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Stargate News
MGM and Sinclair Group To Launch 24/7 Sci-Fi Network
Monday - June 29, 2015
The multi-network service will include repeats of Stargate and other MGM series.

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Gero Sells Vigilante Drama The Phoenix Project To The CW
Wednesday - October 15, 2014
The former Atlantis scribe is also adapting the U.K. hit Misfits.

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Syfy To Move WWE Smackdown Off Fridays
Thursday - October 9, 2014
SGU Coda: Science fiction will get Fridays back in 2016.

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Happy 10th Anniversary, Stargate Atlantis!
Wednesday - July 16, 2014
SGA celebrates a major milestone today.

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Syfy Plans Return To Traditional Science Fiction Drama
Thursday - March 13, 2014
The network wants to get back into outer space, with fewer campy movies and procedural shows.

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Kull Warrior Costume, X-303 Blueprints Up For Auction
Friday - February 28, 2014
A pair of high-profile props are going back on the auction block.

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Emmerich Still Working Toward Stargate Movie ‘Reboot’
Thursday - September 5, 2013
News outlets are jumping the gun on what the director is actually saying.

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Syfy To Air SG-1 Fan Favorites Marathon August 1
Monday - July 29, 2013
Syfy is set to air a day-long marathon of some of the best-ever episodes of Stargate SG-1!

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Johnny Mnemonic TV Series In Development
Tuesday - April 23, 2013
Unnamed writers from Stargate are attached to the independent project now in the works.

Syfy’s Development Slate Includes Return to Space
Thursday - April 11, 2013
PLUS: Ron Moore's Earth-bound Helix has a green-light, and is expected to premiere on Syfy this year.

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Stargate Atlantis Producer Reveals More of Unfilmed Movie
Thursday - April 11, 2013
Joseph Mallozzi has revealed more about what might have been.

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Corin Nemec injured in horrific boating accident
Thursday - January 24, 2013
The SG-1 veteran is on the mend after emergency surgery, but suffered major injuries in the crash.

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‘Apophis’ asteroid makes first Earth pass this week
Thursday - January 10, 2013
The 900-foot asteroid is set to pass by the Earth this week before making a closer pass in 2036.

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Review: Teal’c’s Revenge iOS App Add-on
Monday - December 10, 2012
GateWorld gets an exclusive sneak-peek a the ever-growing Stargate Command iOS app with a new combat expansion!

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Syfy celebrates 20 years with two-hour retrospective
Tuesday - November 27, 2012
Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, and Christopher Judge are among those looking back at two decades of the U.S. cable network.

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Mallozzi and Mullie’s Delete mini-series now casting
Tuesday - August 14, 2012
Seth Green has joined the cast of the new 4-hour miniseries, also starring Sanctuary's Ryan Robbins.

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More comments from Devlin on hopes for Stargate sequel
Saturday - July 28, 2012
"Nothing would make me happier than to finally get to tell that complete story," the producer told Collider.

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Report: MGM considering public ownership
Wednesday - July 25, 2012
Soon you may be able to invest directly in the historic studio that owns the Stargate franchise.

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Falling Skies earns a third season
Friday - July 13, 2012
TNT's alien invasion series (featuring a couple of Stargate alumni) will continue next summer.

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Are Devlin’s Stargate sequels closer to reality?
Thursday - July 12, 2012
The writer-producer still wants to make a sequel, but it's more likely than a follow-up to 1996's Independence Day would come first.

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