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Atlantis producer reveals more Stargate: Extinction movie details

Tuesday - July 26, 2011
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Just how would that Stargate Atlantis movie have played out?  Writer and executive producer Joseph Mallozzi described the script’s opening scenes to readers on his blog a few months ago (story).  Now he’s offered up a few more details on the storyline that would have taken the city of the Ancients back to the Pegasus Galaxy.

Mallozzi previously revealed that Stargate: Extinction would have opened with Atlantis relocated from its landing site in the San Francisco Bay (“Enemy At the Gate”) to the far side of the Moon, away from prying eyes.  But the Ancients programmed an automated self-destruct should the city ever be taken out of Pegasus — which activates, prompting the team to fire up the stardrive and make a mad dash home.

“It’s time to get the band back together,” Mallozzi continued, “and we check in with our various team members as they are called up and beamed away for the return journey: Teyla and her family, Keller, Beckett, Lorne, Zelenka and, of course, Sheppard and Ronon who are plucked away while receiving treatment at a local hospital following a barroom brawl (we went back and incorporated the scar actor Jason Momoa received following an incident near his L.A. home). Once everyone has assembled, McKay gives them the 411.

“Given the time constraints they face, they have to get back to Pegasus as quickly as possible — meaning they’ll have to use the wormhole drive again. Zelenka calculates that two jumps should do it.

Todd (Christopher Heyerdahl)

“And they’re off. Sort of. The first jump ends up burning out the drive, rendering it useless and leaving them stranded with the countdown clock ticking down. However, a scan of the surrounding plants turns up a habitable world within range. They go there seeking help and, instead, end up involved in a wild time-travel themed adventure in which Todd, the Wraith, turns out to be, simultaneously, their hugest threat and biggest ally.”

Stargate: Extinction was announced by MGM and Syfy Channel in 2008, and scripted by Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. Financial issues forced the studio to put the film on the back burner. After MGM passed through bankruptcy and took on new CEOs at the end of 2010, hopes for Extinction were ended.

There are still hopes that the studio might allow a publisher to turn the script into a novel or comic book, but so far MGM hasn’t made any plans known — not even to Mallozzi.  Stay tuned to GateWorld for any future developments.

(Thanks to Marc for the tip!)

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  • Another time travel movie? Seems like a cop-out to me.

  • I really wish that those in charge of Spyglass would realize what they have with the Stargate franchise. They are stupid to not give us more Stargate.

  • :( This sounds like it would have been good. Damn you SGU. (Before anyone comes rushing to SGU’s defence: If it hadn’t have been made Stargate wouldn’t be looked at as a recent failure by MGM, and when it was time to make the movies there would have been a greater probability of the movies being made)

  • Jedi_Master_Bra’tac – since you apparently know so much about how things “would” have been, do you have any other information from that alternate reality of yours that you can share? Like, where’s the next terrorist attack gonna happen?

  • As much I would of loved to have seen a movie, i’m glad it wasn’t this, these time travel episodes have been done to death =/

  • The Fandemonium novelization of the return to the Pegasus Galaxy had a much more plausible plot, in my opinion (political).

  • This seems to me like a bad idea… I doubt I would have liked it. Ticking clock, time travel – haven’t we been down this road before?

  • No one is pointing out the blatant plot holes in this script. Atlantis all of a sudden warns everyone that it will self-destruct after being in the Milky Way Galaxy for weeks to months? My car alerts me the second I take off my seatbelt (if the car is still moving). The Atlantis team should have been able to either find this self-destruct protocol beforehand (over the years they’ve been there) or alarms should have been going off as soon as Atlantis left the Pegasus galaxy. And once again, it brings in the wormhole drive that was pulled out of thin air in the rushed final episode. And those plot holes are without time travel, which is its own can of worms. I think I would have been disappointed if it was made in this form.

  • I’m with JohnSN7 on this. Why did Atlantis not start this as soon as it was taken out of the Pegasus galaxy? Why did the ancients even want to install such a feature on Atlantis, and shouldn’t there be a way to just disable it?

    Not to mention…time travel? AGAIN? REALLY? This is becoming worse than Star Trek. I think this script is proof that Stargate has jumped the shark story-wise and needs to be put on a rest and brought back with new people. I can’t really see myself enjoying this film based on what was discussed.

    It kind of makes me think that the conclusion to SGU would have been disappointing as well. At least the current producers of Star Trek have said no more time travel after Trek 2009. Were they writing for Stargate or just making a Star Trek story with Stargate characters?

  • I hate to say this, but I’m glad this film wasn’t made. It sounds pretty weak. ANOTHER time-travel story? That is such a cliche at this point.

  • I Agree with all the comments about the self destruct suddenly becoming active after nearly a year and a half on earth (year and a half thing comes from likely time between Enemy at the Gate and the SGU episode Seizure). The time travel bit wasn’t good in Continuum, the whole thing seemed like a rehash of Mobius. It likely wouldn’t be good in here either. Revolution seemed like the only good movie with an interesting plot.

    I really hope this proves that all the bad writing fans say went into SGU wasn’t exclusive to SGU, because it really started in Atlantis season 5 and continued on from there.

  • I’d love to have seen this. Love time travel stories too (then again agree with you guys re. that the alarm should have gone off immediately…) Shame that they cannot do this, let’s say within 1-2 years

  • If they went back in time and met the Ancients, now that would be good. Also might have been a good way to get a SGU mention.

