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Unsung Hero
It has been more than five years since Jonas Quinn departed Stargate Command to help his people, the Langarans, rebuild a peaceful and prosperous civilization. During that time, fans of the character -- who was a regular member of SG-1 during Season Six -- have made actor Corin Nemec one of GateWorld's most requested interviews ever.

Now we're excited to finally bring you a special video interview with Corin! We caught up with the actor at Creation Entertainment's official Stargate convention in Vancouver, and talked about Corin's casting on the show, his decision to bulk up for the role, and the challenge of replacing a well-loved character. He also answers the question of whether he thinks Jonas's story is complete.

GateWorld's video interview with Corin runs approximately 15 minutes, and requires QuickTime 7.0 or higher. The interview is also available at GateWorld Play!

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GateWorld: For, I'm Darren Sumner. David Read and I are here with Mr. Corin Nemec, Jonas Quinn on Stargate SG-1. Thanks for being with us today!

Corin Nemec: Yeah, right on! What's up, GateWorld? All you GateWorlders. Crazy GateWorlders ...

GW: Let's start off by going back to your original casting as Jonas back in late Season Five of the show ["Meridian"].

CN: Yep. The casting process for me for Stargate was really cool because I didn't have to audition for it. [Laughter] Which was surprising. It was a "right place, right time" moment.

Nemec wanted to be buffer than in previous acting roles, such as Harold Lauder in the Steven King miniseries The Stand.
I was actually at MGM -- they don't have studios anymore, [but] where their offices are. And I was auditioning for this little independent film. I was out in the courtyard area just rehearsing my dialogue. The casting people from Stargate walked by. They knew me from previous stuff. They just stopped and we had a chat for a little bit. They were like, "God, he looks so much like Heath Ledger." [Laughter]

They were looking at each other and, "Yeah, yeah, he looks like Heath Ledger. Yeah, yeah ... We just got in today. We've got this part for a show called Stargate. They're going to have a new series regular you would be awesome for it. You look like you would be perfect." They literally had just got it that day. They were just starting to talk about casting.

At the time I was sitting there going to audition for a little independent film that was probably going to pay 100 bucks a day. I'm like, "Am I interested?" [Laughter]

GW: "Are you kidding?"

CN: [Laughter] So it was really cool. They sent some tape over, a reel of some work that I'd done. They sent it up here to Vancouver. The guys, Brad Wright and all them, checked it out and it worked out. It worked out great. It was really cool. Really, really cool.

GW: So when you look back on that experience now, the whole season that you spent there -- and you did an episode before and a few episodes after -- what stands out in your mind when you remember Stargate?

By the time Season Six rolled around, Nemec was prepared to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Chris Judge. From "Cure"
CN: It's interesting because working on Stargate, it's as cool as the show is to watch. The whole adventure of it, all the adventures that you go on, the obstacles you have to get over, the predicaments that you get caught in, the great writing, the dialogue, the different relationships. What I remember is I feel like I was on SG-1. You know what I mean?

As silly as that sounds, that's what it feels like. Because you film all those scenes you do, everything you watch on the show, you actually physically get to do. So it's like you lived it, in a weird way.

GW: I'm sure it's hard work, working 12 to 14 hour days. But it's still fun playing space hero?

CN: Actually, on this show, they're such a well-oiled machine. Twelve hours is the average, [but] sometimes we'd even get out before 12 hours. Plus it's an ensemble cast, so it fluctuates on how much time you spend on set. If your character is a principle character in that episode, you're going to be on set more, but you still might end up with a day off. It was pretty rare that every cast member shot every single day of every episode.
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