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Picture Mover (Part 2)

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GW: You directed the finale for the show. What can you tell us about how you directed that differently or how you approached that from while it was in production?

AM: First of all I was thrilled to be given the opportunity. It was pretty cool to be given the assignment of the final episode. I was very honored. When I read the script I didn't know what to expect, quite frankly. I didn't know if it was going to be the tongue-in-cheek like the SG-1 milestone episodes were. I didn't think it was going to be but I wasn't quite sure.

I was pleasantly surprised, I have to say, that it was a good, classic team episode that had a lot of large components to it. We had Amanda Tapping back on the show which was fantastic. Colin Cunningham was back. Great having those guys, obviously.

The series finale of Atlantis featured Colin Cunningham's first appearance on the show, and the return of Amanda Tapping.
It was a big-scale show which was really cool. That was what I was hoping that it would be. Mind you, at the same time Rob was shooting another huge-scale show with "Vegas" and there was some overlapping going on. There was a little bit of sharing of the resources, as it were, on everybody's part.

Again that was part and parcel of the whole year where we were shooting multiple shows. That continued right through to the end. Not that attention was diverted from it but that was something that we had to be conscious of. We were still dealing with two very, very big episodes to finish the year and we had to pay attention to each of them equally. But it was a fantastic experience.

It was a wonderful, bittersweet episode for me to be a part of, obviously. We were saying our goodbyes in the middle of it all when David was wrapped for the season and when Rachel and Jason -- everyone was wrapped out at a different time. We were having these big goodbyes throughout the course of shooting.

Of course we all knew the show was cancelled. There was that feeling of not throwing in the towel, I won't say that, because we'd already come to terms that it's all over now anyway.

GW: You're not done but the daily routine of Atlantis is done.

AM: Yeah, that's right. Everybody was starting to come down at that point during the middle of shooting. That was kind of sad. During shooting I was wishing that none of us knew we were cancelled. The whole time we were going.

We were so aware of the fact that the show was cancelled that I personally believe that it affected the outcome of the show from a performance standpoint, from an execution standpoint. I think it could've been a few notches beyond what it was had we kept that a secret. But it doesn’t work that way. We can't.

GW: It's very practical. This is the real world we're dealing with here. Even though you guys are shooting a fantasy it still comes a knocking that the almighty dollar must be worshipped. But at the same time hopefully we can get some pretty damn good entertainment out of it as well.

What's in store for Andy Mikita beyond the Atlantis movie?
So we've got Universe on the way. We've got the third SG-1 movie written by Brad and the first Atlantis movie being written by Joe and Paul. Do you think Stargate's best years are in front of it or behind it?

AM: Oh, boy. I'm really hoping that the best years are in front of us. We've come a hell of a long way. We've achieved some extraordinary things during the course of our history. We're all incredibly proud of our achievements. I'm really hoping that the best is yet to come. I really am.

GW: Well we look at shows like Star Trek who ran continuously for 17 or so years. The franchise as a concept was around for well over 30. Some things just pitter out, and we have to hope that this will not be the case for Stargate.

AM: I don't think it's going to. Not at all. I don't think it's going to pitter out. Whether or not it's going to be our best years we'll see, but it's definitely not going to go anywhere any time soon. We're still alive and well. We're not going away any time soon. That's for sure.
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