding those responsible for the attack on Carter."

Harm pulled out another sheet of paper and handed it to O'Neill.

Jack had to smirk at how little there was on this sheet of paper. `Oh yea Teal'c was not the type to talk during an interrogation. "So now we know Teal'c was in his quarters and Daniel was in his lab, in case you didn't know; that's not unusual for those two." Jack said handing Rabb the pages back.

"In and of itself, no it's not a lot to go on; but combine their statements with a lack of an alibi and can see why we wanted to arrest them for the attack on Stan." Mac said handing O'Neill a file.

Jack took the file and his look of exasperation turned to disbelief.


He looked around to make sure no one was around before entering the room. He made his way to the desk and viewed the computer, changing the views of the security cameras until he came upon the one he wanted.

The black and white picture showed Sam and Daniel seated at Sam's workbench, both were staring at computers intently while Teal'c kept guard at the doorway.

`What the hell is she up to; she should be stuck in the infirmary?' He thought to himself. Then another thought came to his mind, `did she find a way of tracking me down? That bitch! If anyone could figure out a way to catch him, it would be her. I'll just have to find a way to stop her.'


"I do not understand how you have set this...trap, Major Carter?" Teal'c asked walking back in the room after making his rounds outside.

Sam smiled, she didn't mind explaining things to Teal'c at least he paid attention when she talked. "Well you see Teal'c it took a couple of steps. First I had to make sure that no one could use their cell phones on base."

"Ah, yea that's what I don't get Sam, how did you do that?" Daniel asked.

"I e-mailed one of the scientists, Dr. Felger and had him run one of my experiments, it just happens to interfere with cell phones; but in order for it to work over the entire base I had him do a couple of adjustments so the interference would be carried along the power lines of the base."

"Geez Sam how do come up with these ideas. Now I'm not sure if I want you to fix my toaster or not." Daniel said giving her a smile.

"So how is being unable to use one's cell phone going to be able to catch a rodent?" Teal'c asked.

"It's a mole Teal'c not a rodent." Daniel said.

"Is not a mole a rodent?"

"Well yes..."

"Then I see no reason to correct me."

"Your right Teal'c." Sam said chuckling at Daniel's frustration.

"Weren't you about to continue with your explanation Sam?" Daniel said giving her an annoyed look.

"Why yes I was Daniel, thank you. Anyway, Teal'c with the cell phones unable to work that would force the mole to use the base phones. For which I set up a program to digitally record all calls on to the computer. Which is what Daniel and I have been doing, going over the calls trying to find the one the mole made."

"Are there not many phones on the base?"

"Ah, yea Teal'c, that's why it's going to take a while to search the files." Sam said moving to stretch but stopping instantly from the sharp pain shooting through her upper back and shoulders.

"Sam are you okay?" Daniel asked putting his hand on her back.

"Yea Daniel just moved the wrong way."

"Perhaps you should rest Major Carter. Daniel Jackson can go over the files while you rest." Teal'c said showing his concern.

"No it's okay Teal'c, I'll keep working." Sam said, not wanting to give into her pain and fatigue.

"Then is it not time for your medication?" Teal'c was taking O'Neill's order of looking after Major Carter very serious.

"Um, I'd say yes but I don't have my pills with me." Sam said sheepishly, but then again when they left her house, she wasn't thinking of taking her meds with her.

"That is alright Major Carter; O'Neill gave them to me earlier." Teal'c said taking the pills out of his pocket and dispensing them to her.

Sam smiled at him and then took the glass of water Daniel handed her. "Boy you guys take your assignment seriously."

"Always Sam, when it comes to you." Daniel said putting his hand gently on her upper back.

The quiet in the room was broken by the base's emergency alarm going off. Then the phone in the lab rang, Teal'c quickly reached for it and began talking. "Are you sure that is wise? Very well then." Teal'c said then hung up the phone.

"Teal'c what's going on?" Daniel asked quickly.

"I am sorry to inform you Major Carter but your presence is required in the gate room."

Sam looked at him worried, "What's wrong?"

"There is a problem with the gate that General Hammond says for which your expertise is required." Teal'c said as he moved to Sam, this time helping her to the wheel chair instead of picking her up. Then the three of them rushed out of the lab towards the gate room.


"What's that about?" Harm asked looking to O'Neill for an explanation as to why alarms were going off.

"Could be a number of things, but usually has to do with the gate, which is where you'll find me." Jack said curtly as he hurried out and towards the control room.

Mac and Harm looked at each other then got up and hurried after O'Neill, they might as well see as much as they can of what goes on at this base.

Jack came running in the control room stopping when he came up next to the general. "Sir what's going on?" Then he saw Teal'c wheeling Sam into the gate room with Daniel following behind. "And what's Carter doing here?"

"Sorry Jack but I had to call her in, somehow there was an overload in the gate system and the techs are unable to get the gate back on line." Hammond said then noticed that he had two extra people listening to him.

"Ah sorry General, we heard there was a problem..."

"And thought you'd come check it out?" Jack said cutting Mac off mid sentence.

"Yea, something like that." Harm said grinning slightly.

Jack saw Hammond heading down the stairs and followed him.

"Sorry about calling you Major." Hammond said, seeing that Carter had already started looking over the gate, albeit with the helping hands of Teal'c and Daniel.

Sam looked up at the General, "That's alright Sir, as far as I can tell the overload also caused the relay from the computer to the gate to be affected. As the techs work on repairing the gate I'll have to work on the computer getting it and the gate back on line." Sam said looking discouraged knowing it would take a long time to get the job done.

"What about our off world teams?" Jack asked.

"Well Sir incoming wormholes will engage, but the iris will have to be controlled manually; hopefully no one's in a hurry since it takes a little longer to open it that way."

"Okay then, I hate to have to say this but everyone get to work." Jack said and looked apologetically at Sam.

"Okay sergeant you know what you have to do down here now." Sam said to Siler then looked at the colonel.

"I just need to get to the control room Sir." She didn't want Teal'c picking her up and carrying her in front of everyone.

Jack saw the look on Sam's face and knew she would be embarrassed if Teal'c lugged her up the stairs. He wheeled her over to the stairs then helped her stand and together they managed to make it up the stairs with Sam using the handrail and Jack's support. Once at the top of the stairs Sgt. Harriman had a chair waiting for her, which Jack wheeled to the computer station.

"Thank you Sir." Sam said as she started to work on the computer.

"No problem Carter; do you need anything, like maybe a coffee or something." Jack said from his position standing behind Sam.

"Coffee sounds good Sir." Sam said not taking her eyes off the computer screen.

"So what's going on O'Neill?" Harm asked looking puzzled at Sam working.

"We're having a problem with the gate; Carter being our expert is actually the only one able to fix it." Jack said in low voice so he wouldn't disturb Sam.

"But she shouldn't be working in her condition." Mac said a little louder than Jack but still keeping her voice down.

Jack motioned for them to follow him as he led them into the hallway. "Look we have several teams off world and they need our gate to be working in case they run into trouble. Carter knows what's at stake, which is why she is where she is right now." Jack said a little angry, not just at them but at the situation itself.

"Don't you think the timing is a little odd?" Daniel said after hearing the conversation as he and Teal'c approached the group.

"Yea I was thinking that too." Jack told Daniel.

"Do you believe the rodent was responsible for this O'Neill?" Teal'c asked.

Jack furrowed his brow as he looked at Teal'c. "Ah it's a mole, and yes I do believe he is responsible." Then Jack looked at Daniel, "rodent, Daniel?"

"Oh I tried Jack, believe me I tried." Daniel said recounting his futile attempt to explain the difference between a rodent and a mole to Teal'c.

"Huh, why would the mole damage the gate?" Harm asked.

"It could be a diversion of some kind, or their just could have been an overload. We can't go around second guessing ourselves now." Jack said.

"Anyway, I told Carter I'd get her some coffee..."

"Ah she could probably use something to eat too, why don't Teal'c and I go get her something." Daniel offered.

"Yea that's a good idea, you might as well take a break too, now that there's enough security around Carter, I'll come with you and bring back the food."

"Mind if we join you Colonel?" Harm asked.

Daniel took a gulp at the thought of having the two lawyers trying to prove him and Teal'c guilty sharing a meal with him.

"Sure the more the merrier. Then maybe you can tell me how your investigation into finding the mole is going." Jack said sending a look at Teal'c.


Sam took the last gulp of her now cold coffee, setting the cup down next to the half-eaten sandwich the colonel brought for her. Her attention was taken away from the screen when Sgt. Siler approached. "Sergeant?"

"We finished the last of the repairs Ma'am, you were correct in your assessment of the damage." Siler said handing a clipboard to her.

"So it's ready for a diagnostic to be run?" Sam said tiredly.

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, I just have to finish off a few more things here, then we can run a full diagnostic."

"Would you like me to run the diagnostic Major?" Walter offered seeing how tired and drained she looked.

"Thanks for the offer sergeant, but I have to do it myself to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"What's the status Major?" Hammond asked entering the control room.

"The problem with the gate is fixed Sir, now I just have to finish a few more things with the computer and then run a full gate diagnostic. Sir, it looks like it may have been sabotage." Sam said looking up at the general.

"Great, after everything else that happened now we have to worry about sabotage. I'll be a hell of a lot happier when we find this mole."

"I agree with you there Sir."

"So what time frame are we looking at to have the gate fully operational?"

"I'd say between twenty and thirty minutes Sir."

"Sounds good, keep me appraised." Hammond said feeling guilty about putting so much on Sam, then left to go to his office.

Jack came back in the control room to check on Sam as he had been doing since she started working. Sam had been so enthralled in her work she hadn't noticed him hovering.

"So Carter how goes it?"

"Just about finished Sir, the diagnostics look good and..." Sam put her hand on the iris control pad and they watched as it opened then closed. "The iris control is working again."

"Great, so sergeant dial up the gate." Jack said.

Harriman looked at Carter for information.

"Try dialling P2X 343." Sam instructed; everyone in the control room and gate room waited with baited breath as the gate began to dial.

"Seventh chevron locked...wormhole engaged." Walter said happily. Many cheers could be heard from both rooms as the blue puddle appeared.

"Great job Carter." Jack said patting her lightly on the back.

"Ah the general wants to be kept up to date Sir."

"Very well, Harriman go fill the general in on the success and let him know that I've ordered Major Carter to retire for the night." Jack said looking at Sam's surprised face.

Jack pushed Sam's chair into the hallway where her wheel chair had been put. He then helped her transfer to the wheel chair. "One trip to pick up your guards, then it's off to bed for you."

Sam couldn't believe how the colonel was treating her. It had been a long time since anyone ordered her around when it came to her personal life; and when she went to bed was definitely personal.


Harm and Mac had joined O'Neill, Jackson and Teal'c in cafeteria but soon felt uncomfortable. They finished eating quickly and left for their "office" which is where Sgt. Harriman found them.

"Excuse me Sir, Ma'am but the general asked me to give this to you. It's the name of the police detective who's handling the shooting at Major Carter's house; the general has asked that you talk to him." Walter said feeling nervous being in this room again.

"Thank you sergeant, we'll get right on that." Mac said trying to sound as nice as she could.

"Is it me, or do the people around here seem colder?" Harm said after Harriman left.

"No it's not just you, I've felt the same thing since Dr. Jackson and Teal'c were arrested."

"Well you can tell the people on this base are sure loyal to each other."

"Yea, except for the one causing all the trouble. I guess I'll deal with the local police." Mac said as she got up to use the phone.


"Ah just where I thought you'd be." Jack said as he wheeled Sam into the cafeteria.

"Hey Jack, Sam how did it go?" Daniel asked.

"It's all fixed." Sam said stifling a yawn.

"So Teal'c did you get enough to eat?" Jack asked looking at the remnants on his plate.

"Yes, indeed I did O'Neill." Teal'c said raising his eyebrow at Jack.

"Good then you'll be ready for guard duty; Carter here is ready to go to bed. Isn't that right Carter?" Jack said in a stern voice.

"Why yes Sir, I guess I am." Sam said raising her eyebrows and shaking her head slightly.

"Okay then Carter I'll leave you in good hands. Make sure she gets at least seven hours of sleep."

"We will see to Major Carter's safety O'Neill." Teal'c said getting up and taking hold of the wheel chair.

"Yea Jack, don't worry I'll make sure Sam gets some rest." Daniel said putting his hand on Jacks shoulder and following Teal'c out.


"Yea I'll go find Sam and give her the news." Mac said looking at Harm.

"She's probably in her quarters by now." Harm said.

"Well, I'll check to see if she's still awake. I wonder if she ever sleeps?" Mac said shaking her head as she left to find Sam.

"Come on guys you're not honestly going to sit in my room all night watching me sleep are you?" Sam said exasperated.

"No actually we thought we'd take turns, the excitement might be too much for the both of us." Daniel told Sam snickering a little.

"Oy, well at least give me a little time to myself." Sam said knowing there was no way of talking them out of it, and when had Daniel become so much like O'Neill?

"Okay Sam, we'll give you a few minutes to get ready." Daniel said knowing he didn't want to be in there when she was getting ready for bed.

Just then, Mac came around the corner and the saw the trio in the hallway. "Hey Sam, I'm glad I found you, I have some news for you."

"Why don't we go in my quarters and we can discuss what ever it is in there. Ah you guys can wait here." Sam said giving Daniel and Teal'c a grin.

Mac went behind Sam and pushed her chair into the room after Teal'c opened the door.

"I wonder what that's all about?" Daniel said to Teal'c

"I do not know, but I am sure Major Carter will inform us if need be."

"So what did you need to talk to me about?" Sam said as she shifted from the chair and landed on the bed.

"Well the general got a call from the local police and asked Harm and myself to handle it. The detective in charge of the case of the shooting at your house needs to interview you." Mac said watching Sam start to bend over to remove her shoe.

"What about you and Harm, from what I was told it was you two that shot him." Sam said through gritted teeth.

"Sam let me help you with that." Mac said kneeling down to help her with her shoe, when something caught her attention.

"Sam, do you work with wires in your quarters?" Mac asked worried as she spotted a yellow coloured wire sticking out from under her bed.

"No, why?" Sam asked bewildered as to why she would ask such a question.

"Just ah stay still." Mac warned Sam as she looked under the bed. "Oh Damn!"

"What, what is it?" Sam said getting more worried

"What ever you do Sam, don`t move. There`s a bomb under here." Mac said looking up to see a very wide eyed Sam.

"Go and tell Teal`c and Daniel now." Sam said trying to keep her cool.

Mac rushed and opened the door, "There's a bomb under Sam's bed!"

"What!" Daniel said as he and Teal'c entered the room.

"Daniel don't touch anything." Sam said looking even more nervous.

"Is there an explosive expert around?" Mac asked.

"Major Carter is an explosives expert as is Colonel O'Neill." Teal'c said

Sam just rolled her eyes, a lot of good her knowledge would do her right now. "Okay I want you to clear this room and get Colonel O'Neill."

"Sam I'm not leaving you alone at a time like this." Daniel said moving closer to her after he saw Teal'c leave to get Jack.

"Daniel stay back, it's probably pressure sensitive, and your being here won't help either of us. Go now...please." Sam said trying to remain calm but now worrying about Daniel more than herself.

"Sam I can't." Daniel said pleading with Sam.

"Mac, get him and yourself out of here." Sam said now feeling slightly out of breath.

"Okay Sam, come on Dr. Jackson we have to get out of here." Mac said tugging on his arm forcing him to get out of the room.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Jack yelled running down the hall to Sam's room. He stopped abruptly at Sam's door seeing the look of fear on her face and instantly tried to calm himself down.

"Where's the bomb?" Jack asked.

"It's under the bed near the bottom quarter; I saw a yellow wire sticking out and saw it when I looked under the bed." Mac informed him.

"Okay, I want everyone away from the area while I check it out." Jack ordered, only taking his eyes off Sam to make sure his order was being followed. Then made his way to her bed kneeling down making sure not to put any pressure on it.

"Sir if it looks ...ah just go if it can't be diffused." She said looking down at him seeing him staring into her eyes.

"You know me Carter, I like a challenge; and besides how many times can you say you've had a colonel kneeling at your feet."

"Just be careful Sir." Sam said not feeling like joking at the moment. Then watched his head disappear under the bed.

Jack looked into Sam's eyes once more before shifting so he was partially under the bed. `Shit' he thought to himself, `this is going to be more difficult than I thought. "Ah Carter..."

"Yes Sir."

"Did I mention that you should make sure you don't move a muscle?"

"You have now Sir. So it's that bad?" She said her voice becoming quieter.

"It's a little bad, but nothing we can't handle. I just need to do things in two steps." He said as he reached into his pocket for his wire cutters. He took a deep breath and snipped the green wire, letting out the breath he was holding when thankfully nothing happened.

Sam saw Jack re-emerge from under the bed. "So?"

Jack positioned himself so he kneeling in front of Sam. "Look Carter I managed to stop the timer but the pressure sensor is another story." He said his voice quiet and gentle.

"So what... I'm dead?" Sam said her voice cracking a little.

"Not if I have anything to do with it. I want you to remain still and trust me. Can you do that?" He said more forcefully, now was not the time for Sam to be giving up.

"Sir I don't want you risking your life for a hopeless cause." Sam said looking into his eyes.

"Carter all I need is for you to do two things, just two. Stay still and trust me." Jack said his voice getting louder. He was afraid she would wait for the area to be clear and move; sacrificing herself so, no one else would be in danger.

"Carter I need to know you'll do this or I'm not leaving the room. Which by the way I need to do to make a plan on getting you out of here ALIVE."

"Yes Sir, I'll do that, and I do trust you." Sam said looking down at her hands.

"Good, look this might take some time but just try to relax and know we're working on the problem."

"Yes Sir." Sam said as she watched Jack get to his feet and turn to leave the room. She realized that at this moment she's never felt so alone in her life.


"So Colonel, do you think this is really going to work?" Hammond asked rubbing the back of his neck how could this situation have gone from bad to worse; how could someone plant a bomb in Sam's quarters. He only prayed Jack's plan would work, he hated the alternative.

"Yes Sir we do." Jack said acknowledging the other explosive experts in the room whom he had worked with coming up with the plan.

"Very well then, get who ever you need Colonel." Hammond said as he stood to leave the room. The others standing and waiting for him to leave the room before retaking their seats.

Teal'c, Daniel, Harm and Mac had also sat in on the meeting feeling the necessity to be there even if they couldn't offer any suggestions.

"Okay Teal'c I need you and about four other big strong able bodies."

"Ah, I'd like to volunteer O'Neill." Harm said looking at Jack.

