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New SGU teaser: ‘Survive’

Tuesday - July 7, 2009
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The newest video teaser for Syfy’s upcoming spin-off series Stargate Universe is here … and it shows some cool new stuff. Most significantly, “Survive” gives fans the first peek at how the new (very, very old) Stargate dials.

Watch the teaser below (via, and tune in to the premiere of Warehouse 13 tonight at 9 p.m. (8 Central) to watch it again. (Syfy will also air a preview for Caprica, the upcoming Battlestar Galactica prequel.)

Alternate viewing method: YouTube

Things to look for in this teaser:

The Stargate! The teaser reveals in two different shots that when the Destiny‘s gate dials, the entire gate spins (chevrons and all) — not just an inner track. This should make for some incredible visuals.

There is a brief shot of Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith) laying down, with a woman sitting on the edge of the bed next to him. We don’t know yet if he’ll be involved with another member of the crew (or if this shot even takes place on the Destiny).

Another shot shows an encounter between Scott and a beautiful woman at what could be on the ship, or perhaps an off-world location (right).

The teaser also shows an off-world mission to a desert planet, Eli Wallace (David Blue) excitedly preparing to go through the gate (in desert fatigues), and more. And Nicholas Rush’s (Robert Carlyle) dialog is especially intriguing: “Some said it was a key to the universe itself, and once unlocked it would gain untold power.”

For a closer look at what you just saw, check out our gallery of screen captures from this teaser here.

MGM confirms to GateWorld that the Stargate Universe goodies are about to fly, with the show making its first big publicity splash at San Diego Comic-Con in just over two weeks. Comic-Con goers, don’t miss the big SGU panel in Ballroom 20 (seats 4,000!) on Friday, July 24 at 10:30 a.m. (story)! GateWorld will be there, and we’ll bring you the latest news and photos from the convention floor.

(Thanks to Madwelshboy for the tip!)

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  • A spinning Stargate…… I can see some jokes about the whole thing spinning. But it is cool looking none-the-less. But why the hell do they have to make it spin? What if you are dialing and your ship takes a jolt? Is there a danger of getting ran over by the thing if it gets knocked loose? But seriously. Looks good… Gate looks cool, and the ship looks cool if not aged a bit.

  • Cool gate, but the story and characters just not doing it for me. Darn it, just looks too depressing. Unfortunately these trailers make me less inclined to watch with each one they release. I want to see more Stargate, but not like this.

  • The gate looks very cool!
    Rush’s dialog is interesting, and I like the comment that the ship is falling apart. Considering its been out there for millions of years, it would be a bit too much if it was still pristine and new-looking (ala Atlantis)

  • As others have said, I’m unsure if I like the whole idea of the spinning stargate or not. Seems “odd” to me.

  • I am constantly amazed by the resistance to change in fandom (all fandom, not just Stargate, but the example here is obvious). I believe the idea here is “evolve or die.” I have heard nothing but complaints from stargate fans (with few moderating voices) for years.
    “Now its crap, Michael Shanks left”
    “Now its crap, They are on Sci Fi Channel”
    “Jonas sucks”
    “Now its crap, Mickael Shanks is back.”
    “Bring Back Jonas”
    “Now its crap, they are using all their creative juices on Atlantis.”
    “The Ori are not as cool of a villain as the Goa’uld.”
    “Bring Back RDA, lose Ben Browder.”
    “It’s turning into Farscape” (although all of the above are ridiculous, that one pretty much takes the cake. As much as I love Stargate, it isn’t half as creative or ground breaking as Farscape {although it is A LOT more consistent})
    “This show hasn’t been as good since Season 5” (that one is the gist of the podcast comments).
    “It’s too much like Battlestar Galactica” (same comment concerning Farscape, but more so)

    What it boils down to is Stargate (the franchise) has gotten a bit stale over the years (much like Star Trek until the Abrams revival). For a show to survive (like Star Trek on TV no longer does) it must change, evolve, become deeper, more intellectual, less pop-corny. Stargate really started down that road in season 9 (Vala burning alive, for example), and Stargate Universe is likely the next step in that necessary evolution. I am not saying it will be good (it could be the worst SciFi in decades), but we are bickering and commenting negatively on minutia, nothing more.

  • I like what we’ve seen of the show so far. Looking forward to the premiere. I thought that the female character with Scott (Brian J. Smith) was Elyse Levesque (sp?) aka Chloe Armstrong (or has the name changed again?) but I could be wrong.

  • Yeah, I can say with 99% certainty that the girl in that scene with Scott is definitely Elyse (Chloe).

  • More gate action! (for the eagle-eyed)

    A guy seen “shooting” through the gate, and just before that what seems like the “first” man arriving on the ship.

    Seen in the
    SyFy 2009 : Umbrella Spot video promo at 0m25 (inverse counter)

  • ”Spinning is so mush cooler than not spinning”

    I’m Excited :D

  • Woah!!! How awesome!!! And seeing the way the Stargate dials-up is so incredibly cool!!!

    I’m really looking forward to this!!! Roll on October!!! :D

  • For me the Woman on the Pic with Scott (Brian J. Smith) looks very similar to Leela Savasta (Captain Alice Vega – Atlantis Season 5).

    I would love to see her back on Stargate!

