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Sanctuary‘s ratings head back down

Wednesday - May 25, 2011
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After a slight boost in live viewership in its first post-Stargate airing last week (story), Sanctuary headed back south in the ratings on Monday.  “Normandy” drew an estimated 656,000 viewers to Syfy Channel (Live + Same Day), according to TVBytheNumbers.

The seventeenth episode of the show’s third season drew a 0.2 rating in the Adults 18-49 demographic, down a tenth from last week.

This is a painful drop of nearly 20 percent in viewers, and the least-watched episode in series history.

The show wasn’t competing with Dancing With the Stars‘s monster, 22-million viewer win for the final performance show on ABC (8 p.m.).   Instead, its biggest network competition at 10 p.m. was the second hour of The Bachelorette, which turned in an average of 9 million viewers from 9 to 11 p.m.  But it is NBA playoff season: the Mavericks/Thunder game on Monday night drew 7.41 million viewers to ESPN, leading all of cable for the night.

EPISODE (air date) VIEWERS (million) CHANGE
Pax Romana (Apr. 15) 1.217
Hangover (Apr. 22) 1.424 + 17%
Move to Monday
One Night (Apr. 25) 0.868 – 39%
Metamorphosis (May 2) 0.838 – 3%
Wingman (May 9) 0.756 – 10%
Awakening (May 16) 0.815 + 8%
Normandy (May 23) 0.656 – 20%

WWE Smackdown led the cable ratings last Friday, May 23, with 2.889 million viewers over two hours.

This led into another installment of Urban Legends, which rebounded almost 30 percent to 1.236 million viewers. Though it bested former Friday time slot occupant Sanctuary by 88 percent this week, Urban Legends only managed a 0.3 rating — one tenth of a point higher in the key demographic.

Three episodes remain for Sanctuary‘s third season, airing Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy. “Carentan” will air on June 6, following a break in new episodes for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The show is currently in production on Season Four, which is expected to bow in the fall — hopefully back on Friday nights.

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  • i hope syfy moves the show back to friday. (((sanctuary)))

  • Gotta say that I loved this episode. My favorite episode this season so far (last week’s was good too though) very well-done, almost felt like watching an episode of Band of Brothers, rather than that terrible episode of Star Trek Enterprise where Archer went back in time to WWII. Loved the whole look/feel of the ep and from the title of next week’s episode I have a feeling that we might get another period piece.

    I think what we have to take from this is instead of looking at ratings on a week-to-week basis we should look at an overall season basis to get an average. You can’t judge a show’s overall viewer based on weekly ratings only, because people aren’t always going to be able to watch live or remember that its on (I forgot actually lol, with season and series finales going on I forget Sanctuary still has a few episodes).

    I am, however, disappointed with Sanctuary’s first 20-episode season. I expected more cohesiveness and a more connected plot, instead we still get random episodes with a bit of an overall plot, but the once an episode dealing with the season’s main plot is over, that’s about all you hear about it until the next big episode.

  • kook916


  • Well I think we can say for certain, Syfy experiment of showing original material on Mondays have been a complete and utter flop. An there no hiding from this one. Even SGU did consistently better in this time slot than Sanctuary is doing. Syfy need to change there strategy and some new management at the top. An I think us fans need to keep applying pressure to Syfy management.

  • Only Idiots get things wrong twice. First with Universe than Sanctuary now, can’t they see that the only thing they are doing is hurting the show? Even when and if Sanctuary gets back into Friday, it will certainly loose credibility with those that pay to announce adds in the intervals of the shows.

  • Well I think we can say for certain, the Syfy experiment of showing original material on Mondays has been a complete and utter failure. And there’s no hiding from this one. Even SGU did consistently better in this time slot than Sanctuary is doing. Syfy needs to change their strategy and try some new management at the top. And I think we fans need to keep applying pressure on the Syfy management.

  • syfy needs to make room for moved stuff from other comcast / nbc networks and next year round 1 of the NHL.

  • Welcome to trying to run a genre show against monsters like Dancing With the Stars… SyFy really needs to write off this experiment with moving genre shows to the fall and trying to compete with long-established shows with a massive audience appeal as a bad idea and move the genre shows back to summer/winter where they will do wonderfully… Anyone want to start a petition to bring back a 5-hour block of SciFi Friday with Warehouse 13, Eureka, Sanctuary, Blood and Chrome and a new Stargate show?

  • Ekras

    Jeffknight- they have already emphaticly said “no way in hell, to ANY of that… they are now blocking people on Facebook and Twitter asking for them to bring stuff back, and told their fans to go “bugger off” – theres a reason for the boycott that goes far beyond them hurting shows like this.

  • please move this back to fridays take off the wrestling put it on another night.

  • Great just great, syfy is killing another show with this monday experiment! OR the Boycott of syfy is being followed through with action from fans .

