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Driver's Seat
Vancouver actor Kirby Morrow has had his share of stints on Stargate in the 15 seasons of the franchise. From a soldier in "Cor-ai" to the infamous "Stick boy" (Tara'c) in "The Warrior," Morrow became a recurring member of the Daedalus crew as weapons officer Dave Kleinman in "The Siege, Part 3." He would reprise the role seven more times over Atlantis's run.

We caught up with the actor at Creation's 2009 Stargate convention in Vancouver, taking a load off on the roof of the Hilton to talk a little about his career, his voice work, and time on the Daedalus bridge.

This interview runs approximately 12 minutes and is available in video or audio formats. It's also transcribed below!

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GW: Kirby Morrow -- Dave Kleinman on Atlantis. You also have an extensive voice acting background.

KM: Yes I do.

GW: Pleasure to be with you sir. Thank you for coming.

KM: It's good to be here.

GW: How is the Stargate con?

KM: It's pretty cool! It's interesting. The first Con I've been to that's all Stargate. I've done animation ones, I've done animation/Sci-Fi, now it's all Stargate. All Stargate all the time.

Kleinman and his crew applaud McKay's completion of the intergalactic gate bridge in "The Return, Part 1."
GW: Here in Vancouver?

KM: Yes.

GW: You definitely have a voice for radio.

KM: [Changes voice] "You're listening now to some dozy tones."

GW: What is it that you like about voice acting?

KM: I get to play a very diverse range of characters. Even different sexes, different ages, you know. [Change pitch] "You can get your voice anywhere." When you're acting on camera you're pretty much isolated to what this looks like.

Voice acting, you can wear what you want, and there's no heavy lifting. So, it's a pretty fun job to go in, sit in a studio with people and just be really animated.

GW: Have you done a lot of prosthetic work?

KM: No. Actually, not a lot of prosthetic work at all. I think maybe twice I've used little bits of prosthetisc. But [change voice] "I don't want to mess this up." [Laughter]

[change voice] "Why would you want to prosthesize this?" Yeah, just little things I've done in some shows. But it'd be interesting because it's funny -- I do do so many different voices and play a range of characters. But on camera, I'm pretty much this.

GW: It's usually you unless they change you with makeup.

KM: Yeah. There hasn't been much of that. I've been beaten up a lot. A couple times where they put scars on me and I was ... I can't remember the show, but there were aliens that kind of ... monsters that attacked me and I was all cut up.

GW: Why do you like to work on Sci-Fi shows as opposed to other genre shows? Vancouver is the nexus of Sci-Fi shows. Frankly it's cheaper to shoot up here and they're expensive.

KM: That's the thing and we do. Our CGI, which is Computer Generated Imaging, is very cost effective here as well, I've been told. Which is why Sci-Fi goes so well. We have a pretty diverse landscape around the Vancouver area. So, it's been working well for Sci-Fi.

I love comedy. I love doing stand up.

GW: I hadn't noticed. [Laughter]

Kleinman repels inbound Wraith in "The Siege, Part 3."
KM: I have a steady comedy background. I'd love to audition for sitcoms. We just don't make them here. Although there is one in the works I just auditioned for. They said they might come up and do it here. And they just called my agent and said, "Can he work in the states?" and I don't have the working permit.

GW: You don't have a visa?

KM: Per se. But I'm going to have to get that in the works because ...

GW: Yeah I know. All my bread and butter comes from up here but I can't move here. So it's frustrating. You can visit but ...

KM: [change voice] "What are these borders? We don't need borders. What are they for? Crazy."

GW: So, you were ... was it captain?

KM: I started of as a captain. And then they moved me into major status at one time. And there was actually a talk with my agent. "We have the story line." They were thinking about developing it with the character. But there are so many A-story lines that are very prominent in the show. It never really came to be.

And I think at first the way my name came about as Dave Kleinman was just one of the ... I think it was a crew member. And it was kind of a joke that they stuck Dave Kleinman on me. And it stayed that way. And it was kind of like, "OK." And then I started to be known. People were talking about it on the internet and I was Captain Dave. "Captain Dave, man."
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