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Stargate: Continuum on DVD July 29

Friday - April 4, 2008 | by Darren Sumner

Beware of minor SPOILERS in the report below.

The long-awaited SG-1 movie Stargate: Continuum arrives on DVD in North America on July 29, writer and producer Brad Wright confirmed to GateWorld today. And the film stands head and shoulders above even the biggest episodes of the television series, according to the producer.

"This is the biggest, best thing I think I've ever done for Stargate," Wright said. "I'm very proud of it. You always have some small regret with something that you couldn't pull off. [You say] 'I wish we could have done this, I wish we could have had that.' [But] there are so few regrets with how Continuum turned out that it's not even worth mentioning. Martin [Wood] did such a good job directing it, and we had such a good time on set together."

The trailer for Continuum will make its world premiere Saturday at the official Stargate convention in Vancouver, and should appear online soon thereafter. (Watch GateWorld Play right here on the site! You will see the trailer as soon as we can bring it to you.)

Wright also described the scenario that will bring the Stargate to a ship lodged in the ice in the Arctic.

"The Stargate [was] at its most vulnerable in history -- or at least since it was dug up -- was when it was being transported from Africa to North America at the outbreak of World War II," he said. "So the Stargate is on its way across, Baal is going to sink the ship, [and] somehow an heroic act has to take place to stop the ship from being sunk.

Colonel Mitchell (Ben Browder) steps through the gate and into a frozen ship. From Stargate: Continuum.
"[And] what if the captain of that boat, by cosmic coincidence, happened to be the grandfather of Mitchell?"

When Baal succeeds in altering the timeline, SG-1 (with their memories intact, since wormhole travel essentially takes them out of space-time during the change) gates back to Earth only to find themselves in the cargo hold of the frozen ship, rather than at Stargate Command.

"And, of course, then there's the 'getting out of it' part -- which is the rest of the movie!" Wright added.

"It was so much fun. And the visual effects are among the best we have ever done. ... Craig, who used to be at Image Engine, his team did the F-16 flying sequences, and they're feature [film] quality. ... It's the big movie I always wanted to make, and it's not a hell of a lot smaller in scope than the one I would have put as a theatrical release. It feels like it could have been a theatrical release in many ways."

Watch for Stargate: Continuum on DVD July 29! GateWorld will continue to bring you the latest on the movie as the release date draws closer. Check out the Movies section now for more info and a photo gallery!

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