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11 years ago

I do adore JWS and his Greer is one of my favorite characters on the show. He seems very intelligent and polite in this interview and I like that his take on Greer is pretty close to how I was interpreting the character. But “lots of death”? I’m not sure how I feel about the “I know one” comment. I’m not sure I can take anymore.

I do hope he does a convention or two, I would be veeeery interested in that free hug. :D

11 years ago

Greer gets down to business, a conversation between him and scott was classic, scott said”I don’t know how you put up with this” greer while he walks away says” yeah well you better learn”
I laughed my ass off good show.

11 years ago

Yay, interview with Jamil! Finally! Maybe I should make wishes more often :D

Anyway, I second everything Ashizuri said (including interest in that free hug…;)). I hope he’ll start doing cons soon. On both sides of the pond please. ;)

I found his comment about kino episodes particularly interesting. He does appear in them a lot and they often portray him in far better light than the series. As much as I love them, I’d prefer to have more ‘kino’ material included in actual episodes. Like the man said, let him act; he sure has the talent!

11 years ago

Among the entire Crew, I have supreme respect for Greer and Rush. They’re the only two that truly same to appreciate their relative positions on the show. Not being apparently burdened by it. Greer to me is the strongest, and potentially, the greatest member of the crew.

11 years ago

Chad: Great interview. You asked all the right questions in a way that tends to draw out the actor. Seems to me like they’re comfortable talking with you.

Jamil: I love your character and enjoy watching you work. I respect your acting chops. Looking forward to seeing you at a Con some day.

11 years ago

Greer is a strong character, he has been developed the best! First we see him as this seemingly punk guy who is locked up! Then over time we learn that Telford was an a-hole and Greer is a good man just sometimes makes a mistake, like us all! I think that’s where other characters lose footing. Like Young, he does something so awful that you can’t redeem him for it and say ‘we all make mistakes’ … Mr. Smith – you do an amazing job portraying Greer, keep the character strong and alive. In fact I think I could see… Read more »

11 years ago

Great discussion and, in my opinion, Greer is one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting character on SGU and one who has even evolved some in the short time the series has been on. I also think Smith is an excellent actor and has done some standout work throughout.

11 years ago

What a good interview. Good qusetions and answers.

11 years ago

What makes Greer tic? I think that would be a time-bomb. My least favorite character. Thinks he’s Rambo.


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