Jack looked him over and nodded his approval. "Okay lets get going."


Sam sat there in silence; she had been contemplating her life and the odds of getting out of this one. She didn't realize how difficult remaining still could be, her muscles had become stiff and painful and her ribs were killing her. `Funny' she thought, `were her ribs going to kill her first or was the bomb`. She was drawn out of her thoughts by loud noises in the hallway. `Guess its time for my rescue.'

Jack now led a group of five very large men all dressed in protective gear and helmets, he himself choosing just the regular Kevlar vest. "Okay get in position while I get Carter ready." He ordered.

Jack entered Sam's room glad to see her in the same position he had left her; only now, he could see the sheen of sweat on her forehead and the look of pain on her face. "Hey Carter, we've come up with a plan."

"Glad to hear it Sir, I don't know how much more relaxation I can take."

Jack waved off the comment and continued with his explanation. "Carter we have some very strong guys out there, including Teal'c and Rabb who are all anxious to get you out of here."

"Not as anxious as I am Sir, so what's the plan?"

"Well there's some good news and bad news. The bomb is very pressure sensitive, so adding weight to the bed wont' work."

"And that's the..."

"Bad news Carter, the good news is that it won't go off instantaneously, we have about two to three seconds between the time when the weight changes and it detonates."

"And you call that good news?" Sam said feeling her hope fading away.

"Why that's plenty of time Carter. I'm just going to put this harness on you, then attach it to this nice long rope. Then me and my friends out there are going to pull you out. Did I mention pull you out quickly, just like one of those rides in the fair. It will over before you know it." Jack said looking at Sam seeing the wheels turning in her mind.

"Sir, that sounds..."

"Brilliant? Yes it does, doesn't it? Anyway you get the easy job; all you have to do is enjoy the ride." Jack said as he started to put the harness on Sam.

"Just let me do all the work Carter, you stay as still as you can." Jack said as he eased one side of the harness around her arm and over her shoulder. Once the harness was secure, Jack attached the rope to it.

"Okay Teal'c ease up on the slack, a little tighter...that's it. Hold it there. Okay Carter, I'm going to go join them out there, and you'll be joining us in no time."


"Yes Carter?"

"If this, uh doesn't work...could you give my father a message?" Sam said looking into Jack's eyes.

"You can tell him yourself Carter, when we get you out of here." Sam could tell that Jack wasn't thinking of any other possibilities for the outcome, and she couldn't crush his hope right now.

"Your right Sir. I'll see you in the hall." She said as she watched him get set up.

Jack took his spot in front of the others, a mattress had been placed on the floor behind him, and the others were behind that. Jack felt the tension on rope when he grabbed it. "Okay everyone on three. One...two...three..."


Chapter 24

Hammond, Daniel and Mac were anxiously watching the security camera in the briefing room. No one taking their eyes from the screen, watching and hoping as the rescue scene unravelled. They saw Jack take his place in front of everyone else and grab onto the rope. What they saw next was almost too quick to comprehend, they saw the men pulling on the rope...and what they thought was a body come flying through the air before the picture on the screen was nothing more than static.

"Holy Crap!" Hammond said as he heard and felt the effects of the blast. No one waited to be dismissed before running out of the room towards the blast site. They made their way to the smoke filled end of the corridor encountering an anxious Dr. Fraiser and her medical team. They were being held back by a couple of SF's awaiting an all clear from the engineers.

An airman came running down the hall towards them, "it's safe to pass, doctor I think you'd better get down there quick." He said through coughs.

Janet led her team to the fallout area, the smoke was thick and there was rubble blocking the corridor floor. They had to abandon the gurney, one medic grabbing a backboard as he followed the rest.

When Janet approached, she could hear moans and coughing. Following the noises, she made her way to the bodies strewn across the floor. "Sam! Sam where are you?" She shouted almost frantically, not being able to see her friend anywhere.

"Ah, she's over here Doc." Janet heard O'Neill call out between coughing.

Janet came upon O'Neill she could see he was face down on a very dirty mattress but she couldn't see Sam. "Where Sir, I don't see her anywhere?"

"That's because she's under me." Jack said almost yelling.

Then Janet noticed the entwined legs, she thought it might be funny joking with Sam about the Colonel liking to be on top, but now was not the time to think about such things.

"Ah Sir, can you move off of her?"

"I'm ah having a little problem with my leg, and I'm afraid if I try to get up I might hurt her." Jack said through gritted teeth. Jack was very worried about Sam, after that blast he wasn't sure what shape she would be in, he worried if he moved the wrong way he might cause her more damage.

"Okay Sir, let me take a look." Janet said as she assessed the colonel's leg noting a deep gash and a piece of shrapnel sticking out of the back of his upper leg. She also did a quick assessment of his neck and back.

"It doesn't look to serious Sir. I need a couple of medics down here!" Janet yelled, she knew she had to move the colonel quickly in order to get to Sam

"Can I give you a hand doctor?" Harm asked after getting his bearings and being able to stand up.

"Just stand by in case we need you." Janet said as she saw her medics come to crouch down by the colonel. "We have to get to Major Carter, she's underneath the colonel. Be very careful moving him."

Once everyone was in place they carefully lifted Jack up and off of Sam, laying him down on the mattress next to her.

"Sam, can you hear me?" Janet said as she lifted her eye lid, then felt Sam move slightly.

"Janet?" Sam said softly.

"Yea Sam it's me." Janet said with concern in her voice.

"Hurts...bad." Sam said before passing out.

"Doc, how is she?" Jack asked shifting onto his side to get a better view of Sam and Janet.

"I'm not sure yet Sir." Janet said feeling Sam's abdomen and ribs. "Get that back board over here." Janet ordered to her team.

Hammond, Daniel and Mac made their way through the debris trying to stay out of the medics' way. They saw most of the men involved with the rescue slowly getting to their feet and waving off the medics trying to help them. Then they watched as O'Neill was lifted, uncovering an unmoving Sam Carter.

"Excuse me Sir." One of the medics said as he carried a backboard over towards Sam.

"Okay on three, one, two, three." Janet said as they carefully manoeuvred Sam on the backboard. "Okay let's get her to the infirmary, Colonel O'Neill is next; then I want you to triage the others. Anyone in this area when the explosion went off has to be checked out." Janet ordered her people as she followed the stretcher carrying Sam to the infirmary.

"Colonel, how are you doing?" Hammond asked looking down at Jack as the medic took care of him.

"I'm alright Sir, just a little scratch." Jack said pointing out the dressing being put on his leg.

"We tried watching from the security cameras, but the blast took out the camera." Daniel said hurriedly.

"Ah what happened? How did you end up in that position?" Mac asked.

"Sorry Ma'am, but we have to get the Colonel to the infirmary." The medic treating Jack said. He motioned the other medic and together they got Jack on a stretcher.

"We'll debrief when you're up to it Colonel." Hammond told Jack as they carried him away.

"Yes Sir." Jack said saluting as he was carried down the hall.

"So Teal'c are you okay?" Daniel asked patting Teal'c who was covered in a grey coloured dust, coughing when the dust came up into the air.

"I am well Daniel Jackson."

"Weren't you affected by the blast?" Hammond asked.

"When the blast occurred I as well as the others was thrown back, but not injured." He told the general nodding his head.

"What about everyone else?" Hammond asked the group of men.

The highest-ranking man answered the general. "We're shaken up a little Sir, but everyone is fine. We just hope it was enough Sir. I mean I know we got Major Carter out, but I don't know if we got her out in time." He said shaking his head and looking down.

"We all hope that too son. So why don't you and your men get cleaned up before heading to the infirmary." Hammond said in a gentle voice.

"Yes Sir." He answered and then saluted before talking to his men.

"So Harm, are you sure you're alright?" Mac asked putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Yea Mac, I'm fine." Harm said looking down.

"Harm, what is it?" Mac asked, feeling there was something Harm was holding back.

"It's just that I've never felt that kind of force before, and I have all this protective gear on. Sam didn't have anything."

"No she didn't but they couldn't risk moving her too much...just remember she's still with us and it's thanks to you and the others." Mac told him while squeezing his shoulder.

"Yea, I guess you're right." Harm said making eye contact with Mac.

"So why don't you go get cleaned up and then head to the infirmary like the general said." Mac said.

"Yea, ok." Harm said then slowly made his way down the corridor away from all the rubble and debris.

Mac turned and could see and hear Hammond talking to an Airman. "So what do think Captain?"

"Well Sir most of the damage was concentrated in the Major's room. With most of the force from the blast going upwards. Luckily, this base was built to withstand much larger forces. Although it looks bad Sir, most of the damage is from the wall that held the doorway. I have my men checking the floors above and below the area but as I suspect I don't think they'll find any damage." The base's engineer explained to the general.

"Well that's good to know, now all we have to do is get this mess cleaned up." Hammond said looking at the hallway, and the large hole in the wall that was once Major Carter's quarters. He didn't have to look inside to know there would be nothing left of what used to be inside the room.

"Well get a clean up crew going when you're ready and keep me apprised of the situation." Hammond ordered.

"Yes Sir." The captain said then saluted before going on with his work.


"How long does it take to get to the freakin infirmary?" Jack growled with anger and impatience.

"Relax Jack; they had to use the elevator to get Sam to the infirmary." Daniel explained trying to calm his friend down; knowing his anger was really from worrying about Sam.

"Yeah, you're right Daniel; I must just be a little edgy."

The elevator doors opened and Jack was carried in by the medics with Daniel following. The ride down to the infirmary seemed to take forever, no one spoke, they just waited anxiously wondering what they'd find out.

When the doors opened Jack's was settled from the stretcher onto a gurney and then wheeled into the treatment room, where he was placed next to a curtained off area.

"Breath sounds are equal but shallow, I want her on O2 by mask and I want X-rays chest, head and C-spine." Jack heard Janet call out the orders and he could see the curtains moving from those working on the other side.

The curtains were drawn back and Jack could see Sam laying on the gurney with a large oxygen mask covering her face and an IV bag hanging next to her. What he noticed the most was the stillness, he could barely see the rise and fall of her chest, which made him worry even more. Then he watched as she was wheeled out of the room, the pallor of her skin almost matching the white of the gown she was wearing.


Jack's attention was brought to the nurse who was talking to him and gently shaking his arm. "Oh ah sorry." Jack said watching as Sam's gurney disappeared out the door. "So how's Carter doing?"

"I'll let Dr. Fraiser tell you Sir, but for now I need to get at your wound." The nurse said brandishing a pair of scissors.

Jack took a gulp, "Ah I could just slip my pants off."

"I'm afraid not Sir, from the placement of the wound I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut your pants off."

Jack could hear Daniel stifle a laugh with a cough he gave him a look that would make most marines cringe. "Just ah be careful with those things eh."

"Yes Sir." She said as she drew the curtain around his bed.

"You know these were my favourite pair of pants, I had them worked in just right."

"Sorry Sir, but I'm sure the air force will supply you with a new pair."

Jack could feel the cold air on his bare skin; he took another gulp as he hoped she wouldn't have to go for the underwear next. He saw her drop the discarded material on the floor landing next to the pile of clothing Sam had been wearing earlier that day.

"Can you roll over onto your stomach Sir?" The nurse asked.

"Yea, sure no problem." Jack said relieved to still have his shorts on.

"So let's see what we've got." Janet said as she came into the curtained off area. `Hmm, not bad,' Janet thought to herself, but not thinking about the wound on the back of his leg.

"It's just a scratch Doc." Jack said grumpily.

"A scratch with some debris embedded in it." Janet answered as she probed the area.

"So how's...Ow...Carter?" Jack asked through gritted teeth.

"I'll know more when I get the X-rays, I'm worried about her chest and ribs, and from the force of the explosion I can't rule out head trauma. So what about you Sir, any dizziness or nausea?"

"No, my heads fine Doc." Jack said tensing his muscles as Janet worked on the back of his leg. He was thinking about asking for a painkiller, but then remembered how much Sam had done without the benefit of strong pain meds. If she could do it, then so could he.

"Okay Sir, I've stitched it up and put a dressing on it. There some damage to the muscle so you'll have to use crutches for a while, and try to stay off it as much as possible."

"What ever you say Doc."

"Now just for tetanus shot."

"What? I don't need one of those." Jack said knowing how painful those shots were.

"Sorry Sir but its SOP." Janet said then injected the needle in Jack's butt. "Now could you turn over so I can check you for signs of a head trauma." .

Jack turned over slowly, "Like I said you won't find anything in my head." Jack said as Janet shone her trusty pen light in his eyes.

"No doubts there." Daniel said, stifling a laugh.

"Don't you have anything better to do Daniel?" Jack said annoyed, realizing that Daniel had been on the other side of the curtain the whole time.

"No, I'm waiting for word on Sam just like you are." Daniel said, then saw Janet open the curtain.

As if on cue Sam was wheeled back into the room, a medic came and handed Janet the envelope containing the X-rays. She took them from him then went to place them on the wall light.

"So?" Daniel asked before Jack had a chance to.

"There doesn't appear to be any major head trauma, most likely a minor concussion from the blast, or the original concussion didn't have a chance to heal yet before experiencing another trauma. The lungs look fine, but the broken ribs have shifted their position which is why her breathing is shallow."

"So ah, what can you do for her?" Jack asked concerned.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to manipulate the ribs back into position so they can heal properly and make her breathing easier." Janet said as she watched their faces pale.

"Damn! It's my fault." Jack said, "If I hadn't used that harness..."

"She wouldn't be here." Janet said cutting him off. "Look Sir, you know the alternative was worse, she's with us now and now we have the chance to treat her and get her better."

"Yea, I guess you're right Doc." Jack said quietly.

"Janis, would you get the sedative ready for Major Carter." Janet ordered one of her nurses.

"Why do you need a sedative Janet, isn't Sam already out?" Daniel asked.

"She may be unconscious right now, but there's no telling when she'll wake up."

"And you don't want her waking up during the procedure." Jack said sombrely.

"So Colonel you're free to go as soon as you're ready..."

"And as soon as I get a pair of pants." Jack said pulling the sheet a little tighter around his waist.

"Just make sure you wait until you get your crutches." Janet said, she didn't want to sound like she was rushing him out of the infirmary but she really didn't want him or Daniel around when she had to perform the procedure on Sam.

Janis came back into the room carrying the medications Janet had asked for. Janet moved over to Sam's bedside and injected the meds into the IV bag. "Now we just have to wait a few minutes."

"So Daniel would you mind getting me some pants." Jack asked in a gruff voice. He was stuck between wanting to stay close to Sam during the procedure and wanting to be as far away as possible when Janet was performing the procedure. He didn't want to be staring at the curtain knowing what Janet would be doing. He had to admit to himself that the thought made his skin crawl.

"Ah, yea sure Jack I'll be back in a few minutes." Daniel said figuring out why Jack was in such a hurry. He had to admit he didn't blame Jack for wanting to get out of there.

"Janis could you see to the Colonel, make sure he gets a pair of crutches." Janet ordered her nurse.

"Yes doctor." Janis answered then left to get the crutches.

Janet took a few moments to sit with her friend. "Well it looks like you've come through another one Sam, but I swear you've got to stop putting yourself through these things. I'm sorry for what I'm going to have to do, but I promise I won't let you suffer." Janet said quietly running her hand through Sam's hair.

Jack heard Janet quietly talking to Sam, he didn't want to interrupt her so he remained quiet, and silently got dressed He took his crutches and slowly left the infirmary looking back to see Sam's still form before leaving, meeting Daniel in the hall.

As Jack walked down the hallway, he noticed how easily people came and went, that there were no guards posted in the area. An idea came to his mind but he had to talk to the general to make it happen.

Chapter 25

Sam could hear voices, but they sounded like they were in the distance, she tried calling out but couldn't find her voice. Next, she tried opening her eyes, she knew they were moving but her lids wouldn't open.

"Well Colonel I hope you know what you're doing." Hammond said.

"I do Sir, and I think this is the best solution to the problem. After that bomb...well I just want to make sure she's safe." Jack said with a sad tint to his voice.

Bomb? Now it was coming back to Sam, there was a bomb under her bed; the colonel was explosion! "No!" Sam cried out and started to move.

"Damn," Jack said as he hobbled over to Sam's bed.

"I'll call Dr. Fraiser." Hammond told Jack.

Jack came up to Sam's side and could tell she was trying to wake up. "Carter, you have to stay still." Jack said firmly, gently placing his hands on her arms.

"Fraiser's on her way." Hammond said as he approached the bed. When he looked down on Sam he could tell she was trying to struggle against Jack; he was relieved to see that she was able to still struggle but concerned what it was going to cost.

"Hear that Carter, Fraiser's coming just stay still until she gets here." He said this time more tenderly.

Hammond turned when he heard the door open. "I thought she was supposed to be out longer?"

"She was, but with Major Carter it's difficult to tell." Janet said as she entered the room and headed to Sam. Jack stepped back allowing Janet to step in, she adjusted the IV before taking out her pen light and shining it in Sam's eyes. "Yep, she's waking up alright." Janet said worriedly

"Isn't that good?" Hammond asked.

"I was hoping she'd stay under a while longer. Since I don't want to give her morphine, I'm using a different pain med; it's not as strong so I'm also giving her a sedative, hoping she'll sleep through the worse of it." Janet said while taking Sam's pulse.

"Can we do anything for her?" Jack asked, he said we but was thinking more of himself.

"The only thing now is to make sure she keeps from moving too much and hope the pain meds work." Janet said shaking her head, thinking about how she had to get Sam's ribs back in place. "Actually Sir, I don't think she'll be able to move much on her own, no matter how she tries."

Sam could still hear the voices; yes, they were talking about her. It was time to try again, this time her eyes started to flutter. She could feel a pressure squeezing her hand, but didn't know who was doing it.

"Sam can you hear me?" Janet asked her, squeezing her hand.

"Y...yea," Sam managed to croak out, then opened her eyes fully. Her eyes scanned the area and she got a puzzled look on her face. "Where are we?"

Hammond could see the confused look on Sam's face. "Major we moved you to one of the V.I.P rooms for security reasons. SG1 will be guarding you inside and we'll have guards at the door. After that attempt on your life...well lets just say we don't want to take any chances."

She remembered again the explosion, "The bomb, it went off...was anyone hurt?" Then she remembered that Jack was closest the bomb after her. "The Colonel!" She shouted trying to sit up. "Ahhh!"

"Easy Carter I'm right here." Jack said coming up next to her as Janet was trying to hold her down.

Sam had closed her eyes and was grimacing. "Sir?"

