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SGU‘s Season Two premiere date: September 28

Saturday - July 24, 2010
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Destiny 4 Stargate Universe will return with its second season on its new night, Tuesday, September 28 on Syfy Channel.

The date was given on executive producer Joseph Mallozzi’s blog this week, and confirmed by Syfy at San Diego Comic-Con, according to The Futon Critic.

The show returns with “Intervention,” which picks up where the first season’s bloody cliffhanger left off.

Its companion series, Amanda Tapping’s Sanctuary, will also premiere its third season on that night.  While there is no confirmation on the time slots, we expect them to keep their old times of 9 p.m. (SGU) and 10 p.m. (Sanctuary), respectively.

Meanwhile, while we hoped that Caprica would air alongside the shows in the fall, Syfy has decided to air the second half of Season One starting in January — a full year after the start of the season.  There is no word yet on a second season pick-up.

Tuesday nights will bring stiffer network competition for the shows (story), but also a higher overall TV viewing audience.  It’s Stargate‘s first time airing new episodes on any night other than Fridays in the franchise’s 13-year history.  But in the summer months, Tuesdays are very successful for Syfy’s other original shows (Warehouse 13 and Eureka, now airing new episodes).

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  • @altera
    It also mentioned Sanctuary in the article, Raine is probably referring to that

  • Yes, SGU and Sanctuary are Siamese twins as far as the Space schedule is concerned.

  • any idea when it is back on sky1 in the uk i assume it will be a week later than the americans cant see us getting the show before them

  • Given when the first season wrapped up im rather surprised SGU will be airing so soon. I hope its not a sign that the network wants to see results sooner rather than later and thus are putting pressure on the show.

  • @wganubis SyFy are just weird that way. They have a god awful long mid season hiatus to reduce the wait between seasons.

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