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SGU writers hoping for movies

Friday - March 4, 2011
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As we told you back in January, Stargate Universe co-creator Brad Wright is working hard at finding a way to finish the story of Destiny and her reluctant crew (story).  He’s been in talks with MGM about continuing the story in some form, though all the major players have been pretty quiet about those discussions behind closed doors.  So where do things stand today?

Fortunately, SGU fans have executive producer Joseph Mallozzi’s blog to let us know that those conversations are still progressing.  He revealed last month that the door was pretty much closed on a third season someplace other than Syfy Channel.  That doesn’t leave a lot of other possibilities: a wrap-up movie, a series of movies, a mini-series, online webisodes, or cocktail napkin doodles posted on YouTube with the producers doing all the character voices, augmented with special effects from Mark Savela.

This week Mallozzi helped clarify the picture a bit, while fans continue to wait for some announcement from the studio.

“Hopefully, by the time [the season finale, ‘Gauntlet’] airs, we’ll have definite word on a potential movie or two,” he said.

“If it’s a go and fans can look forward to a proper end to Destiny‘s mission, then ‘Gauntlet’ will certainly set the stage for a grand conclusion.  If, on the other hand, things don’t pan out and ‘Gauntlet’ does turn out to be the bittersweet finale, fans will be thrilled, touched, heartbroken — and left to wonder what could have been.”

Let’s hope for the former.

The studio has had past success with the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Continuum, two SG-1 movies that followed the show’s cancellation.  The home media market has changed radically since those two were shot in 2007 and released in 2008.  MGM may be crunching the numbers to see if it can give a potential series of SGU films a decent budget and still turn a profit from the combination of media sales, online digital downloads, TV broadcast licensing, and the many international markets where Stargate is popular.

Wright and his team have certainly demonstrated over the years that they have the ability to make a modest production budget look like a feature film on the small screen.  And in our humble opinion, MGM will need to commit to paying off this story — and make at least one Atlantis film — to keep Stargate‘s existing fan base and win back some disenfranchised viewers.

Stargate Universe returns with its final 10 episodes on Syfy next Monday, March 7 at 10 p.m. (E/P)!  That’s a new day and a new time, so set your Tivo and mark your calendar.

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  • This sucks. I mean, I’m hopeful we get ANYTHING, but there is NO WAY that this story could be summarized in 1 or 2 movies. Terrible. We can’t find ANY network willing to at least give it like a 6 or 7 part mini-series AND THEN a movie??


  • I guess they could build on the idea you brought up in a podcast, that the destiny and seed ships have basically reached the vicinity of their destination and were waiting for the crew. Rather then us just getting lucky. Could be why the ships AI is ‘working’ them so hard to get them up to speed. Really hope this comes to pass, would preorder on Amazon now!

  • Great. Let’s charge forward and make a “movie or two” about a show, story and characters that barely made 1.5 seasons before it was canned for bad ratings. And lets just flush a movie for a show that was still going strong after 5 seasons, or the movie for a show that ran for 10. Yeah. This makes perfect sense. :/

  • Why do I keep coming here after getting these “tweets” and get excited? SG(whatever) is dead. Thanks to the writers, enough said

  • Someone has said in one of these comment threads that the guilt for things with SGU ending and turning out the way it did wasn’t only on SyFy but on showrunners as well.And I tend to agree.They must have known due to “fantastic” ratings that there was a “quite” strong possibility of the show being canned and this being the last season.And they still refused to take notice of that,and/or count that in.So the fact that they still refused to make,at least a contingency plan,just in case they don’t get renewed for another season and make an alter-ending with the other,alter one being the series ending,closing up the story..tells me something.And what it tells me isn’t anything good about them.

  • @ipfnd i tend to agree, i just wanted to say if there is going to be any movie made it better be SG-1

  • Be nice if BW tried harder to get an Atlantis and Sg1 movie made. Better yet a 6th season to Atlantis. Though the chance of that happening is 0% unfortunately. :-( A fitting end to SGU is the Destiny crashing into a star.

