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Leader's Legacy

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I think that my character -- we never found a place for her. I think everybody can take a bit of responsibility for that, obviously myself included. So yeah, I imagine that was it. They thought "here's this woman character that we're not really able to explore to her full right."

So many of the episodes I was just there in the background, which wasn't challenging for me. And I think they're going "Why are we paying this chick when she's only in for a couple of scenes?" You know what I mean? It made a lot of sense, I thought. That's how I hypothesize it. It makes a lot of sense for me.

GW: Well, not a whole lot to those of us who have enjoyed those nuggets of opportunity for you to really let your light shine on the show. Obviously not every cast is going to be perfectly compatible. Just look at Rainbow [Sun Francks]. Great actor there. But in twenty episodes there wasn't any room for him to get his own story.

TH: Yeah. Atlantis is very challenging because they have a lot of regular characters. [SG-1] was really four main characters, and we had so many characters, and it was very challenging. Not only are they writing for two different shows now, and doing 40 shows a year, but one of these shows has eight regular characters. How do you honor all those stories? I think it did prove a little bit too much to chew off.

For me, I miss it. Obviously I miss it. It was such a wonderful place to work, and a wonderful environment, and beautiful actors. The crew was extraordinary. And the fan stuff, I'm still blown away by the amount of support.

For me, it's a good move because I would rather be somewhere and be working than dipping my toes in every once in a while. That's what I meant by it. It all worked out for the best. I think out of all the other characters as well it might've been a bit harder for them. Everybody understood that that would be the least painful.

GW: Well, everyone has to feel needed and utilized. You're there to act, you're not there to hold up a scene as an authority figure. You have to be able to shine a little bit. Now this change in Weir's character. Let's just put reality aside for a second. Has this offered the character some significant responsibility in terms of story?

TH: Well, a little bit. There's definitely a little bit. A situation happens that, really, she's the only one that can solve it. The solution of that takes great courage, and a great sense of sacrifice. But I think again, that was inside of her. She's had a sense of sacrifice from Day One. They all have. Give up their lives and move to the [Pegasus Galaxy] and be willing to risk their lives on a weekly basis.

Elizabeth says goodbye to Carson in "Sunday."
So I think that's it's in her, but she's always surrounded with people who are more capable in that exact moment of what that crisis is. And in this moment, she's the only one capable of actually solving it. So it was nice to explore that. To show the show that it wasn't that much of a hard thing to do... it's easy. No-brainer.

GW: So basically there was no hesitation on her part? "This is the only way to save my people and I'm going to do it?"

TH: Yeah.

GW: Last time I talked with you, you said the next time we chatted I should ask you about "Sunday." Now it's very obvious why you were hesitant last time, basically because everyone had to sign NDAs to get the scripts. But I'd to punch in that conversation now, if I may. Have you seen the aired episode?

TH: I have.

GW: What do you think?

TH: It was a hard one, as an actor. We were all very sad to see Paul go, and it was very difficult, and it was confusing because that was the beginning of sensing there's all the kinds of shifts and changes going on. The other show's been cancelled, so everyone was feeling sad and compassionate towards Paul, but I think everyone was also feeling a little bit insecure. "What does this mean? Where are we headed?"

At the same time, we all enjoyed the shooting of it so much. It was one of the first episodes that it was us off the clock, and allowing to see the friendships -- the not formal friendships -- that have been allowed to nurture. So I enjoyed it. I enjoyed a lot of aspects of it. And I was sad of the last scene when he was being carried out with the bagpipes.
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