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GateWorld Podcast: Just War On Stargate

Wednesday - June 3, 2009
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Earth launches a devastating attack on the Replicator homeworld, Asuras. From ''First Strike''

Earth launches a devastating attack on the Replicator homeworld, Asuras. From ''First Strike''

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Does Earth fight its alien adversaries in an ethical way? This week GateWorld’s Darren and David are talking about “just war” theory and the ethics of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Have our heroes done wrong, even committed atrocities, under the banner of defeating parasitic aliens and evil robots? Should these sorts of issues be explored on the show, or do they only get in the way of the action?

But first, we’ll recap all the Stargate news and site additions from the past week, and preview GateWorld’s very special video interview with “Janet Fraiser” actress Teryl Rothery!

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Discussion – Just War On Stargate

This Week’s Listener Question:
What do Stargate and Star Trek have in common that you love? In what ways do you think they are most different?

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  • Has something happened with your podcast service coming into Canada?

    For the last few episodes it has been coming to iTunes about 3 days late.

  • Darren

    I think iTunes checks the feed once every 24 hours. The last couple podcasts have gone up Wednesday afternoon instead of late Tuesday night, so it’s possible that we missed that day’s update and it wouldn’t show until Thursday.

    However, you can get around this by going to your podcast subscriptions, right-clicking on the GateWorld Podcast, and selecting “Update Podcast.” That reads directly from our feed.

  • Darren and David,

    Unfortunately, I was unable to answer the listner question before the podcast was aired, so I will answer it now.

    The primary Pegasus galaxy enemies, the Wraith and the Asurans, are non-humans that act virtually with a single purpose against humanity and do not qualify for protection under either the rules of war or just war ethics. The wraith live by killing human beings. The Pegasus galaxy replicators are machines that do what ever their programming tells them to do. True, the Pegasus replicators changed their own base code, but if they truly had free will in the sense that human beings have free will, then they could not have had their base code changed involuntarily by the Wraith to begin with.

    Because these two races are enemies against all humanity, then it is just and moral to wage all out (genocidal) war against them in much the same way diseases like Polio and Smallpox are being eradicated by agencies like the WHO. The amoral thing to do would be to give them any quarter.

  • I may have to contact iTunes directly. I click on the update podcast button and nothing happens, but when I go through the iTunes store I can see the podcast sitting there, it just doesn’t become available for me to download. I’m sure this episode will be great once I listen to it.

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