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time-dilation device TIME-DILATION DEVICE
Device of Asgard design, conceived in the hopes that the Replicators could be trapped in a bubble which reduced the speed of time. The device was capable of generating a field radius of point-one-six light years. Within the bubble, time was slowed down by a factor of ten to the fourth power. One year to the Replicators would be 10,000 years for everyone else (an hour would be over a year, and so on).

If the plan was successful, it would have effectively bottled the Replicators into one place, giving the Asgard thousands of years to identify the problem in their core programming.

The time-dilation device was constructed within one of the oldest structures on Halla, the first planet settled by the Asgard. The device was encased in a solid neutronium shell and set with a time delay sufficient to evacuate thir entire civilization. Eventually the Replicators would have eaten through the shell, but long after the device had activated. This calculation was made with a considerable margin for error.

Unfortunately, the plan did not work. The Replicators infiltrated the technology and successfully reversed it entirely, allowing their numbers to multiply and consume the world in mere moments to the outside observer. Within hours, hundreds of billions of blocks had paved a probable multitude of layers of the surface of Halla.

The Asgard Thor requested the aid of SG-1, who landed the Prometheus on Halla and, after encountering a group of humanoid Replicators, successfully returned the device to normal.

Almost two years later, relatively speaking, Thor and the starship Daniel Jackson were sent to monitor the status of the Replicators on Halla. The Asgard had apparently given up on repairing their flaw, as they had set Halla's sun to collapse in on itself. As the sun formed a black hole and Halla began to break apart, the Replicators found a way to counter the time-dilation device and escape. The device itself was likely lost into the black hole.

Prometheus - Thor informs SG-1 that the original Asgard home world, Halla, has been overrun by the Replicators.
Unnatural Selection - Thor explains the principle of the time-dilation device and how it did not work, pleading with SG-1 to aid his civilization in setting the technology right again.
Ripple Effect - As requested, Vasir brings a time-dilation unit to Earth so it may be used in getting close to a black hole via Prometheus.

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