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Stargate News
Episode of the Week: The Atlantis Team Goes ‘Underground’
Monday - May 2, 2016    (EPISODES)
Sheppard's team meet the Genii in the Season One episode.

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Independence Day Trailer #2: A Sign of Stargates To Come?
Wednesday - April 27, 2016    (MOVIES)
Watch the newest trailer for Roland Emmerich's June sci-fi invasion.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Metamorphosis’ Is Nirrti’s Last Stand
Monday - April 25, 2016    (EPISODES)
Nirrti uses Ancient technology to experiment on innocent people.

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Damian Kindler Joins Syfy Pilot Krypton
Monday - April 25, 2016    (GENERAL)
The former Stargate writer has been tapped as showrunner for the Superman prequel pilot.

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Netflix Greenlights New Time-Travel Drama Travelers From Brad Wright
Tuesday - April 19, 2016    (GENERAL)
Eric McCormack will star in the new series, which starts production today.

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Episode of the Week: Cassandra Gets Superpowers In ‘Rite of Passage’
Monday - April 18, 2016    (EPISODES)
Nirrti returns as Cassandra begins a frightening transformation.

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Episode of the Week: Nirrti Rises In ‘Fair Game’
Monday - April 11, 2016    (EPISODES)
SG-1 meets three System Lords face-to-face. Watch with us this week!

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JR Bourne Cast In Syfy Pilot Prototype
Friday - March 25, 2016    (GENERAL)
He'll play the husband of former NCIS star Cote de Pablo on the potential series.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Moebius’ Makes A Mess Of History
Monday - March 21, 2016    (EPISODES)
SG-1's visit to ancient Egypt unravels the present day.

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Episode of the Week: Fix The Future In SG-1’s ’2010′
Monday - March 14, 2016    (EPISODES)
In the future SG-1 reunites to end the Aschen alliance before it started.

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Episode of the Week: SG-1 Goes Back In Time To ’1969′
Monday - March 7, 2016    (EPISODES)
We're going back to the past with March's time travel theme!

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Episode of the Week: O’Neill Arrested For Murder In ‘Smoke and Mirrors’
Monday - February 29, 2016    (EPISODES)
The N.I.D. is up to no good in this week's episode.

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Jason Momoa Goes Behind the Scenes of Justice League
Tuesday - February 23, 2016    (ACTORS)
Filming on the epic DC feature film begins in April.

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Episode of the Week: The N.I.D. Hijacks The Prometheus
Monday - February 22, 2016    (EPISODES)
Frank Simmons flexes his muscle in the sixth season episode.

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Syfy Casts Stargate Vets For Van Helsing
Wednesday - February 17, 2016    (ACTORS)
Amanda Tapping will also direct the new vampire hunter series.

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Episode of the Week: Hammond Is Blackmailed In ‘Chain Reaction’
Monday - February 15, 2016    (EPISODES)
Jack must team up with Maybourne in this week's featured episode.

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Jewel Staite To Guest On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Friday - February 12, 2016    (ACTORS)
She'll play a future roboticist in an upcoming episode of The CW's new sci-fi series.

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Atlantis‘s Rachel Luttrell To Guest On Arrow
Friday - February 12, 2016    (ACTORS)
She'll play an antagonist in next week's new episode.

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Episode of the Week: Jack O’Neill Goes Rogue In ‘Shades of Grey’
Monday - February 8, 2016    (EPISODES)
February is N.I.D. Month at GateWorld! Watch with us.

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Episode of the Week: Meet the Rogue N.I.D. in ‘Touchstone’
Monday - February 1, 2016    (EPISODES)
Our February theme focuses on Earth's rogue organization.

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