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Dean Devlin On His Return To Stargate

Saturday - June 21, 2014
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Producer Dean Devlin is talking about his return to the Stargate franchise in a new interview with the Portland Business Journal. Devlin will produce a trilogy of new Stargate films for MGM, alongside original Stargate director Roland Emmerich.

Devlin began by explaining how MGM came into possession of the franchise.

“We did the original Stargate as an independent movie. It was a surprise success. Shortly before the movie came out, the financiers who were frightened the movie might not do well sold the film to MGM. When the film came out, it was a hit and spawned TV shows.

“Of all the projects I’ve ever done, Stargate is the only one from the beginning intended to be a trilogy,” Devlin continued. “We always wanted to do parts two and three, but the thinking was they didn’t want to do anything other than the TV series. So literally for 20 years I’ve been chasing this project.”

Stargate (Movie) - Raising the GateDevlin hinted at what form the next Stargate movie may take, hinting that perhaps it may retell the story of the Gate’s discovery.

“Twenty years later, we can’t really do part two,” he said. “We have to start over from the beginning. So let’s reboot the series, put in all the things we couldn’t the first time, and set it up properly.”

Devlin doesn’t just have feature films to his credit. He also spent four years on TNT’s drama Leverage. He also directed the first episode of the cable network’s upcoming fantasy series The Librarians.

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  • YEha first comment.

    BUt hey whta are they thinking about a whole new reboot… that’s just flawed and full of mistakes i can see from here. So they can’t continue fully from the first movie but thanks to the alternate n parellel universes they can still continue of the first movie. While i’m waiting for these movies i still think that a new reboot back to tell the original story is a bad idea. Telling the story of finding the gate sounds good but wouldn’t it be better to tell the story of the rebellion that sealed the gate in the first place>

  • Hopefully it will be a new story. It would be pretty boring to just remake the first movie.

  • How about no? You let the show go, and someone else ran with it. As a fan of the franchise, to me the original movie is a very small portion of the story. Everything I like about Stargate came form the tv shows and related media. I have no interest in a reboot, or whatever he plans, because he’s made it very clear that his Stargate is nothing like the TV show.

  • Noooooooooooooooooo! I had desperately hoped they would at least only do new movies, and not try to redo the series in the spirit of the first movie. This, for a Tok’ra lover, is really a worst case scenario for Stargate’s future :(

  • Sorry but I won’t pay to watch these movies as a complete reboot. It was bad enough when I thought he was going to pick up where the first movie left off. But now he wants to rediscover the gates? The train has already gone off the cliff and he’s the only one that thinks he still on the tracks. I’ll watch the movie (there won’t be more than one because the others will be canceled after the epic fail of the first) on Netflix out of curiosity but I am sure it will be painful.

  • None of this is a surprise to me.

    Bad Robot Productions has made a fortune for Paramount / Viacom with the Abrams Star Trek. Its trite, lacks depth, but works as cheap popcorn action Sci Fi. – Made a ton at the box office.
    Seeing this example, MGM clearly feel that the only real option with Stargate is to do something similar. As a result Emmerich and Devlin are doing the film franchise they wanted to. It probably will make a ludicrous amount of money, but tell its own story and be po faced and lack any sense of depth or meaning.

    I have the same attitude to this as I do the Abrams Trek. Its not aimed at us, its aimed at those who don’t care that Amanda Tapping brilliantly played Colonel Carter, and aren’t interested in what a Jaffa is. Hopefully they will enjoy it, or (like Star Trek) the new films will generate even greater interest in the tv shows. I have ten years of SG1 and two of Atlantis I enjoy. That’s good enough for me. Maybe one day there will be another Stargate tv series, once this “Un-boot” itself is history.

  • I have very little interest in this too. I agree with Thunderbird above, Star Trek is my life, I grew up with it, loved all the movies and series, all that is except for the JJ movies. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have something new Star Trek to see, but there are so many problems with the JJ movies and the fact that 40 years of the original Star Trek universe is ignored just doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve said this before here and I’ll say it again, I think Stargate fans are going to get to see what us Star Trek fans feel like in regards to the new movies…

  • Joe Friday

    At least the Star Trek reboot used a clever plot device to leave intact the original series and movies as part of an “alternate time line”. Even the new X-Men found a way to incorporate the original X-Men into their rebooted universe. I would hope that any new Stargate project wouldn’t invalidate the shows that preceded it, but I’m highly doubtful.

  • so this starting over from the beginning feels like we’re going to be watching an episode of sg1 or atlantis, about a people that discover they have a gate and everything that happens because of it.

    i just can’t see how any of this will be *really* different than what we’d get from an episode of sg1 or atlantis… well, other than no beloved sg1 and atlantis characters that we fell in love with…

    17 seasons of tv stargate and two movies, and there were a LOT of stories told. there’s still a lot TO be told, but i have a feeling the emmerich/devlin movies aren’t going to be as original as they want it to be. it’ll be very hard to surpass what sg1, atlantis, and sgu accomplished and told.

    good luck, emmerich and devlin. please handle with care.

  • Man that sucks. Remake. Thats annoying. Continue the series or the story after the series not new movies with the same story. I dont understand remakes now a days.

  • @ Paul_Boland
    “I think Stargate fans are going to get to see what us Star Trek fans feel like in regards to the new movies…”

    As a big fan of the new Star Trek movies I would be happy with that. However I doubt that the Stargate movies will be as good.

