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Shanks: Another SG-1 movie may not happen

Monday - February 8, 2010
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Michael Shanks 5The much-anticipated third Stargate SG-1 movie might not come to pass, “Daniel Jackson” actor Michael Shanks told SciFi Wire. “Given the amount of time lag that’s gone on between us doing the movies, I suspect that we might be very far away from, if ever, doing another DVD movie,” he said.

“This might be the closing of the book on that particular [chapter of the] franchise.”

“I think everybody’s moving on to a certain point,” he told the site.  “And with the new show doing well, everybody’s focusing their attention on that. The SG-1 idea is somewhat on the back burner, which is a little bit unfortunate, because I think one more story would have been a great way to bring Rick [Richard Dean Anderson, Jack O’Neill] back in and really go there. But you know, business is business.”

But it doesn’t mean that fans won’t get any Daniel Jackson and Jack O’Neill.  Both actors will reprise their roles in the back half of Stargate Universe‘s first season.

While Anderson otherwise enjoys semi-retirement, fellow former SG-1 cast member Amanda Tapping is busy producing and starring in her own series, Sanctuary (recently renewed for a 20-episode third season).

The script for a third SG-1 movie (as well as a Stargate Atlantis film), titled Stargate: Revolution, has been written.  Though the producers were hopeful that it would go into production last fall, MGM’s financial woes and a depressed DVD market have kept it waiting in the wings.

MGM, which owns the rights to the Stargate television franchise, is up for sale and is currently in the second round of bidding from Time Warner, Lionsgate, and a few other interested parties.  The studio will bring potential new owners the James Bond, Rocky, and Stargate franchises,as well as a 4,000-title film library.  It also owns half the rights to the two Hobbit movies being produced by Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings).  The downside:  MGM comes with a reported $3.7 billion in debt.

Whoever the studio’s new owner ends up being, the math for the profitability of more direct-to-DVD Stargate films has to add up.

Shanks, though, certainly isn’t giving up hope. “Never say never,” he said.  “It’s always a possibility.”

Read the full report at SciFi Wire.  Shanks’ first Stargate Universe appearance of 2010, in the episode “Human,” is expected to air in late April.

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  • Can’t say this is that much of a surprise but noe the less let me be the first to say “Nooooooooo!!!”

  • What can we do to change this? How? I can’t believe it’s over…and I don’t want it to be over :(

  • Unfortunately I think this is kind of old news and the producers have been holding off on saying anything because the people who already dislike SGU are probably only going to blame SGU for putting a nix on the SG1 and (I assume) SGA movies. And to be perfectly honest it would seem to me SGU is responsible for shutting down SGA and putting a kabosh on these films. Which, in my opinion is unfortunate because despite what Mallozzi and Wright believe I think a good enough portion of Stargate fans don’t like Universe and I don’t think it will pick up fans from another source. Once the second half of the first season of SGU is aired and if it happens to be just as uneventful and slow as the first half one would assume that will kill SGU.

    But the only real option to get these movies back to the forefront is for SGU’s rating to nosedive and for DVD sales for SGU to be atrocious. And if that were accomplished there is a chance these movies would get going again. However from reading things the producers have wrote they would probably be pissed if the ratings dropped for SGU and then not make those movies just to spite the fans of the first two series.

    I actually would be curious what a poll by this website would get for results if it asked, What would you rather have SGU continue or another SG1 and an SGA movie?
    It would be interesting to see at this point where fans would stand if that were the choice given straight up one or the other. (Admittedly this is not an option presented by the producers but its probably a pretty good assumption that if SGU fails MGM would move to those movies even if these producers at that point would be unwilling to do it).

  • “I think everybody’s moving on to a certain point. And with the new show doing well, everybody’s focusing their attention on that. The SG-1 idea is somewhat on the back burner…”

    Dont try denying the fact that a HUGE amount of fans dont give a damn about SGU and have not moved on from SGA or even SG-1 yet. I dont think I ever will without a proper good-bye salute…and a great Jack/Sam scene, obviously.

  • Every next one minute of SG1 better than SGU season (and I must say, I like the show), sg1 is something specific, like a symbol, and we must defnd it, please do anything, write petition, infiltrate MGM, anything, but save sg1, a scifi heaven

  • That’s a shame.
    Expected, but a shame nonetheless.
    I don’t think the franchise will survive much longer with SGU as it’s only offering.

  • and I cannot understand, how is possible to say its end, one day before the first official stargate sg1 will be released?

  • @Zach
    Unfortunately you could be right. SGU certainly (somehow) influences decisions that have been made or will be made about future SG movies (SG1 and SGA). I myself would of course prefer the movies to SGU, but I do understand the choice. SGU is a chance for a new start. SG1 and SGA are old. They don’t look as fresh anymore. Plus, who’s going to watch it? If you see it with their eyes (and that’s what I’m trying to do), SGU is the hope to attract new people. Sadly.
    I don’t believe it’ll work. Stargate already has its image. People have made up their minds about the show. Also the younger ones. What Stargate should have done in my eyes is surprise such people. Stating that SGU is different than the other SG series doesn’t help. Why then not make another show? Well, we all want the gate to keep spinning…that’s one thing we all have in common.

    A poll would turn out in favour of the movies, that’s because the “new” fans are not (yet)as numerous as the old ones.

  • Oh well then Nice job stargate maker people! do not close Sg-1 really we don’t care… The last 2 movies were not epic or shocking enough to end SG-1 correct.

    Oh and give us total crap the opposite of closeting the series for stargate Atlantis.
    Since you just Killed off Atlantis early put out a crap rush final episode and now I guess what Do not get the stargate Atlantis movie that might have ended Atlantis with some decent dignity. Well now we won’t get to see that will we?

