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Stargate News
CBS Developing MacGyver TV Reboot
Saturday - October 3, 2015    (ACTORS)
The original series made Richard Dean Anderson a household name.

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Mike Dopud, Cliff Simon To Star In Project Eden
Thursday - October 1, 2015    (ACTORS)
The independent genre feature is currently filming.

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Episode of the Week: ‘No Man’s Land’
Monday - September 28, 2015    (EPISODES)
Stargate Atlantis opens its third season with this week's blockbuster. Watch with us!

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Episode of the Week: ‘Allies’
Monday - September 21, 2015    (EPISODES)
The Wraith propose an alliance in the Season Two finale of Stargate Atlantis!

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Hive’
Monday - September 14, 2015    (EPISODES)
Sheppard's team must escape capture inside a Wraith hive ship. Watch this week's episode with us!

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Lost Boys’
Monday - September 7, 2015    (EPISODES)
Sheppard's team catches up with Aiden Ford in Season Two's mid-season finale.

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Syfy Renews Dark Matter And Killjoys
Tuesday - September 1, 2015    (FAVORITES)
SCIFI STREAM: Syfy's two new space shows will be back for another season.

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Siege’
Monday - August 31, 2015    (EPISODES)
The Wraith attack the city of Atlantis in the 3-part episode. Watch with us!

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Eye’
Monday - August 24, 2015    (EPISODES)
Atlantis's first 2-parter concludes with a fight for control of the city. Watch with us this week!

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Arrow Adds JR Bourne, Ryan Robbins For Season Four
Friday - August 21, 2015    (ACTORS)
The Stargate veterans will both play villains from the DC Comics pantheon.

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David Hewlett Cast In Syfy Pilot Incorporated
Friday - August 21, 2015    (ACTORS)
Dennis Haysbert and SG-1 guest star Ian Tracey have also been cast in the potential series.

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Storm’
Monday - August 17, 2015    (EPISODES)
Atlantis is invaded by enemy forces in the show's first mid-season cliffhanger!

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Netflix Renews Sense8 For Season Two
Monday - August 10, 2015    (ACTORS)
SGU's Brian J. Smith co-stars on the sci-fi drama from the Wachowskis and the creator of Babylon 5.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Rising’
Monday - August 10, 2015    (EPISODES)
A new team assembles for a risk mission to find the lost city of the Ancients. It's the premiere of Stargate Atlantis!

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Episode of the Week: SG-1‘s Finale ‘Unending’
Monday - August 3, 2015    (EPISODES)
The team is forced to live out their lives on board a ship frozen in time on Stargate SG-1's final episode!

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Quest’
Monday - July 27, 2015    (EPISODES)
SG-1 must team up with their biggest enemies to track down Merlin's weapon in the tenth season two-parter.

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Tapping Talks Directing, Stargate Movie Reboot
Sunday - July 26, 2015    (ACTORS)
The SG-1 co-star discusses her directing career and the Devlin/Emmerich reboot in a new interview.

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Amanda Tapping Guest Starring On Syfy’s Killjoys
Sunday - July 26, 2015    (ACTORS)
The Stargate veteran plays a scientist in this Friday's episode.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Flesh and Blood’
Monday - July 20, 2015    (EPISODES)
The Ori invasion force arrives -- along with Vala Mal Doran -- in SG-1's tenth season premiere.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Camelot’
Monday - July 13, 2015    (EPISODES)
SG-1 searches for Merlin's weapon on the eve of the Ori invasion. Rewatch SG-1's ninth season finale with us this week!

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