  • I’ll probably watch these new Stargate movies but I’m not expecting much and therefore won’t be disappointed. You know, when in doubt, lower your expectations. Here’s a thought: What if this new feature tanks? They won’t do a third just to lose money. Then perhaps the TV series can be resurrected without the Devlin/Emmerich sword dangling over our heads. In some alternate timeline, this will all happen. I just hope we all get to live in that timeline.

  • I think a TV Series would be a better way to go, 3 movies give a few hours of enjoyment but a TV series goes on for years. Obviously as a Stargate fan there’s no doubt in my mind that I WILL watch these movies when they come out (probably downloaded though) and as its going to be a complete reboot I’m happy to watch them with the thinking that I’m watching an episode of SG-1 from an alternate timeline perspective -or parallel universe even. Perhaps he will cast some of the incredibly talented actors form the TV series to star in small roles in the movies.
    It will undoubtedly have military involved so I can’t see why they couldn’t have RDA cameo as O’Neill with 2 L’s, just showing up somewhere. Or even Carter as a scientist.

  • himeros

    As a true fan of Stargate, I’m VERY worried with this anti-reboot-movie movement by so-called fans. They r the same fans who caused death to Stargate franchise when they opposed SGU. Come on! Be grateful that we’ll see another Stargate movies. Consider the movies as ALTERNATE REALITY of Stargate!

  • hewittor

    So are you telling me I have to forget about Jack O’neil? Are they renaming people? I don’t understand this. Why break it?

  • I was really afraid of this… but I had to wait until I actually heard it from the mouth(s) of MGM’s new/old SG saviors to really conclude that my original fear about those two were right on the money:

    They have no intention of- nor had any intention to- bring along with their ‘reboot’ some measure of the 17-year legacy of the *original* Stargate franchise (which included their very own movie!), the fan-base, or the characters cherished by that same fan-base.

    BSG was/is a franchise; but, even with a reboot by RDM, it kept a lot of the references and look of the original 1970’s model. Star Trek? It took the same creative path as BSG- keeping a lot of the references and looks of the original, PLUS added a few imaginative sci-fi spurs along the way.

    Star Wars is a franchise: Even with J.J. taking over the reins, Disney would not *dare* to alienate the fandom (and their fat wallets) just to indulge the creative whims of a super successful, yet super-egoed, director.

    Whatever retro rationalizations that Devlin can utter about losing the rights to Stargate, the fact is it is now a *franchise*, and needs to be handled in a similar vein as the franchises noted above.

    MGM needs to really drive this point home to them, if they have any hope of success with this owner/creative partnership in the future.

  • I say we should build a quantum mirror and find a universe where they continued the shows and buy the dvds there and watch them in this universe. Yeah I will watch the reboot but just won’t be the same. While the movie was good, it’s the tv series and its spinoff that is the heart of the series.

  • DEAN LEAVE THE FRANCHISE ALONE bring the real stargate guys in on this don’t just go reboot we must re-use and make moneys because that **** wont fly here these are intelligent individuals not call of duty fans just continue the franchise we are not saying make a SGU movie all we want in closure for SGU then continue however you want in all fairness i think the SGC is intellegent enough with carter and mackay to find some peice of asgard super drive inside the computer core they received and build it into a 304 class cruiser and run it to destiny to pick up young rush eli and the crew along with destiny or even to repair destiny and replenish a full crew to the ship giving young and rush the best chance of finishing the mission just dont make the same mistake as was made with total rekall and with judge dredd

  • Alas, my friends! I think we’ll find the only realistic way Stargate is going to continue is a reboot. As much as I adore SG-1, I think that era of the Stargate Universe is over. But it’s the Stargate Universe! We know very well there are parallel universes, alternate dimensions and what have you. I think it’s exciting to explore one of these with the Stargate movie reboot. As well as bringing Staragte to a new generation, it could pave the way for other spin-offs within the Universe. Who’s to say a new TV show can’t be spawned from this planned trilogy if it’s really successful? And maybe a ‘quantum mirror’ type device would allow a cross-over at some point with our familiar canon. Oh the possibilities! I’m just glad that Stargate is returning to the bif screen.

  • And with that report… I’ve decided not to bother watching this film. Devlin and Emerich are untalented hacks on the best of days. Hearing that they planned to revisit the theatrical film–the weakest aspect of the entire franchise, other than the cartoon series–was bad enough. Now they’re just going to re-tell the same story? No, thank you. These guys have less talent between the two of them than my cat does at playing fetch.

  • There goes half the problem right there why we lost stargate in the first place
    People like MAXRPG only downloading, go out and buy them if you want to watch them don’t destroy it for the rest of us

    I’m open minded about it, something is better than nothing at all

  • I adored the original movie and truth be told, didn’t give the TV series any credence for a while. Finally I decided to watch the first season of SG-1 and never looked back.

    I’m sure I’ll watch the “reboot” but the whole idea just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like this…

    Someone builds a house you really like. After a year they sell it to you and you make it your own for the next 20 years, never hearing a peep from the original owner. All of a sudden, after 20 years the original owner returns, bags on everything good you’ve done and decides he’s taking back the house, knocking it down, and rebuilding something slightly different and most likely sub-par from the original.

    This is a reboot that really shouldn’t be happening. But then again, no one else is doing anything with the intellectual property so why not Dean Devlin?

  • Hasn’t his story changed? I swear I remember a few years back he was saying “Our second movie would’ve picked up years later, so it’s perfect that we’d be making it 16 years later!”

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