Screen Capture Gallery: SG-1 Season Seven

This week's addition focuses on special features produced for the seventh season box set.

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

The GateWorld Gallery marches steadily upward with screen captures from the Stargate DVD special features! This week we add Season Seven to the already massive section, featuring more than 2,000 images.

Season Seven featured DVD Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok’s “Beyond the Gate” series with the cast of SG-1, as well as several Directors Series featurettes. Below is a breakdown of each feature and links to the screen grabs!

Beyond the Gate: Richard Dean Anderson (362 images)
Beyond the Gate: Christopher Judge (315 images)
Beyond the Gate: Michael Shanks (297 images)
Beyond the Gate: Amanda Tapping (216 images)
Directors Series: 703 Fragile Balance (55 images)
Directors Series: 708 Space Race (87 images)
Directors Series: 709 Avenger 2.0 (153 images)
Directors Series: 716 Death Knell (285 images)
Directors Series: 721 Lost City (364 images)

Next Monday will see the arrival of SG-1 Season Eight special features to the GateWorld Gallery, so stay with us!

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