  • this is so NOT what i wanted to hear, they still don’t get it, we want to see SGA/SG-1 movies not an SGU angry right now, all they care about is their precious SGU. I for one will not watch the movie if they ever make it.

  • SGU movie would be perfect. Can’t wait to see it with extinction and revolution…… so how many more years are we going to have to wait?

  • @kellx Probably till direct to home hologram market becomes really profitable.

  • To tHose saying an sg1 and a sga movie should happen are crazy!! Sg1 had 2 great movies and I agree sga needs 1 but sga had a nice run but what story is thereto close on? Sga had no story after season 1.5. I agree enemy at the gates was super rushed and a better ending should happen but in reallity there is now real ending to sga.sgu has a specific story that has a beginning and a conclusion and it’s that story that should get a movie first.

    Also for those sayingsgu characters weregarbage plz! Other than shep McKay and Lorne the characters on sga were terrible.

  • So the series ending that they said they might possibly be able to finish up in one more season, they’re hoping for a movie or two to tell? Have we ever been told the truth about anything with SGU?

    I’m hoping it doesn’t happen. Stargate needs to die for now so that the buildup for a reboot can begin. Mallozzi has all but said that he didn’t agree with the direction that Wright took things in his blog (he’s jumping at the chance to work on a fast-paced action-adventure comedy…ironically not another slow, character driven drama..) and Cooper was smart enough to leave earlier.

    All of the blame for the troubles that came to the Stargate franchise begins and ends with Brad Wright. It’s not the SGA/SG1 fans’ fault. It’s not the SGU fans’ fault. It’s Brad Wright’s fault. The SGA/SG1 fans and SGU fans have been like two teenage girls fighting over a guy who’s just sitting back and enjoying the it. Blame the guy. Blame Brad Wright.

  • Well said Mythos! I always focus my anger to him. He destroyed stargate!

  • Brad Wright should be thanked for the many great years of Stargate. Yes, SGU did not work out but to be so unkind towards the man who brought us Stargate for so many years is very short sided. There would be no Stargate without him!

    I would love to see them wrap up the franchise with a movie from SG1, SGA, and SGU. But to be honest, SG1 and SGA are far more bankable than SGU.

  • As someone who dislikes SGU, I would still say an SGU movie *IS* higher priority than another SG-1 one, or even one for my beloved Atlantis. Simply because they need to finish the story.

    Atlantis really bleeds for a good movie, but the series had a proper finale. You don’t want to leave a series hanging on a cliffhangar if you can help it.

    Hopefully, they’ll push for the SGU movie enough to get it, and maybe it’ll even be profitable enough for MGM to bring the Atlantis one out.

  • It’s just more hype. What are the odds they would ever green-light a movie to a show that bombed, when they wouldn’t even green-light a movie to their previous show that was successful and actually had viewers? If anything came of this, I’d be shocked. And appalled.

  • it wont happen, and these actors dont seem attached to stargate so much to keep them from being busy with something else. Sorry just cant see this ever happening. if it was hard to get a SG-1 and SGA movie than can you imagine how hard it must be to convince whoever to make a SGU movie?? sheeesh!

  • Tekrelm lol didnt read your comment until now, i said the same thing.

    I also agree with Jim, what TPTB piss me off how they choose to end this season with a cliffhanger, knowing they have bad odds of getting picked up for a third season. They did this to blackmail the network with it, which is silly.

  • Jauh0

    BW from wikipedia: “And the fact that some of the fans that liked SG-1 and Atlantis were so angry that they have deliberately hurt us, which is unfortunate.” I don’t think I even have to comment on that.

  • It’s funny. I loved SG-1, was bored quickly with SGA, and really got addicted and… absorbed… by SGU. There were some powerful episodes and moments. I so wish we could have a third season, and its cancellation has about finished SyFy for me. So I’d love to see an SGU movie – or any SG film they can get on a screen.

  • @sixampfuze: But SGA was ended specifically to make movies, not because of bad ratings, and SyFy already owns the airing rights for one movie. SGU simply bombed and SyFy canceled it. That’s a big difference.

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