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First look at five Season Two episodes
THURSDAY - MAY 5, 2005

'Valley of Darkness'
GateWorld has obtained the first details on the upcoming second season of Battlestar Galactica, including a handful of photos!

The new season kicks off with "Scattered," and the fleet is in chaos as Commander Adama's life hangs by a thread. Boomer (the Galactica version) can't believe what she has done, and must face the music.

Adama remains in a coma in "Valley of Darkness," but a new crisis emerges when Cylon Centurions manage to board the Galactica. Apollo leads a team of Marines to try and stop them.

Colonel Tigh is "Fragged" in the new season's third episode, still in command as Adama lays near death. As things calm down following the recent run-in with the Cylons, Tigh must face the civilian government (including Sagitaron representative Tom Zarek, played by Richard Hatch) -- who suggest that Adama was instigating a coup by arresting President Laura Roslin (who still remains in the ship's brig).

Events shift back to the planet Caprica in "Resistance," in which Kara and Helo encounter a group of human survivors who hope to one day overthrow the Cylon occupation.

Kara is shot as "The Farm" opens, and wakes up in what's left of a hospital facility on Caprica. Her friends are nowhere to be found, and Kara begins to suspect that her kindly doctor, Simon, has plans for her future. Believing the human race must be repopulated or face extinction, he encourages Kara to bear children.

Visit the Season Two episode guide for all the details, plus photos from "Scattered" and "Valley of Darkness."


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