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‘Aftermath’ continues SGU‘s ratings slide

Wednesday - October 6, 2010
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Ratings are in for the second episode of Stargate Universe, and the show continues to struggle to find its audience on Tuesday nights.

“Aftermath” drew an estimated 1.07 million viewers last night at 9 p.m. on Syfy, down 9 percent from its season premiere the previous week (1.175 million).  That’s according to sources at

But the premiere — “Intervention” — did quite well up in Canada last Friday, with a reported 16 percent increase over the June season finale for the SPACE network.  Since ratings in the U.S. and Canada tend to trend about the same for SGU, that’s a sign that viewers here haven’t abandoned Stargate but instead failed to track the change to Tuesday night (or they’re recording it and choosing another favorite Tuesday show to watch live).

SGU faces big network competition on its new night, including the live results show for Dancing With the Stars (16.7 million viewers this week) and NCIS: Los Angeles (16.15 million this week).

The first DVR numbers will shed more light on the story when they are available in about two weeks’ time.

This week is also Universe‘s first Tuesday with a lead-out show, with the mid-season premiere of Caprica.  The episode, titled “Unvanquished,” was watched live by 889,000 viewers.  (Syfy’s lead-in for the night is a repeat of the previous week’s episode of SGU.)

That’s a new series low for Caprica — which is also airing on Tuesdays for the first time — as well as its second trip below the 1 million mark.  Approximately 1.1 million watched the mid-season finale in March.

New episodes of Stargate Universe and Caprica continue next Tuesday starting at 9 p.m. E/P with an episode we’re very excited about, “Awakening.” If you don’t mind a few spoilers, learn more about it now in GateWorld’s Season Two episode guide!

And stay tuned to GateWorld all week long for our full coverage of “Aftermath!”  We have episode analysis, the summary and transcript, podcast, a high-res screencap gallery, and Omnipedia updates on the way.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. (More)

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  • Very disappointing. I live in Canada so I have to wait until Friday to see the episode, but I think Syfy should move SGU back to Fridays (and Caprica) if it wants both shows to survive. They really can’t handle the Tuesday night competition.

  • I have a feeling SGU season 2 will be it’s final season. Unless they completely revamp the way they write episodes and move it to another day/time (Fridays for example).

    Past couple of episodes have firmly estabilished my belief that SGU will henceforth be known as “Battlegate Voyager”. Those familar with the 3 aforementioned shows (BSG, Stargate, ST: Voyager), will understand why I view SGU like this.

  • Based on Canada’s succesful ratings, it seems that SGU would do better in its original Friday night time slots as opposed to this new arrangement. It seems cruicial that this change be reversed in order to ensure SGU’s continuance beyond its current season.

  • I’m shocked CAP and SGU had very good episodes I managed to catch them live and I wasn’t dissapointed, I wanna give a shout-out to peeps in canada keep tuning in we have an allied assault.

  • remember folks it’s only the few thousand people that have their viewing stats recorded. Also, no matter how good the episode that just aired is, it is a reflection of how well the previous episode did. The premier wasn’t fabulous, that is reflected in EP 2 ratings. Ep 2 was fabulous, so expect a jump in Ep 3 ratings

  • I’ve watched every episode of every show, and as much as I’ve loved the previous incarnations, SGU is such a step up. While the humor was great on the previous versions, everything was so cookie cutter, from the music to the effects to the way it was shot. The performances got me through a lot of cheeseball stories. I feel like, now, it’s become more of a grown up show. Yes, it has taken some things from Battlestar, but only the good. The sexuality isn’t as heavy, the morality tales aren’t as preachy. Politics is avoided (other than that of the personal variety). It has also kept much of the good from the original series, the sense of exploration of the vast unwelcoming universe.

    It is unfortunate that they moved it from Friday night, I just hope the DVR viewership stays high.

  • By they way, I for one am grateful for the desert scene. I was getting tire of every planet in they universe looking like Vancouver.

  • Perhaps they will have time to wrap up the story by the end of Season 2. Most shows don’t get that.

  • LOL!, way to shift the focus over with the “But enough about me, Have you heard how badly Caprica is Doing?” All this talk about Re-vamping, re-thinking, re-designing SGU.. How about Re-turning back to Atlantis, where They had obviously better ratings, and kept the Fandom together? Willing to bet good money that if the same effort is put forth, The fans will come back in droves, possibly even approaching the now Purely Mythical 1.6Mil + 1.6mil viewers.

