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Daniel's Continuum

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GW: We finally have a release date for Continuum, and fans are anxiously awaiting a bit more detail. Without giving away anything spoiler-wise, what can you tell us about it?

MS: I think that it's been talked about a lot, just in terms of describing the basic concept of the show. Ark of Truth wraps up the Ori storyline, and what Continuum does is demonstrate how much gas is left in the tank of telling SG-1 stories. I think that after watching the screening today with a group of fans -- they aren't allowed to talk about it, but they saw it -- seeing their reactions demonstrates that there is very much longevity. That the characters are key with the story. And that there's a lot of stories left to tell.

It's a great stand-alone story that doesn't disrupt the Stargate universe the way we know it. It shows these characters still have a lot of chemistry in their relationships. And a lot of mythology left in the Stargate universe to mine, both past and future. So, I think we have the legs I thought we would have and hopefully more stories will be told as the basis of that.

GW: How prominent is Daniel's role in it? Will we see any sides of Jackson that we haven't seen before?

MS: There is one interesting side of the character that, initially, I don't think was intentional. I couldn't go to the Arctic when we were filming that portion of the movie. So Brad Wright, the author of the screenplay, had to find a way to take Daniel Jackson out of the scenes shot in the Arctic. So the easiest way he had to do it was to have Daniel have an injury that prevents him from being there.

"What Continuum does is demonstrate how much gas is left in the tank of telling SG-1 stories."
It's tracked throughout (the film), and I get to play aspects of how that injury has affected the character and his life. Who this new person is and who he becomes as a result of this. The circumstances of how he got it and the circumstances he's living in now and who he's become. Maybe a bit cynical. Maybe a bit jaded. Maybe a bit "I told you so." Maybe a bit dark in some places. So that was fun to play because it was a strictly a problem solving thing for Brad Wright and an emotional undercurrent for me to play that I truly enjoyed.

GW: Any updates on Rage of Angels and where that stands now?

MS: I just ran into Christopher Judge today. The last thing I heard -- a few weeks ago, right after the writers strike ended, the script was bought by MGM, so it's now a MGM property. Christopher's acting deal was worked out. They are working on the contract for the director, Brad Turner, right now. Then after that, my contract will be worked on. These are all the initial phases…you're like "Ay yi yi" and you get all that done and then they're like "Make the film!" But before that, you can spend years in the process of negotiating.

Daniel sustains a serious injury on the arctic ice in Stargate: Continuum.
So, that's moving along. Where we're at right now, Chris was trying to tell me something (at the premiere screening). When we were there, he's like "Oh, dude! I gotta tell you all this stuff! You have to call me!" So I know there's been some headway made. We'll have to wait and see. We do hope that we'll be in pre-production and production of it this year.

GW: If you could give one message to Stargate fans, what would it be?

MS: Thank you! Thank you for staying with us. Seeing that movie and being with fans of the franchise in that theatre. Seeing the reactions to it shows that there still is the love for those characters. That there still is a future for it. I think with "Ark of Truth" people went "Oh…okay…that's it. I guess we're done telling SG-1 stories now," and seeing this story that way. Seeing the reactions of people showed that we still very much have a future in this. And it's been a lovely ride. The fans are the reason we do it, and without them, we wouldn't be anything. So, thank you.
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