"Yea Carter, it's me, I'm okay, just try to relax." Jack said placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Daniel asked as he came into the room followed by Teal'c, Mac and Harm. Daniel was concerned when he came in and saw everyone around Sam's bed with Jack leaning over her.

"Ah, Major Carter woke up and tried to move." Hammond informed them.

Daniel came up and stood next to Jack, and took Sam`s hand in his, "Hey Sam, how are you doing?"

"Not so good Daniel, but I have to know if anyone else was injured because of me?" Sam said quietly looking into Daniel's eyes.

"Everyone's fine Sam, see there's Teal'c and Harm right there." Daniel said pointing to Teal'c and Harm standing at the foot of the bed next to Hammond. He didn't like it when Mac and Harm tagged along with him and Teal'c, but now that Harm was here to assuage Sam's fears, he didn't mind as much.

"Yes Major Carter we are fine." Teal'c said in his usual stoic voice.

"Everyone's actually worried about you; they're waiting to hear word about your condition." Harm said soothingly.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked then looked to the side of her bed where Jack was and noticed for the first time he was using crutches. "What about the crutches?"

"Well Carter I got this little scratch on my leg, and you know how ole Doc Fraiser is, making me use crutches." Jack said looking at Janet and getting a rather nasty look. He took a gulp and then thought of how his next exam would go. "Ah sorry Doc."


"Yes Sam the Colonel's fine, he just suffered a deep laceration on his leg, and everyone else is fine." Janet said looking down at her friend. Janet could see the sad look on Sam's face and could see her eyes were starting to water.

"I think Sam needs her rest, if everyone wouldn't mind leaving her alone for a while. Sam I'm just going to give you a bit more of the sedative in your IV, it will help with the pain and allow you to get some rest."

"Okay and thanks." Sam said, she knew Janet got rid of everyone for her sake, she couldn't help but think about how close she came to dying today, and that she could have taken Jack with her. It was just too much to handle all of a sudden and she welcomed the darkness that slowly came upon her from Janet's meds.

The group moved from the back of the room where Sam's bed was located, to the front sitting area of the VIP suite.

"So let's get down to discussing what's going on here." Hammond said sitting down on one of the chairs. The others also sat down on the available chairs and sofa.

"Jack why don't you start by telling us what happened when the bomb went off." Hammond said.

"Yes Sir," Jack said, taking a deep breath. "I'm sure you were able to see how we got set up from the security cameras. What happened next was very quick; after I gave the order, we quickly pulled on the rope, I'm not sure at which point the bomb went off, but Carter came...well Sir the best description I can give is she came flying at me. I managed to catch her and after we landed I rolled over so I could protect her with my body."

"Which explains how you got that wound in your leg." Daniel interjected. Noting that Jack nodded his head.

"What I really want to know is why he's decided to try and kill Carter. So far he's just been supplying information...what made him take it a step further?" Jack said angrily.

"Well before all hell broke loose Teal'c and I were in Sam's lab, I was helping her with her plan to catch the mole; and Teal'c was keeping guard." Daniel informed them.

"Any luck?" Jack asked.

"Well we went through a lot of the files before the alarms went off and Sam was called away; but there were still a lot of files to go through."

"So then that emergency with the gate Was a diversion." Harm said.

"Yes I'm afraid it was; but how did they know Major Carter was working on finding them?" Hammond interjected.

"Perhaps they used the security cameras." Teal'c acknowledged.

"Possibly, but they wouldn't know what was being said, there's no sound on those cameras." Mac added.

"No, no there's not which is why they tried to kill her." Daniel said.

"What? That doesn't make sense Daniel." Jack said.

"Think about it Jack, they would have seen Sam working, probably thought the only reason she'd be up in her condition was to find a way to catch him." Daniel explained.

"So he tampered with the gate so he could plant a bomb in Carter's quarters. I can't believe this guy." Jack said angrily.

"This is why I'm having Major Carter's lab as well as the rest of SG1's quarters and work areas swept for bombs." Hammond informed them.

Daniel looked a little pale at that news and Teal'c just raised his eyebrow. "So you think he'll be after us?"

"There's no telling, what he'd do after all see you helping Carter." Jack told him.

"Colonel, I've noticed you keep referring to the mole as a he, is there something you know?" Mac asked.

"No not really, it's just that the majority of people on the base are male, so the odds are that the mole is a male." Jack explained.

"So what now?" Daniel asked.

"Well we get you to continue looking into the files Daniel; hopefully you can find the mole." Jack said.

"Since this room is secured, with round the clock security I want the rest of SG1 to remain here also." Hammond informed them.

"Ah, we were planning on guarding Carter ourselves anyway general." Jack told him.

"Then you can do your work from here as well." Hammond said.

"And Colonel you should also get some rest, and stay off that leg as much as possible." Janet interjected.


An hour or so later, SG1 was finishing setting up in their new area. A computer had been set up for Daniel to work on, and another was set up so Teal'c could patch into the security camera in the hallway outside their room. Only one other bed was brought in since there was a couch that could be used for sleeping and someone would always be awake to watch over the rest.

Jack heard Sam starting to stir and figured Janet's happy drugs were wearing off. He made his way next to her bed, which had less room because the other bed was close to it. Then he heard her start to cough a bit.

"Carter, you awake?" Jack asked in a quiet voice. He saw her nod and cough again. He reached for the pitcher and poured her a glass of water.

"Here drink some water." He said as he slid his arm under her shoulders and neck to lift her slightly so she could drink. He watched and waited for a sign that she had finished before helping her lie down again.

"Thank you Sir."

"No problem Carter." Jack said looking at her for signs of pain or discomfort.

"So what did I miss?" Sam asked.

"Oh not much, in case you hadn't noticed Martha Stewart was here and redecorated the place."

Sam looked around as much as possible from being flat on her back, and noticed the room was more crowded and a bed had been placed close to hers. "So what I have roommates now?"

"Yes you do and we're not leaving you alone." Jack said firmly. "By the way the nurse was in here just a little while ago; but if you need her or Janet just let me know."

"I'm fine for now Sir, thank you."

Their attention was brought to Daniel, when they heard him say something in another language. Jack didn't have to understand it to know it was a curse. "What's wrong Space Monkey?"

"Oh not much, I just can't get into the files, they're password protected and I don't have the password." Daniel said frustrated.

"Well I think your answer is right here." Jack said motioning to Carter.

"Oh hey Sam, I didn't realize you were awake. How are you doing?"

"I'd be better if everyone stopped asking me that question." Sam said a little testy.

Jack could tell Sam was still in a lot of pain by the she answered Daniel and decided to try and lighten the mood. "So Daniel you could ask Carter for the password, or I bet you I could guess it."

"You're kidding right?" Daniel said.

"No, actually I'm pretty good at figuring out people's passwords. I bet I can figure out yours." Jack said raising his eyebrow.

"Okay, I'll take that bet." Daniel said getting in the light hearted spirit.

"Let's see...what would a doctor of Archaeology use for his password?" Jack looked to be deep in thought as he rubbed his chin.

"I got it BookWorm37." Jack said looking smugly.

"How, how could you know that?" Daniel asked astounded.

"Daniel you have your face stuck in a book 18 hours a day."

"Okay, try to guess Sam's password."

"I'll try, but this one could be more difficult. Let's see Carter's a scientist and what do all scientists have to do..." Once again, Jack rubbed his chin deep in thought, then tilted his head to the side. "I think it might be froggy0319, since all scientists have to dissect frogs and Carter's birthday is March 19th."

"He's not right is he Sam?" Daniel asked.

"Afraid not Sir." Sam said feeling a little better having her mind taken off her situation.

"No? I could have sworn it had something to do with frogs." Jack said smiling at Sam.

"I'm afraid not Sir." Sam said her voice now a little lighter in mood.

"Okay I give up what is it?"

"It's ah...Bart77Simpson." Sam said with a slight blush coming over her face.

Jack took a double look at Sam, "I never had you pegged as a closet Simpson's fan Carter." Jack said grinning at her.

"I'm ah, not Sir that's why I chose it; no one would connect me with the Simpson's."

Daniel couldn't help but snort at that answer. "She's right on that one you know Jack."

"Hey, what's wrong with the Simpson's?" Jack asked looking back and forth from Sam and Daniel.

"Colonel O'Neill, Daniel Jackson do you not think you're time would be better spent going through the files now that Major Carter has revealed the password to access the files." Teal'c said in his stoic voice from across the room.

"Yea Teal'c, I guess you're right." Jack said as he watched Daniel head back to the computer. He couldn't help but add a little something as Daniel left, "Party pooper."

Daniel was back looking at the computer and listening to the files through headsets and Teal'c was watching the monitor for any signs of suspicious behaviour. Jack had been lying on the bed resting his leg, when he heard Sam starting to move again. He was up next to her in no time.

"Carter, what's wrong?" Jack asked.

"Nothing Sir." Sam said trying to wiggle around and catching her breath as the pain shot through her.

"You know you're supposed to stay in bed, no getting up, no passing go." Jack said with a little bit of frustration in his bed.

"But Sir..."

"Ah ah, no buts, now you are going to stay in that bed even if I have to tie you down." Jack said forcefully. Then he realized what he said, and how Kennedy had actually tied Sam to her bed and regretted his words immediately.

"Sorry Carter, I didn't mean to say that."

"That's okay Sir, and I wasn't trying to get up, just to change position." Sam said, truth be told she had been lying in the same position for many hours now and it was getting to her.

"Oh, okay; I guess I could give you a hand." Jack said, then wondered where he would have to put his hand.

"I'd appreciate that Sir." Sam said; the meds that Janet had given her did take the edge off the pain but not by much.

Jack went to the other side of the bed so that when she turned she could see the others. "Okay let's see if we can get you more comfortable." Jack said as he placed one hand under her shoulder and the other under the small of her back. A few moments and a few groans later Sam was laying on her side leaning on a pillow in front of her. Jack was adjusting her blankets when he noticed how red her back was. He thought back to when he found Rabb giving her a massage and thought she might need one again. After all if Rabb a complete stranger could give her a back rub why couldn't he, anyway they were `friends' weren't they.

Without saying a word Jack kept making like he was adjusting the blanket, his hands moved higher, he noticed that this time Janet had wrapped Sam's ribs and she was not wearing a bra. `Well I'll just have to be careful.' He thought to himself as he put his hands on her shoulders and gently began to massage them.

Sam was a little nervous at having the colonel help her move, she was a little embarrassed because the gown she was wearing always managed to come open at the back, `Damn things', she was wondering why it was taking him so long to pull the covers up. Then she took a quick breath as she felt his hands on her shoulders.

"It's okay Carter, just relax, after all we are here to help you in anyway we can." `Yea that should be a good explanation, she should be able to accept that`, Jack thought.

"Ah okay...Sir." Sam said uneasily, `and what's with the We', she thought besides it was his hands on her, Daniel was seated at the desk staring at the computer with headphones on, and Teal'c appeared to be a deep state of kel noreem, which meant by all intense purposes they may as well have been alone.

Jack heard Sam's reply, so he decided to get comfortable by sitting on the edge of the bed while he got to work. He knew her upper back and shoulders were bothering her a lot, as well as her ribs. He started off gently rubbing her shoulders going towards her neck, trying to work out the knots. He could feel the tension in her muscles, and began to intensify the massage.

Sam moved her head down to give Jack further access to her neck. She had to admit it did feel good, but wasn't sure if she should be enjoying having the colonel's hand on her as much as she was. `This would be nicer if the lights were dim, a glass of wine and a better location'.

Jack had moved to massaging her upper shoulder, his hands were reaching her collar bone now and going over her upper arm and the gown was slipping exposing a little more skin. Jack tried to keep his mind on the task at hand, providing pain relief to his teammate and friend. `Boy this would be nice if it was in my living room with the lights turned down low and a glass of wine', Jack thought to himself. He noticed Sam's face became a little flushed and she let out a soft moan. One more from pleasure than from pain. This made Jack grin; he knew he must have been doing a good job. It was so good he could feel her relax, then noticed she had fallen asleep.

`Well I guess my job is done, damn.' Jack thought to himself. Then he pulled Sam's gown so it was covering her again and tied the back before pulling the covers over her. He stood up, and looked down on her noticing for the first time in a long time a peaceful look on her sleeping face. "Sleep well Sam."

Daniel knew what Jack was doing, from the reflection on his screen and decided to make sure he or Teal'c didn't disturb them. He pointed out the screen to Teal'c, who decided it would be a good time to go into a deep state of kel noreem.

"Hey Daniel how's it going?" Jack asked patting Daniel on the shoulder.

"Well I've gone through a lot of files, but I have to admit this job is tedious." Daniel said yawning and stretching.

"Why don't you take a break, I'll take over for a while." Jack offered.

Daniel took his headset off, then stood up offering Jack his chair. He showed him how to go through the files then went to lie down on the couch. `Might as well get some rest,' he thought. Daniel just made himself comfortable and was about to nod off when he heard something distracting. Yes, Jack O'Neil was drumming his fingers on the desk.

"Jack, do you mind." Daniel said annoyed.

Jack kept on drumming his fingers not hearing Daniel. Daniel took one of the throw pillows and well...threw it, at Jack.

"Hey what was that for?" Jack said angrily taking the headset off.

"Do you mind not making so much noise?"

"Oh, ah sorry." Jack said sheepishly.

"It's okay, just keep it down will you, I'm not the only one sleeping in this room." Daniel said looking over at Sam. Jack nodded and went back to listening to the files, while Daniel tried again to fall asleep.

A few minutes later Daniel heard something else; this time Jack was tapping a pencil on the desk. Daniel rolled over on his side and put a pillow over his head. No it wasn't working. He wanted to yell at Jack, but didn't want to wake Sam. He got up marched over to Jack grabbed the pencil out of his hand and broke it in half. Jack had a look on his face like his puppy had just died.



Harm and Mac had been going over files again trying to get a handle on who the mole is. "Well we could try questioning the prisoners again." Harm suggested.

"You know Harm, you might have something there. Only this time I think I should talk to one particular prisoner myself."

"Really? Which one?" Harm asked feeling slightly puzzled.

"The one we know as Frank. I think I might be able to get to him, if I talk to him alone." Mac said looking up at Harm.

"Well if you think it will work, I'll arrange for him to be brought up here." Harm said not liking the idea himself.

"So Frank how have they been treating you down there?" Mac asked.

"Not too bad. The food could be better though."

"Yea well you better get used to it. You know due to the top secret nature of this base and the information you have you and the others probably won't even see a court room." Mac told him in a calm voice.

"Yea, I was wondering about that? What about a phone call?" Frank said in a light tone.

"I think you know the answer to that."

"So what do you want from me?" Frank asked curiously.

"Information, of course." Mac answered.

"And what do I get in return?" He asked fascinated.

"Well I could make sure there was no death penalty, and see you get placed somewhere with a nice view." Mac said sincerely.

"Well that sounds nice and all, but I was thinking more in the lines of a phone call and getting out of here."

"I'm afraid I can't pull that off." She said exasperated.

"Well maybe if I give you a little information you may change your mind."

"Go ahead, I'm listening." Mac told him.

"Okay first thing my name's not Frank."

"Wow, that's hard to believe." Mac said sarcastically.

"It's Malcolm Barrett, Agent Malcolm Barrett."

"Ah, you're an agent? I find that hard to believe." Mac said surprised.

"Well that's good; at least I know I can fool people."

"What agency do you work for?"

"The N.I.D." He said seriously.

"Isn't that the same agency that was headed up by Maybourne?"

"Yea, it was."

"So that still doesn't make you one of the good guys, seeing that your organization is under investigation, not to mention the ties it had to Kennedy."

"What do you mean had?" Barrett asked puzzled.

"Oh, yea you wouldn't have heard. Kennedy was killed when he tried to kill Major Carter."

"He what! He never said he was going to kill her."

"So you were working for him." Mac said forcibly.

"I was undercover, trying to get proof against him and his colleagues, to find out if he had anymore connections to the NID." Barrett said regretfully. "How is Major Carter?"

"I find it funny that you're concerned about her, seeing that you let her be tortured in the first place." Mac said angrily.

"I couldn't break my cover." He said remorsefully. .

"I can't believe you're cover was more important than our lives. You do know they were planning on killing me?" Mac said her fury starting to rise. "What kind of agent would let that happen when he could have stopped it?"

"I'm...sorry, I tried what I could at the time. I brought you a first aid kit, and I told them Major Carter was dead in hopes of giving you two the opportunity to escape." Barrett said looking down at his hands.

"Well how about now, you do something that can actually help? Like tell me all you know about the mole here at the SGC." Mac asked hopeful to get some answers.

"Well actually, I didn't get that far in my investigation. However I'm sure that Stan knows who the mole is." Barrett answered.

"Do you think that's who attacked him?" Mac asked hoping for some good news.

"I'm not sure, it could be; or it could have been someone out for revenge."

"Did he mention anything to you?"

"No, but then I was in not position to help him, I couldn't offer him what you could; and knowing Stan he'd sell out his mother if he could get something out of it."

"Well that doesn't help me much. Did you notice anything before or during the attack?"

"Not really, and I was in a different room and unconscious at the time of the attack. So ah do you think you can get me out of here?" Barrett asked, now that Kennedy was dead and most everyone else was captured there was no use keeping up his cover.

"I'll have to speak with General Hammond and have your story checked out before I can do anything." Mac said standing up and heading for the door. "Guard, show the prisoner back to his cell."


`Geez my butt's going numb.' Jack thought to himself as he continued to sit in front of the computer listening to the files, he was just about to give up and wake Daniel when he heard it.

"Yes!" Jack yelled jumping up from his chair.

Daniel who had been sleeping jolted and fell off the couch. "What the hell." Daniel said from the floor leaning against the couch. Teal'c merely tilted his head and looked at Jack.

"I found it Danny, the call we've been searching for." Jack said grinning, finding Daniel's position rather funny.

"Well that's good news." Daniel said going over to the computer.

"Ah, what's going on?" A quiet voice asked from the back of the room.

Jack realized what he did and hobbled over to Sam's bed. "Sorry Carter, I didn't mean to wake you. I finally found the file we were looking for."

"Wow that's great news Sir, have you figured out who the mole is?"

Chapter 26

"Hey Daniel do me a favour and fix it so we all can hear that file." Jack asked anxiously.

Daniel got up and went to the computer made a few adjustments then set the file to play *"Yea it's's done, Carter should be alone within the next hour."* *"I'm so glad to hear that."*

"Well I recognize the second voice as that bastard Kennedy's. Does anyone recognize the first one?" Jack asked hopeful. He looked around at his team and saw they were deep in thought.