  • I just dont understand one thing WHY THE F*** DID THE CANCELED STARGATE ATLANTIS? The viewers were like 3 Million! Cant they ever be satisfied with anything? ‘IF’ they hadn’t canceled Atlantis the movies would have PROBABLY ( I cant see trough time so… ) been made, and that is one thing that i would have liked, so, everything the Jedi_Master_Bra’tac said is true, and you dont need to be very smart to see that just put 1+1 together and eventually its doesnt makes 2, it makes success, the thing SGU killed.

  • The more they divulge, the less I want it to be made. It just sounds like another Stargate time travel extravaganza. I’d rather see something with the human-form replicators. They were technologically able to produce a ship that could make the trip to earth. Sounds more interesting than another time travel story.

  • The automated self-destruct is just a stupid plot device to bring Atlantis back to the Pegasus galaxy. Really lame. It would have been much more interesting, if it would have been the Atlantis crew vs. earth military/politicians. The first group wants Atlantis back in the Pegasus galaxy, the other wants Atlantis near earth for protection reasons.

    The Atlantis crew should have gone rogue and “kidnapped” Atlantis. Contact with earth should have stopped. This way it would have been like at the beginning of SGA. That they established contact to earth in SGA, especially so soon, was a bad idea. It was making it too easy for Atlantis. It was a hindrance to interesting story lines. Too often the solution of a problem was help from earth.

    And again a time travel story? Really? I don’t hate them, but Continuum was already about it and countless episodes. And time travel also makes things often easy. They screwed up. No problem, just travel back in time, instead of finding other solutions in the present or live with the consequences of a failure.

    The movie probably would have still been enjoyable, because of the characters. The story still sounds lame through.

  • Ugly Pig – Especially considering a lot of innocent people have recently been killed in Norway – That snipe referencing Terrorist Attacks was Completely out of line!

    Everyone else – I’m with pmartin1. Three plot devices in a row to move Atlantis (Wormhole drive, delayed auto self destruct, drive inconveniently breaks down) followed by a time travel distraction as well? Not for me Thanks. This sounds like a string of plot contrivances joined like daisy chain. A far cry from SG1 and Atlantis’s high points.

  • @psw I think you should be glad that Atlantis didn’t contact Earth until season 2. Destiny’s crew started contacting Earth in the pilot and continued in half of season 1.

  • Time travel hasn’t been done to death, time travel is something you can let your imagination go freely, even though you have to keep ig logical xD And besides, you do have to be able to understand the difference between time travel and for instance a different reality or something.

    And I’m still pretty pissed about this actually, not about the time travel thing, but about the whole movies and how the secret hope is that the studio will make the story into a novel or comic book? I mean I don’t want to be a nag, but there are like… People like me who can’t really calmly read a book and especially not a comic book because they have an eyesight problem?

    But I know I know, they can’t really consider everyone and all that stuff, but at least people like me are sure right now that for the moment Stargate is as good as dead because of how people treated SGU, because a movie was the only way to really get to enjoy it instead of getting a headache from reading a few pages or trying to read the nice small letters in a comic book, so thank! *sarcasm*

  • Asgarder; 3 million? The season 1 pilot maybe. The average of season 5 SGA was 1.610 million. The first half of SGU season 1 was actually considerably higher (1.949 million) and the average of SGU season 1 was 1.684 million. Only SGU season 2’s ratings downright sucked (hovering around 1 million), but it’s causes have been endlessly debated and Sanctuary’s last seasons’ ratings certainly provide some new insight into that.

    I’m not really inspired by these new plot details. It is riddled with easy to find plotholes.

  • People need to stop hating. I mean yeah plot isn’t as great as I had hoped, but Stargate is Stargate and I’ll watch it regardless. People hated SGU and boycotted it… well guess what happened… ALL Stargate died with it…

  • @ xbladedragonx: True, I’d have watched it anyway even if I already knew these plot details because I think it’ll be better executed than how the summary sounds.

  • From the title, I always hoped that this film would have finished off the Wraith, they needed to be defeated once and for all at some stage. Maybe that was still going to be the case. Also this film could have redeemed them for bringing in the wormhole drive in the final hour. Bit of back story to it maybe ? Actually showing it ! Like I would assume that it was some ancient tech that McKay only perfected, coz this was huge for him to have coming out of the blue, even for McKay. I’m very tired, what was i saying ? My point, as dodgy as this story may have seemed, still would have loved to see it, even just for the shot of Atlantis on the moon, which would have been savage cabbage ! Revolution would have been brilliant too. Does anyone just feel like going to sleep for a year or two and waking up to see if there’s any good new regarding Stargate, last few months have been dismal out. Man i really should sleep, what time will it say i post this message ? 6, 7 ? haha, no way hosei, not in my part of the world !!

  • @The Admiral:

    “I really hope this proves that all the bad writing fans say went into SGU wasn’t exclusive to SGU, because it really started in Atlantis season 5 and continued on from there.”

    To me, it was even earlier than that: Season 3.

    Aside from a few outstanding highlights (Common Ground, McKay and Mrs. Miller, Tao of Rodney, and First Strike), S3 was littered with Replicators and Michaels at every corner of the season’s progress. (I mean, Kolya killed during a Lucius Lavin episode? REALLY??) The writers’ mishandling of Michael, Carson, and Kolya in that season began the downward quality of SGA that carried on through all of Season 4, and it didn’t return until Season 5 (somewhat, anyway.)

    And I agree with the majority here: These ‘details’ of what they were planning for “Extinction” sours my stomach even more so, and tells me that Spyglass did the right thing by keeping the keys of the franchise away from the current drivers. Let someone else drive Stargate for a while, and let’s get some new blood (and fresher ideas) in our Stargate stories from this moment on– if a restart is ever achieved, that is.

  • It seems the Ancients’ greatest power was creating plot devices :P

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