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SG-1 movie would have revealed the Stargate

Sunday - May 15, 2011
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The third Stargate SG-1 movie would have finally revealed the top-secret Stargate program to the world, Stargate executive producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog this week.

“This subject (the revelation and its many implications) would have formed the plot for the planned SG-1 movie, Stargate: Revolution,” Mallozzi said.

Written with the working title Stargate: Revolution, the movie was to heavily feature Richard Dean Anderson’s character Jack O’Neill.

The script was written by Brad Wright and Carl Binder, and of the possible Stargate projects bandied about over the past three years it came the closest to seeing the light of day.  Wright was very confident in an April 2009 interview with GateWorld that they would be filming in the fall, and also said as much during his stage appearance at the official Stargate convention in Vancouver that month.

“I had a story idea that really worked with O’Neill,” Wright said. “And it’s not just his character, by any means. It’s a Stargate story that brings O’Neill back in a big way.”

Anderson confirmed on his Web site sooner thereafter that MGM had indicated its plans to go ahead with the movie.  But when the DVD market continued to soften and the studio fell further into debt, plans were again put on hold.

Wright had previously told GateWorld that revealing the Stargate to the general public would be a major event in the fictional world and for the franchise — certainly a “revolution” — and was big enough that he wanted to reserve it for a movie.  It was an idea that the writers enjoyed toying with in the television series, including the alternate-timeline episode “2010.” In that episode, Earth’s Stargate was kept in a public “space terminal” and available to the public for travel to other, allied worlds.

In an alternate future, the Stargate is a public transit service. From ''2010''

Mallozzi said that, even after those shows’ sets were taken down and key pieces auctioned off, he still held out hope that Revolution and the Atlantis movie (titled Stargate: Extinction) might still be made.  (Wright announced last month that both were effectively shelved for good.)

“I still held out hope for both movies because, in the case of Stargate: Revolution, the lionshare of the action would have been off-world and ship-based while, in the case of Stargate: Extinction, although there was some action on Atlantis itself (eminently achievable through the magic of VFX), much of the story takes place on Earth and off-world,” he explained.

Mallozzi will give his blog readers new insights into the story of Extinction (which he co-wrote with Paul Mullie) next week.

MGM owns the completed scripts for both movies.  At this point, there is no indication from the studio as to whether fans might eventually see these stories in the form of a novel, comic book, or in another medium.  Keep your browser locked on GateWorld for the latest!

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  • I’m glad that this movie is cancelled. I hate to see the entire project revealed to the world.

  • It’s really disheartening to “REALLY” see the producers give up on the movies and show; and the decision to give away the plot lines just sets this reality in stone. This movie should have been made. “REALLY MAD” right now!! In fact, just ruined my day!

  • Hmmmm, don’t know what to think about this. As much as I’d love to see RDA back in action again, I’m REALLY not keen on the idea of the program being made public.

  • I’m actually really surprised that they would have somehow revealed the gate to the general population. We have to remember that there have been more then a couple times in the last few years of SG1, SGA, and SGU that the Stargate program could have easily been found out: Lost City, Ex Daus Machina, Enemy at the Gate, and most recently, Alliances.

  • lalo

    How about a letter campaign to get this shot? Or even a DVD pledge/preorder campaign? I’d certainly buy it.

  • I actually called it on this plot. Way back when there was information regarding political intrigue and a problem “which has plagued the Stargate program since its inception”, I figured that the one thing that best fit that description was the fact of hiding the Stargate from the public and the fact that characters always told themselves that “eventually” it would be revealed.

    Looks like I was right… too bad we won’t actually get to see it. At the very least not any time soon.

  • Still makes for a great plot for if and when a new SG series starts. It should be set a few hundred years in the future. Not some Star Trek Utopia, but the world has gone to sh*t. Maybe Stargate technology is abused and portals to other dimensions are opened. Thus ushering in two hundred years of chaos and war…much like the table top game RIFT :)

    Then again, if SGU was too dark and not family friendly then that wont fly with most people :P

  • @lee_machine part of the magic and beauty of Stargate is that it takes place in the here and now. At least SGU kept that part, if they made it be 100 years later it would lose that aspect and it would be less like Stargate then SGU was.

  • I wonder what would’ve been the motivation for revelation. Were they under attack, as they were in The Road Not Taken and Continuum? Or, with all of Earth’s enemies defeated, did they decide the time was right for revelation? I guess now we’ll never know.

  • I’m actually kind of glad this didn’t get made. I think the covert nature of the Stargate program is a huge part of the mythology, and while it could make for an interesting story, I think it would irreparably damage the franchise.

  • @Sealurk

    I agree, while it’s nice to think about. To have it permanent would cause too much to change. I like that Stargate is in the here and now.

    If it went public, then there’s nothing stopping the outpouring of technology OR war with other countries that feel threaten.

    I mean in the here and now, the revelation of the Stargate could cause deep resentment and further attacks on the SGC. Which is good for story-telling, but grounds the story too much on Earth and not on using the Stargate.

  • Too be perfectly honest, I’m super curious to see how it would have played out. I like the idea for Revolution way better than some of the possible scenarios for SGU’s continuity(also revealed in the same blog post from Joe Malozzi).