  • Hang on the gate spinning shouldn’t work, should it, the whole point was the arrows matched the chevrons but if everything spins that’s just stupid.
    I think they just changed it because they thought they should, with Atlantise it sort of made sense this time it seems more likse
    “We changed the gate for SGA how can we change it again”
    and it looks silly.

    I’m more interested than before but it still looks BSG-ish.

    If I find out they just made the trailers to look like BSG and the series really isn’t I will be even more annoyed for them making it out to be something it’s not.
    No one has told us yet why they wanted to change it?

  • @dekion
    Why wouldn’t fans be resistant to change, you wouldn’t be a very good fan if you were happy for your favorite show in the world to become something else.
    You have to remember most fans idealize the show, to me anyway it is perfect, nothing could posible make it better, therfor any change must make it worse.

    I didn’t care about any other changed because the STYLE of the show was kept the same, it always felt the same to watch and now that’s what they’re changing.
    Also what you may not relaise is many of the people who didn’t like the other changes have leaft and it’s new people complaining now.

    The Internet is a big place, there is ALWAYS going to be people who don’t like a change get used to it!
    There is one thing worse than complaining and that’s complaining about the people complaining.

  • lolz, the whole gate spinning, as someone said, doesn’t make sense (imagine a locker combination lock, for that’s exactly what it is)you dial the inner (or outer) ring, against a constant or static marker. The best visual affects were when none of the rings turned, seen on perhaps 2 (or more episodes), when that Nox girl just brought up her arms in an arc, the gate’s chevrons correspondingly litup. When the alien entity left with the harceses(?), the gate just dialed itself the same way. On Atlantis it happened a couple of times too. This whole gate spinning looks like a water wheel attached to an old flour mill. :) okay, I exagerate a bit :)

  • of course, not to forget, the logistics of having a free standing wheel, thats probably a few tons, having to spin just teathered in some way by 1/10th of the wheel’s surface area. :)

  • Horcrux

    I like it, the gate spining, remember this gate has to be unique in order to work in different galaxies. My guess is that the gate rotates in one direction and the inner track rotates in the oposite way alignin with the star symbols.

    I agree that the show must change, you cant put the same premise with other actors, the show will simply die. This time they dont have a fully supllied base to return to, or posible back up if someone gets left behind because the ship jumps to a new location. Its a new direction Stargate hasnt explored and will bring a interesting mix to the show.

  • […] is trouwens eergisteren denk ik een nieuwe teaser van SGU online gezet( GateWorld New SGU teaser: ‘Survive’ ), je ziet de eerste keer de gate in actie, en die manier van filmen is echt Tot nu toe ziet het er […]

  • Hmm I dont think the gates spinning enough. I want it to spin more.

  • @kzap33
    First let me say that complaining is fine, as long as it isn’t petty and meaningless. I think we all should share our opinions in a constructive, meaningful dialogue where some level of understanding and cooperation can be reached, and if we are really lucky, change can occur. That being said, we are talking about a TV show. No matter how hard we try we cannot make a TV show “important,” it is entertainment, and that is all. Is it great, sure. Is it interesting, yes. Is it important . . . not even close. World hunger is important. Religious tolerance is importance (including to those without a religion). Universal understanding and acceptance is important. Now, admittedly, there are rare occasions when TV (and movies, and most usually literature) deal with these important issues, and in those rare instances they become important. That being said, we are discussing how the stargate spins. How it spins? On that note, I think it looks cool, and in the end it will have no bearing on the quality of the show at all. Is Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe “important,” not in the grand scheme of things.
    Secondly, there is no dialogue in any meaningful sense. People (myself included) are spouting sound bytes (pun intended) at faceless online entities (that’s us) with no human interaction at all. Since there is no interaction, there is no progress, and thus it becomes meaningless. People can not like change all they want. I can recall being upset when Sinclair left on B5, but the show was much better without him (as the HUGO’s will attest), and I was annoyed when Mulder disappeared from the X-Files, but at that point the show was about 2 years past its prime anyway. The difference is I was a fan (meaning fanatic), so I watched anyway. I trusted in the creators like JMS, Joss Whedon, David Chase, etc. I trused that their career (and the training they had to get them that career) would deliver a satisfying experience more often than not. In the end, Stargate is about the same thing, mankind being thrust among the stars WAY TOO SOON, and our uncanny ability (some would say unbelievable ability, but I digress) to meet those challenges we should not be able to meet. Isn’t that exactly what Stargate Universe is about, a challenge we cannot possibly overcome, but we will, we always do (well, at least 99% of shows do). In the end, the show hasn’t changed in any meaningful sense. It has become more “Star-Trek-y” with ships, beaming, and the like. Names of changed, and the characters/aliens they belonged to, but in the end the core is the same. Is Universe darker . . . looks like, but since it was likely SciFi would not have made an SG-1/Atlantis clone (they just funded 10 years of it, they were probably tired of it), they wanted something edgier, but still in the same wonderful universe that Glassner and Wright so artfully recreated 12 years ago.
    I am sorry it upsets you that I disagree and think that all of this complaining is childish, that is your prerogative. I simply think when we find a way to solve Darfur, world hunger, religious/racial/ethnic/sexual intolerance, poverty, etc., then this MIGHT reach the status of important (or at least if it dealt with it every once in a while), but until then it is simply wonderful escapist entertainment, and I will enjoy it as such.

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