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Breaking the Ice (Part 2)

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GW: What else gets cut or added?

BW: There's just some awkward dialogue. We call it "pipe," where you just overstated the obvious a million times. It's simply seven minutes tighter, plus a new scene, with a slightly different beginning.

I had in my original plan to reshoot the whole beginning but there were financial constraints simply because redoing a lot of the visual effects is expensive, and Stargate puddles are still expensive as hell. And I wanted to give some money for Joel to re-edit his original score, because while Joel did a lot of the music for the pilot MGM insisted that we -- I didn't want to do it either -- that a ton of music from the original feature, David Arnold's score, be slapped on top of it.

This is actually what motivated the whole thing. Joel's music, I thought originally was so beautiful and so understated in comparison. I understand why MGM did it. You know what, ten years later, a very successful franchise, they could well have been right. At least this is another way of looking at it. It's going to feel like a different movie.

"'Children of the Gods' was an excellent pilot episode, but twelve years on what is worth making, I think, is the movie."
GW: Well "Children of the Gods," you weren't just creating a pilot, you were essentially creating Stargate Part II.

BW: In a way, yeah. Well, we were creating a universe in which a series could take place. There are elements of this cut that are just a movie. I mean, yes, it's still setting it up. It's still "Children of the Gods." I just think it's a better experience of "Children of the Gods."

GW: Would you call it a special edition?

BW: I don't know what to call it, to be honest. Robert Cooper keeps saying "a special producer's cut," which is very funny.

GW: Is this going to see a DVD release?

BW: It'll be a DVD release.

GW: Do you have a timetable?

BW: No.

GW: Does the old "Children of the Gods" maybe go away? Will there be a TV version you can give to SCI FI to put in the rotation?

BW: The old "Children of the Gods" will never go away. I think fans are going to be mad at me for playing with it in the first place. It's kind of the one I wish we made to begin with.

GW: Yeah, just don't make Greedo shoot first.

BW: [Laughter] That's a good analogy. That's funny. This is different in the sense that if you A and B the two cuts, you will notice that the cutting pattern is entirely different, and therefore the performances are different. It's a different movie. Side-by-side you'd go "Oh my goodness, this is just so different."

GW: Was there anything that happened in your life where you said "This is the time that I want to redo this." What spawned this? If you can talk about it.

Several visual effects from "Children of the Gods" will be remade with CGI.
BW: Sure. It came from a conversation I had with Jim Packer, who is an executive VP at MGM, where he was talking about bloopers. He said "You know, we want to go back into the last ten years. There's probably a ton of bloopers there and we want to put them on a DVD release."

I said, "If we're going to go back in the last ten years let's remake "Children of the Gods" and use the original score from Joel! Honestly, my first intention was simply to just release the existing cut, because we could never do the one that we have now as a Blu-ray. You're going to have to go back to dailies anyway.

Even though this can be an up-res for a lot of it, because up-reses have come so far since the original up-reses for HD ... I saw a 1080P up-res of "Children of the Gods," and they looked fabulous, because it was originally shot on 35. But that's going back to the original D too.

We were going to have to go back to re-cut it any. "If we're going to go in let's do it right." I asked for a budget and they were very gracious and gave it to me. It's a pet project to be perfectly honest. It's something that I'll feel better about.
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