"No, sorry Jack ah Sam, I don't." Daniel said apologetically.

"I also do not recognize the voice." Teal'c answered after giving it much thought.

"Me either Sir. So where does this leave us?" Sam asked feeling a little depressed; her plan had worked but still no one knew whom the voice belonged to.

"Well don't sweat it Carter, at least now we have a clue to work with. All we have to do is match the voice with tape." Jack said.

"Actually Jack there's no tape involved, it's a digital recording." Daniel said seriously.

"Ah, Daniel you know what I mean, it's just like the old fashioned tape recordings. Remember those?" Jack said a little irked.

"Sorry Jack." Daniel responded.

"Yea, well I'm gonna have Hammond come up here and see how he wants to handle this." Jack said, then picked up the phone.

"Okay, Sgt. Harriman's going to give Hammond the message as soon as he's done with his meeting." Jack said then headed back over to Sam.

"So Carter now that you're awake, do you want anything, like food maybe?" Jack asked knowing it's been a while since she's had anything to eat.

"I don't know Sir; I'm not sure how my stomach's going to handle food right now." Sam said in a quiet voice.

"Which is why Janet has you on one of those oh so special infirmary diets that everyone's just dying to go on." Jack said smiling.

Sam shook her head slightly, "I think I just lost what appetite I had."

"Come on Carter, that nurse Lt. Belle was in here not long ago saying you should eat something, I just have to call down to the infirmary and have the food brought up." `Okay poor choice of words there Jack.'

Sam had to smile at the look on Jack's face after he realized what he said. "Well Sir, if you're going to keep twisting my arm, I guess I don't have much of a choice."

"Good, I knew you'd see things my way. Teal'c why don't you go down to the infirmary and provide an escort for the food?" Jack asked; he didn't want to take any chances that someone would put something in the food; security was still a concern.

"I would be more than happy to O'Neill." Teal'c said nodding to both Jack and Sam.

After Teal'c left the room, Daniel took over watching the security monitor.


Harm and Mac finished their meeting with General Hammond; Harm was astounded when Mac told him about Agent Barrett Hammond on the other hand looked like he was about to hit the roof. He couldn't believe a government agent would allow what happened to Major Carter to occur. His sentiments were that he could wait a long time in that cell before he would get to checking out his story.

Sgt. Harriman saw the two lawyers coming out of the general's office, "Excuse me Sir, Ma'am but that police detective is at the gate insisting on talking to someone."

"Oh geez, with everything going on here I forgot about him." Mac said apologetically.

"I'll handle this Mac." Harm offered, then watched as the sergeant disappeared into the general's office.


Teal'c arrived back at the room walking with Lt. Belle, who brought Sam a tray of food.

"There you go Major; I hope you'll be more comfortable." The nurse said after adjusting Sam's bed so she would be able to eat more comfortably.

"Thanks, it will be okay for a while." Sam said giving her a small forced smile. All that moving had made the pain increase and now she was in no mood to eat or do anything else. A patrol of Jaffa could come running down the hall, and Sam wasn't going to move out of the bed.

"I'll be back in a little while to check on you again."

"Okay, thanks." Sam said, `just don't rush'

Daniel jumped up when he saw the nurse heading for the door. "Ah, I'd like to thank you for all your help lieutenant."

"Just doing my job doctor, and why don't you call me Katie." She said. She had seen Dr. Jackson many times in the infirmary and thought he was kind of cute.

"Ah it's Daniel and we really do appreciate all the help you've been giving Sam." Daniel said smiling and stuttering slightly.

Jack, who had made his way to Sam's bedside, quietly pointed out Daniel and Nurse Katie to Sam grinning as he did. Then he whispered; "Now you see how Daniel's earned his reputation with the nurses."

Sam couldn't help but grin and chuckle a little at the scene.

"So we'll be looking forward to seeing you again." Daniel said as he walked Katie to the door opening it for her.

After the door closed Jack couldn't help himself, "So Daniel how many nurses does this make?"

"Huh, what?" Daniel asked puzzled, he didn't realize he had been putting on a show for Jack.

"That little thing you have going on with the nurse, how many nurses do you now have in your pocket?" Jack asked grinning.

"That's not funny Jack and I don't have any nurses in my pocket." Daniel said getting flustered.

"Indeed O'Neill, it would be impossible for Daniel Jackson to have any nurse in his pocket." Teal'c said tilting his head.

The other three members of SG1 weren't sure if Teal'c was serious or kidding.

"Well ah, thank you Teal'c...."

Daniel was cut off by door opening and General Hammond and Mac entering. "Colonel, you found something?"

"Yes Sir, thanks to Carter's program we now have a recording of the mole's voice; unfortunately none of us recognize it." Jack said looking disappointed.

"Well let's have a listen." Hammond suggested.

Daniel went to sit at the desk and played the file. Everyone in the room listened intently. "No, I can't place the voice either." Hammond said sadly.

"It sounds familiar." Mac said.

All eyes turned to Mac, in hopes she would know the identity of the mole. "Ah, I'm sorry Sir; I've interviewed so many people on the base I'm not sure which one the voice belongs to."

"Well you do have a list of those people you interviewed don't you?" O'Neill asked.

"Yes Sir, I do have a list."

"Good we can start from there and narrow down the suspects." Jack said.

"Where is Commander Rabb?" Teal'c asked.

"He's taking care of another matter right now." Mac answered.

The phone in the room started ringing. Daniel being the closest answered. "It's for you General."

Hammond took the phone and talked for a short time while the others waited anxiously. They wanted to get right down to business in finding the mole.

"That was Com. Rabb, he's having a problem with the police detective, he's insisting on interviewing all of you about what happened at Major Carter's house. I'm afraid he's also insisting on talking to you also Major." Hammond said looking over to Sam.

"Carter's in no condition to be going anywhere General." Jack said.

"This is why I'm having Com. Rabb escort him down here."

"You're kidding right General?" Jacks said cynically.

"I'm afraid not Colonel, I want you all to co-operate, but remember to keep what's off limits, off limits."

A resounding chorus of "Yes Sir." could be heard in the room. Well one was quieter than the others were.

A little while later Harm entering the room followed by a rather good-looking dark haired man in his mid thirties. "General Hammond this is Det. Price." Harm said introducing the man.

"Det. Price, I am not pleased in having to let you enter this secure facility, I trust you will remain with your security escort at all times." Hammond said in a stern voice.

"Yes General I will, and thank you for allowing me into the facility. So is everyone present?" Price asked looking around the rather crowded room spotting a blonde woman in a hospital bed with an IV bag hanging next to her.

Harm took it upon himself to do the introductions. "This is Col. Mackenzie, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Col. O'Neill..."

Jack cut Harm off before he could introduce Teal'c. "This is Murray and over there in the back of the room is Major Carter." Jack was glad Teal'c had gone to get a hat to cover his tattoo before the cop showed up.

"So Colonel O`Neill, I need accounts from each of you, but I'd like to start with Major Carter, since the incident took place in her house."

Jack led Price over to Sam's bed. "As you can see Major Carter is in no condition for this, so keep it as short as you can." Jack said a little annoyed.

Price looked at Sam who was lying in bed with her head raised on a couple of pillows. . He could see her face was all bruised, as well as her arms with dressings around her wrists. He could tell she was beautiful, even under all those bruises.

"I'm sorry to put you through this Major but I need you to recount what happened that night." Price said compassionately.

"That's okay, I understand." Sam said then started coughing slightly grabbing her side as she did so.

Jack was at her side in an instant, he put his hand on her shoulder, "You Ok Carter?" He asked then picked up her glass of water and held it for her so she could take a drink.

Sam gratefully took a swig of the water, "Thank you Sir that helped." Sam said taking a few breaths, waiting for the pain subside.

Price looked from Sam to Jack looking very concerned.

"Major Carter has some broken ribs and very bad bruising." Jack told him acknowledging his concern.

"I'm sorry Major, are you alright to continue?" Price asked.

"Yes, I'll be okay. So where do you want me to start?" Sam asked, not wanting to go over more than she had to."

"How did Col. Kennedy get into your house?"

"I'm not sure, he must have broken in, I had one guard in the house and I was stuck in bed." Sam chuckled, "Much as I am right now."

Jack decided to put his two cents in, "When I arrived at the house I found the guard lying on the floor unconscious, he had dart sticking out of his arm."

"Why did you have a guard?" Price asked puzzled.

"Ah, how much of this case do you know about?" Harm asked.

"Well I know about the dead body at Major Carter's house, I know about the shoot out that occurred a few days before, which the investigation I believe was taken over by the military. Which by all accounts is not your jurisdiction." Price said a little annoyed at Harm.

"Well then you must know that Major Carter's work here is highly classified, which had to do with the kidnap attempt, which was handled by the military." Harm said coolly.

"So then you had the guard due to the kidnap attempt?" Price said turning his attention back to Sam.

"Yes." Sam answered nodding.

"So what happened next Major?"

"I ah, heard some noises, I grabbed my gun; but he was hiding behind the wall next to the door and I couldn't get a clear shot on him. He however did have a clear shot at me, and was able to get my gun." Sam took a calming breath before continuing. She looked down and spoke a little quieter. "He then...managed to tie my hands."

Jack could tell Sam was getting upset retelling the events, "He, ah had her arms tied up over her the bed post." He said this part quietly.

"Damn." He heard Daniel mutter. Daniel and Teal'c hadn't been told about that part of the story.

"I know this is difficult, Major Carter but I need to know, did he assault you sexually?" Price said in a calm voice.

"No, no he didn't. " Sam answered a little shocked. "He tried to get me to agree to...join him and give him classified information." Sam had to think about what she could tell the detective.

"Anything you can elaborate on?" Price asked, not liking to have to leave a blank area in his report.

"I'm afraid not." Sam said her voice becoming quiet again.

"Okay then, can you continue?" Price asked, he could see the toll this questioning was having on her, but he needed to know.

"Next he said that if I wouldn't help him, he would have to kill me because if he could get rid of the witnesses he'd be free to continue on."

Mac took a shaky step back bumping into Harm; she realized the other witness he would have to get rid of would be her. Harm gave Mac a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder.

"All I can remember is his him putting a pillow over my face...the next thing I knew I was waking up to my room filled with people." Sam said looking at Jack.

"Thank you Major Carter, I hope you're feeling better soon." He couldn't believe how this woman was able to remain calm while recalling her attempted murder; most witnesses he interviewed would be falling apart.

"So who knows what happened while Major Carter was unconscious?" Price asked looking around the room.

"That would be me." Jack said speaking up. "When I arrived at Carter's house, the door was broken open and I saw the guard passed out. When I made my to her bedroom, I saw Kennedy leaning over her pressing a pillow over her face." Jack said taking a deep breath to calm his nerves.

"Is that when you shot him?" Price asked.

"No, I didn't shoot him. I went after him; I pulled him and the pillow off of Carter. Then we started to fight. That's when he managed to pull a gun on me. He then pointed it at Carter; he said he wanted me to suffer by watching her die first." Jack closed his eyes and shook his head at the memory.

"That's when Col. Mackenzie and I arrived on the scene. We saw Kennedy aim his gun at Major Carter when we opened fire." Harm said, stepping closer to Sam's bed.

"So it was the two lawyers who shot Col. Kennedy." Price stated, looking up from his note pad.

"Yes, we did." Mac answered.

"Okay, I just have a few more questions. If Major Carter was as injured as she looks today, why was she at home and not in a hospital?" He asked, finding it a little suspicious how they said it went down.

"Major Carter was initially injured in the kidnap attempt." Jack told him, not mentioning the actual kidnapping and torture. "But not as badly as she is now."

"Would you care to elaborate on that?" Price asked

"Major Carter sustained a few more injuries here on the base." Hammond informed him.

Price looked surprised, "How did she get injured on base?"

"The work Carter does here can be...dangerous and sometimes accidents happen." Jack answered; he didn't want the cop to know what security problems they were having on the base.

"I'm going to need to see a copy of the medical report of your injuries for my file." Price said then sighed before adding, "I'll also need pictures to document the injuries."

"What!" Jack yelled. "She's been through enough already."

"Calm down Colonel." Hammond told Jack. "Isn't the medical report enough?"

"I'm sorry Sir, but with a shooting I need to document everything, including injuries to everyone involved." Price knew they were holding back information, but given the circumstances, he knew he wasn't going to get all the information he needed.

Sam could see Jack's jaw tighten and his fists clench. "It's alright Sir, I'm sure Janet can take the pictures and put them in the file."

"No Carter it's not alright, it sounds like he doesn't believe you were injured at all. What do you think she's faking it?" Jack's anger was growing

"No Colonel, I don't think she's faking it, but this story does sound a little...suspicious." Price said.

"Suspicious!" Jack yelled, "Does this look suspicious to you!" Jack grabbed the sheets and pulled them down to Sam's waist, then pulled the gown up to uncover her abdomen. He saw the bandages wrapped around Sam, then reached for the bandage scissors next to the bed and cut up along the bandages on her side, revealing her `injuries'.

Sam was shocked by what Jack was doing, with a look of utter horror on her face.

Det. Price watched as O'Neill uncovered Carter's abdomen, his jaw dropped when he saw the injuries and felt a little guilty for doubting her. "I'm sorry Major Carter; I didn't mean to infer you faking your injuries."

"Jack!" Daniel yelled at Jack's antics, running to Sam's side and grabbed the sheets to help cover Sam.

Jack realized what he had done may not have been the right thing to do. His anger quickly dissipated and he looked down at Sam seeing shock in her eyes. "I'm so sorry Carter, I hope you can you forgive me?"

"I know you were angry Sir, but next time try something else." Sam said, not only in shock but also in some more pain, since the tension from the bandages was now released.

"If that's all Det. Price, I think Major Carter's been through enough." Hammond said his voice sounding angry from what Jack had just done. "If there are any more questions for the others we can arrange to have them come to your office." Hammond then motioned to Rabb, who nodded and then went to stand next to Price.

"Very well, I'll let you know when I need to speak to someone. Again Major Carter, I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I do hope you get well soon." Price said then followed Rabb out of the room. He still thought it was odd that it looked like they had a hospital under this mountain.

"Colonel O'Neill, I'd like to have a word with you in my office." Hammond said angrily. "Major Carter I hope you're going to be okay with what just happened." Hammond said then left the room.

"Look Carter, I'm truly sorry for what I did." Jack said his voice full of remorse. Then he left to go to the meeting with Hammond.

"I'll give Janet a call." Daniel said quietly to Sam squeezing her hand.

Mac came up to stand next to Sam. "Well that was quite a show the colonel put on."

"Yea, unfortunately he did." Sam said quietly looking down.

Mac's voice became quieter so only Sam could hear, "You know it only proves how he much he cares for you."

Sam shook her head, "You know as well as I do it doesn't matter how I or he feels."

"You know situations are always changing, one of you could get transferred at any time; this is the military."

"No Mac you don't understand, both of us are considered too important to this base, they'd never transfer us willingly."

Mac could tell Sam was getting more upset by this subject and tried to change it. "So, how are feeling, physically I mean."

"Oh I could sure use a mega dose of pain killers right now."

"That's what I'm here for." Janet said, she had quietly entered the room but when she saw the two of them talking quietly, she decided to give them a few minutes.

"Oh, hi Dr. Fraiser." Mac acknowledged Janet with a smile.

"So let's see what's going on." Janet said as she pulled the covers down. "Well how on earth did that happen?" Janet said looking at the cut bandages.

"I'm sure Daniel can tell you later." Sam said through gritted teeth as Janet palpated the area.

"Well I was going to have to take the bandages off soon anyway to check on the incision site." `Although' Janet thought to herself, `I would have used pain meds first.' Janet took the medication from her pocket and injected it into the IV.

"You should be feeling better in a few minutes." Janet told Sam. "Well Sam I'm going to give you the option, do you prefer having your ribs wrapped or not."

"It does make it a little easier to move and the pain does seem to be a little less." Sam told her.

"Okay then, I'll give the medication a chance to work, then I'll wrap you up again." Janet looked around and noticed the absence of O'Neill. "We'll just have the guys step out when we're ready."

"Okay that sounds good." Sam said tiredly, feeling the medication starting to take effect.


"Colonel O'Neill, I can't believe your earlier behaviour." Hammond said with a tinge of anger still in his voice.

"I know Sir; I don't understand why I did it either." Jack said rubbing his hands over his face. "I've already apologized, more than once."

"I hope that's going to be enough, I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to be transferred off your team"

Jack's jaw dropped, he couldn't believe what Hammond just said, "Ah, General I know I over reacted back there, but I'm sure Carter will find it in her heart to forgive me."

"It's not just that Jack, it's also your behaviour when you returned from Edora. I mean you didn't even thank her. She worked her ass off getting you back home and you acted like you didn't even care."

"Yea, I found about that, I was a real ass, but I think I've been making it up to her; at least I hope so."

"Well Jack just try to make sure our number one team remains that way. We all know how important it is having the major on your team."

"Yes, Sir, believe me I know." Jack said then stood up, "If that's all Sir, I'd like to get back and try to help find the mole. That's the least I can do for Carter."

"Very well Colonel, you're dismissed." Jack saluted Hammond and left the room.


"Okay Sam, we're all done. How are you feeling?" Janet asked, knowing it wasn't a pleasant experience for Sam having her ribs bound again.

"Well I guess it could be worse. Don't you have something a little stronger?" Sam asked but not liking to have to ask for drugs.

"I'll try using the sedative again along with the pain meds, but since you have an adverse reaction to the morphine I'm afraid that's all I can do." Janet said feeling bad for her friend.

"What is Sam allergic to morphine?" Mac asked, she had lent the doctor a hand as much as she could with wrapping Sam's ribs and knew what kind of pain she was in.

"No she's not allergic, but ah...her system handles it differently." Janet tried to explain. "So Sam I'll be right back with the medication."

"Thanks Janet I appreciate it." Sam said quietly.

As Janet went out the door, Jack entered and heard Mac talking to Sam.

"Wow Sam I can't believe you're the same person who wouldn't stay in bed when the doctor ordered it, or the same person who was working so hard to get the gate working again when you weren't in any condition to." Mac said.

"Yea, well maybe I've had enough. Almost being blown up will do that to a person. Not to mention I hurt like hell." Sam said annoyed.

Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing, is sounded like Sam was giving up, this wasn't like her.

"Okay Sam I'll let you rest." Mac said giving her a small smile as she walked away. She noticed Jack was in the room and gave him a shrug as she stepped out of the room to give them some privacy.