    Oh joy well back to the Battlestar Galactica rip off stargate universe I guess…… No wait I think I will watch Caprica and re runs of Battlestar Galactica ….ya that is better.

    So Why do we need stargate universe again? I am still waiting for that “new fresh direction” “stargate stuff” you said we would get and all I see is Battlestar Galactica rips every week and It is not even doing a good job at it. Why didn’t you just start focusing more on Stargate Atlantis with deeper character stories rather than pumping out this Stargate universe (AKA Battlestar Galactica with stargate stickers on it) junk?

  • i *have* to stay hopeful!!

    ~3rd sg1 movie~3rd sg1 movie~3rd sg1 movie~3rd sg1 movie~3rd sg1 movie~~3rd sg1 movie~~3rd sg1 movie~~3rd sg1 movie~~3rd sg1 movie~~3rd sg1 movie~

  • I would MUCH rather have a SG-1 and SGA movie than continue with SGU. I’m not a fan of it. I think Mallozi and Wright are deluding themselves thinking that fans of SG1 and SGA like SGU – hoping that if they say it, it must be true. Of the half-dozen friends I have who are Stargate fans, one watches SGU – no one else can stand it.

  • I’m hoping that whoever is the new owner after MGM will do some house cleaning at the top and get the franchise back on track. I vote SG1 and SGA movies over SGU.

  • Sad, but not unexpected. I’ll take new SG-1 and SGA movies over SGU any day.

  • I have to agree with the majority of responses here–I, too, would rather see the promised SGA movie rather than the incredibly dull SGU.
    Even though it seems pretty hopeless now, I’m still going to hold out some faint hope that the demise of MGM will at least let us see a proper ending to Atlantis. Of course, a “proper ending” would entail more time than one single movie could possibly cover.
    In my opinion, MGM’s takeover of Stargate was the beginning of the end for the franchise. I don’t know a lot about how television works or who truly has the final say in how a show runs, but, looking back at the last couple of years–particularly for Atlantis, it seemed that MGM didn’t care about what happened to the quality of the show. Perhaps that blame should be placed on the writers and producers but, since MGM owned the rights to the franchise, I have to put the ultimate blame on them.

  • I have to agree with Zach236. I would MUCH rather have an SG-1 or SGA movie than SGU. But maybe that’s just a few of us.

    How about it, GateWorld. Replace that Poll on the right hand side with a new one:

    Vote for:
    A. Continue with Universe
    B. Make an SG-1 DVD movie
    C. Make an Atlantis DVD movie
    D. A & B
    E. A & C
    F. B & C
    G. ALL of the Above
    H. NONE of the Above

  • Knowing MGM’s financial situation, I have not been overly optimistic for more SG-1 or Atlantis. But, when I saw Universe, my hopes were completely and finally dashed. SGU is simply too different to coexist with the old Stargate shows. It just wouldn’t make sense to alternate back and forth from a series where the Stargate program is run by hormonally charged incompetents to movies featuring a Stargate program that is populated by the best of the best.

    Here’s hoping for many more seasons of Sanctuary. (Too bad they *killed* Michael Shanks off in that show.)

  • Disappointed but not surprised. Minus a miracle the live action side of the stargate franchise is as good as dead. At least SG1 and Atlantis still live on as novels and audio books.

    I’d vote for even just one more SG1 or Atlantis movie over more SGU anyday.

  • I vote for SG1 or SGA movies over SGU any day. Not a difficult choice at all. The new series is lousy. I am not interested in worrying about who is sleeping with who. Can’t believe this franchise has been botched so badly.

  • The movies are probably the only thing keeping some old fans, now that the movies might be out. As well as those fans

  • Just as the ratings for Caprica have continued to go down each week, Stargate Universe and the Soap Opera on Syfy appraoch to programing will contimue to kill the franchise and may already have along with the network as far as any science fiction goes. The network and the studio have committed themselves to the so called new direction for the franchise, so making anything new for SG1 or Atlantis would require them to admit Universe is not the correct way for the franchise to go. Also the fight that Universe has caused in the fans base for the franchise has likely angered so many supporters the gamble and the money problems at the studio add up no go for new movies.

    Only time will tell but Mr Shanks knows the facts and just told us what he feels.

  • I’m not surprised, but I am a little disappointed. SGU holds zero interest for me, while SG-1 is my favourite installment of the franchise. I would have liked one final SG-1 movie, something that neatly wrapped up the entire series (realistically, there was only ever going to be one more I think), but I didn’t think it was going to happen even before this report. And an SGA movie won’t fare any better.

    But at least we still get more SGU! *headdesk*

  • Darren

    I don’t like the suggested poll because I reject its implied premise — that MGM and TPTB are choosing or have to choose between SG-1, SGA or SGU.

    The movies aren’t being made right now primarily because MGM doesn’t have any money. They’re currently pleading with other companies to come and buy them, so they can continue to turn the lights on in the morning. Even with a forecast of profitability for a direct-to-DVD Stargate title, they have to wait until they stabilize again.

  • I am a fan of SGU and i love SG1 and SGA! i guess what i dont understand is do they not have the money to make these movies? The last two SG1 movies that were released were either number one or two on dvd sales that week. I dont understand why they dont think they’ll sell. If your a SG1 fan your an SG1 fan i dont think that even in this bad economy that the sales would be bad. And as a fan of SG1 and i would like a little more closuer to the SG1 story than Contiuum offered. And the people that think by SGU getting bad ratings would help bring these movies to light i dont agree with that at all if anything it would prolly kill the Stargate franchise all together. I really hope they end up making both SG1 and SGA movies even if we have to wait another year or two.

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