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Psych Appeal
Beware SPOILERS for the Stargate Atlantis Season Four episode "Doppelganger" in the interview below!

Dr, Kate Heightmeyer has touched the hearts of many Atlantis fans with her soft-spoken words of wisdom and genuine care for expedition members. Her tragic death in this season's "Doppelganger" sent a wave of shock and sadness through fandom, likely as director Robert C. Cooper intended.

Now GateWorld sits down for an intimate, one-on-one discussion with her portrayer, Claire Rankin, who reveals that she was just as surprised as everyone else!

Claire discusses adopting the standards of real-life psychologists while playing Heightmeyer, and reveals that the very nature of the character -- a shrink -- often prevented viewers from learning more about her. She talks about the struggle of being forced to partake in the deception of the Wraith Michael, and lends her thoughts on what it means to be truly beautiful.

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GateWorld: Claire, welcome! You've played significant roles on stage, from Cossette in "Les Miserables" to Miranda in "The Tempest." Which of the many roles you've done stand out the most?

CR: The roles that stand out the most for me are the ones that were the most challenging. Playing Juliet because of the depth and range of emotion it required, Cossette in Les Mis because it made me face my fears of singing (and got me to take opera lessons so I could hit the high C,) and Louise in Carousel -- because I had danced professionally from the time I was 16 and this was my last real dance role- which allowed me to use all of my ballet and modern training and to do the most beautiful pas de deux.

GW: Which of the two mediums, theater or television, do you prefer to perform in?

CR: I couldn't possibly choose one over the other. They both have challenges and rewards. Theatre is draining doing 6 days a week rehearsals and 8 performances a week. I was exhausted after playing Juliet for three months. (On a side note- Chuck Campbell was in that production with me and he played "Benvolio" and was fantastic.) But the thrill of a live audience can't be matched. The satisfaction you get as an actor from knowing you're affecting people is enormous.

Rankin's first episode was "The Gift," in which the character of Heightmeyer tried to help Teyla cope with a new reality.
Television is challenging because of all the technical demands -- acting with people or aliens that aren't there- or hitting your mark and finding your light and trying to act at the same time. But it also allows you the intimacy of a quietly shared moment -- glances telling a story without words or an intense one on one moment which allows the viewer to feel like they are seeing something private.

GW: Are you a science fiction fan? If so, when do you think the genre is at its best?

CR: I am a science fiction fan- I loved watching Star Trek The Next Generation because I loved the way they built relationships with the characters and allowed them to really be people with lives not just missions. But my favorite kind of sci-fi is a film like "Children of Men" because it's so close to our world that to me it's that much more terrifying. It makes you feel like that could happen tomorrow.

GW: We're aware that you were friends with Rachel Luttrell before you came aboard to guest in "The Gift." Was she helpful in getting you hired or was it coincidence?

CR: Rachel and I been great friends for over a decade now. We met and became roommates when we first moved to Los Angeles from Canada and shared all the trials and tribulations of getting in the door in LA.

When Rachel was doing her final network test for Atlantis I came with her for moral support. I had run lines with her for her audition and I just knew that she would get the part. When the role of Kate Heightmeyer came up I got an audition through my agent and the casting office whom I had worked for before on shows such as The Outer Limits. I put it on tape and sent it off to Vancouver, called Rach to let her know I'd done an audition for her show and hoped for the best.

When I booked it I was thrilled because I was so excited about getting to work with Rachel again. ( We had worked together in Vancouver on another short lived sci fi show called "Sleepwalkers")

GW: Where did you and Rachel get acquainted? Can you tell us the story?

CR: Well, Rachel and I shared the same manager at the time and I had an apartment, but no roommate, so we decided to give it a try. We really were barely acquaintances at the time but we soon became the best of friends. We helped each other with all of our auditions and provided moral support for stressful situations like network tests and shared all the ups and downs of a day in Hollywood.

GW: Was Kate going to be recurring from the beginning, or was she just a day player?

CR: Kate was billed as a possible recurring which basically means we'll see how the first one goes and if the fans like you we'll see what we can to do with you.

GW: How much input have you been given to develop the character?

In "Michael," Heightmeyer is forced to participate in the deception of a Wraith in the hopes that he can forget his past.
CR: None, whatsoever. As a recurring character you really are there to serve the needs of the story and main characters and if you're lucky you may eventually get a story of your own. But Kate, as the psychologist , really was written to facilitate other characters storylines and to help the audience get to see into their heads a little.

GW: You appeared in five episodes of Atlantis. Which stands out as your favorite?

CR: I really enjoyed "Michael" because I loved that the script kept the audience in suspense. I thought that was very clever and really showed that the writers think the audience is intelligent and will go along for the ride trying to figure out what's happening for themselves.

But I'd have to say "The Gift" is my personal favorite just because it was the first one I did and it was exciting to be there working on Rachel's first really big storyline.

GW: Do you believe Heightmeyer had any reservations with participating in the deception of Michael? After all, what he became was the fault of the expedition.

CR: I love how that script opens up all kind of moral issues. How does one reconcile themselves to doing something they know is morally ambiguous but could be for the greater good? Kate's dilemma for me is the doctor in her which takes the vow of "first do no harm" and places that against the reality that humanity is in peril.

I think she was conflicted during the entire process but ultimately was part of a team and took her orders and did the best she could under the circumstances.
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