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November 9, 2001

RDA offers first peek at 48 Hours scene

Richard Dean Anderson's October 12 appearance on the Vicki Garbereau Show in Canada provided fans with the first look at the upcoming Season Five episode, "48 Hours." During the actor's interview, two clips were shown: one from the already aired season premiere, "Enemies," and a 10-second clip from what appears to be "48 Hours."

The clip featured Jack O'Neill (Anderson) at a gas station with Harry Maybourne, where Jack confronts him about something:

    O'NEILL: (very angry and betrayed sounding) "I trusted you!"

    MAYBOURNE: "Come on, would I have come back here like this if I had done it?"

    O'NEILL: (still angry) "You might!"

    MAYBOURNE: "I swear, Jack."

    O'NEILL: "Well, then who did it?"

    MAYBOURNE: "I don't know."

    O'NEILL: "What DO YOU know?"

The scene probably follows up on Season Five's "Desperate Measures," where O'Neill is shot in the back -- and believes Maybourne did it.

(Thanks to Morjana for the tip, and The Crazy RDADS Home Page for the photo!)


Season Four trading cards coming in February

Rittenhouse Archives will produce a second series Stargate SG-1 trading cards next year, covering all of Season Four! The set will be available in February, 2002, and will likely include one costume card and one autograph card in every box.

The first set of SG-1 trading cards was published in February of 2001, and included Seasons One through Three.


Stargate comes up empty at Gemini Awards

Stargate SG-1 went home empty from the 16th Annual Gemini Awards, losing awards in three categories. The show was nominationed four times this year for the award, given annually by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

The Best Visual Effects award went to "Nuremberg, Part 1," defeating two Season Four episodes of SG-1: "Small Victories" and "Tangent." The award for Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Dramatic Program or Series also went to "Nuremberg, Part 1," beating out Season Four's "Beneath the Surface."

Finally, Babz Chula took home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuuing Leading Dramatic Role, for "These Arms of Mine." Amanda Tapping ("Major Samantha Carter") was nominated for her work in "2010."

(Thanks to Morjana and Kelly for the tip!)


Shanks talks to MGM Sci-Fi Newsletter

A new interview with actor Michael Shanks ("Dr. Daniel Jackson") appears in the newest issue of the online MGM Sci-Fi Newsletter. While he didn't talk about his departure from the show, Shanks did speak about his original hopes for where the show would go.

"['The Torment of Tantalus'] sort of embodied all the aspects of Stargate SG-1 that I thought would be successful," Shanks said. "I thought that was the path that we should be going down, involving that discovery of something that gives us insight into our past, that basically asked more questions than it answered."

When asked when he got his big acting break, Shanks laughed, "Still waiting for it!"

Shanks also talked about his acting roots, his young daughter, working against a blue screen for special effects shots, and more. Read the entire interview at MGM.com. (Free registration is required to view the article.)


SG-1 Conventions Update

Fans of Stargate SG-1 are making the convention rounds this fall, travelling from Vancouver, B.C. to the Netherlands -- and points in between!

Gatecon 2001 - Spoofpark.com has posted two different reports on the biggest SG-1 convention of the year, complete with photos! Gatecon 2002 is coming to Vancouver next fall.

Dragon*con - Check out Marcia Patterson's report on this general sci-fi convention, which included panel discussions on Stargate SG-1! Dragon*con was held in Atlanta, Georgia between August 31 and September 3.

Wolf SG-4 - Tickets for this big U.K. convention are already sold out. Wolf SG-4 will be held February 1-3, 2002, and will feature appearances by Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping.

Chevron 8 - In The Netherlands, this Dutch Stargate convention is currently being organized. Visit the site for more info.

If you have a report from a recent convention available on the Web, or info on another con, send us the link!

(Thanks to Keith Lawler, Marcia, Rene Jantschik, and Andrew Clarke for the info!)


MGM sponsors Stargate / P.O.D. contest

MGM's "Stargate SG-1 Fly Away with P.O.D. Sweepstakes" is now open, giving viewers a chance to win a trip to a P.O.D. concert in a surprise city. Just watch the series in U.S. syndication during the month of November to learn the name of the city, then sign up for the contest at the sweepstakes Web site.

One winner and three guests will be treated to a special concert by the rock band, for which no tickets will be made available to the general public.

(Thanks to Morjana for the tip!)



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