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BOOM! Unfilmed Stargate: Extinction Movie Script May Be A Comic Series
Thursday - March 13, 2014
BOOM! Studios will reportedly release a 4-issue series adapting the Stargate Atlantis movie script.

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Syfy Plans Return To Traditional Science Fiction Drama
Thursday - March 13, 2014
The network wants to get back into outer space, with fewer campy movies and procedural shows.

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Kull Warrior Costume, X-303 Blueprints Up For Auction
Friday - February 28, 2014
A pair of high-profile props are going back on the auction block.

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Jason Momoa Talks About Guardians of the Galaxy Audition
Tuesday - February 25, 2014
The actor wants people to see a more thoughtful side of him.

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Still Hope For Stargate SG-1: Unleashed As Developer Closes Its Doors
Tuesday - February 11, 2014
RegalWorks Media will acquire the studio behind developer Arkalis Interactive, and the Stargate license along with it.

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Louis Ferreira’s Motive Returns To Canada March 6
Tuesday - February 4, 2014
The second season of CTV's police drama will air this summer in the United States.

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Jason Momoa’s The Red Road Premieres February 27
Tuesday - January 7, 2014
Watch the trailer for the new Sundance Channel drama!

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SGU‘s Robert Knepper Lands Roles On The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Arrow
Thursday - December 12, 2013
Stargate's villainous Simeon will go bad again on the big screen and the small.

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Jason Momoa In Talks For Batman-Superman Movie
Tuesday - December 10, 2013
But who will the former Stargate Atlantis co-star play?

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SG-1‘s Chris Judge Stars In New Asylum Pic Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark
Monday - December 9, 2013
Watch the trailer for the new shark attack movie from The Asylum, coming in January.

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Stargate Atlantis Cast Reunites For Web Comic Series State of Syn
Thursday - December 5, 2013
Watch the first two episodes of the futuristic Web series now!

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SGU‘s Elyse Levesque to Guest Star on The Originals
Thursday - December 5, 2013
The former Stargate Universe co-star will play the witch Genevieve on The CW's vampire drama.

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Stargate SG-1: Unleashed Episode 2 Out Now
Sunday - November 10, 2013
Download the interactive game today for iOS (coming soon on Android).

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Shanks’ Saving Hope Earns Third Season
Thursday - November 7, 2013
Canada's CTV is bringing the supernatural medical drama back for Season Three.

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Elyse Levesque Talks About SGU, Cedar Cove
Tuesday - November 5, 2013
TV Wise talks with the actress about her time on Stargate, and her new role on Hallmark's Cedar Cove.

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Stargate Producer Joins New Series Echoes
Tuesday - October 8, 2013
Carl Binder will write and showrun the potential new series, conceived by some SGU crewmembers.

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Rothery’s Cedar Cove Renewed For Season Two
Tuesday - October 1, 2013
SG-1's Teryl Rothery co-stars in the Hallmark Channel's first scripted drama series.

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Rachel Luttrell to Guest on NCIS: Los Angeles
Monday - September 16, 2013
The Stargate Atlantis veteran is back on the small screen in an upcoming episode.

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Can A Movie Reboot Save Stargate?
Monday - September 16, 2013
EDITORIAL: GateWorld looks at whether the Devlin/Emmerich reboot trilogy is the franchise's last, best hope for a future.

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Emmerich Still Working Toward Stargate Movie ‘Reboot’
Thursday - September 5, 2013
News outlets are jumping the gun on what the director is actually saying.

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