Stargate: The Official Magazine - Issue #3

Issue 3

PUBLISHER: Titan Magazines
EDITED BY: Sharon Gosling
PUBLISHED: March / April 2005
COVER PRICE: US $6.99 / CAN $9.99
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    • Way of the Warrior
      Teal'c's got a new path ahead of him – where will it take the free Jaffa? Christopher Judge discusses Teal'c's future, and his thoughts on season nine.
    • The End Is Nigh!
      Get behind the scenes as Stargate SG-1 The Official Magazine goes on set during the filming of "Moebius" and "The Siege."
    • Weir's World
      Torri Higginson has now spent a year as Dr Elizabeth Weir, stranded in the city of Atlantis – but as far as she is concerned, there is still plenty left of the character to explore.
    • Davis' Day
      Colin Cunningham revisits the character of Major Paul Davis, who has been an on-off part of Stargate SG-1 since the show's second season.


    • Advanced Telemetry
      Your bi-monthly round up of all the news from the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis universe!
    • The Debrief: Damian Kindler
      The writer/producer behind such great Stargate SG-1 episodes as "The Other Guys" and "Citizen Joe" reveals his secrets!
    • Double Sided Poster
      Celebrate the two leading ladies of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis with our fabulous pull-out poster!
    • The Debrief: Brad Wright
      The executive producer of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis reveals his plans for the spin-off's second season and his original hopes for Stargate SG-1 following season eight.
    • Daniel's Notebook: The Asgard
      These little gray aliens have been instrumental in SG-1's travels through the Stargate – and here is their history, along with an interview with puppeteer Todd Masters!
    • Mission Debrief: Heroes
      Who can forget the tragic loss of Doctor Janet Fraiser? Stargate SG-1 The Official Magazine takes another look at the episode in which she departed – with a few words from Teryl Rothery herself!
    • Comm Chatter
      Our readers have their say!
    • Security Directive: The Stargate System
      In a new section, we examine the technology that makes SG-1's adventures possible – this time, it's the Stargates themselves!
    • The Kit Bag
      In the first of a two-part roundup of Stargate SG-1 merchandise, we look at books, trading cards and clothing.
    • Next Issue
      Jump forward in time to find out what will be in the next issue of Stargate SG-1 The Official Magazine!