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Tuesday - May 25, 2010

Interview - Elyse Levesque 1 (May 2010)

It’s a crazy time for some of the stars of Stargate Universe. Many of them are just beginning to meet fans of the new series face to face and realize the immensity and dedication there is to the entire Stargate franchise. One for whom this is especially true is the actress playing SGU‘s Chloe Armstrong, Elyse Levesque.

GateWorld caught up with Elyse at Creation Entertainment’s annual Vancouver Stargate convention last month, and we were blown away by both her enthusiasm and her energy for the series. In our discussion Elyse talks about her introduction to the industry, how she and Chloe are both similar and different, the Eli-Matt-Chloe triangle, and much much more.

GateWorld’s interview with Elyse Levesque runs over 12 minutes, and is available in audio. It’s also transcribed below!


GateWorld: It’s great to finally meet you, Elyse!

Elyse Levesque: Thank you! Likewise!

GW: At GateWorld, we’ve actually been looking forward to talking to you for quite awhile.

EL: Oh, thank you so much!

GW: How did you get your start in acting? You’ve racked up a pretty impressive amount of credits up here in Vancouver in the last few years.

EL: Yeah, I’ve been out here about four years now. Four years in May. May 1st. Yikes! Where does the time go?

I got my start when I was 11, in a children’s television series called The Incredible Story Studio. And our dear friend, David Blue, took it upon himself to tweet about it — and managed to get his dirty little paws on the first ever episode I ever did, called “Hugo and the Haunted Cheese.”

GW: Ooh.

EL: … which is about a piece of limburger cheese that is haunted. And I play Candace Wilkes, the snobby teacher’s pet. And that was how I got my foot in the door! It was that part. “The role of a lifetime.”

Elyse poses with her castmates at the SGU launch party in San Diego.

Elyse poses with her castmates at the SGU launch party in San Diego.

GW: So this is not something that’s readily available?

EL: It’s not! He couldn’t find it himself, actually. It was [GateWorld Forum member] Slam who found it for him. She got it for him on Amazon, and found one of two copies. Or she bought the only two copies on Amazon. Something like that.

So I worked on that children’s series for a couple of years and then, just one thing kind of led into another. After I graduated high school, there really wasn’t anything. I was supposed to go onto this other series, which I had done for two years which was my first sci-fi series, called 2030 C.E. And it got cancelled. So I wasn’t planning on going to school. I put off college and university to work on the show, and that fell through.

So I’m thinking, “Oh, my god! What am I going to do?” And an opportunity to go off modeling kind of presented itself.

I have the travel bug, like nobody’s business. So I took the opportunity that presented itself and took off for a few years. Just bounced all over the place like a little gypsy. And then I came back to Canada when I was 20 … 20, 21. (We’ll go with 20.) And I moved to Vancouver and I’ve been out here ever since. I’ve been pretty lucky.

GW: Tell us a little bit about the auditioning process for SGU. Did you initially read for Chloe?

EL: I did, actually! Yeah! I had to put something on tape here in Vancouver, at their casting offices here in town. And it was kind of one of those magical experiences where it just kind of felt right. I got the script the night before, and the lines just came naturally. It was just easy. I could relate to it, emotionally.

Elyse's audition called for her to bring the waterworks, which she would need for Air, Part 2.

Elyse's audition called for her to bring the waterworks, which she would need for ''Air, Part 2.''

I went in and I read. I felt really good about it. But you’re kind of like, “Pfft, whatever. I don’t care.” And then a week later, my agent sends me a little e-mail saying, “Just want to let you know they’re really interested. Yadda-yadda. You might have to screen test.” And then a couple weeks after that … “Guess what? You’re going to L.A.!”

And I had never screen tested before. I had heard horror stories before from some of my friends who were actors. They were like, “You go into the room and there’s these faceless execs and no one says anything to you, and everyone hates themselves so they hate you, too. So just be prepared! It’s going to be terrible!” [Laughs]

GW: It’s a firing squad! [Laughs]

EL: Right! Exactly! So I walked into the room and it was like 30-some faces that were just beaming at me. They were so happy! Like Brad Wright and Rob Cooper. They were just so excited that everyone was coming in to read for their show.

