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AFI honors Battlestar Galactica

Saturday - January 20, 2007 | by Livi Dolgin

At the Four Seasons luncheon in Los Angeles January 12, the 2006 American Film Institute Awards recognized ten outstanding films and television programs as chosen by a panel of producers, critics, scholars, and AFI trustees. The jury honored Battlestar Galactica because it "shines bright among the stars of television's sci-fi classics," the panel said.

"The show is a profound parable for our times, and in the grand tradition of science fiction, the farther it rockets into outer space, the deeper it probes the inner workings of our humanity. In 2006, the show dramatically changed course from its initial premise -- a true act of creative courage -- and its continuing ability to fuse gripping drama and thoughtful allegory heralds Battlestar Galactica as one of the triumphs of television."

While officially Battlestar Galactica has not yet been renewed by the SCI FI Channel, network vice president Dave Howe and publicist Lana Kim said categorically that no one is considering cancelling it.

At the Television Critics Association meeting in Pasadena, California last Friday, asked the question point blank. Kim said that "no, that is not the case. BSG has not been cancelled and there's has been no talk of cancellation or the show not being renewed for another season."

IF Magazine caught up with Howe about the pickup of the show and the new pilot for the hopeful spin-off, Caprica.

"It's doing incredibly well," Howe said of Galactica. "It's held its audience on Friday nights against broadcast competition. We've moved it to Sunday and paired it with a new show [The Dresden Files], which we're hoping will bring in even more of an audience.

"I'm optimistic and I would be shocked if we did not renew Battlestar Galactica."

As for the new spin-off, Howe said, "We had a pilot meeting about a month back which was inconclusive. In about a month's time or so we'll sit down and take a look at what we have in development and Caprica is in that."

Battlestar Galactica moves to Sunday nights starting tomorrow, January 21, at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific!


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