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Thanks for podcast! Looking forward to Tame’s podcast too – hope they will be easy to find here (there are a few of us that are not ituners :)
Think your ‘podcast skills’ are just as good as David’s – often better, since you speak more slowly/clearly… though a new mike wouldn’t go a miss.
Loved Diana as your guest – I’m also a book junkie so that was a great treat.
Wishing you a great vacation and looking forward to next poddi (yours and Tame’s)


i realy enjoyed this podcast, looking forward to hearing more from Tame hope your podcasts will be on the site aswell and not only on the itunes since i’m not using that service, and hopefully wont be forced too :)

best of luck with it


I enjoyed the wide-ranging aspect of this podcast. Since I don’t have the SG1/SGA background, I faithfully go and look up the links so, please, keep them coming! I’ve have learned quite a lot about the SG mythos just from hearing you guys discuss.

I’ve started listening to older GW podcasts (pre SGU since I wasn’t a listener until I started watching SGU) and I hope you’ll go back and answer some of your questions and see how your expectations have held up. Ep. 62 – recorded pre-broadcast – was especially interesting.

Enjoy your break!


@xiapho – I agree completely with what you say. I don’t use that service either.
@gateworld – WHEN and where can we get Tame’s podasts?


Hoping to have TameZone #1 online this Wednesday! Stay tuned.


How about we have a whip round and buy Darren a new Mic? What was the model that David is using? I’m sure with 5 or 10 quid each we can get one ordered and delivered to Edinburgh in time for the SGU’s return. :-)


Why did I only discover you now! I’ve been mainlining all of season 1 of SGU and it has been a blast reliving the first reactions. It’s a bit torturous not to be able to comment on the questions but usually my opinions are represented by someone. I’m really glad I showed up after the change in forum decorum. Experience lots of the nastiness on the Syfy forums and I’m sure got into some of the pettiness myself but I’m so glad that Gateworld is a safe place to share SGU fandom and even the people that disagree do it… Read more »


I was so glad to hear someone else mention the Sense of Wonder in SGU, it’s what keeps me coming back more than anything.

I listen to lots of podcasts and you guys do a great job making it both natural and well organized. And even the quibbles have a spirit of fun to them which doesn’t always happen in fandom.