    I still have hope that the movies will be made. Stargate is essentially MGM’s flagship TV franchise. The only reason they were shelved is cuz of their financial issues. The next Bond movie was green lighted after it also had been shelved at around the same time, due to the bankruptcy. It wasn’t approved until MGM received a bail out and they were sure they could fund it.

    Who knows… 3 years down the line, after 007 has made blockbuster millions in revenue, we just might Stargate return full throttle. Well, I know all of us are dreaming along those lines.

  • I’m glad it was never made then. Having said that though, Revolutions was supposed to be set before SGU, so there was probably a reset in there anyway.

  • I always figured this would happen eventually, and maybe be the basis of a new Stargate series. Wasn’t Revolution supposed to occur prior to SGU though?

  • I’d really like them to release the scripts so we can read it ourselves and do our best to pretend they made movie by visualizing the action.

  • @Jenks

    Revolutions initially was set before SGU but after the delay they changed a few things to keep it at present time. I don’t think there was a reset, SGU was supposed to have “ended” the franchise anyway and brought closure to all three shows so knowing that, its more likely to assume that Revolution wouldve showed us the “earth” events and issues that happened at the same time as the Destiny mission. If Destiny crew returns back home, they would come back greeted as heroes by the whole world. Thats just speculation but I think thats what they probably were aiming for.

    Im a little ambivalent about the stargate being public, it would definitly ruin the franchises appeal, on the other hand it wouldve opened up more storylines to explore that couldve revived the franchise. after all, every franchise needs a revolution at some point.

  • well what better way to end the franchise than with a movie showing the revealing of the stargate to the general public.
    i really hate that stargate was canceled.
    After it lasted a cumilitive 17 seasons and 2 movies, i hope they get to finish their story through a book or comic series.
    i just wish the fan were as supportive as they were when it came to Atlantis. it really is a shame to see it finally go.

  • I would have thought that the all star movie was going to be the one when the Stargate is revealed, because that is the ultimate ending to the franchise. Can you just imagine what would happen if the Stargate program have been revealed? The economy, everything would be revolutionized! I would hope that even though these movies or all shelved “permanetly” that they still in some way could make it to production in some time. I’m still optimistic that the franchise will rise up again. Also what happened to the money they made from auctioning stuff off? Surely that money could be used to remake the props for new movies. Brad Wright said the window has closed. Well, the cast and crew is all still alive, and we have time. It’s time they should re open the window and make time to get it done! If dvd sales are low, then release half the normal amount of dvd’s/blu ray and put the movie up on itunes. The facts are there that people will buy

  • I feel that MGM betrayed us more than anybody else, even SyFy here. SyFy may have canceled SGU but it was MGM who kept on promising us “games, movies and a bright future for the Stargate franchise.” Instead we got nothing from them. Absolutely nothing. Everything they were promised was shelved.

    I always go “wtf?” when they say “there’s no DVD market for a Stargate movie” YES THERE IS! EVERY fan I talk to and I mean EVERY fan both online and off is always asking me “what about the movies? what about the movies?” EVERY fan wants to see them made and I’m sure EVERY fan would have supported it! This isn’t some Disney movie. This isn’t just a DVD release of an existing movie. This is brand new material that we get to see! I bet every fan who bought Continuum and The Ark of Truth and Children of the Gods SE would have bought these films!

    Maybe they can get it done through Netflix, but every time I see stuff like this it just makes me shake my head at the mismanagment of SGU by SyFy and of the Stargate franchise by MGM itself.

  • Looks like I’m in minority here, but I love this idea and I would love to see this movie made. Now that I know it was supposed to be about the revelation of Stargate I’m even sadder that it’s been shelved. I want to see it, darn it!

    For me it’s obvious that any story about revealing Stargate to Earth population would need to feature heaviy original SG-1 team (and Jonas, please) and especially Jack O’Neill. He’s essential for such plot and I’m very happy to hear that BW knows that.

    Here’s hoping that the movie will get made at some point, with RDA, AT, CJ and MS all present. CN too, if I have my way ;)

  • How strange that I made a comment about this sort of thing the other day

    “I wonder if there was any plans to have a 4th spin off, not so much about gate travel (although could of been a feature at some point)

    Its just with all the references to Homeworld Command, to me it sounded like they were plugging something..

    Maybe it’s something they could to combine all three series in the future, why does it always have to be set in one area of the universe, use all 3… Maybe even announce to the world about the program, would be very interesting to see the struggles after that, whether there’d be uproar or even acceptance, people using it every day like the ep with The Ashen..”

    Looks like my feeling was right in a way

  • The way I always felt it to be cool to go is make the movies like the Star Trek novels. In the Trek novels, you have your DS9 and your TNG, your Voy, etc. but its all one Universe so events and characters cross over all the time.

  • Ekras

    Wow…. I can understand why this one was shelved – that would have destroyed the entire SG mythos, and mandated a reboot if we ever wanted to see it on the small screen again. Good call MGM.

  • @ace_love I actually agree with you that a 4th show could have been based out of homeworld command and been amazing. They could have featured SGC, Atlantis, Destiny, Carter on the USS Hammond, and even some of our other off world bases, even the jaffa nation would be good to see every now and then.

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