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Jason Momoa cast as Conan the Barbarian

Friday - January 22, 2010
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Jason Momoa 4It’s always nice to see actors we come to know and love from our favorite series move on to bigger and sometimes better things. For Jason Momoa, the actor known to many as Stargate Atlantis‘s Ronon Dex will soon be known to them as Conan. Last week his name was attached to the lead role in the remake of the popular pulp fantasy character (story).

Citing an anonymous source, Deadline Hollywood Daily is now reporting that Momoa has been officially cast to play the barbarian in the film directed by Marcus Nispel.  The Hawaiian native and former model will now be the second actor to play the role on the big-screen, after Arnold Schwarzenegger started his lauded film career in the role.

The race was rumored to be between Momoa and Twilight actor Kellen Lutz, but apparently Momoa was won over by director Marcus Nispel and then won over the studio by filming a few scenes wielding a giant sword (something that Stargate fans are used to seeing). The film is reportedly starting production on March 15, with filming to take place in Bulgaria.

Being the last of his tribe and having to watch his father die a cruel death, Conan  is determined to avenge his peoples slaughter by killing all those who led the attack on the Cimmerians, including the all-powerful Khalar Singh. He is prepared to die in order to accomplish his goal. What Conan did not expect, was to find a reason to live.

Momoa stands at 6-feet 4-inches, so he has the height to fit the part.  Seeing him as Ronon on Stargate Atlantis, he also has a lot of similar qualities such as wielding a sword, the hunger to kill people, and a real brooding physicality that is perfect for the role — not to mention he can look like he has been through some battles!

(Thanks to Morjana, Bryan, Shea, Evan and Jason for the tip)

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  • So… that puts him out of the way for an SGA movie. At least for a while. Shame.

  • YES! When I heard who was up for casting, I was crossing my fingers Momoa would get it! This will be great and I’m DEFINITELY adding this film to my “Must See” list. I can’t think of anyone else better to play the part, and to look more bad*** whilst playing it. So if you read this, Jason, many congratulations!

  • @The Tenth Doctor: Actually I don’t think the movie will ever be made. At least not according to Jason Momoa. The way he describes the situation it doesn’t look like it will ever be made. There seems to be some issues with rights and allot of people fighting over money, so yeah it sounds like a big mess that will be hard to solve.

    Heres the link for the youtube clip with Momoa saying what I said a little bit more detailed, it comes up 2.35 into the clip:

  • isnt he a little scrawney to be conan ? maybe if he threw about 100lbs of muscle then he could prolly play that part but sense he wont be putting on any muscle he is bad for the part. i wish hollywood could do decent movies.

  • That’s great casting for Conan – I can definitely see Jason playing that part.
    And Nikst – I agree with you, unfortunately. THe longer they go without making the Atlantis movie, the less likely it seems they’ll make it at all.

  • @jeffsupersaiyan: Honestly the bulk doesn’t define the character of Conan. Momoa has got the right attitude and perfect presence for Conan. He is tall enough, so he can look down on his foes. So I think he will be perfect for it! =)

  • While I’m excited for Jason and will go and see the movie, if only to support him. I’m a little sad to see the actor’s moving on. The more projects they take on the less chance there is that they will be available for the movies.

    *IF* they ever get made that is. If gotten the feeling TPTB told a big fat stinky lie to the fans to try and appease them. That may not be true, but its what it feels like. If they had truly intended to make the movies you would think they would have had something planned out and they would have been sharing bits and pieces of news now and then to keep us happy. But alas, the are to caught up in their new baby and their new fans to care about what the fans that made them what they are want. Am I bitter? Why yes I am. I don’t like being tossed out like yesterdays garbage, and told i don’t matter.

    Wow….Sorry about that, didn’t mean to rant. Guess I needed to though, as I am thoroughly disappointed in SGU, I gave it a shot, but no thanks. I like Sci-fi not soap operas. If i want sex and angst I’ll go watch Gossip Girl. I miss the good old fashioned SG.

  • Fantastic for Momoa! If his career goes 1/2 as well as Arnold’s we could be looking at a future Governor!

  • This is a great role for Jason. He deserves this role and will bring much more to the role than Swartzenagger ever did.
    Also, I doubt he will get typecast. He was on “The Game” on the CW channel last season as a recurring character after Atlantis. And he played a real “DH” and a not so nice person.

    So this will get his name out there, he will get the publicity he so well deserves and this will bring other movie roles to him as well.

    Good luck to him in this venture…will be waiting patiently for the movie.

  • Wonderful for Jason as he is definately ready for the big screen.
    This should set him for other roles…hopefully he will not get typecast as the “warrior” in films.
    He did play a very different character on “The Game” on the UW network. Too bad it was cancelled.
    But I wish him luck with this new film…cannot wait for it to come out. Will look forward to it.

  • Boy, talk about the best of times the worst of times. I am happy if Jason is getting some attention but I am VERY sad as this seems to underscore that no Atlantis movie is in the works. I just don’t understand SyFy for letting the show just dribble away. I am supposed to believe they don’t have the money for a 2 hour wrap up movie for the series yet they have money for the new SG:Universe, Caprica (never watched) and the SG-like (in tone) Sanctuary. Pa-leze! Good work, SyFy, you turned a loyal viewer into an ex-viewer. I have my DVD’s so I don’t need to turn you on at all anymore. Go USA Network!!! they seem to actually respect their fans.

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