    BOYCOTT syfy

  • kook916

    I had an idea earlier that i know is unrelated to this article but, if an sgu movie isnot going to happen what about a SG-ALL STARS movie that could include sg1 and a few from atlantis rescuing the sgu crew therefore killing 3 birds with one stone 1.SGU conclusion 2. SG1 movie 3. Atlantis movie all in one shot. saving mgm money and pleasing fans.

  • I think this proves someone needs to get fired at Syfy.

    With both SGU and Caprica i think they had shows that could have been very profitable for the network. Maybe not wrestling profitable, but could have turned a profit and made great television.

    Instead they decided to try scheduling decisions that easily killed both shows. Now i don’t think either show was ever going to be more then a niche hit. I doubt they would have even gotten to BSG levels of popularity. But they would have turned a nice little profit and made the core SciFi audience happy so that when that major crossover hit finally did come to Syfy, all the geeks would be there to sign it’s praises. Now none of us have any faith in Syfy and will likely be hesitant to give any of there shows a chance in the future. Personally i am already planning to skip BSG:Blood and Chrome and just wait until it hits netflix.

  • @kook916: the SGU movie idea the producers were working on was an “all-stars” movie. MGM has stated they don’t want to do anything more with Stargate, and would rather make money off of Bond 23 and their Viking show.

  • kook916, Jeffknight, ekras all have valid points. with all shows taking a dive in the ratings hopefully SYFI will re-analyze their cancellation decision of SGU. Additionally, having the entire library streaming on SYFI’s webcite, (while charging a low-cost membership to help fund the shows); supplimented by non-skipable advertisments (If we want our shows, it’s a give and take) would boost ratings, revenue, and increase the accuracy of the ‘ratings’ survey by including DVR’s, Live internet Streaming, and post-air streaming on SYFI’s webcite.

    Last, one inprovement for gateworld’s IT and moderators would be to add a function to comment on others’ post’s.

  • Seeing those low ratings only fuels my frustration for Syfy, and breaks my heart for the show. I’m disgusted that Syfy would do that to Sanctuary, how they’d ruin the show, only to help another show that did way worse. Syfy is not only hurting the shows reputation, but the cast and crew, and us fans. I hope Syfy knows what they did was wrong, and I hope they move the show back home in S4, or else there will be no S5.

    What Syfy is doing is beyond insulting and disgusting. Amanda came off at GttS as not to impressed that Syfy had the Sanctuary theme cut a bit for the US audience. I wouldn’t be surprised if she also isn’t happy about this. Syfy is killing not only the show, but what sci-fi means/is. Sanctuary was doing well, no problem o Fri, and 5 eps on Mon, and it crashes. This is not the shows fault, but Syfy. Unless they want another fan uproar on their hands, like they did with Caprica and SGU, they’d better put Sanctuary back on Fri, in it’s normal time slot.

    I DO NOT believe that Sanctuary would still be doing this bad if they were still on Fri, not one bit. In S1, they had SGA as their lead-in, in S2, they had SGU, and for the first half of S3, they had WWE, and for a couple of episodes in S3.5 and they always got good ratings, regardless of the lead-in.

    Then 5 eps on Mon, and it goes down hard. The Mon night slot is the problem here, and Syfy should have known that with what was happening with UL. I have no doubt ratings for the last 5 eps would have been much better had they stayed on Fri, a night the show must return to.

  • I don’t think its the Monday/Tuesday night slot so much as its the Monday/Tuesday night slot in the fall/spring. I bet if they aired it on mon. or tues. in the summer/winter the story would be different.

  • Perhaps Stargate fans have more of an influence than we thought? Are we stopping our Syfy tune in and causing their ratings to go down? If so, GOOD!

  • Syfy just wan’t to kill things all stargate related, boo to syfy.

  • Sanctuary is probably costing them too much in comparison with reality shows and the freshman spooky dramas they have been going with to cash in on the Twilight craze…Monday seems to be the scuttle day for SyFy shows.

    Sanctuary never did it for me, but for the fans of the show I hope you get your wish of more seasons.

  • SyFy Channel is dying a slow painful death, and it’s all their own fault.
    The likely out come of this will be that no one at all will approach them to air their shows.

  • Boycotting SYFY will not show them it will just make you lose all of your show never to return. So what can you do support your show so that way when they get cancel another network will pick them up. What cancel SGU is that it cost to much to make that is one of the main reason Syfy never pick up Firefly when it was offered to them. If SGU did not cost so much they would have renew it looking at the rating. I think the reason they put Sanctuary on Monday was to get a feel of what might happen when Alphas comes on at that time slot.

    What I think will end up happen in the future is they will be tired of dealing with Sci fi fans and so first they will become 100% reality TV then they will change over to another genre of TV. When that happens we are the losers because no other network will want the hastle of dealing with Sci fi fans. messing up their network.

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