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I’m glad that I’m starting to warm toward SGU after viewing these character profiles. I do love shows such as BSG and Friday Night Lights that are very character driven and embraced the documentary style of shooting. My biggest fear right now would be this more supposedly more realistic approach where main characters dies AND that we’re supposed to care about them more (with it being a character driven show). I don’t really look forward to have my emotions yanked around by TPTB. Additionally, I hope the void left by the old SG shows in my life will quickly be… Read more »


After viewing the character profiles I am interested in Telford, Wray, Rush, and Wallace most of all. The characters are interesting, and I think the snippet with LDP stated clearly he is not on the Destiny, which will solve the “how do they pay an actor of that quality” mystery, he won’t be around much. I hope we see a lot of him, however. I would like to see stories that go beyond the Destiny if possible. Break the mold a little.


All the characters seem great to me! A very interesting group of people! It will be fantastic to finally see them in action in October!


I like it, Brian J Smith said it best, you cant have the same show over and over, you want to see it grow, change and bring new things to the franchise.

This vids help a lot to expand the characters and i liked David Blues character, hes like the McKay or Jackson that didnt finish his studies, interesting to see this character.


This is going to be freaking EPIC!


Usually i’d say Lame Lame Sucks, but no, can’t do it, can’t do it. I could bitch about the way they treated SGA, but it would be a lot like laughing at a deaf person when they’re not looking. I could go on about the ignorance of having non action driven stories and character driven failures, but doing the shin chan dance before a blind person is wasteful. Without any other recourse I say, full speed ahead; continue until you can’t, or they stop watching. Enjoy your holiday, but don’t forget: scifi loves you until they won’t.


I don’t know about everyone else, but i’m quite excited for SGU. It may not be atlantis, but it’s STARGATE! how can we not love it?


@TheDragonPrincess It has a Stargate in and it has an S in the title but so far it doesn’t feel like Stargate, it looks well acted, well written, well directed but not Stargate, too dark and BSG-ish, they are changing it just to like what is in fashion, unfortunately (for me) shows that are in fashions are dark, character based, arc shows, which is what SGU is, none of the other SG shows were that’s why I wouldn’t say it was Stargate.


In regards to the arc driven nature of SGU, SG-1 and SGA had arcs (loose arcs, but arcs), so nothing is changed there. When it comes to being character driven, everything is. Your story always comes from character (generally speaking). The Stargate would have been meaningless without the death of O’Neil’s son, and Daniels wife becoming a Goa’uld. Exploring the stargate would be largely popcorn fare if it weren’t for the human connection that made those two characters (probably the best in the series) to step through that event horizon every week. I will say it looks dark, in the… Read more »


Haven’t the slightest interest in SGU. Ask me in a year.


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