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So, MGM seems to be on the right track, recognizing that Stargate is potentially the biggest sci-fi franchise since Star Trek. The company announced last week that a sequel to the 1994 film "StarGate" is in the works (and on the "fast track," nonetheless ... that's studio-speak for "later").

Let's talk movie:

It should be profoundly obvious that the first thing considered will be a big-screen edition of Stargate SG-1, starring Richard Dean Anderson and his motley crew of gate crashers. The series is extremely successful, and MGM has too much vested in the series to produce a film that does not follow the established storyline -- such as an "alternate Stargate universe," where Jack O'Neill still looks like Kurt Russell and Hathor is Public Enemy Number One.

Nope, mark my words. Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich will not be back to helm "Stargate II," and the stories of Bill McCay's "StarGate" novels won't see the cutting room floor, let alone the film room (interesting as they may be). Dropping Hammond, O'Neill and SG-1 from the big-screen Stargate universe would effectively deep-six the blossoming franchise, throwing any semblance of continuity out the window. (And you know how we sci-fi fanatics feel about continuity...)

Sorry, guys. While you were gone, Skaara was infected with one of Ra's species and Daniel's wife was abducted. Oh! And did we mention that the Stargate can go to thousands of worlds?

For those keeping score, a film released in 2002 will land at the end of Season Five, or somewhere in the middle of Season Six (if a sixth year is confirmed). An SG-1 movie could serve as a major story bridge between seasons (as was done in The X-Files movie), or follow up on the series after its conclusion.

Turns out, though, that the gang over at Double-Secret Productions doesn't have an SG-1 movie on the drawing board yet. They've got ideas, sure. But Season Five of the series is what's being talked about right now. If MGM is asking for a script, they just may have to hold their pretty little horses.

So fear not, SG-1 fans: in two or three years watch the big screen for smilin' Jack, Major Carter, the Tok'ra and Asgard, the Goa'uld and more of your favorites from the universe we have come to love. Three cheers for MGM, who seem to know that a major motion picture starring Anderson, Shanks, Tapping and Judge will double the TV series viewership.


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