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MGM Web site unveils SGU‘s alien race

Monday - March 29, 2010
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The folks behind Stargate Universe have been promising a new and very alien race for the show, soon to be discovered by the crew of the Destiny.  No bumpy-headed humanoids played by Vancouver actors for the deepest reaches of the universe.

The MGM trailer for the second half of Season One revealed what the aliens look like, for the first time anywhere.  But that was one shot, at an angle and from a distance.  What do the CG beings look like up-close and personal?

MGM is now showing them off on their official Stargate Web site with the profile image below:

SGU - "Space" alien

What do you think?

Tune in to see the new baddies in action in “Space,” this week’s hotly anticipated mid-season premiere!  It airs at 9 p.m. (E/P) on Syfy in the United States, and 10 p.m. Eastern on SPACE in Canada.

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  • should’ve gone with muppets like with ‘Farscape’, their aliens were always more believable than any CGI creation

  • I think that’s really cool, but I don’t like it when MGM and Sci-Fi (oops SyFy) reveal these things. Does anyone remember The Atlantis episode The Lost Tribe? SyFy revealed who/what was inside the suits before the episode aired in both a picture and preview clip (without warning too). It totally ruined the big reveal for me. It irritates me when the network and/or studios release spoilers like this without any regard for people who want to go into it without prior knowledge.

  • I just wonder in how many episodes those aliens will appear in season 1. Will they only appear in “Space” or also in other episodes? Does anyone know more about it?

  • Whoops, I guess these aliens aren’t rubber faced?
    2 Eyes – Check
    2 Aural Sensory areas (same vicinity as humanoid) – Check
    1 Mouth, with teeth – check
    Brow ridge, Jaw Ridge, Cheekbone ridge – Check
    Alien? sure, for halloween maybe – Check

  • Nah, to much Alien/Aliens for me (yes those films were good but I like ‘cute’ scifi, compare Asgard).

  • @ daxmaryrussel

    One of my favourite aliens is the Horta from the old Star Trek episode, because it is truly alien. It doesn’t have for example two eyes, two legs, two arms and a mouth like the SGU aliens (and countless other aliens), and it also doesn’t look similar to an earth animal.

  • desperate attempt at trying to gain viewers with a sneak peek at the alien. how low will they stoop to try and prop up this dead horse?

  • What’s so desperate about a publicity image for a show that’s about to return? We get that you’re horribly opposed to the show, Jaffa Orange. We get that any time MGM tries to promote what they’ve sunk millions of dollars into, you get steamed.

    Instead of complaining, though, perhaps you could explain where the desperation in putting out a promo image comes from. While you’re at it, feel free to also explain how this is stooping so low, as you put it.


  • @jaffaorange: yes because no other tv show in history reveals minor spoilers to try to attract viewers. sgu is in a special void all on it’s own.

  • @jaff orange
    The viewer numbers aren’t that bad. Sure they aren’t great either, they’re just okay. And, yes, I know that Justice lost viewers, but we won’t know if it’s a trend or not until a couple of 1.5 episodes have aired.

  • Darren

    Syfy is also telling people that SGU is going to air at 9 p.m. / 8 Central on Friday. … Is there no low they won’t sink to to get people to watch? ;)

  • @PSW

    Dunno how I missed your remark before. I’d love to see something truly alien and Horta-esque. Of course, I’d put dollars to donuts that people would immediately go up in arms and condemn the writers as simplistic the moment an iconic line like “No kill I” came up.

  • look likes to aliens for alien v.s predator but i still cool as hell

  • wow, i can’t wait to see on friday.
    it going to be cool show

  • First, this species does look cool I’ll say that. I would have preferred something more alien, but I suppose this is alien enough to be covered by convergent evolution. Now we just need to see the other side of the coin: how alien is their behavior? For example, ‘aliens’ in Star Trek were often just abstractions of different elements in human culture. They didn’t have a truly alien mindset/culture. Hopefully SGU avoids that. Can’t wait.

  • Looks like a cross between an Asgard, Alien, and a Halo Covenant feel from it too.

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