And I remember the casting director. He was so funny! He told me the night before … he was really generous. He got together with everyone who was testing and gave us some pointers, and ran the scene with us, et cetera. And he was like, “They really want to see you cry. So you’re going to have to squeeze out some tears. Bring out the waterworks.” I’m like “OK.” So then when you have to cry, you can’t cry.

GW: Exactly!

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Chad Colvin is a GateWorld editor and convention correspondent. He lives near Madison, Wisconsin. Follow him on Twitter @ChadColvin.

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  • Oh, how exciting! I’ve been waiting for you guys to interview Elyse forever; I’ve been really curious about her character & this interview is both informative & fun.

  • I remain very skeptical about this character. For now all she really has done is warm the bed of Lieutenant Scott. Having this rich girl take a leadership role will really take a wide stroke of the writer’s pen. But from what we have seen with this show’s writing, anything silly is possible. Not a bad actress, just a weak role.

  • Sadly, her character is the only one i don’t care for in SGU.I’ve finally grown on these characters, but as for Chloe, i wish they’d axe her from the show.

  • Ooh, now I want to know what’s going to happen to Chloe in S2. :D

    Great interview.

  • It’s great to see how even the actors are impressed and surprised by the writing. Now the time has (finally) come for old fans of Stargate to help make the new members of the Stargate family (the actors) feel welcome. And also, to cut the writers a little slack.
    I’m looking forward to the Season 1 finale and to Season 2.

  • @Stormin. That isn’t all she’s done. Unless you’ve skipped several episodes, you know that already.

  • Gaeth, like what? Read the symbols in the tunnels? Big whop! Her character is weak. Contrast the number of times she does something useful to the number of times they show here in bed with Lt. Scott. Her character is dull and uninteresting, but not to Lt. Scott, obviously.

  • I kinda wish she’d break it off with Scott and get with Eli, it’s annoying that the hot girl goes for the typical hero guy. At least Scott isn’t really a *bad* guy, but so far it seems that their relationship is purely sexual.

  • I don’t like Scott/Chloe like everybody else – just because it feels like “they are the lookers, its obvious!”. But I don’t like it ten times more to bring Eli/Chloe together. It’s just not believable, and its even an insult that Eli is that shallow. Yes, they will try to “brain up” Chloe in S2 obviously ;) But I would rather see Eli hook up with one of the other “normal people” crowd. Even if the woman is years older it would have a better feel to it. “Waste the nerd”-plots are really worn out, it’s not even Scifi anymore ;)

  • Stormin I think you’ve summed up how I feel about almost all the characters. I do like Rush, and Eli is ok.

    I don’t know, I’d like to see a Stargate show about, I don’t know, the Stargate maybe?

  • I was trying to listen to this on iTunes. However, this interview is not listed. The last one available is David Blue’s “Just a Geek” from last October. Did anyone else have this problem?

  • Stormin, Zenofstars and others, I’m glad I’m not the only fan that got disappointed that the cute girl Chloe went right to the arms of the hunk instead of the likable nerd. Eli is one of the few people in SGU who’s really a nice, relatable guy.

    Besides, I never liked Matthew Scott. He’s empty, shallow and unlikeable. At first he bangs James, then goes for Chloe. The Lt. Buxom Brunette makes fun of Eli just for him being himself (and I think Eli has got more character than all the military personnel together), and Chloe.. we all know.

    I haven’t thought about Zenofstars’ point. Really.. Eli should just forget about the shallow girl and remain a friend.. the writers could introduce someone much nicer than her, just for Eli.

  • Holy c**p, I just got my 5 seconds of fame and didn’t even know it until now. Elyse Levesque actually mention me in this interview. *bows & blushes* Mom will be so proud.

    I am Slam :)

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