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Two DVD sets for SGU Season One?

Monday - September 28, 2009
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SGU Gate 4Season One of Stargate Universe may be arriving in two separate DVD sets, GateWorld has learned.

“Stargate Universe has been tons of fun so far in the first half,” DVD Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok told us in an exclusive interview this week. “And this year what we’re doing is a little bit different. As far as I know, we’re going to be doing volume one and two DVDs.

This falls in line with a separate tidbit GateWorld received earlier this month.

Bartok’s special feature line-up indicates that the first ten episodes will be released in Volume One, while the back ten — premiering on SyFy in 2010, will follow later. This has become a popular trend for shows that air two chunks per season.

Seasons two and three of Battlestar Galactica released the first volume of DVDs just prior to the airing of the second half of the season, to help build anticipation and allow viewers to catch up. If this holds true for Universe, we should expect to see Volume One of Season One hit store shelves just before the second half of the season premieres in 2010.

There is no word yet on whether the 3-hour pilot of “Air” will be released as a standalone DVD like the SG-1 and Atlantis pilots.

“What we did for the DVD special features for the first ten episodes was to create 30 two-minute pieces and try to give us a really broad spectrum of things to cover,” Bartok told us. “We’re developing the strategy for the back ten right now. So, I don’t have the information I’d love to give you, but there’s definitely going to be a bunch of stuff on the back ten. And ultimately on the back ten, too, we want to expand the narrative a little bit.”

It appears Season One of SGU will have a sizable assortment of special features no matter how the sets are released!

Stargate Universe premieres on SyFy this Friday, October 2nd! Be sure to listen to our complete interview with Ivon Bartok, available now!

David Read is GateWorld's co-editor, and has been with the site since 2003. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he works for eBay. (More)

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  • Like wow, so they join the ‘let’s screw you out of as much money as possible’ brigade huh?

    Because I sincerely doubt each of these sets will be half the price.

    I hate shows that do this. It’s like the ice cream companies that now sell you 1.5 quarts for the same price they used to sell you two quarts. Or the boxes of cereal that now sell you 8oz for how much they used to sell you 12 for.

    Nothing but a backhanded way to charge you more for less.

    And, anyone want to make bets on when the super expensive blu ray version will come out? That, of course, they won’t tell you about until they’ve sold enough of the regular versions.

  • If it does get released like that, I don’t care how great it is, I won’t buy it.

  • Are you kidding me?

    I’m in complete agreement with what Denise has said, unless they’re putting each half season at half the PRICE of a season, they’re pulling a BSG and just trying to scrape as much dough out of the fans.

    I know this is a ‘new show’ and not ‘old stargate’, but that doesn’t mean you should start charging for DVDs even more than you already are.


    PS: Probably wouldn’t have bought it if it came in one box, but now the chances of me buying two seperate boxes for a season is slim to none.

  • My policy with the BSG dvd’s is to just wait until they release the version that has all of the episodes. Not only do I not want to pay twice the money for the series but I don’t like having the two separate boxes.

    If all the sg-1 and sga were two per season that would be thirty different boxes I have to store. That = stupid.

  • and then they’ll probably use the lower sales of the DVD’s to justify not making the SG1 and SGA movies…

  • I still haven’t purchased the Battlestar Galactica dvd’s for this very reason! If this is true, then this is MGM screwing over their customers! Sorry, I might love the show, but consider this one less customer that will buy the Stargate: Universe dvds.

  • I wasn’t planning on buying your DVDs now I wont for sure. If the pilot is 20 bucks, part 1 is 20 and part 2 is 20, thats 60 bucks. When you can buy usually a season for 20 in SGA and SG1 on ebay.

  • Wow. Not one positive reply…..and this will be no different.

