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Daniel may appear in Universe premiere

Monday - January 26, 2009
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Dr. Daniel Jackson may help to kick off the third Stargate series later this year. Stargate SG-1‘s Michael Shanks told SCI FI Wire that he’s been asked if he would be interested in appearing in the series premiere of Stargate Universe, which goes before cameras in Vancouver on February 11.

“I talked to [executive producer] Brad Wright a couple of weeks ago, and he asked me if I’d be interested in doing a cameo in the Universe pilot,” Shanks told the site. “And I of course said I would be. And there’s a great deal of talk about [it].”

The premiere episode, “Air,” will be a three-parter, with the first two hours likely to air as a premiere event (and Part 3 the following week). If Daniel does appear in the episode it would likely be a small part early in the episode — as there is no indication yet that the character actually joins the new team on the trip to the Ancient ship Destiny.

Stargate Atlantis fans, of course, will remember that Shanks and SG-1 co-star Richard Dean Anderson (“Jack O’Neill”) helped to kick off that show in a similar manner. That was particularly special as those two characters had been in the original “Stargate” movie.

Could the producers be looking for a cameo appearance by other SG-1 characters, as well? GateWorld has recently learned that the premiere will give viewers the first look inside the halls of the Department of Homeworld Security in Washington, D.C. — where Jack O’Neill was last known to be posted.

Shanks also offered an update on the status of the third direct-to-DVD movie for the SG-1 team, and confirmed his involvement in the project. That film is likely to film this summer alongside the first Atlantis movie, and “is pretty Rick-heavy [as in Richard Dean Anderson], pretty O’Neill-heavy,” Shanks said. “So I don’t know much more than that, but I will most definitely be involved in it.”

Check out the original report at the new, and stay tuned to GateWorld for the latest on Stargate Universe! The show will premiere this fall on the SCI FI Channel in the United States.

(Thanks to Michael Sacal for the tip)

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. (More)

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    *regains composier*
    Oh, well that good news. Probably the best news i’ve heard all year, or at least about Universe.
    And it’s good to hear the “Rick Heavy” rumor being backed up again and again by actors and writers and stuff. SG-1: 3 should be awsome. And now i KNOW i’ll at least watch the premier of SGU.

  • I believe that Jack was retired.
    And the Homeworld Security was being charged by someone else.

  • **FANTASTIC**!!!! I’ve been overjoyed at all the news being reported regarding “Stargate: Universe” and here is more to add to it!!!! Great to hear that there’s plans for Michael to appear as Daniel and the possibility that they could work in Richard Dean Anderson as Jack too!!!! Niiiice!!!! :D

    Looking forward to this series more and more and more!!!!

  • OH. Nice. I was hoping there would be a familiar face in the premiere. It helps to make the transition from one show to the next. And if we’re inside homeworld security HOPEFULLY, we’ll see some Jack O’Neill. If you want cameos, you’re gonna want them from Shanks and Anderson. They have been the heart and soul of Stargate for years. Anyways, cant wait for Universe.

  • Well, that’s just great news that will make a lot of people happy, both in terms of the movie, and SGU. Thanks you, Mr. Shanks!

    And the Homeworld Security was being charged by someone else.
    Never heard that anywhere! I don’t believe that to be correct.

  • That’s great news. People love Daniel Jackson.
    It’s just remenber the episode ” The Lost Tribe” and “First Contact”. “First Contact” has got the highest grade from the fans here in gateworld poll and “The Lost Tribe” it was second highest rating just behind the series finale.
    We wanna see a lot of more Daniel and O’Neill.

  • A-fricking-men! I was soooo hoping for something like this, and after the vala thing my faith in Stargate in general was just kind of down…

    Am I shallow for being completely happy now with just that little bit of news? :P SQUEEEEEEE!

  • Good news.

    And of course, I will be wondering if those halls will include one of those photo charts Air Force Departments often display that will tell us Sam’s location in the CoC compared to Jack.

  • What I’d like to know (see happen actually) is whether or not Gary Jones (Walter) will be part of the cast.

    It just wouldn’t be Stargate without him calling ou the chevrons… then again, they may want to keep him Earth-based for the SG-1 movie(s).

  • Good news indeed! Perhaps also an SGA member, so that show doesn’t fell left out :P

  • OMG! This is awesome! I guess I’m gonna hafta watch the SGU pilot now that Michael is in it. And….looks like Michael also might be in the thrid SG-1 movie as well. Pretty cool! Thanks Michael Shanks! :D I also agree that it would be even better if O’Neill (RDA) were on the SGU pilot. It would make the pilot even more special. Plus….someone else said…Daniel and Jack ARE the heart and soul of Stargate. :D

  • If my memory serves me correctly they used Daniel and Jack in the Atlantis premier because the characters were from the movie and they wouldn’t have to pay additional royalties for characters. I guess they are doing the same thing here.

  • The onyl mention of Jack retiring was in the original script for the Atlantis episode Trio, in the scene between Carter and Keller when Sam tells Keller about a guy back home. But it was never aired, and it only mentions that he is going to retire, not that he has.

  • Fantastic news!…both on the Universe and Stargate Film Front….Great news for Michael and if they could get Rick there too it would be just perfect…..I would love to see both Jack and Daniel kick-start the third series off like they did Atlantis and I’m looking forward to the 3rd SG-1 film already….and hoping that we get some great Jack and Daniel scenes, like the ones we’ve had over all 10 Seasons…..

    Deeds xx *crossing everything in the hope it all happens*

  • As good is it is to hear we’ll have Jack in this movie, I hope this means we’re in for a good action-based story. Hopefully with the whole team present, with Jack inclusive to the action and not just sidelined.

    My biggest worry is we’re going to get the more contemporary “I will stand here and be old and snarky” Jack we’ve gotten used to seeing in recent years rather than the “TWO L’s” Jack we all know and love.

  • Love it!!! Now I’m much more looking fordard to the pilot of SGU :) Although I already miss Atlantis’ characters…

  • I can’t think of anyone better to kick off the new show.I had no intention of watching Universe, but now I will at least watch until Daniel’s cameo is over.Who knows, maybe I will stick around for the whole thing. It will need to be pretty special though to keep up with SG1.

  • i would love to see Jack O’Neill in Universe. I mean Daniel Jackson and Jack O’Neill have been part of this since the movie and its not really a Stargate Series without these two Appearing in Universe.

  • *rolls eyes, and shakes head*, What now, are we upto bribing? try to use bait on a hook, to entice SG1 and Atlantis viewers, to watch a minescule cameo… Bah, snake oil sellers, using the old bait and switch… People, it’s a cameo, and not a recurring role. I am sure they’ll also have a photo of O’Neill, next to a picture of Barack Obama, hanging in the OPS room.

  • Horcrux

    I think Major Davies was now in charge of Home World Security, this was mentioned at the las episode of Atlantis when he was introduced to Sheppard.

  • Bribe or no bribe, it’s working for me. I’d watch Michael Shanks read the phone book. I love the continuiuty of having his character in all of the Stargate series’ premiere eps. Love it. And the note that he’s definitely going to be in the third movie is AWESOME!

  • If they are going to bribe us, I want more! There should be at least a cameo by a SGA person too!
    Preferably McKay or Shep. But I’d go with Lorne, Chuck or Zelenka as well.
    It does seem like they are throwing everything except the kitchen sink at us in an attempt to hook the viewers.
    Good for them, if it works.

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