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Stargate News
Claudia Black To Guest Star On The Originals
Thursday - March 5, 2015    (ACTORS)
The former SG-1 actress has been cast in a major recurring role.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Nemesis’
Monday - March 2, 2015    (EPISODES)
Thor's ship is overrun by an enemy worse than the Goa'uld in the third season finale.

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MacGyver Creator Wants Your Ideas For The Next Great Engineering Hero
Monday - February 23, 2015    (ACTORS)
A crowdsourcing competition is looking for ideas for the next great engineering hero -- with a twist.

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Devil You Know’
Monday - February 23, 2015    (EPISODES)
Apophis returns and SG-1 makes a great escape in the conclusion to the Season Three two-parter.

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‘Unite the Seven’: First Look At Jason Momoa’s Aquaman
Saturday - February 21, 2015    (ACTORS)
Director Zack Snyder reveals the new look of Aquaman via Twitter.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Jolinar’s Memories’
Monday - February 16, 2015    (EPISODES)
SG-1 and Martouf go to hell in the first half of Season Three's explosive mid-season two-parter.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Into the Fire’
Monday - February 9, 2015    (EPISODES)
Jack, Sam, and Daniel need rescuing this week in SG-1

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Jason Momoa Talks About His New Aquaman Role
Sunday - February 8, 2015    (ACTORS)
After months of secrecy, Momoa can finally go on the record about joining the DC universe.

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Torri Higginson To Guest Star On Dark Matter, Amanda Tapping Will Direct
Sunday - February 8, 2015    (ACTORS)
The former Stargate actresses board the new sci-fi series from Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

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Stargate Film Remake Hires Writers
Wednesday - February 4, 2015    (MOVIES)
Independence Day 2 scribes join the new project from the creators of the original 1994 film.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Out of Mind’
Monday - February 2, 2015    (EPISODES)
Revisit the past -- Hathor style -- with the second season finale of Stargate SG-1!

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Tok’ra’
Monday - January 26, 2015    (EPISODES)
Join us this week for Stargate SG-1's awesome second season two-parter.

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Episode of the Week: ‘The Serpent’s Lair’
Monday - January 19, 2015    (EPISODES)
This week we're living the incredible second season premiere of Stargate SG-1!

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Episode of the Week: ‘Within the Serpent’s Grasp’
Monday - January 12, 2015    (EPISODES)
Our tour of Stargate's great premieres, finales, and 2-parters continues with SG-1's first season closer.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Children of the Gods’
Monday - January 5, 2015    (EPISODES)
This year we're rewatching all of Stargate's epic premieres, mid-season 2-parters, and finales ... in order!

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Episode of the Week: ‘Epilogue’
Monday - December 29, 2014    (EPISODES)
We wrap up 2014 with Stargate Universe's alternate-timeline swan song.

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Episode of the Week: ‘Vegas’
Monday - December 22, 2014    (EPISODES)
Stargate Atlantis heads to a parallel universe for this week's stellar episode!

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Syfy Announces Dark Matter Casting
Thursday - December 18, 2014    (FAVORITES)
The new sci-fi drama from Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie is set for a summer 2015 bow.

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First Stargate Short Story Anthology Now In Paperback
Wednesday - December 17, 2014    (PRODUCTS)
Get Far Horizons now in paperback, Kindle, and other digital formats.

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Devlin Confirms Stargate Movie Before Third Independence Day
Tuesday - December 16, 2014    (MOVIES)
Roland Emmerich is still planning to direct the reboot film.


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