    This is complete horse-turd. Why release in two parts?? That is EXACTLY why I refuse to buy Battlestar Galactica on DVD. This show has the potential to soar or tank…we’ll all have to wait and see…but regardless of it’s success or failure, I will not be contributing to MGM sales in a two-part season box set. As a giant ‘screw-you’ to the fools who thought this was a grand idea, I might burn the discs off my less-than-frugal-with-cash brother, but either way the will not get a cent from me in this obvious money grab. Thanks a lot MGM; what a great way to backhand all your loyal Gate fans in one effortless slap.




  • David Read

    Folks, please remember that this is yet to be confirmed. I placed a question mark in the title because it has yet to be verified — not because I wrote it in disbelief. Just keep it in mind, it is still early and there is no guarantee until a formal announcement is made.

  • I agree with everything said here so far. I hate the idea of the DVDs being split up into two. This is just a greedy tactic to get more money from the fans. Nobody wants this, as you can see here… so why backslap the loyal fans in the face with this?

  • Whatever. After SG1, I no longer buy the DVD’s until the full series is released in a set.

  • Well David, I suggest since you have a report with these people, you pass it along that if this is indeed the way they intend to do it, they can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Hollywood has entered an unparalleled age of greed and it has to be stopped. There is simply a difference between making money and taking advantage of your fan base. Are they that incredibly daft that they think we don’t realize what they’re doing?!

  • OK. People are forgetting that EVERY season of Stargate has been split into small volumes. Go check your DVD box sets, it has which volume it is on the disc. So dont just accuse SGU of this.

    Now, as long as they bring out season 1 together I dont mind.

  • @anubis lives: Yes, every season was split into three cases (5 discs), but only in the UK were they sold separately. In the US, they were sold in one box set. As far as I know, that is. They were never advertised as S1.0 and S1.5 or whatever.

    And I agree with all the previous posts. No split seasons for me. I still haven’t bought Eureka’s S3 for that very reason. Waiting for a whole season box set.

  • As if being a loyal fanbase wasn’t enough for these people in the first place!

    You can gurantee that the result of this will be 3 things:
    1. iTunes download
    2. Wait until full season 1 set is on DVD
    3. YouTube

    I don’t want MGM to loase money and go under, but doing seperate releases like this for Universe is not good, meaing the average responsible fan will not waste their money.

  • Edited:
    I don’t want MGM to loose money and go under, but doing seperate releases like this for Universe is not good, meaning the average responsible fan will not waste their money.

  • @katikatnik: Fair enough. I stand corrected. But I still fail to see the outrage. Just wait to buy the full season. No one is forcing you to buy the volumes.

    And just to note, we brits have been having separate volumes released for ages. Never been this much outrage.

  • Darren

    Gang, I really don’t understand the outrage here. I found the separate releases for BSG a minor annoyance at most, because I didn’t want to pay $50 for 10 episodes. The result is that I simply had to wait. The prices come down, they’re sold used, or they show up at Costco and Sam’s Club a few months later as a deal.

    Just decide how much you are willing to spend on 10 or 20 episodes, and wait until you find the sets for that price. I refused to pay over $25 for half a season of BSG, and just had to wait a bit longer.

    MGM is attempting to improve its DVD profits not only in an increasingly tough market, but at a time when the studio itself is facing bankruptcy. There’s no reason to call them money-grubbing or suggest they are trying to screw over the fans. That’s just a naive way of looking at the DVD sales industry. They’re not here to be your Stargate friend.

  • I have always thought that it’s a bit of a ripoff when companies try to sell their series in fractions – I just wait for the whole season to arrive before I part with my paper.
    Agree with anubis lives, they’ve been trying to rip us brits off for years! Lol.

  • Its not so much selling out though as going with “industry standard”. Its also good business sense, and increases the odds of the season being renewed. Why the hell would they stick with the less profitable complete season option, when pretty much all of their competators go with a more lucrative option? That’s a sure-fire way of ensuring your season doesn’t get picked up in favour of something else.

    Often they release a 1.0 and 1.5, followed by a “complete season” anyway. And if you actually exercise this fantastic little invention called ‘patience’ things actually tend to get cheaper. *gasp!*

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