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Stargate Worlds MMORPG wins award at E3

Wednesday - July 5, 2006 | by Livi Dolgin

It's no wonder that Ten Ton Hammer awarded the upcoming MMORPG Stargate Worlds the Most Anticipated MMO of this year's E3 convention. E3 shows off what's new and cutting edge for the video game industry, in front of those who know the very best in games. Developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is currently two years away from delivering the new game to stores. But the buzz in the industry is loud and frenzied.

Cheyenne Mountain's creative director, Chris Klug, told WarCry Network about his team's efforts to bring the game to life. Klug says that Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are perfect material for the gaming market because of "the breadth of content and the network of Stargates [which] allows a great deal of easy interstellar travel."

Keeping the Stargate universe intact is what will attract veteran game players and entice in the enourmous fan base of the 10-year-old franchise.

Klug confirmed to IGN's RPG Vault that "Stargate's showrunners have collaborated with us on the game's content, and will continue to do so."

Most importantly, the game will be intensely story driven. Players will make choices to form alliances, groups, make assumptions, and even go up against superior enemies. Stargates will still be the main source of transportation, with some ship travel where there are no gates. Continuity between the game and the show is top priority.

The premise and backstory of the game will encompass all the elements so loved by fans. The characters, planets, and races should all be the same, with a few new additions. Players might get to meet the Furlings, among others. The humor brought in by Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill) and the writers will be continued, keeping the feel of the show for the fans. Currently negotiations continue for the actors to do the voices of their characters.

But there will be differences between the game and the hit television series -- mainly in the combat systems. "Ranged combat maneuver is crucial [in Stargate Worlds]," Klug said. "Old MMO archetypes -- tank, healer, mage -- won't work." However, Klug says, "Combat is an important gameplay element, but we will also have a strong non-combat option for scientists and archeologists." So it's not about just fighting off one enemy at a time. Players have to think.

Klug says his number one goal is "to deliver an experience that feels like you are taking part in an episode of the show in all respects."

Players of Stargate Worlds are the heroes of the stories. The basic unit of play is the squad, so fans can experience what it is like to be a member of an SG team. The game is filled with action and adventure while sending players off to planets through the Stargate, participating in missions, finding treasures and objects, and solving problems.

Stargate is the perfect platform for an action-packed sci-fi MMO that can reach out from the TV across diverse fan bases to deliver an epic role-playing game. Read more about the development of Stargate Worlds in Chris Klug's interview, and watch for GateWorld's brand new Video Games section in the weeks ahead!

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