Jack took a deep breath and went to Sam. "Hey Carter, I'm back" Jack said pasting a fake smile on his face.

"How did your meeting go Sir?"

"Well let's just say Hammond wasn't happy with my earlier behaviour."

"Him either eh."

"Yea, but we both did agree on one thing. That you are a much needed member of SG1, and we'd both hate to lose you." Jack could see the puzzled look on Sam's face. "He was afraid that because of my bad behaviour of late, you'd want to transfer off the team."

"Really?" Sam said shocked. The one thing she never thought of was leaving SG1.

"Yea, I'm here to try and make sure that doesn't happen." Jack said seeing Sam furrowing her brow. "Look Carter in case you haven't guessed, you're one of the most important people on this base, I'd put you right after Hammond. I've already told you how strong, brave and smart you are; but what I didn't say was how much we...I depend on you." Jack said averting his eyes from her.

"Wow, that's sure nice to hear Sir, but..."

"No, no buts Carter, I need you on my team. I didn't need Hammond to point that fact out."

Sam couldn't help but smile slightly. "Well Sir I have to say I appreciate hearing all this, but I never had any intention of leaving SG1."

"So you mean I've been grovelling for no reason?" Jack said feeling a little stupid.

"Other than my pure enjoyment, no Sir, no reason at all." Sam said grinning.

"So then why did it sound like you were giving up, when I came in here?"

"I guess it was all just getting to me Sir, I hate being in so much pain that I cant' do things for myself or even get out of bed." Sam said sighing.

"I tell you what Carter; if you feel like ranting and raving go ahead I'm your man to go to. After what I did to you today, I owe you as much."

"Yea, I guess you do Sir. Okay next time it starts getting to me I'll be happy to yell at you." Sam said with a smirk.

"Good, so why don't you rest...that's if you want to? While the rest of us work on figuring out who that voice belongs too." Jack said putting his hand on her shoulder and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Oh Sir?"

"Yes Carter."

"Does your owing me include...another massage?" Sam asked a little sheepishly.

Jack had to smirk he leaned in close to Sam's face, "Anytime Carter, anytime." He then left to let the others in the room so they could get to work.

Chapter 27

Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, Harm and Mac had been going over the list of people Mac and Harm had interviewed; they had only managed to cut the list by about a quarter. Jack realized that he had to keep the people in the mountain so he had Hammond lock down the mountain not letting anyone leave; he knew this would raise the suspicions of the mole, but they didn't see any other way of keeping the mole confined.

"So now what?" Daniel asked, running his hand through his hair.

"Well Daniel we find the damn mole." Jack said feeling irritated it was taking so long.

Janet had come and gone giving Sam the extra medication she needed which was responsible for her current condition; sleeping comfortably. Jack kept glancing over at Sam while they continued to go over the list.

"Teal'c I think it would be good if you sat in on the interviews in case he gets desperate." Jack said.

"What about guarding Major Carter?" Teal'c asked, he usually didn't question O'Neill but he felt it his duty to protect his friend.

"I'll make sure she's safe Teal'c." Jack said then looked back at Sam yet again.

"Very well O'Neill, if you believe this is best." Teal'c said then bowed his head.

"Well I guess we should get set up then, we'll use the same room as before." Mac said then got up and was followed by Teal'c.

Harm held back a few minutes to talk to Jack keeping his voice very low. "Look Colonel I know we're getting close to catching this guy, but unless he confesses to the attack on Stan, Teal'c and Jackson are still our prime suspects."

"You've got to be kidding." Jack said a little louder, then noticed Sam stir a little and quieted down. "Doesn't all of what happened prove the mole is the one who attacked Stan? After all he only went after Carter when he thought she could identify him, so he most likely went after Stan for the same reason."

"It makes it a possibility but without proof or a confession it's just as likely Teal'c and Jackson did it." Harm said still keeping his voice calm and quiet, he didn't want Sam to hear him and get upset.

"Well then we need to catch him alive then get him to confess." Jack said keeping his voice just as cool as Harm's.

"Well then I guess I'd better go help Mac, will you and Jackson be okay guarding Sam?" Harm asked concerned.

"Yea, it's not like we're alone we do have two guards outside the door." Jack said jerking his head towards the direction of the door.

"Okay then, keep safe, all of you." Harm said as he went out the door then heard it lock behind him.

"So Jack what was that all about?" Daniel asked, after all he wasn't the type of person to eavesdrop.

"Nothing Daniel, he was just wondering if the two of us were enough to guard Carter." Jack said not looking Daniel in the eyes.

"I sure hope we are Jack." Daniel said wondering the same thing, for the first time in a long time he doubted his abilities

"We'll do fine Daniel, I'm sure if Carter was awake right now, she'd feel the same way." Jack said reassuring his friend.

****** Harm and Mac had set up the room so they could secretly tape the conversations, that way if they had any doubts they could compare the two voices using a computer audio program.

"Okay let's get started, send in the first person." Mac said turning on the recorder.


He was wondering what the hell was going on at the base; why had Hammond ordered it locked down? He didn't have time to ponder the situation, he was due at his post in five minutes and he had to figure out how he was going to get at Cater now that she was being guarded by the rest of SG1 in a private room. It's not as if he could stroll up to armoury and make another bomb, no Hammond had put extra security there. It had taken all he had to be able set up the last bomb, not to mention not getting caught when he sabotaged the gate. Now that took skill. `Well I guess I'll have to make due with what I have and hope an opportunity presents itself.'


Jack was getting antsy, he knew that they were getting so close to catching this guy and now was not the time to relax He had to remain ever vigilant especially now that he had sent Teal'c to help the others. He checked his gun yet once again but then thought if he shot him, he might kill him, then where would Daniel and Teal'c be. No, he had to make sure this SOB stayed alive. Well only long enough to be questioned that is, then who knows maybe he'd have an accident.

"Jack how many times are you going to check your gun?" Daniel asked he had watched Jack take his gun out check the bullets and reload it over and over again. If he thought, the pencil was annoying this was much worse.

Jack looked up from his gun, "Oh sorry Daniel, I just want to make sure I'm ready for anything." He got up and paced around the room then sat down in front of the security monitor making sure the hall was clear and everything was as it should be. He sat there for about five minutes before he got up again this time going to check on Carter.

Daniel watched Jack, he wasn't' sure if it was a good idea after all Jack was wound up tight as it was, but he went and poured two cups of coffee then took one over to Jack.

Jack heard Daniel come up beside him and took the cup he offered. "You know Jack, Janet says she's going to be alright. It may take some time, but she's going to pull through this."

"I know Daniel, its just I can't shake this feeling that something terrible is going to happen."

Daniel put his hand on Jack's shoulder. "Maybe it's just you feeling guilty because you feel responsible that you couldn't keep this from happening to Sam. I know I feel guilty, even though I know there's nothing I could have done."

"Thanks Daniel, but I should have been able to do more." Jack said putting his cup down and moving away from Sam's bed back to the security monitor.

Daniel watched him go and sighed, he looked down at Sam and wondered; no he was quite sure there was more between Jack and Sam than the military would allow. Now he was seeing how it was tearing Jack apart. He knew what Sam went through when Jack was missing and how she worked so hard to get him back, and how hurt she was when he turned away from her to go to Laira's arms, she wouldn't admit it but he could see how devastated she was. Now here they were, both needing each other but unable to share that connection. He gently stroked the hair away from Sam's eyes before going to join Jack.


"So Harm, how many does that make it?" Mac asked stretching her neck.

"Oh, I'd say we're about three quarters through the list." Harm answered, they had been at it for hours re-interviewing the suspects on the list.

"Well at least we only have five possibilities so far." Mac said, this time getting up to walk around and stretch her legs.

"I do not believe those on the list match the..." Teal'c looked up for a moment raised an eyebrow, then continued. "mole's voice."

"How can you be sure, these five come very close?" Harm stated.

"They may be close, but they are not a match." Teal'c stated once again.

"Well we still have at least twenty more people to interview." Mac said.

"I think a break is in order, don't you?" Harm said getting up from his chair.

"Sounds good to me." Mac said, following Harm out the door, leaving Teal'c in the room still pondering the question of who had tried to kill Major Carter.


"Sir." called out a quiet voice, just waking up.

Jack's vision was starting to blur from watching the security monitor when he heard Sam call. "Hey Carter, how'd you sleep?"

"Pretty good actually, so any news?" She asked hopefully.

"Not yet, sorry Carter." Jack said shaking his head.

"It's alright Sir, you know plan's A and B never work out quickly; I just hope we don't have to come up with plan C." Sam said smiling slightly.

"Ain't that the truth Carter. So is there anything I can get for you?" He asked sincerely.

"Some water would be nice Sir."

Jack filled a glass from the pitcher and it took it too her, keeping his arm behind her shoulders while she drank. "You know Carter, Daniel made a pot of coffee, I'm sure he'd be willing to share a cup with you."

"That's okay Sir, I don't really feel like coffee right now." She said settling back down onto her pillows.

"How's the pain level?" Jack asked looking at her as she manoeuvred back onto the pillows.

"Not as bad since Janet gave me the extra meds to help me sleep, but now I'm kind of anxious to see this come to an end."

"So you can get your life back."

"Yea." Sam said looking at her hands.

"It will be over soon Carter, I'm sure." Jack said looking at her but not making eye contact since Sam was still looking down at her hands.

"Okay let me know if you need anything else." Jack said heading towards the washroom, thinking right now she might want to be alone.


Lt. Simms and Sgt. Parker stood at their post outside Carter's room; they noticed a nurse coming down the hall with her arms loaded with supplies. "Good afternoon Lt. Belle, here let me get the door for you." Simms said smiling at her.

"Why thank you lieutenant." Nurse Katie answered smiling back at him.

Lt. Simms knocked on the door and waited for it to be unlocked.

Daniel watched the monitor and saw that Katie was headed their way, when he saw her approach the door he got up to open it hearing a knock first.

Jack was coming out of the bathroom when he heard the knock at the door and saw Daniel opening the door.

"So Katie, I look forward to seeing you on the next brake." Simms said holding the door open for her as she brushed passed him.

Jack took a double take furrowing his eyebrows then looked at Daniel who looked at him in shock. Jack reached for his gun and pulled it out.

Simms noticed the look on the Colonel's face and quickly grabbed Katie her supplies dropping out of her hands, he used her as a shield as he drew his gun out and kicked the door closed.


"Well Mac that's everyone on the list." Harm said shaking his head.

"At least we have it narrowed down to what ten people." Mac said sounding a little hopeful.

"I do not believe any of those interviewed is the person we are looking for." Teal'c said.

"It has to be Teal'c; I know I recognized his voice from somewhere." Mac said exasperated.

"Have you not talked with other personnel from the base?" Teal'c asked.

"Well yea, we did talk to the guards who were on duty when Stan was attacked." Mac said.

"And then there were the guards that came to Sam's house when Kennedy was shot." Harm also answered.

"Then is it not possible that the person we are looking for is one of the guards?" Teal'c said raising his eyebrow.

"Damn I think you're right, we should warn O'Neill." Harm said getting up and rushing to the phone.


"Drop the gun Colonel." Simms ordered.

"Why so you can shoot all of us?" Jack said keeping his voice calm and steady.

"Well Colonel, you can't shoot me without shooting this lovely nurse first." Simms said sounding nervous.

Jack slowly moved towards Sam's bed so he was in front of her, all the while keeping his gun aimed at Simms. "So tell me Lieutenant, how do you plan on getting out of here?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe I'll shoot all the witnesses first." He said squeezing tighter onto Katie as she started to squirm.

`Damn if I was only a little shorter like Dr. Fraiser then Col. O'Neill could get a shot at him.' Katie thought to herself.

Jack inched his way closer to Sam keeping his back to her hoping she would be with it enough to know what to do.

"Colonel, why do keep going towards Major Carter?" Simms asked angrily.

"She's been through enough, just making sure any stray bullet doesn't get her." Jack said trying to sound convincing, all the while thinking `come on Carter, you know what to do.'

Simms chuckled a bit. "You know this is all her fault. She was supposed to be the only one who died."

"Why is that?" Daniel asked speaking up for the first time, keeping his hands raised in a non-threatening way.

"If she just minded her own business and didn't try to catch me, she would be sleeping peacefully in her own bed right now."

"You were there, you saw the body in her bedroom, do you really think she would be sleeping peacefully in her bed?"

Simms had to snort at that. "When I saw Kennedy lying dead on the floor, I thought I was home free, no one else could finger me; but then I saw the major working in her lab, and I knew she was working on a way to find me."

"So you decided to blow her up?" Jack said angrily.

"Hey I had to improvise, make sure I was no where in the area when it happened. I still can't believe you managed to pull her out of there."

"Not unscathed." Daniel said his voice showing a small amount of anger.

"You still haven't answered the question on how you plan on getting out of here?" Jack said.

Simms tightened his grip around Katie's neck making her move slightly until he could get a good aim at Sam. "Now Colonel, if you would please put the gun down, or do I have to start putting bullets into Major Carter one at time, I know you're in the way but I still have enough targets to aim at." He said coolly.

"Well I guess I don't have an option." Jack said bending down placing the gun on the floor.

"Kick it under the bed." Simms ordered waiting until he saw O'Neill do as he was told.

Just then the phone rang, Simms being as jumpy as he was held onto Katie tighter (if that was possible) and kept his aim on Jack. "Don't even think about answering that!" He yelled.

"Okay, but if we don't suspicions will be raised?" Jack said, wondering if this distraction would give them any type of advantage.

"Alright, but Jackson answers it. No funny business or I start wounding the women."

`Is this guy for real?' Katie wondered, as she still tried to struggle in his grip.

"Okay, just take it easy, no one has to get hurt here." Daniel said as he slowly moved to answer the phone. "Jackson."

*"Yea Jackson it's Rabb, I need to speak to O'Neill." *

"Um, I'm sorry Jack can't come to the phone right now he's indisposed." Daniel said looking at Jack seeing him shrug at him.

*"Okay then this is important, let O'Neill know that we think the mole is one of the guards; so be very careful."*

"Yea okay thanks Harm, will do." Daniel said then hung up the phone.


"Well that was odd." Harm said putting the phone down.

"What is Harm?" Mac asked concerned.

"That was Dr. Jackson; he said O'Neill was indisposed...."

"That's nod odd Harm, there is a washroom in the room." Mac said.

"Uh, no it's not that, it's just I don't know he seemed nice on the phone."

Teal'c raised his eyebrow looking very perplexed, "Why does this make you suspicious?"

"Ah, because Teal'c, since we put you and Dr. Jackson on the top of our suspect list, let's just say Dr. Jackson's feelings towards us have been anything but nice." Harm said.

"This is true; therefore I believe Daniel Jackson, Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter may be in some danger." Teal'c said in a calm voice.

"Well let's get down there and check it out." Mac said as she headed for the door, followed by the rest.


"Who was it?" Simms asked nervously.

"That was Commander Rabb; he called to warn us that they think the mole is one of the guards." Daniel said feeling things might be turning to their advantage.

"Really?" Jack said smugly. "Looks like they're finding your trail."

"Not yet, I still have time. All I have to do is get rid of the four of you and blame it on Sgt. Parker out there."

"I'm afraid that's not going work." Jack said grinning.

"What, why not?" Simms said angrily.

"Oh, did we forget to tell you..." Daniel said getting in on annoying the man.

"Yea Simms, it seems that even though you tried to blow up Carter, she still managed to get a recording of your voice talking to Kennedy." Jack said grinning

"And all they have to do now is compare your voice to the recoding, then it's the end for you." Daniel added in on the tag team attack they were doing to Simms.

"Then I guess I'll just have to take you guys down with me." Simms said straightening his arm aiming at Jack, his fury showing on his face.


Teal'c came running to the VIP suite, grabbing Sgt. Parker by the collar. "Where is your partner?" Teal'c said angrily, referring to the fact that there were to always be two guards at the door.

"He's ah in the room with everyone else." Parker answered nervously.

Harm and Mac heard Parker's answer and the realization hit them that the mole was in the room with them. They ran to the door and started pounding on it. "Open the door!'


Sam couldn't believe what was going on, that it was the guard the whole time. She watched in horror as the situation unfolded in front of her. She only hoped she would have the strength when the time was right.

There was a loud banging at the door and voices could be heard yelling.

Simms looked quickly towards the door; Katie took the advantage and rammed her elbow into his solar plexus diving out of the way as he loosened his grip. He took a step back raising his gun when he was overcome by blue electrical shock zapping him; he twitched for what seemed to be endless moments before he hit the ground. Daniel and Jack pounced on Simms; making sure, Simms and the gun were secure. Katie got up and rushed to open the door.

Mac, Harm Teal'c and a stunned Sgt. Parker all rushed in the room taking in the sight of O'Neill crouched down with one knee in the centre of Simms' back, while Daniel held a gun on the unconscious man.

"What the hell happened?" Hammond yelled as he pushed his way into the room. He had rushed down to the room after being advised by security of the strange goings on they witnessed on the cameras.

"We found the mole Sir, and thanks to Carter's perfect aim we were able to subdue him without anyone getting hurt." Jack said taking the handcuffs from Parker and placing them on Simms, who was starting to come around.

"What, how did Sam manage to shoot him?" Harm asked.

"Well I'm just glad Carter noticed the bulge in my pants and knew what to do." Jack said innocently.

Jack noticed several heads turn and almost snap as they looked at him. "What?" Hammond said shocked.

"Huh, I made my way over to Carter keeping my back towards her, I had a Zat gun in my waist band, but my jacket was covering it. What did you think I meant?" Jack said looking puzzled at the general.

"Oh, ah nothing Colonel." Hammond said a little embarrassed.

"So you're sure he's the mole?" Mac asked.

"Oh, yea he admitted it, as well as planting the bomb in Sam's room." Daniel answered.

"Well get him out of here, put him in a separate holding cell." Hammond ordered the security guards who had followed him.

They came in the room roughly got Simms to his feet and led him out into the hall. "Colonel, I want a briefing in an hour." Hammond said looking around the room at the faces of everyone involved and noticing that Sam still had the Zat in her grip lying on the bed. Then he motioned with his head to Jack to look at Sam. Jack nodded and headed her way.

"Hey Carter, nice shooting." Jack said noticing the light sheen of sweat on her face and the death grip she had on the weapon. He gently placed his hand on hers.

"It's okay, you can let go of it now, everyone's safe." Jack said calmly while taking the Zat from her hand.

"You're sure?" Sam asked through gritted teeth.

