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GW: But you're in Chicago today to talk and meet with a bunch of people who have loved your contributions over the past few years. What is it like to be with the fans? What is it like to hang out? I remember the first time you ever did a convention. Up on stage, "Holy cow! There's a few people in here." What is it like now?

JF: It's nice to know that people are still enjoying the show. I feel really grateful that people still like the show. It's also unusual. I have a lot of friends who are actors and they've done shows and shows that have lasted for a while. They just don't have the fan base. And it's pretty cool. I mean, it really is. It's really a special thing that you have such loyalty.

I just hope that we can create another platform that they can follow. And I've been talking to SyFy about it and we'd like to come up with something and see if we can shift the audience over to a different show. Give them something that they'd like to watch. I hope it works out.

GW: We'll be keeping an eye out for that. Show's been wrapped up for over a year now.

JF: Yeah.

"Vegas" presented many opportunities for the actor to be physical.
GW: You've built a lot of relationships, a lot of friendships. Which do you find are standing the test of time through the work load? Who do you find you're staying in touch with the most?

JF: Cast. And then certain crew members that have come through L.A. They stay with me or I take them surfing. We had our stunt guy down there the other week.

GW: BAMBAM [James Bamford]?

JF: Actually it wasn't BAMBAM, I was Todd Scott. And really anybody who passes through town that wants to hook up. I unfortunately have not talked to any of the producers and the writers at all. I don't think they really made any attempt to reach any of us.

GW: The new show's got to be keeping them busy.

JF: Maybe, yeah. But that's a little weird. Because you're like, "I've just spent five years with everyone." And then suddenly you don't hear from them at all. So it's weird.

GW: David's [Hewlett] down in L.A. right now, isn't he?

JF: David might be back in Vancouver already.

GW: Jason is still in L.A.

JF: Jason is in Los Angeles. It's the thing I miss the most, going to work and saying "Hi" to everybody. It was a tight-knit group of people. We had a lot of fun on set. Set was fun.

GW: Aside from dwelling on the past work, where do you want to go next? Where would you like to see yourself next? Aside from Lamborghinis and a pepperoni pizza and all the toppings and things like that. Where do you want to see your career go?

JF: Well, I think that we are making a push definitely toward action. That's just a venue that I like.

GW: Being physical?

Only time will tell if the adventures of Sheppard's team will continue.
JF: I like being physical and I like watching action, also. [Laughter] If there is a gravity that's drawing us, it'd be toward the likes of the "Indiana Jones" and things like that. Trying to find that type of action-adventure and inject it into television again. Which is very difficult because of the price parameters that you have for television. But with the new technology there may be a way to do it.

And I know that Sanctuary is being looked at as possibly a watershed TV show in terms of how effects-heavy it is and how little money they make the show for. It's pretty impressive, what they do. So, it'll be interesting to see if that's a whole new angle that they go to. And if so, I think it opens up a lot of possibilities.

GW: What about writing? Do you write, star, produce? The whole gamut?

JF: Yes, I actually have been writing with a partner in Los Angeles right now. I find it difficult. Because I find that I have not only a limited attention span [Laughter], I like to be around people. I like to shoot the s***. If I find myself alone -- if I have to go down into a room and write, I will figure out how first to clean out the closet, check on the refrigerator, figure out what repairs in the house need to be done. I cannot sit down by myself and write.

And I realized that my mind works much better when I'm bouncing ideas with people. And I think that I like being around people and I don't like being alone that much. So I'll have to figure that out.

Interview by David Read.
Transcript by Kerenza Harris.
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