  • Overmind One

    Well, for the first time ever, I actually posted a decent review for an episode of SGU at “that other site”. I was fair and I actually liked it! But I also knew that the ratings would only uptick a bit, or follow the established pattern of the downward trend from season 1.0 and 1.5

    Its obvious that TPTB have made some changes which improved this episode enough to keep me engaged in the story. It was dark, gritty and the special effects were great. But the trampling of the canon, the BSG-like “manifestations” of Rush’s wife and Franklin, the mystical babblings of TJ and others…its too BSG. Baltar/Caprica 6 with a twist. And of course, there is the baggage of season 1 that this show is carrying, which is not a good thing.

    But MANY of us fans saw this coming and can see whats coming. I just hope that TPTB are learning something about pissing off the fandom that elevated them to positions of power over the past 15 years. Forget about the cancellation of Atlantis, lets just concentrate on the “loooooong haul” rant, the “V will be another letter in the alphabet” rant, and the lies tossed about regarding “those angry Atlantis fans”. Its not just Atlantis fans, its SG-1 fans who became Atlantis fans. Is anyone getting it? SG-1 and SGA are Stargate shows. SGU is named Stargate but is an entirely different show in a different genre. It didnt help to imply that TPTB wanted to be so different from the other shows, yet had cameos from those shows and are planning more from Atlantis. This WILL NOT DRAW OLD FANS BACK. Concentrate on getting new fans.

    But why am I wasting keystrokes? Nobody is listening who can do anything about this so we have to watch it run its course. Unfortunately for SGU that course is a one way ticket to Cancellation Station.

    It could have been so much more.

  • This pisses me off so much! This proves that the ratings are innacurate. I mean come on. There were so many tweets related to SGU, so much media coverage. COME ON! If this show gets cancelled a part of my soul will be destroyed. I’ve never felt this way about a TV show before. I just really really don’t want it to go away. GOD.

  • As the old selling addage goes “Location, Location, Location.” Tuesday night is not a good night for this network during the fall. If Sci-Fi (I just can’t bring myself to type the other name) wants these shows to get viewers, it should go back to a working formula that happened in Season 8 of SG1. Can anyone say “Sci-Fi Fridays”. SGU @ 8/7CT followed by Sanctuary @ 9/8CT followed by Caprica @ 10/9CT. Why this network is the home of WWE Smackdown I’ll never understand.

  • Wish it was on Fridays night again… i watch both SGU and Caprica that night. drove from work to home. watch it live doing my part.

  • The worst ratings of the entire Stargate franchise! All SG1 and SGA episodes had more viewers.

  • As usual it is the people that get paid the most money to perform that end up pulling the whole thing apart with bad decisions.
    Those that run the marketing department at syfy channel should swallow their pride, admit they have stuffed up big time, and put the show back to a time slot that it can compete on.
    SGU is a good show, far better than most of the garbage that does get to run more seasons, and needs a better chance to survive than what it is currently being given.

  • The 2 episodes so far this season have been just excellent. I liked the first season, but this,so far, in my opinion, is a huge step up in several ways.

  • You mean their strategy of giving the viewers what they don’t want isn’t paying off?

  • SGU was the first Stargate show I watched and it was because of Hulu. I saw the movie in 94 and thought it was great, but SG-1 was just to cheesy for me. I have since gone and watched all of SG-1 and Atlantis on Hulu and Netflix, but I still like SGU the best. I really enjoyed both BSG and Voyager, so if the show harkens back to two shows that are no longer on, then I’m alright with that. They need to figure in Hulu viewers and they also need a better system for determining live viewer ship.

  • and tuesday is fine with me, I just DVR whatever else is on. Plus, I was never home on friday nights anyway.

  • Sadly I knew this would be the case. Ratings are so innacurate because only a handful of people actually count. I hate to say it but if this continues this could be the last season.

  • I live in Canada and am happy to know that the ratings increased and i think that the only reason syfy has low ratings is because of the Tuesday night…everybody seems to know that so why the hell wont syfy move it already??

  • If american audience dislike so much SGU, please give the show only for the rest of the world.
    It will survive easily…

  • They have only shown 2 episodes on Tuesdays, they are not going to move it again that quickly. People would really not be able to find it even if they wanted to.

    And what day would they move it to? The rest of the week is pretty booked.

  • Part of the problem, at least here in Southern California is that many of us with HDTVs refuse to watch shows in Standard Def and SGU airs at 8pm on SyFy HD.. this puts it against the highest rated show, NCIS, which I am a huge fan of. Why they would put SGU against this show is incredible to me… SyFy HD needs to adjust their schedule so that it’s in sync with their SD channel OR move it back to Friday which was PERFECT!

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