"Yea Carter it's over." Jack said gently rubbing his hand up and down her arm.

"Katie are you alright?" Daniel asked standing next to her taking one of her hands into his.

"Yes, doc...Daniel I'm fine. Just a little shaken that's all." She said feeling the adrenaline rush now fading.

"Here why don't you sit down for a minute, catch your breath." Daniel said leading her to the couch and sitting next to her.

"I should really check on Major Carter."

Daniel looked over and saw Jack talking to Sam, "I think she'll be alright for a few more minutes.

Teal'c saw the exchanges going on and decided to call Dr. Fraiser to check on Sam.


"Okay Sam, now that the excitement is all over and we now have you back in our lovely infirmary maybe you'll get the rest you need." Janet said adding more of the sedative to the IV then walked over to Jack, Daniel and Teal'c who were waiting patiently.

"Well she'll be asleep for awhile, rest is what she needs the most.'

"So no more private room?" Jack asked sounding a little disappointed.

"Sorry Colonel, but now that the dangers past we'll be able to keep a closer eye on her here." Janet explained to him, again since he wasn't keen on the idea of moving her back to the infirmary in the first place.

"Well we'll be back later Doc, we have a briefing to go to." Jack said not liking to have to go to a meeting after what they had all been through. He just wanted to stay near Sam to be able to feel her presence near him. He was afraid he was getting too used to having her close by.

Chapter 28

"So that's when Carter reached into my pants...."

"Geez Jack, would you stop phrasing it like that!" Daniel said angrily staring at Jack; he knew Sam would be very angry hearing Jack retelling the events like that.

"That's okay Colonel, we all know what happened next." Hammond said trying to get a handle on the meeting.

"So then Lt. Simms admitted to giving information to Col. Kennedy and trying to kill Major Carter with that bomb. Is that correct Colonel O'Neill?" Hammond asked Jack

"I'm afraid so Sir." Jack answered shaking his head at the memory of the bomb going off and Carter soaring through the air towards him.

"I just can't believe that one bastard like him could do so much damage." Daniel said angrily.

"Well for now he's locked up in his own cell being guarded by those he used to give orders to." Mac said enjoying a bit of the irony.

"So where does this leave Daniel Jackson and myself with regards to the attack on Stan?" Teal'c asked

"Well we're going to question him, but unless he admits to the attack, I'm afraid you two are still the prime suspects." Harm answered.

"Ah Sir, if I may suggest, why don't we put that no good SOB NID agent in with Simms, see if he can get him talking. You know prisoner to prisoner." Jack suggested.

"That's a good idea Colonel, might as well put him to some use; since I still haven't checked out his story officially." Hammond said smirking.

"We'll get right on it Sir." Harm told Hammond.

"Well then I expect you two to get some answers soon. Dismissed." Hammond said letting his frustration at the situation show.

"Yes Sir." Harm and Mac answered getting up and quickly leaving the room.

"I hope we can get what he wants." Mac said quietly to Harm, hating to think what would happen if they didn't.


This time Harm and Mac were given a different interrogation room; one with a mirror and observation room behind it.

"So Lt. Simms, I hope you know it won't be lieutenant for much longer not with you heading to Leavenworth." Mac said keeping her voice cool.

"I don't know about that, I think I'll take my chances." Simms said smugly.

"We have a recording of your voice giving information to Colonel Kennedy." Harm said with a steely voice.

"If I may say, Colonel Kennedy had top secret clearance for this base; he knew everything that happened here; so my talking to him was not breaking any rules. I did not divulge any top secret information." Simms said smugly.

"You told him when Major Carter would be alone, having arranged for her protection to be taken away." Mac said.

"Uh, I didn't do that. So you can't have any proof of it." He said, knowing full well he had disguised his voice.

Harm reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box banging it down on the table. "We found this in the security guards area on this floor."

Simms turned his head to the side looking at the box. "Ah what is it?"

"That's the voice synthesizer you used to disguise your voice, and I'm sure when we check it for finger prints and DNA we'll find yours on it." Mac said coolly.

"Now about the bomb you planted in Major Carter's room." Harm started, looking at a folder.

"We have indisputable proof you planted it." Mac stated.

They watched as Simms just sat there not even attempting to reply to their questions.

"There are five witnesses to your admitting to trying to kill Major Carter." Harm said.


On the other side of the mirror Jack was getting frustrated, "Come on they have to do better than this, at this rate Daniel and Teal'c will be convicted before they get anything out of this guy."

"Relax Colonel, it's a slow process." Hammond told him, but feeling the same way.

Daniel and Teal'c weren't allowed to sit in on the questioning, since they themselves were also suspects. *******

"So Simms, we have you dead to rights on the bombing, you might as well tell us everything, you might be able to make things easier on yourself." Mac said keeping her voice calm not showing any emotion.

Simms finally looked Mac in the eyes. "So what you want me to tell you things. For what, what do I get out of it?"

"Oh maybe a decreased sentence, one in which you might eventually get out of prison."

"I think I'll take my chances with a trial; after all I was only joking about setting the bomb, I didn't actually do it." Simms said sitting back on his chair.


"What! We all heard him admit to planting the bomb and targeting Carter. If he won't admit to that I doubt he'll admit to attacking Stan."

"I know Jack, it doesn't look good." Hammond said putting his hand on Jack's shoulder.

"Maybe you should take a break from this Jack, go check on the rest of your team."

"I don't know Sir; I feel I should be here." Jack said feeling useless.

"There's nothing you can do here Jack, its all in their hands now." Hammond said pointing out Harm and Mac.

"Yea, maybe you're right Sir, if you need me I'll be...."

"In the infirmary, yes Jack I know." Hammond said smiling slightly at Jack.

"Yes Sir." Jack said grinning as he left.


Jack entered the infirmary and saw Daniel sleeping in a chair with one of his books in his lap. Sam saw Jack enter and just nodded at him, not wanting to wake Daniel.

"How long has he been sleeping?" Jack whispered as he stood next to Sam on the other side of the bed.

"I'm not sure Sir, I woke up just a little while ago, but I didn't want to wake him." Sam whispered back with a slight smile on her face as she looked at Daniel.

"Well Carter if you ever have trouble sleeping, all you have to do is borrow that book of Daniel's."

"I don't think it's in English Sir."

"Well then have Daniel read it to you, I know his lectures always put me to sleep."

"Very funny Jack." Daniel said yawning and stretching, said book dropping to the floor.

"Sorry Daniel didn't mean to interrupt your beauty sleep." Jack said grinning, noticing a smile crack on Sam's face.

"How did it go with the interrogation?" Daniel asked as he lifted his book from the floor.

"Not so good I'm afraid. He wouldn't even admit to planting the bomb."

"But we all heard him say he did Sir." Sam said irritated.

"Don't worry Carter; he's not going to get away with it." Jack said placing his hand on her arm.

"So he's not going to admit to attacking Stan." Daniel said feeling dejected.

Just then, Janet entered the room. "Well I see our patient's awake." Janet said leering at Jack.

"Hey she was awake when I got here; I think Daniel's snoring woke her up." Jack said looking as innocent as he could.

"How are you feeling Sam?" Janet asked her, moving to her bedside causing Jack to move out of the way.

"Oh about the same, not much change. I do however miss my nicer accommodations." Sam said smiling slightly at Jack.

"I know Sam the infirmary can be a little cold and impersonal, but you are closer so we can treat you easier."

"That's what we're here for, to take away the impersonal side of the place." Daniel said.

"So Doc, any chances of Stan waking up soon to tell us who attacked him?" Jack asked hopeful.

"I'm afraid it doesn't look good Colonel, he's in a deep coma and there's no telling if he'll ever come out of it, he may even die Sir." Janet said as she adjusted Sam's IV and took her pulse.

"This is so not good; it doesn't look like Simms is going to confess." Jack said rubbing his head.

"That's terrible Sir, there must be more evidence out there to prove he's guilty." Sam said discouraged.

"Hey Jack, I never did find out what kind of evidence they think they have on Teal'c and me." Daniel said looking confused at Jack.

Three sets of eyes were staring intently at Jack. Janet wasn't going anywhere until she too heard this news and took a seat at the edge of Sam's bed.

"Well the first thing they have is Teal'c and your statements that you were in your lab and Teal'c was in his quarters."

"Yea, well that's the truth, how can they use that against us?" Daniel said puzzled.

"They also have security pictures, one of you in the hallway leading to the room where the computer was used to disable the cameras. The other was of Teal'c in the hallway leading to the armoury." Jack said quietly.

"Well they could have been taken anytime." Daniel said angrily.

"They have dates and times stamped on the pictures." Jack told him.

"I don't care, I was in my lab!" Daniel said loudly.

"I believe you Daniel, but the proof is against you and Teal'c."

"I was assuredly in my quarters at the time of the attack." Teal'c said entering the room having heard the conversation.

"Sam, isn't there a way of faking those pictures?" Daniel asked looking into Sam's eyes sounding worried.

"The date and time stamps can't be faked or tampered with..."

"Oh great, so I guess they might as well pick out our cells now." Daniel said interrupting Sam.

"But they could have tampered with the images on the tape." Sam said.

"Is there anyway to prove it was tampered with?" Jack asked hopeful.

"Well I could..."

"You're not doing anything but staying in that bed." Janet said angrily getting up and looking down at Sam.

Sam looked down sheepishly avoiding Janet's angry glare.

"So Carter, do you think someone else could check out the security tape?" Jack asked, hoping to be able to find a way to clear Daniel and Teal'c.

"I could recommend a couple of names Sir." Sam said quietly, looking back and forth from Jack and Janet.

"That would be good Carter, thank you." Jack told her.

"Um, Sir? Haven't Harm and Mac had the pictures checked out?" Sam asked furrowing her brow.

"I'm not sure Carter, but you assume they would."

"Oh come on Jack, you know what they say about never ASSUME anything!" Daniel said still angry.

"I do not know of this saying Daniel Jackson." Teal'c replied tilting his head.

"Oh, never mind Teal'c." Daniel said too angry to try and explain to Teal'c.

"Calm down Daniel, we'll get to the bottom of this. You know our reputation for getting into and out of trouble."

"I don't know Jack, this could be a bit more than we can handle." Daniel said feeling miserable.

"Do not doubt the ability of SG1, Daniel Jackson I do not." Teal'c said keeping his posture ramrod straight.

"Well Daniel if Rabb and Mackenzie don't get anywhere, Simms is going to have a roommate when he gets back to his cell."

Sam looked at O'Neill puzzled. "Roommate Sir?"

"Yea, a certain undercover NID agent." Jack said smiling.

"He's still here?"

"Yea Carter seems the general's taking his time with the paperwork." Jack said grinning.

"Can't say I'm sorry about that." Sam said cracking a smile.

"Well I think that's enough stress for now everyone, I think Sam needs to get some more rest." Janet said spoiling the `party' for everyone.

"Okay Doc, we'll go for now. See ya later Carter." Jack said looking at Sam seeing that she was giving him a slight signal, no one else noticed. Jack nodded his head slightly, "Come on guys let's get out of here so Carter can get some much deserved rest.

"See you later guys." Sam said after she noticed Jack's response.

"You can go to Janet; I'm just going to sleep for a while."

"Okay Sam, just use the call bell if you need anything." Janet said as she left the room.


"I'm sorry General, Simms is one stubborn son of a ..." Harm was saying as the general cut him off.

"I know you tried Commander, Colonel, let's just hope Barrett can get something out of him."

"I don't know Sir, he seemed to have clammed right up, I don't think he's going to talk to anyone." Mac said feeling frustrated.

"Well let's give him some time." Hammond said shaking his head.


"Here's your new roommate Simms." Sgt. Parker said pushing Simms into the now occupied cell.

"Hey, I'm your superior officer!" Simms yelled at Parker.

"No, you're my prisoner." Parker said slamming the cell door shut, he was so angry that Simms could cause so much trouble and pain and he didn't see any clues.

Simms heard a chuckle coming from the back of the cell. "What the hell are you laughing at?"

"Oh I don't know, it's kind of funny how the lower ranking man just treated his superior officer." Barrett said to further aggravate Simms.

Simms stared at the man lying on the bottom bunk bed. "What the hell do you know anyway?"

"Not much believe me, like how to get out of here." Barrett said rubbing his hands over his face.

"Well I don't know; it may not be as hard as you think." Simms said sitting on the bench at the side of the cell.

"Really? Do tell." Barrett said sitting up enthusiastically.

"Sorry, can't say anything. You'll have to figure out a way on your own." Simms said leaning back and grinning.


Hammond stepped into the interrogation room, which was filled with Rabb, Mackenzie and Barrett. "Any news?"

"We just got Agent Barrett out of there General, he was about to tell us what he's learned." Mac informed Hammond.

"I'm afraid he didn't say much Sir, all he did was elude to knowing how to get out of here, or the mess he is in." Barrett said.

"What the Sam Hill is he talking about? There's no way in hell he's getting out of here." Hammond said angrily.

"Ah, General? Have you checked into my story Sir? You know, so I can get out of here." Barrett said awkwardly.

"It's being looked into Agent Barrett; until then I suggest you just enjoy your stay with us." Hammond said as he left the room.

"Well I'll have him sent back to the cell and you can update O'Neill." Harm said grinning.

Mac looked at Harm with eyes wide open, "Coward."


"You've got to be kidding me!" Jack said slamming the phone down. He was angry but had to get control of it before he went to find out what Carter wanted.

Jack walked down the hallway keeping an eye out for Janet, then slowly opened the door to the infirmary quietly entering and making his way to Sam. As he came to her room, he noticed that it looked like she was sleeping. He didn't want to wake her, but he knew she wanted to talk to him about something...without the others around.

"Carter." Jack said a little louder than a whisper, then waited a few more moments before trying again. "Carter."

Sam heard her name being called very quietly and began to rouse. She blinked adjusting her eyes to the light. "Oh, hey Sir, I must have dosed off for a few minutes."

"That's okay, so what did you want to see me about?" Jack said as he stepped up next to her bed.

"First Sir, is there any news about Simms from Barrett?"

"I'm afraid not." Jack said sadly.

"Sir, I'm afraid without Simms confessing to the attack on Stan; Daniel and Teal'c are going to be held responsible for it, may even face prison time."

"Carter, there's not much we can do about that; it's out of our hands." Jack said shaking his head.

"Maybe not Sir."

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"Well Sir the only witness to the attack is Stan."

"Carter don't tell me you're thinking of doing what I think your thinking of doing?" Jack said shocked.

"It may be their only chance, and if Stan dies first...then I won't be able to do anything."

"But Carter, you're in no shape to do this. You can't even stand on your own."

"Sir, I'm feeling much better than last time. I've been healing from the internal bleeding and my blood count is almost back to normal..."

"Almost Carter is not back to normal." Jack said exasperated. "You know Fraiser will never let you do this."

"That's why I'm talking to you Sir, I'll need some help."

"Carter I don't know."

"Sir if I don't try this soon it may be too late for Daniel and Teal'c; and how else is SG1 going to be able to get out of this trouble?"

Jack sighed and rubbed his neck, he paced back and forth between the beds. "Carter, are you sure?"

"Yes Sir, and the sooner I'm able to do this the better." Sam said looking into his eyes, seeing he was in turmoil over the decision.

"Okay Carter, God forgive me, but I'll help you. Just tell me what I have to do." Jack said making his decision.

Chapter 29

"Okay Carter I've got the doohickey you asked for." Jack said patting his pocket.

"You mean the healing device Sir?" Sam replied smiling slightly.

"Yea, that one." Jack said looking at Sam still lying flat in bed. "So how are we going to get you out of here?" He said looking a little confused.

Sam used the remote device attached to the bed to slowly raise the head of the bed; trying not to show the discomfort that came with the movement. Jack then helped her on with her robe and slippers before trying to get her up.

"Ready Carter?" Jack said concerned, Sam had been lying down for a long time and may not be to steady on her feet.

"Ready Sir." Sam said taking a deep breath getting ready for the movement. Jack helped Sam to stand keeping a tight hold on her as she swayed a bit.

"So ready for the wheel chair?" Jack asked, thinking this was a big mistake he was making.

"I think it would be better if we walked Sir, staying upright will be easier than having to keep sitting and standing." Sam said keeping a tight hold on Jack arm.

"Okay Carter, but lean on me and try to keep as much weight off that leg." Jack said positioning himself next to Sam having her put her arm around his shoulder while he placed his arm around her waist.

Slowly but surely they made their way through the infirmary, avoiding Janet and her nurses. Finally, they arrived at Stan's room coming up to his bedside. They saw the heavy bandage around his head and the monitors that were hooked up to him. Normally Jack would have felt some pity seeing someone in this condition, but couldn't muster the feeling for Stan. Instead, he felt Stan got what he deserved; it scared him a little that he could feel this way for a defenceless person but couldn't get what Stan did to Sam out of his mind.

Sam couldn't hide the disgust she felt seeing this man again. It took all she had to be able to remain in the same room as him, yet having to be this close to him.

"So what's next?" Jack asked trying to break Sam out of her thoughts.

"Hand me the device Sir... and try to keep me from falling over." Sam said half joking but more serious.

Jack handed her the device, then positioned himself close behind her so she could lean against him to help her balance. Sam took a deep breath and raised the device over Stan's head. Moments passed and nothing happened; Jack didn't know if he should ask her if she was okay, or just wait. A few more moments passed before Jack spoke up.

"Carter are you Okay?"

Sam opened her eyes and took a deep breath. "Yea, I'm fine Sir...I just can't seem to get it to activate."

"Maybe you're thinking too hard...or remembering too much." Jack said gently.

"I have to do this Sir, Teal'c and Daniel's future may depend on it." Sam said anxiously.

Jack placed his hand on one of her shoulders and looked over the other one. "Carter try to relax and don't put so much pressure on yourself. Just relax, close your eyes and think about the good times you've had with Daniel and Teal'c. Like the time we all took Cassie to the zoo. She had a great time and Daniel spent most of the time explaining things to Teal'c."

Sam closed her eyes and smiled at the memory, she could feel herself relax into the colonel behind her, his strong arms helping to keep her upright. Then the device began to glow, starting off weak and then growing stronger. She could feel Jack's hands guiding hers into position.

Jack was astonished that his suggestion worked, he felt Sam relax and lean back against him, then he watched as the device began to glow and the light grow in intensity. He moved her arms so the device was over Stan's head and waited. It seemed like it was taking forever, he didn't know how long it was supposed to take, and he didn't like the idea that this healing device was draining the strength out of Sam. Then all of a sudden, the device snapped off. Then he felt Sam lean heavily against him. With quick reflexes, he grabbed hold of Sam before she could fall to the ground.

