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Announcing the Stargate Rewatch at GateWorld!

Tuesday - May 10, 2011

Chevron 1 – Encoded …

We’re going back through the gate! This week we’re thrilled to announce plans for the Stargate Rewatch, GateWorld’s plan to celebrate 17 seasons of Stargate through the rest of 2011 and 2012.  We want you to be a part of it!

Here’s the plan in a nutshell: Starting on August 1, we’re devoting one full month to each season of the Stargate franchise, encouraging fans all over the world to rewatch every episode of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe.  It works out to about five episodes per week, so you can enjoy one episode every evening with your family, or sit down over the weekend for a marathon!

The more hardcore among us may watch episodes quite a bit faster, but this seems to be a good pace for most of us with a few spare hours to pop in a DVD during the week.

Whichever series or character is your favorite, let’s come together to celebrate a decade and a half of our favorite shows. The important part is to think of the Rewatch as a worldwide community event. Here’s what you can do while you are rewatching each of the series:

  • Facebook & Twitter. Use the hashtag #SGRewatch and post about what you are watching this week! (Be sure to follow @GateWorld and Like Us on Facebook for updates.)
  • Have a Blog? Post reviews of your favorite (and least favorite) episodes, track the growth of your favorite character, use your fanfic skills to fill in those missing scenes, or anything else you can come up with! Send us a link to what you are doing and we’ll post links to the best, most creative interactions with the rewatch.
  • GateWorld Forum! We have official discussion threads for every episode, which we’ll be bringing up and encouraging you to use again as you rewatch the series.

On GateWorld, we’ll be supporting the Rewatch program every week with special features, podcasts, and more.  We’re open to your ideas here, but so far we have these on the list:

  • Week 1 of each month:  We’ll kick things off by re-introducing you to the season of the month, with behind-the-scenes factoids, links to relevant interviews, podcasts, galleries, and more on the site, and a call for you to nominate your favorite episode, favorite character moments, etc.
  • Week 2: The polls go up!  Vote for your favorites from that season.  We’ll also release an exclusive audio commentary on an episode selected by your GateWorld podcasters. Just press play on your iPod or PC when the episode starts, and we’ll watch along with you!
  • Week 3: Other season-specific special features — suggestions welcome!
  • Week 4: We’ll announce the final poll results as readers pick their favorite episode and character moments from the season.  And (if all goes according to plan) we’ll have a second audio commentary ready to go for the episode that you’ve selected as the best of the season!

We’ll be rewatching ten seasons of SG-1, five seasons of Atlantis, and two seasons of SGU in that order.  (No confusing overlapping of SG-1 and Atlantis, as they originally aired.)  That’s an amazing 354 episodes of great science fiction.

The goal is not just to give you an excuse to get some mileage out of your DVD collection, but to rewatch 17 seasons of Stargate together, on the same schedule, as a community of fans from around the world.

We hope this project, nearly a year and a half long, will be great for long-time fans ready to enjoy the entire Stargate story all over again, and also from newcomers who haven’t seen every series or every episode.  We hope that you’ll join us for the Stargate Rewatch through the rest of 2011 and all of 2012, finishing up 17 seasons of Stargate at the end of next year!

Bookmark for the full plan and future updates on the Stargate Rewatch.

Are you ready to rewatch the entire Stargate saga? Post below and let us know you are on board!

GateWorld has been bringing you Stargate news and features since 1999. (More)

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  • 1st :)
    So are we starting with the original Children of the Gods or Final Cut?

  • I only have the Atlantis DVDs but I’ll find a place online (legal of course) to watch the SG1 eps, and I’m in too!

  • I am in! Thanks for helping to take the sting out of the current franchise limbo.

  • Luckily I have a month to get each DVD! haha

    I’ll definitely be joining in. A great idea. And a good way to spend time till the next SG series (I’m way too optimistic after that finale.)

  • Darren/David/GateWorld Crew. This is a fantastic tribute to the show! I am truly excited with this idea and look forward to following the series from year 1 and listening to your podcasts. Finally, I am very VERY pleased that you guys are flying the SG flag for the future!

  • AWESOME idea,I’ve been planning on rewatching everything for a while now,so this definitely will get me started!I’m in and will spread the word!!
    I would also like If you would comment,if only shortly on each of the 5 episodes for each week on your podcast,not just on behind the scenes stuff,cause as I’ve understood,you’ll be rewatching the whole thing too!And you’ve never had podcast ep.analysis for those,except for the 5th Atlantis season and the overyall season by season thing of the rest of stargate.I just think it’d be cool if you two and possibly some guests,as well got involved with the particular episodes toether with the rest of us!

  • Consider me already signed up! I do this anyway all the time. I have to have my daily fix of Stargate. Whether it be in show or book form I gotta have it. I can’t seem to stick to doing it in order though I keep jumping around so I accept the challenge to do it from beginning to end. I love em all!

  • After we finish the episode stuff,we could do the books as well..that’s how you keep the franchise alive!

  • I’m in, very good idea Gateworld! And perhaps syfy will notice that Stargate is anything but dead.
    Long live Stargate!

  • Sounds Awesome! Count me in. I started watching SG-1 from the beginning last October and am now to Episode 117 of Atlantis Season 1. Let’s see if I can start all over by August 1.

  • I’m on SGA season 5 of my own Stargate rewatch that has taken years to hit this point due to lack of time. Hopefully I’ll be done by August but I’ll probably rewatch some of the better episodes as things hit those points.

  • Yeah sounds great! Look forward to it. Hopefully this will show TPTB there is there is still a strong fan interest in Stargate. Great idea Gateworld. :)

  • Fantastic, we’ve got the lot on dvd, going to start watching the lot again starting with the move Stargate, got to do that before SG-1.

  • I’ll be rewatching the two Sg-1 movies as well, ark of truth after sg-1, and continuum after atlantis. So a movie between each series.

    Also Stargate(1994) at the end of July.

  • I’ve done this a couple of times (watched a DVD in a day) and went through two DVD players in the process, lol.

    It’s a lot of fun to do, but I don’t know if I’m up to doing it again at present.

  • sounds great. might start on the 31st and enjoy a night of Spader and Russell

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