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Watch the Stargate Universe Season Two trailer!

Saturday - July 24, 2010
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Syfy Channel unveiled its new trailer for the second season of Stargate Universe at Friday’s Comic-Con panel — and now it’s here for you to see, too!

Beware of some significant spoilers for the upcoming season, which starts September 28.

The trailer runs a little over two minutes, and reveals such things as:

  • Rush’s discovery of Destiny‘s bridge
  • Hallucinations of his late wife, Gloria
  • A stunning crash-landing
  • A stranded crew
  • A new relationship for Eli
  • Simeon, the new Lucian Alliance character played by Robert Knepper
  • The return of Amanda Perry (“Sabotage”)?
  • Colonel Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips), looking alive and well
  • What looks like the return of Dr. Caine, believed left behind on a planet in “Faith”
  • A disturbing transformation for Chloe

We hope to get a higher resolution copy from Syfy soon, so stay tuned! Learn more about Season Two in GateWorld’s episode guide.

(Thanks to Tanith for the tip!)

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. (More)

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  • I want SGU to get as many seasons as possible, but with the discovery of Destiny’s mission, the bridge and the ever “popular” character drama, I don’t see SGU getting another season after it’s second, which is a shame.

  • Billz I’m right there with you. I love this show and season two looks amazing but I too fear that it won’t go beyond season 2.

  • Very, very nice. And remember, the show will go on as long as ratings are high. :P

  • if S2 is going to be so great why do they need SGA actors to help the ratings?

  • The show is a copy cat of Battlestar Galactiga. I love SG1 and SGA, and now with no Col Shepperd on SGU-why watch-I’m sick of seeing no redeeming qualities in any of these terrible characters except maybe Eli-it’s depressing.

  • Definitely raises many questions. Looks like most of it is from the first half at least when the Lucian alliance is still on board. But I think it looks great. A lot of new things are coming up. Looks like Rush takes another step toward the edge. GO RUSH!

  • Some very interesting developments. Can’t wait till september

  • The itensity factor for Season 2 is going up 10 fold. I love it. Rush just gets more interesting. Bring on September! My only concern is that maybe this trailer gave away too much information….

  • Jdenns…really have you stepped outside. You need to have completly redeeming character qualities. I’m saying i dont know many people with that kind of stuff in real life.

  • That trailer gave me chills!! I can’t wait for season 2!! And I am going to be optimistic. I think there will be a season 3. Interviews with Robert Carlyle and Ming Na said they were hinting at the fact that there is going to be a season 3. I am not going to put my faith in that. I will believe it only when it is officially announced that SGU is picked up for season 3. But I am going to be optimistic and hope for a season 3.
    I am loving SGU so far and season 2 looks like it’s going to be great!

  • Whatever S2 is going to be, no matter who they bring back from SGA, it’s not going to save SGU from being canceled, the damage is already done.

  • @ jdenns

    It is not a copy. Only BSG Lovers can say such things^^ If SGU would have been come first you wouldn´t say this. The Art of these 2 shows are different.

  • Anyway i can´t wait till September. This Season will be si damn epic. I do hoping that we will get many more seasons.

  • Why do I get the feeling Eli’s new romance is going to end in tears? If like a comment said yesterday that this is the Lucian Alliance member he gets pally then there’s every chance it could all be a ruse. But that is circumstantial. I could be right off.

  • Great with Eli romance :)
    ‘Welcome to Destiny’ – Trailer looks good. Eli is cute – and he is a little mini McKay (or the writer puts McKay quotes in his mouth) Loved this: “Experience tells me this is a very good time to panic”

    The general quote was a bit… ah well typical American movie trailer quote “When you’ve been to the edge of existence, the only place left to go is further!” LOL

  • Brilliant cant wait now!!!!!!!

    Rush is great and just keeps getting darker and better!!!

  • The scene with Telford could be the episode “Twin Destinies”. Anyway, this trailer gets me excited. I don’t understand the people doubting the show will last for much longer.

    Star Trek Enterprise survived for FOUR seasons despite terrible ratings the whole way. That should be an absolute minimum for SGU. Besides, the only reason SGU had lower than expacted ratings the first season was because of the first half of the season.

  • @Spaceman-XIII: “if S2 is going to be so great why do they need SGA actors to help the ratings?”

    I knew someone would pull that card. Considering that the SGA characters are going to be in the second half of the season, more specifically episode 15 (“Seizure”), the show will have been picked up or dropped already. So, in reality, that argument isn’t sound, and is just a poor attempt to make the show look bad.

    But anyway, I was a bit let down by this trailer. MGM trailers had me more pumped. Considering Syfy’s trailers haven’t pleased me in the past, maybe it’s a bias that got in my way of enjoyment. Whatever the case is, I’m hopeful SGU season 2 will be great. Now, it would be awesome if MGM released their own trailer. That would make my day.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait! We might finally see what Rush’s ulterior motive is for getting to the 9 chevron address.

  • The TV-series is awesome, that’s beyond doubt and I’m hankering to check out the second season. There’re concerns the show might get cancelled after Season 2 wraps up, well, I’m growing a bit concerned too.oo many people, true Stargate fans as they call themselves, have turned their backs on the show by refusing to watch it which is extremely detrimental to the ratings. My message is a plea for all those who both adore the show and who still entertain certain doubts to give the 2nd season a try and keep watching it. Hopefully there’ll be seasons 3 and 4 but that all happens to be hinging on us watching SGU on a regular basis and should this show be pulled off air untimely, well, there might not be another StarGate to watch, so please keep this in mind. I’m really all worked up about Hewleet and Picardo putting in a guest appearance on the show, Atlantis is gone but the characters are still out there doing there thing (this one is intended for those mad at the producers of SGA over canceling it) and if SGU is gone after season 2 I’m pretty doubtful we’ll ever see any of them again and this will definitely result in the chances of them ever shooting StarGate:Extinction dwindling down to next to impossible. Dont get me wrong, I equally adore both SG1 and SGA, those are mingbogglingly amazing shows exemplary of good scy-fy and subtle and outstanding acting. SGU is also good in its own way. It just takes some getting used to, I think…so I call on all of you both liking and disliking the show to tune in on September 28 and support the ol’ SG franchise)))
    And remember if SGU gets dropped the curtain on this certainly might signify the demise of StarGate

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