Sam felt the heat in her body as the device glowed, when it snapped off she felt dizzy and weak and thought she might fall over if it hadn't been for the strong arms holding her up.

"Carter, are you alright?" Jack asked concerned. He saw her nod her head, more than he could hear her answer.

"Here let's get you seated in that chair." Jack said as he guided her to the chair next to the bed. He helped ease her down and kept a concerned eye on her as he knelt down beside her and kept a hand on her shoulder.

"Carter, you with me here?" Jack said tenderly. He watched as her eyes blinked a few times, he could tell that her vision was clearing, as she was now looking at him and not through him.

"Yes Sir...I'm here." Sam said weakly, not quite realizing where she was.

"Carter, should we ah get you back to bed?" Jack asked, not sure if she would be able to walk back.

"Um, no Sir, I'm okay, I can wait here." Sam said leaning back in the chair. "Did it work Sir?"

Jack hadn't even thought about Stan, he was more concerned with keeping Sam off the floor. "Are you okay to stay in that chair without falling over?"

"Yes Sir, just a little weak, but I'll be fine."

"Okay." Jack said getting up, but keeping his hand on her shoulder making sure she would stay put before checking on Stan. Jack took the couple of steps to look at Stan, he was still unconscious and Jack didn't know what the monitor readouts meant, so he had no idea if Stan had improved or not.

"Ah, Carter I can't tell a thing, I'm sorry." Jack said looking down at Sam.

"Hmm, I thought it worked, I mean I thought I could feel it working."

"Maybe he just needs a little time to come around, I mean he has been out of it for a long time." Jack said trying to sound hopeful. "How about for now we get you back to bed?"

"I guess that would be okay Sir, I mean if we don't know when he'll wake up it's no use sitting around here." Sam said a little sadly.

Jack made his way to Sam and helped her to stand, keeping a tight grip on her since she still felt weak and was leaning heavily on him. They were both standing next to the bed when they heard a slight moan coming from Stan.

"Well that sounds like a good sign. " Jack said grinning at Sam.

They both looked down at Stan, watching to see if he would wake up. "Well this is like watching paint dry." Jack said wryly as he looked back at Sam.

Sam kept looking at Stan's eyes noticing them moving under his eyelids. "I think he's actually waking up Sir."

"Oh Staa-an., time to wakey- wakey." Jack called to him while slapping his face lightly.

"Sir, I think he's had enough head trauma with out you adding to it." Sam said, even though she didn't have any pity for the man, she did work hard trying to heal him.

"Oops." Jack said as he stopped his action.

"What the hell?" Stan said groggily.

"Stan my man, nice to see you finally awake." Jack said grinning at the man.

Stan's eyes slowly began to focus and when they cleared, what he saw frightened him immensely. Two faces, one he had tortured and the other wanting revenge. "No stay away from me."

"Well would you look at this Carter, you save the man's life and he wants us to go." Jack said in a mocking voice.

"Really Sir, some people just don't show any appreciation." Sam said following Jack's lead.

"What are you talking about?" Stan asked puzzled.

"Don't you remember anything Stan? Someone tried to rearrange your brains." Jack told him hoping to refresh his memory.

Stan closed his eyes trying to remember, then it slowly started coming back to him. Yes, he remembered the attack and who had done this to him, but there was no way he was going to tell them, not when he could possibly use this information to help get him out of here.

"No, sorry I don't remember anything."

Jack and Sam looked at each other with that admission, Jack had a suspicion that Stan was lying, but then again if Stan's lips were moving, he was probably lying. He felt Sam shifting her weight against him, he knew she was tired but he had to keep this up just for a little while longer.

"So you don't remember anything huh, that's too bad. I guess now that your going to live and are able to talk, you're life will be in danger again." Jack said getting straight to the point.

"You're right Sir; I guess we'll have to put a 24 hour guard on him." Sam added.

"Yea, well I guess I'd better call to get a guard post set up." He was glad Sam was going along with him and not telling Stan that already had guards posted outside his door for his protection

"Hey Carter why don`t you sit down and wait for me while I make a phone call." Jack said as he once again helped her to sit down.

Stan watched how O'Neill helped Carter sit down rather painfully and then left the room. "You know Major there's one thing I don't understand?"

"Only one now there's a shock." Sam said sarcastically.

Stan just huffed at the remark. "After what I did to you..." Stan said while gesturing towards Sam's injuries, "why would you heal me? Considering what you went through to deny that you could use the alien device."

Sam had to think about it, what could she tell him that would be believable without letting him know about Daniel and Teal'c? "Well Stan, unlike you, I have a conscious and morals. The doctors said you were close to death and as much as I may hate you, I can't let my hate keep me from doing the right thing. You're just lucky you didn't kill me, because then you'd still be in a coma about to die at any minute."

Stan shook his head, "You know I wouldn't have the same thing for you."

"Well there's another big surprise. Did I mention I have morals unlike you? Geez I wish the colonel would hurry up so I can get out of here."

"Hmm, I must have done more damage than I thought if you can't leave without any help."

"Is that the sound of remorse in your voice?"

"Well if I had any morals or a conscious than I guess I would be sorry for what I did to you...but as you said I don't have any of those."

Sam's attention was caught by Jack coming back into the room, "Hey guys did you miss me?"

"More than you know Sir." Sam said having had enough of Stan and his `apology'.

"Okay Kids, there will be a couple of guards coming down any minute." Jack said giving Sam a look.

"A couple, are you sure that will be enough?" Stan asked very concerned.

"Oh, yea two is plenty."

"Who are they sending Sir?" Sam asked, knowing Jack wanted her to.

"Um I think they said it would be Sgt. Parker and Lt. Simms." Jack said without missing a beat, watching Stan's face for a sign.

The door to Stan's room opened and Sgt. Parker walked in, "Sorry for taking so long Sir."

"Where's your partner sergeant?" Jack asked.

"Sorry Sir, Lt. Simms will be here any moment, he had some scheduling problems to work out."

"Okay then, do you think you'll be alright to guard him by yourself for a while?" Jack asked keeping a sly eye on Stan.

"No problem Sir, I'll be fine after all Simms will be here any second." Parker said then left the room to `stand guard' outside the door.

"Okay Carter you're looking wiped out, why don't we get you back to bed." Jack said heading over to Sam.

He and Sam were taking an extra long time to get Sam standing noticing a worried look and some sweat starting to form on Stan's forehead.

"Okay Carter, you ready to go?" Jack said holding onto Sam.

"Yes Sir I could use the rest." Sam said as they slowly began to turn around.

"O'Neill...Major, you can't leave me alone like this." Stan said his voice showing fear.

"Oh, you won't be alone Stan Sgt. Parker and Lt. Simms will be standing guard right outside that door." Jack said pointing to the door.

"Ah, that's what I'm afraid of. Listen you can't leave me alone with that guy."

"What, why not Sgt. Parker is a very good security officer. You'll be very safe in his hands until Simms gets here." Jack said saying it that way on purpose to make Stan more nervous.

"No! Not Parker, you can't leave me alone with Simms!" Stan said his voice getting louder and his face turning red.

"Why is that Stan?" Jack asked.

"Damn it! Because he's the one who bashed my head in!" Stan yelled getting very upset.

"Well now, do you think that's enough?" Jack said grinning then reached into his pocket and pulled out a microphone.

"Oh I hope so." Sam said with a wide smile on her face.

"Yes Colonel that's plenty." Mac said as she, Harm and General Hammond entered the room.

"And we have it all on tape." Harm said holding up the recording device, grinning himself.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Stan asked confused with everyone coming into his room.

"Good job you two." Hammond said smiling at his two officers. "However I'm not sure Dr. Fraiser will agree." Hammond said as Janet entered the room.

Janet didn't like being kept out of the room with two of her patients in there. She looked at Stan then at Sam and shook her head. "Sam I can't believe you did this!"

"Look Doc...."

"And you Colonel O'Neill, I can't believe you helped her. Doesn't anyone around here follow doctor's orders?"

"I'm sorry you're upset Janet, but I had to do it...for Daniel and Teal'c."

Janet could see how weak Sam was after healing Stan and went to get a wheelchair from the corner of the room. "Major Sit now and then you're going straight to bed."

Janet called a nurse into the room to escort Sam back to bed. "Now if everyone would leave the room I'd like to examine my other patient."

Hammond saw the angry look on Dr. Fraiser's face and was sure glad he wasn't on the receiving end of her fury. "Come on people let's clear out of here."

Out side in the hallway, Hammond spoke to the group. "Well Colonel, it looks like your little plan worked out. I'd just hate to have to be the one facing Dr. Fraiser's ire."

"Yea, well I'm sure Carter can handle it." Jack said grinning and shrugging his shoulders, causing Hammond to shake his head and chuckle a little.

"So you two have enough to write up your little reports and put an end to this whole fiasco." Jack said looking at Harm and Mac.

"Yes Sir we do, and I'm sorry your friends had to go through all of this." Harm said relieved at least they had been exonerated and they now had more proof against Simms.

"Now all we have to do is inform Dr. Jackson and Teal'c." Hammond said.

"Ah Sir could you leave that up to me and Carter?" Jack asked.

"Sure thing Colonel, but I'd hurry I'm sure news of Stan's recovery will all over the base soon."

"Yes Sir I will and thank you." Jack said.


Jack was heading for Sam's room when he heard Janet's loud voice from outside the door. "Geez Sam I can't believe you did that...again! You're in no shape to be traipsing around my infirmary healing people."

`Oh boy time to bite the bullet' Jack thought to himself as he entered the room.

"Look Janet I had no choice, I had to do it." Sam answered.

"Hey guys can I join the party." Jack said grinning.

"And you Colonel O'Neill how could you help her do that and risk her already failing health?"

"Look Doc when Carter gets her mind set on something there's no stopping her, it was either help her or risk her doing it herself." Jack said noticing the look Sam gave him and had to look away.

Sam couldn't believe that the colonel was throwing her to the wolves like that, well Janet that is.

"Well at least things are looking up, what Carter did worked and now Teal'c and Daniel have been proven innocent." Jack said smiling, hoping to get Fraiser in a better mood.

"Have they been informed yet Sir?" Sam asked.

"Nope, they're on their way here now so we can tell them. By the way Doc, how is old Stan doing?"

"Actually he's doing very well, another couple of days in the infirmary under observation then he can join Lt. Simms in a cell." Janet paused for a moment, "Ah Sam I did notice that even though you healed his brain injury his nose is still broken."

Sam could only grin at that observation, "Well Janet I was kinda weak...and didn't want to overtax myself."

Jack couldn't help but snicker at that comment, then saw Daniel and Teal'c enter the room.

"Hey Jack, we got your page what's up?" Daniel asked, as he took in the sight of Janet at Sam's bedside.

"Are you alright Sam, did anything happen?" Daniel said getting worried looking from Sam to Janet.

"I'll let these two explain it to you two." Janet said walking away from Sam and out of the room.

"Well Daniel, Teal'c; there's been a break in the case...I'm afraid you two...oh geez how the hell am I supposed to tell them this Carter?"

"That's okay Sir, I'll tell them if you want me to." Sam said watching Daniel start to squirm and Teal'c just remain as solemn as ever.

"Look Daniel Teal'c the break in the case is that you two have been exonerated."

"No way! Were innocent...wait did you say exonerated?" Daniel stuttered out.

Jack couldn't hide his smile any longer he slapped both Daniel and Teal'c on the back, "Yes Daniel, it means you've been proven innocent."

"This is indeed good news O'Neill, how did this come to pass?" Teal'c asked.

Jack wondered if Teal'c ever showed joy or happiness. "Well you two have Carter to thank. You know the only witness to the attack on Stan was Stan."

"Oh no Sam you didn't. You healed that bastard didn't you?" Daniel said feeling guilty that his friend put herself at risk for him.

"Um, guilty as charged I'm afraid." Sam said sheepishly.

Teal'c stepped up to Sam's bedside and put his hand on her forearm. "I am very grateful Major Carter." Then he bowed his head to her.

"You are very welcome Teal'c, I'm just glad it worked out in the end thanks to Colonel O'Neill."

Daniel and Teal'c both looked over at Jack. "Hey Carter did all the hard work, I just provided a little backup.

"So what's happening with the lawyers, I mean are we free to finally leave the base?" Daniel asked.

"Yep they have everything they need to charge Simms with the attack and the General is up to date with everything.

"So I guess that means everything's back to normal with us." Daniel said cheerfully unable to hide the grin on his face.

"Well almost back to normal." Jack said looking at Sam.

"Hey Daniel could you do me a favour?" Sam asked.

"For you Sam anything."

"As would I Major Carter." Teal'c added.

"Okay, could you two talk Janet into letting me out of this place?"

Daniel and Teal'c looked at each other then said at the same time. "Daniel Jackson would be happy to." "Sure Teal'c can do that for you."

Jack couldn't help but laugh at the two. "Where's your courage guys?"

Sam just cleared her throat at Jack's comment knowing he had the same fear.

Janet walked back into the room and noticed four sets of eyes on her. "Ah, what's going on?"

The three men looked at each other, then Teal'c spoke up. "Daniel Jackson would like to discuss a matter with you Dr. Fraiser."

Daniel looked angrily at Teal'c. "Gee thanks Teal'c." Teal'c bowed his head at Daniel as Daniel continued. "Well Janet, um, you"

"Geez Daniel I thought you were the linguist here." Jack said getting annoyed at Daniel.

"Look Doc, Carter wants out of here and to go home." Jack said as quickly as he could.

"She does, does she?" Janet said looking from Jack to Sam.

"Yes she does, and if you keep her in here, who knows how many patients of yours she's going to heal? She just might put you out of business."

Janet couldn't help but shake her head at the show O'Neill was putting on.

"Look Janet we took care of Sam before we can do it again. I think she should be able to get out of here and get some real rest at home." Daniel said finally getting into the argument.

Jack's face paled a little when he thought of what was waiting for Sam at her house. He didn't know if she was ready to face the fact that someone had been killed in her bedroom leaving a rather gruesome bloodstain on her carpet.

"Ah guys you know I have more room at my place, we could take care of Carter there." Jack said hoping Daniel and Teal'c would catch on.

"Colonel I think I'd rather go to my own home, and I can look after myself." Carter told Jack feeling frustrated.

Janet thought about for a few moments, "Well Sam, as I see it I can't have you around here healing all my patients, but I won't let you out of here unless you agree to accept help from your teammates."

Jack clapped his hands together loudly. "Well now that that's settled, let's see about getting you home; ah that is to my home."

"But Sir..."

"No buts Carter, you heard the Doc, it's either here or my place."

"Well Carter?" Jack said looking at her.

"I'm thinking ...Sir." Sam said trying to hide a grin.

"Okay, as long as I can get out of here." Sam said starting to try to get out of the bed.

"Not so fast Major. I have your meds and instructions to get ready then I'll get one of the nurses to help you get dressed, unless you want to get out of here wearing one of our hospital gowns."

"Well that would be a fashion statement." Daniel said grinning.

"Come back in about an hour and everything should be ready for Sam to leave." Janet said, she really didn't want to let Sam out of the infirmary but decided that she just might get some rest if she was away from the mountain.


Jack, Daniel and Teal'c were waiting in the cafeteria. Jack had already talked to Hammond about their plans to take care of Carter and was glad when he agreed to give the team the time off to do so.

"So what do you think guys?" Jack asked.

"If you're sure she won't mind I have no problem with it, what about you Teal'c?'

"I too am willing to do what ever it takes to help Major Carter." Teal'c said agreeing.

"Okay then, let's get this show on the road." Jack said getting up from the table followed by Teal'c and Daniel.

The three of them went to the infirmary to find Sam waiting `patiently' for them.

"Oh hey Carter, I see the Doc here supplied you with a new wheelchair." Jack said walking up to Sam.

"Yea well the other one is now in a scrap heap, and Janet and I have reached an agreement." Sam said looking over to Janet.

"Yes Sam we have, Sam only has to use the wheelchair for the trip to your car Sir. After that she has to keep her walking to a minimum and use this." Janet said reluctantly holding up a cane and handing it to Daniel.

"Um okay." Daniel said a little flustered grabbing the cane from an irate looking Janet. Obviously, she and Sam must have been arguing before they came in, or she would have handed it to Sam.

"Here are the instructions." Janet said moving around from Sam and handing them to Jack along with a plastic bag. "And her meds; make sure she takes them on time and WHEN NEEDED Sir."

`Oh yeah, Carter must have pissed off the doc.' Jack thought to himself. "Don't worry Doc, Carter's in good hands."

"Are we ready to go yet?" Sam asked resting her forehead in her hand and shaking her head.

"Yes Sam, you can go now." Janet said letting out a sigh as she watched the colonel wheel Sam out followed by Daniel and Teal'c. `I hope they know what they're getting themselves into.'

"Ah Jack why don't you and Sam go on ahead, Teal'c and I have a few things we need to attend to." Daniel said.

"Both of you?" Sam said puzzled.

"Indeed we do." Teal'c answered.

"Okay, we'll see you at my place later." Jack said as the elevator door opened and he wheeled Sam in.

Daniel watched the elevator doors close, "So are you ready Teal'c?"

"Indeed I am I hope Major Carter will approve." Teal'c said bowing his head.

"Oh boy, I hope so."

Chapter 30

"Ah Colonel, I really think we should have stopped at my house first so I could pick a few things up." Sam said from the front seat of Jack's truck.

"Relax Carter; I'm sure Dr. Fraiser will pick a few things up for you before she comes for a visit. If not I can always loan you something to wear." Jack said looking over at Sam grinning.

"Oh gee thanks Sir, I hope they fit." Sam said sarcastically, the last thing she wanted to do was wear the colonel's underwear.

"Here we are Carter, home sweet home." Jack said as he turned into his driveway. The day had turned out to be nice and sunny and warm, but not too hot so didn't have to turn on the air conditioning. He got out of the truck and hurried over to Sam's side.

Jack opened the door and helped Sam out of the truck. "Here Carter hold the keys."

"Ah sure Sir." Sam said looking puzzled, then was shocked when Jack quickly bent down and picked her up.

"What are you doing Sir?" Sam said utterly annoyed.

"The doctor said you were to keep your walking to a minimum, so walking from room to room in the house is a minimum, not walking to the house."

Their conversation was interrupted by Jack's elderly next-door neighbour coming up to them. "Hey there Jack, I didn't know you got married."

Jack and Sam both did a double take looking quite surprised.

"What makes you think that Roger?" Jack asked as he reached the front door.

