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Watch the first Stargate Universe preview!

Friday - March 20, 2009
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Beware of minor SPOILERS for the premiere of Stargate Universe in the clip and report below.

The first look at SCI FI Channel‘s new fall series Stargate Universe has arrived! The 30-second preview aired tonight on the cable network, alongside the 2-hour series finale of Battlestar Galactica.

Check it out below (the Full Screen option is near the bottom right corner), and come back soon for screen caps and a higher quality version of the video. You can also watch it at

In this clip, titled “Frantic,” a team of Earth scientists and military personnel are in the middle of an emergency evacuation to the uninhabited Ancient ship Destiny.

Nearly every main character can be spotted in the quick-cut video. Robert Carlyle’s Dr. Nicholas Rush is front-and-center, but also watch for clear shots of Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque), Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith), Eli Wallace (David Blue), Everett Young (Justin Louis), Tamara Johansen (Alaina Huffman), and Colonel Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips).

With the tagline “The only mission is survival,” the clip reveals the dark and dangerous tone of the series — a dramatic (pun intended) departure from Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. The challenge for SGU will be to do that while maintaining familiar connections to the established mythology of the shows that have preceded it.

Find out more about the show in GateWorld’s exclusive SGU Launch Center! We have details on the first 10 episodes of Season One, character breakdowns, an interview with actor Brian J. Smith, the first cast photo, and more.

Stargate Universe premieres this fall on SCI FI Channel in the United States.

(Thanks to the many, many fans who wrote in with this tip!)

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  • One of the reasons I will like this show is because of its “What do we do next?” situations that it will put the characters through. SG-1 and SGA were based on pre-planning and preparation to start their various adventures. The people of SGU aren’t prepared. Every step they take can lessen or grow their chance of survival. This will create a palpable tension. Even this short trailer makes it feel more “real world” to me than the other Stargate shows.

  • I really hate to say it, but at a first glance this looks like a cheap, typical SciFi thriller. Maybe it was how it was edited or something. I’ll still give the pilot eps a chance.

  • Is it me or is their gate smaller than average gates? It feels like there’s 8 chevrons instead of 9. Does anyone have a better image of the new gate?

  • it looks like 9 to me, with 3 on each side + 1 on the top and 2 on the {B}

    As for the trailer.. all i can say is O.M.F.G can’t wait for Stargate Universe :)

  • This will be EPIC. Can’t wait for the return of Stargate!

    I don’t think anything can top the BSG finale though. The best anything I’ve ever seen. Period.

  • Can’t wait for the series, I was expecting the preview to be vague and it definately was

  • It looks pretty good :) I’m eager to see how this connects with the established mythos and story of SG1 and SGA. They haven’t seeded any indicators, foreshadowing, hints, anything in SG1 or SGA to suggest anything about this Ancient ship, Destiny, or any sort of new expedition or undertaking. At least none that I’m aware of. The only thing that comes to mind is the top secret mission the Odyssey is on that was mentioned in “Enemy at the Gate,” but I was under the impression that that was likely a hint for the next SGA or SG1 movie.

  • Maybe it just looks smaller to me because the chevrons look bigger than before. IDK, it would make sense for why it would have 8 chevrons though, since it doesn’t need to dial itself.

  • Wow that was great you can’t really see the gate that well
    i am really excited

  • All the naysayers are just afraid of change. Universe is about the only way to keep Stargate going and keep it in the spotlight (a place where it has not been for several years now). And so what it looks like BSG – BSG was a brilliant show and has those extra ingredients needed to bring Stargate up to the next level. It’s not change it’s progression. People thought cancelling SG1 was a bad move but the movies turned out pretty damn good. If people can’t trust in what the show runners are doing, bearing in mind they’ve provided us with over a decade worth of entertainment, then you cannot call yourself a real fan. Why bite the hand that feeds you?

  • My fears have been confirmed, looks good and high quality, but not a family show.
    Sham there are already too many scifi thrillers on TV I’m still searching for a show our whole family can enjoy.
    I will watch it though.
    Nobody say that you can’t tell anything from this trailer because I can’t say anyway this show will be a PG.
    I know some people may think I’m just a hater who is afraid of change, and yes I am afraid of change there was nothing wrong with the show how it was, they are just changing to fit in and be like the rest, which is not what any show should do.

  • By the way I HATED bsg with a passion that is one of the reasons I liked the family friendly aspect of SG1 soo much.
    I honestly don’t care how many season this show does as long as they still make SG1 moves.
    I may watch it but not care for it as much as there are alot of dark TV shows out there and I only have a limited time to watch them (after the kids have gone to bed)

  • This is what i was hoping for! looks incredible!! The franchise needs a new jumpstart. The thing i liked best about stargate is the world and “universe” it takes place in. Its a deep and fascinating enviroment for endless storytelling. Now you add a deep desperate tone to that story telling and i think you have something special.

    Yet, it is all up the the cast to pull it off. In order for this to work they will have to get us invested in these characters quickly and emotionally. I understand being woirried about loosing our SG wit and humor but no other SG team has been in a situation as desperate and dire as this and the tone of the story need to reflect that our else it wont work.

    i hope everyone at least gives it a chance cuz i think they might be surprised it is after all Stargate!

  • I wonder if whoever attacked the base they escaped from followed them to the ship, which begs the question, while they can’t dial home from the ship, can’t someone dial the ship from the base they came from?

  • Oui… I can see why they premiered that teaser during BSG…

    The gate definitely looks smaller, maybe because it’s on a ship?

    Yeah, I’ll watch the premire to see what it’s all about, but *nothing* I’ve seen has made me the least bit excited about it. Just curious, in a sort of a “watch the train wreck” sort of way. Hey, I could be wrong, it could be greatly popular, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to like it. Definitely have reservations, even with the teaser….

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