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Comic-Con booth shows off Destiny, new Stargate Universe footage

Wednesday - July 22, 2009
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Beware of SPOILERS for the series premiere of Stargate Universe in the rest of this report.

Stargate‘s booth on the floor of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con includes video footage from Stargate Universe, which is shooting toward its October 2 premiere on Syfy.  GateWorld’s David Read was on site to tell us all about it! Among the story elements revealed to fans in the video:

  • Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) appears, and is in command of the U.S.S. George Hammond — Earth’s newest deep-space battlecruiser, revealed (in dialogue only) in the Atlantis finale “Enemy At the Gate.” (Contrary to the dialogue in that episode, it is not called the “General Hammond.”)
  • There is a severe attack on the Icarus Base, prompting an evacuation.  While evacuees believe they are being sent home to Earth, at the last minute Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) appears to change the address to the Destiny.  The ensuing battle is sure to be a visual effects extravaganza.
  • Who is it that is attacking?  Ha’tak motherships, Death Gliders, and even troop transports point to the Goa’uld.  Since the System Lords have been defeated (“Reckoning”), though, the SGU team speculates that the Lucian Alliance may be behind it.
  • Colonel Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips) engages the attacking forces in his F-302 fighter (pictured below).
  • General O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and Dr. Rush recruit Eli Wallace (David Blue) into the Stargate program together.  They find him playing a video game (with footage from the forthcoming Stargate Worlds), where he has cracked a secret puzzle inside the game.  When Eli asks what they’ll do if he doesn’t help them, Jack quips, “We’ll beam you aboard our space ship.”
  • One shot shows Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith) weary in the desert, where he sees what looks like a cross and the figure of Jesus on it, just before he crumbles to his knees.
  • Scott and Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque) look like they may be romantically involved on the ship.
  • Finally, the footage reveals the “kino,” a piece of technology on board the Destiny.  It is a sleek, softball-sized orb that floats throughout the ship, capturing a first-person perspective on crew conversations.  (According to producer Joseph Mallozzi’s blog, the kino will also serve as the Destiny‘s version of a M.A.L.P., being sent through the Stargate to check out a destination planet by remote.)

Most or all of the footage is probably from the series premiere, “Air.”

Keep your browser locked on GateWorld throughout the rest of the week and this weekend for more of our coverage of Stargate‘s presence at Comic-Con!


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  • I want to see a picture of the whole thing from several different angles and not in hyperdrive. Give us more! I love the spoilers and can’t wait for October 2nd.

  • Holey moley,never though it would look like that, gonna take ALOT of getting used to. Hope the ship looks a little better from a full pov!!!!!

  • It looks vaguely Wraithy – with those concave sides, it looks like it could potentially be the design influence for a Wraith Cruiser, or something.

  • I really like the idea of the observation deck for some reason. It could make some really beautiful and stunning shots of space.

  • nice info. Will you be showing the the video footage here?

  • Guys, THE SHIP IS A CHEVRON! It’s exactly the shape of the chevrons on the Destiny’s stargate. The weird shape is not a coincidence. :)

  • OMG! :D


    That ship is definitely gonna be remembered/iconic in the science fiction world. It is very distinct from any ship I have seen. I don’t know if others have seen something like this…but I haven’t.

    Simply amazing!

  • You know…I just thought about it. It has that mysterious nature and look that Farscape had, or more specifically, Moya (the Leviathan ship.) I really like that! :D

  • Its just me, or the Destiny looks like the Alteran ship seen in Ark of Truth that first took off from their original homeworld after the Alteran-Ori war aoens ago.

  • That ship is beautiful, simple and elegent design. I want one.
    And it looks gigantic to.

  • Horcrux

    I never imagined the ship to look like this. I like it, it has a elegant design and it looks masive.

    Most likely its traveling through hyperspace, wormhole drive was not invented until Atlantis.A very nice suprise, looking forward to Oct 2nd.

  • Also, the Destiny stargate looks like the one sketched in Amelius (the Alteran guy who created the Stargates) notebook.

  • That seems a bit hard to tell, the sketch is, well, sketchy. Looks more like the Milky Way gate to me (besides, in the real world, no one was even sure there will be an SGU at the time the Ark of Truth was shot). And yeah, the ship is the general shape of a gate chevron. I wonder which inspired which, really, and if it was such a popular design element, where it came from, originally? Wonder if we get to know more about it in SGU.
    As to similar-looking vessels, yeah, Moya is a good call, but a few others come to mind too: Cardassian Galor, Star Trek DS9; Thor’s Chariot (Beliskner), SG-1; Vorlon Thirdspace gate, Babylon 5; most Klingon vessels from Star Trek, especially the Vor’cha class. I suppose there would be others if one tried hard. On the other hand, within the SG universe this is pretty original. As to the ship’s mode of faster-than-light travel, it seems different from hyperspace as previously seen on Stargate. Either the CGI (which was somewhat cheesy and stock in the older series) has been redone, or this thing utilizes something else.

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