"Well don't new husbands still carry the bride over the threshold? Oh excuse my manners; it's nice to meet you Mrs. O'Neill." Roger said extending his hand to Sam.

"Oh,'s nice to meet you to but I'm not Mrs. O'Neill." Sam said blushing slightly as Jack still held her in his arms.

"Oh, I'm a...sorry, I always forget about how things are not as...proper as they used to be." Roger said feeling a little awkward.

"What? No Roger, it's not like that. Carter and I work together, and well she was injured at work and I'm just helping her out for a bit. She shouldn't be walking on her leg, so I was helping her to the house."

"Oh, I'm sorry you two I guess I'm just an old fuddy duddy jumping to the wrong conclusions, here let me help you." Roger said taking the keys from Sam and opening the door for them.

"It's not a problem, and thank you...Roger is it?" Sam said smiling at him.

Jack proceeded to take Sam into the living room and set her down on the couch. "Oh yea, Roger Brown this is Major Samantha Carter, Carter this is Roger my next door neighbour."

"It's nice to meet you Major, and I'm sorry to hear that you were injured." Roger said, now noticing the bruises on her face.

"Why thank you Roger, and please call me Sam." Sam said leaning back into the sofa.

"Hey Roger, want a beer, what about you Carter sorry doc says no alcohol for you but I have some pop or juice if you'd like."

"A juice would be nice, thank you Sir."

"Thanks Jack but I'll pass on the beer got some things to do at home. Anyway it was nice meeting you Sam, if you guys need anything just give me a call." Roger said heading out the door.

"Will do Roger and thanks." Jack said to Roger's retreating back. "Well that was awkward." Jack said handing Sam a glass of orange juice.

"A bit." Sam said shaking her head. She had to laugh to herself thinking it wasn't very often she got confused as being Mrs. O'Neill, well not on Earth that is.

Jack sat down on the chair opposite Sam, "Hey Carter relax, why don't you stretch out on the couch and get comfortable. We wouldn't want Janet complaining I'm not looking after you."

"No Sir, we wouldn't want that." Sam said slipping her shoes off and trying to move around to get comfortable.

Jack saw her moving tentatively then got up to help her adjust her position. "Okay now that looks better." Jack said stepping away and passed her the juice before reclaiming his seat. Jack pulled out a sheet of paper and started reading it.

"What's that Sir?"

"What this?" Jack said holding out the piece of paper in front of him and grinning.

"Yes that Sir." Sam said a little irked.

"Well it's the Doc's list of instructions. I'm just making sure I follow all the instructions to the letter. For instance; top of the list make sure Sam takes meds on time." Jack said looking at his watch. "Check. Next on the list, make sure Sam gets rest." Jack said then looked over the top of the paper. "Check." Jack grinned at Sam then looked back at the paper "A- hem, make sure Sam gets a sponge bath."

"What! Oh it does not say that!" Sam said angrily. "Let me see that paper...Sir." Sam said reaching out for the paper.

"What? You doubt me Carter?" Jack said seriously trying to hide a grin and putting the paper behind his back.

"Sir, it doesn't say that, here let me see that paper." Sam said again reaching out her arm rather stiffly towards the paper.

Jack's grin started to fade as he saw the grimace on Sam's face at holding her arm out. "Okay Carter, you're right it doesn't say it quite that way." Then Jack put the piece of paper in Sam's hand and watched her look it over.

"Sir you're such an..."

"What's that Carter?" Jack said once again grinning from ear to ear.

"Ah, nothing Sir." Sam said shaking her head smiling and handing the paper back to Jack.

"So how about that rest, do want to lie in a comfortable bed or stay on the couch?" Jack asked more serious this time.

"Actually I'm sort of comfortable where I am right now Sir; I'd hate to have to move."

"Well that makes sense, how about I get you some of those pain meds then you can take a nap."

"I'll take the meds Sir, but I do not nap, Sir." Sam said not liking the implication of her taking NAPS.

"Sure Carter what ever you say." Jack said getting up and going to the kitchen.

****** "So Teal'c I think that takes care of the worst part." Daniel said standing up and stretching his back.

"Indeed." Teal'c answered looking at the rolled up lump on the floor. Their attention was brought to the ringing of the doorbell.

"I believe you should answer that Daniel Jackson."

"Yea Teal'c I'll get it." Daniel said walking clumsily out of the room.

"Hey guys what are you doing here?" Daniel asked seeing Mac and Harm at the front door.

"We ah came by to see Sam, isn't she here?" Mac asked looking in from the door.

"Oh, no Jack took her to his house, we didn't want her to have to face the mess and blood stains first thing out of the infirmary." Daniel explained.

"Well that's understandable, so what have you been able to accomplish." Harm asked looking at the rather scruffy looking Daniel.

"Well we moved her furniture around in the bedroom in order to get the carpet out. Or rather rolled up." Daniel said walking back into the house followed by Mac and Harm.

"Wow you two have been busy." Mac said seeing the kitchen area was also in disarray.

"We want to make sure Major Carter's home is cleaned from all reminders of the events that had occurred." Teal'c said bowing his head.

Mac saw the opened suitcase on the bed, "Are you ah packing a bag for Sam?"

"Yea, well we didn't want her to see the place before we were ready, so she kinda went to Jack's place without any things of her own." Daniel said shyly.

Mac hadn't know Sam for very long, but what she did know was that Sam probably wouldn't want Daniel or Teal'c rummaging around her private apparel "Why don't you let me pack her bag for her, I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

"Um...actually that would be a great idea, Teal'c and I will just wait in the other room." Daniel said slightly relieved. He didn't how long it would have taken for Janet to come over and pack a bag, he was afraid he would have to do it. After all, with Teal'c being from another planet, he probably didn't recognize the different underwear women of this planet wore, and Daniel didn't want to find out if Sam had any things he didn't want to know about.

"So are you finished with your investigation at the base?" Teal'c asked Harm.

"Yea, we were just finishing up our final reports and making arrangements to have the prisoners transferred to a secure area for their trial." Harm informed them.

"A trial?" Daniel asked.

"Well as much as one can due to the nature of the top secret classification. Anyway we came here to say our goodbye's to Sam."

"Well we'll be going over there, why don't you follow us, I'm sure Sam would like the chance to say good bye." Daniel said.

"Yea, that would be good thanks Dr. Jackson, and I hope you and Teal'c don't have any bad feelings towards us for what Mac and I had to do." Harm said looking down.

"I understand you were performing your duties, and I harbour no ill will against you or Colonel Mackenzie." Teal'c answered.

"Yea, um what he said and it's Daniel." Daniel said holding out his hand to shake Harm's.

"So why don't you give us a few more minutes to get things a bit more organized then we can head over to Jack's." Daniel said heading for the bedroom and hesitating at the door, hoping that Mac was finished packing.


"So Carter how you doing?"

"Fine Sir, resting comfortably so you can check that off your list." Sam said smiling.

"Okay, that's good. Look I have to go out to the store for a few minutes, you gonna be okay here by yourself?"

"Sir, remember I told you I haven't been afraid of the dark since I was a child, well that goes for being on my own too. Go Sir, I'll be fine."

"Okay, but keep this close to you, you never know if you're going to need it:" Jack said handing Sam a handgun.

"Really Sir, I don't think that will be necessary." Sam said putting the gun down beside her.

"Humour me Carter, just for a while; we can't be positive we've found everyone."

"Okay Sir, I'll keep it close by, but I doubt I'll need it." Sam said seriously.

"So you stay on the couch while I'm gone, no trying to run around the house. Just rest until I get back okay."

"Okay Sir, I'll be right here when you get back." Sam said smiling at him and watched him smile back at her as he headed for the door, then left the house.

`Finally, I get a chance to be alone for a while.' Sam thought to herself. She rested her head against the pillow and closed her eyes.


Sam roused from her light sleep at the sound of a noise from the front door. "Back already Sir?" She waited for a reply but didn't get one. "Did you forget you're key Sir?" Sam said loudly from the couch.

"Actually I don't have a key Major Carter."

Sam's eyes grew wide at the sight of a strange man entering the living room; he was rather tall heavy set with short brown thinning hair. "Who the hell are you and why are you breaking into the Colonel's house." Sam said nervously holding the gun in her hand.

"Now, now Major Carter is that anyway to talk to a superior officer?" The man said holding his hands up at shoulder height taking a seat in the chair across from Sam.

"The questions still stand." Sam said not moving the gun from aiming at him.

"Well if you must know I'm Colonel Simmons I am now in charge of the NID." Simmons said putting his hands down in his lap.

"That doesn't give you the right to break into Colonel O'Neill's house."

"Yes, well those of us in the NID don't believe in locked doors, we tend to go where we want to."

"Well why let silly things like laws stand in your way." Sam said letting her irritation show.

"I just came here to visit you actually Major, I wanted to make sure you knew that we at the NID had nothing to do with your kidnapping or any of the other nasty events that happened to you. After all we are a legitimate branch of the government." Simmons said smugly.

"Yea where have I heard that before, oh yea from Colonel Maybourne, I believe he was your predecessor."

"Yes well Harry Maybourne gave the NID a bad name; I'm hoping I can change people's opinion of us and yours."

"Which is why you broke in?" Sam said lowering the gun so it rested on her lap but was still aimed at Simmons.

"Well Major I've said my peace, I hope you believe me when I say the NID had nothing to do with your problems, and really next time we meet I hope you show me the respect due to a superior officer or I just may have to bring you up on charges of insubordination." Simmons said as he got up and headed towards the door.

Sam let out a deep sigh and leaned back on the couch, but not letting loose her grip on the handgun.


Jack was pulling up to his house when he spotted a dark blue car had just left his driveway. He started to get a panicky feeling stuck between the need to follow the car and making sure Sam was all right. Forgetting the car, he quickly made his way to his front door. He reached for his gun but remembered he left it with Carter; there was no telling what he was going to walk in on. He opened the door slowly and made his way into the house trying to be as stealthy as possible. He leaned against the corner of the wall that would keep him hidden from the living room; slowly he peaked around the corner...

Sam heard another noise at the door, `could this day get any worse?' she asked herself as she once again raised the gun and pointed it towards the noise she heard. She definitely knew someone had entered the house, but wouldn't be caught with her guard down again.

Jack's eyes grew wide with surprise as he saw a gun pointed at his head; he automatically dove for the floor to get out of its range.

Sam saw a head peak around the corner and quickly pulled the gun towards her shoulder pointing it towards the ceiling.

"Geez Carter don't shoot me!" Jack yelled from the floor.

"Sorry Sir, but you were sneaking up on me." Sam said trying to calm her frayed nerves.

Jack got up and straightened out his clothes. "Yea well...I guess you have a point."

"Why were you sneaking up on me?" Sam asked putting the gun on the coffee table, and holding one hand against her chest.

"I saw a suspicious car driving away, and I thought maybe something happened. I was....worried." Jack said the last part quietly.

"Well actually, something did happen." Sam said looking down at the gun.

"What, what happened?" Jack asked anxiously.

"Well I had a visitor, the new head of the NID."

"And you let him in?" Jack asked confused.

"Actually no Sir, he let himself in."

"He what! Are you telling me he broke in?"

"Yea, he said something about the NID not believing in locked doors."

"What did he want?" Jack asked finally sitting down across from Sam.

"Well, Colonel Simmons..." Sam said his name arching her eyebrows "...wanted to let me know that the NID had nothing to do with my abduction or anything else."

"Did you...believe him?" Jack asked arching his eyebrows.

"About as far as I can throw him."

"Given your current condition that's not saying very much."

"Sir, I have the feeling I may have made another enemy." Sam said now looking a little nervous.

"Well Carter we are a team, so we may have made another enemy." Jack said reaching over and putting his hand over Sam's.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Great just what we need, more visitors." Jack said slowly pulling his hand away from Sam's and getting up to answer the door.

"Hey Jack...we're ah not interrupting anything are we?" Daniel asked seeing the serious look on Jack's face.

"Ah no, not interrupting anything." Jack said opening the door farther when he saw Daniel, Teal'c, Mackenzie and Rabb at his door. "Why don't you ah, all come in?" Jack said moving back allowing everyone entrance.

Daniel led the way down the steps to the living room. "Hey Sam how are you feeling?"

"Fine Daniel, thanks." Sam said using her patented answer. "Ah Mac and Harm dropped by your place, so I had them tag along here to see you."

"My place? What were you doing at my place?" Sam asked confused at what everyone was doing at her house.

"Oh yea, ah, Teal'c and I went over there to ah..."

"We were at your home Major Carter cleaning up so you would not have to face the ...mess, when you returned home." Teal'c informed her seeing Daniel nod in agreement at his choice of the word.

"And I brought you some things you may need." Mac said putting the suitcase down by the end of the couch.

"Oh, thanks Mac I really appreciate it." Sam said, thinking that she really didn't like the idea of having Daniel and Teal'c going through her things to pack a bag for her.

"I will take the bag to your room Major Carter." Teal'c said picking up the bag and heading out of the room.

"Hey Sam its good to see you out of the infirmary and that dingy mountain. Although I can`t complain about that nice backless number you were wearing." Harm said giving Sam one of his boyish smiles.

"Hmmph!" Harm reacted to a sudden elbow to his ribs. Then looked at Mac and saw her slight smirk.

Sam couldn`t help but chuckle at the exchange. "Thanks Harm, besides my bag, what brings you two here?"

"Well we finished things up at the mountain, all the reports are finished and arrangements have been made to have the prisoners transferred; so we thought we'd come here to say our goodbyes before we head out."

"Wow, so it's all really over?" Sam said a little bewildered.

"Yea Sam it is, so now all you have to do is get better so you can get back to saving the world." Mac said with a slight chuckle.

"Well if that's all, it won't be a problem. Carter has a knack for saving the world." Jack said grinning at Sam.

"You know I'd love to be able to stick around and hear about some of the assignments you guys have had." Harm said.

"Hell I'd like to have a chance to go through that gate once." Mac said grinning.

"Well if we have any need for lawyers on another planet, I'll make sure you two are on the top of the list." Jack interjected.

"You never know Jack, the need might arise sometime." Daniel said grabbing a beer Jack was handing him.

"You two want a beer or something?" Jack said being polite.

"Thanks for the offer Sir, but we have to catch a plane back to Virginia soon. We just wanted to make sure we got the chance to say goodbye to Sam...and you too Sir." Mac said.

"Yea well it's been ah...nice." Jack said stumbling for word to describe their little adventure. Jack could see the looks he was getting from everyone.

"Well if you could call being beat up, tortured, drugged, shot at and almost blown up nice...then yes I guess you could call it that." Daniel said.

"Always the linguist aren't you Daniel?" Jack said sounding a little short with Daniel.

Sensing the conversation was going downhill Harm interjected. "So anytime you find yourselves in D.C. look us up; I know this great little restaurant..." Harm said looking at Sam.

"Thanks, you know I don't get out much." Jack said taking a swig of his beer.

Sam and Mac couldn't help but smirk at those two; Jack was showing his jealousy again and being a smart ass.

"Well I think it's about time we get moving." Mac said interrupting the two men.

"Thanks again for everything you've done, I really appreciate it." Sam said to Harm and Mac.

"I think I should be thanking you Sam, I know there's nothing I can do to repay you for giving me my life and career back, but just know if you ever need anything I'm just a phone call away." Mac said going over to her and giving her a gentle hug.

"That goes for me too Sam, anytime you need anything." Harm said taking Mac's place next to Sam and placing a kiss on her cheek, then taking her hand and giving it a squeeze.

"Wow, thanks and I will." Sam said feeling a little emotional and embarrassed at all the compliments she was getting. She watched them nod their heads and head out the door, Jack closing it behind them.

"Well that was nice." Daniel said claiming a seat across from Sam.

"Do you require anything Major Carter?" Teal'c asked.

"No, I'm fine thanks."

"Uh ah Carter, according to the list it's time for your meds." Jack said.

"As long as that's the only thing on the list it's time for." Sam said smiling at Jack.

"Well Carter, the other thing on the list isn't until later." Jack said grinning and raising his eyebrow.

"Ah what are you talking about Jack? What's on the list? Let me see it." Daniel said looking confused.

"Nothing, never mind Daniel." Jack said looking at Sam seeing her starting to blush slightly.

"No come on Jack I want to see the list." Daniel said getting up and following Jack into the kitchen.

"I said no Daniel." Jack said trying to get away form Daniel.

Sam couldn't help but giggle at the antics of her two teammates and friends. She knew things were going to be better now.

Sam heard a voice calling from the kitchen. "Remember what I said about no giggling Major."


Colonel Simmons waited in a dark dingy motel room, he didn't like the surroundings but his meeting couldn't exactly take place in his office. He glanced at his watch once again. Lord he hated to wait. Then he heard a car pull up to parking place in front of the room.

"Well it certainly took you long enough." Simmons said glaring at the man entering the room.

"I'm sorry but breaking out of custody wasn't in my control." Simms spat back.

"Did everything go alright?" Simmons asked.

"No loss of life, if that's what you're asking?"

"Well, yes I guess that's good too." Simmons said taking the time to sit on the only chair in the room shaking his head.

"What?" Simms asked sounding angry.

"It was a simple assignment. All you had to do was be our eyes and ears. Just remain in the background."

"It was Kennedy's fault; he's the one who got me involved."

"Yes well no one told you to follow his orders, did they?"

"But he..." Simms stuttered.

"He hasn't been with us in a long time, we had to part company when his plans became...let's just say his plans and our plans didn't coincide."

Simmons got up and pulled a flask out of his pocket and took a swig. "Geez do you know how hard we worked in getting you placed in the SGC, and I don't just mean changing your identity?"

"Yes, I know it was difficult and I'm sorry. But when she was working on a way to find me I had to act."

"No, no you didn't, if you had just kept to yourself and out of the way, you would still be there." Simmons said loudly.

"But Stan was there, in custody; he knew me and I'm sure he would have broken my cover.

"Stan knew better than that, he would never have broken your cover, until of course after you tried to kill him." Simmons said shaking his head.

"So what now?" Simms asked in a quiet voice.

"Well now we have to make you disappear."

"For how long?" Simms asked with a look of despair on his face.

"I don't know Brad, I really don't know, but first things first; we get you to a safe place."

"Okay." Simms sighed. "I'm really sorry for all of this. I just hate disappointing you dad."

Simmons walked over to Brad and gave him a hug. "I know son, but for now let's get you get out of here."

"Ah dad?" Simms said looking up.


"Are you going to do anything about that Major Carter?" He said with pleading eyes.

"In time son, in time."


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