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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Deliverance’

Monday - March 14, 2011
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After three months of waiting, Stargate Universe has returned with an action-packed premiere! On this week’s installment of the GateWorld Podcast, GateWorld editors Darren and David will talk all about the episode. We’ll discuss the drone technology and the command ships, Chloe’s transformation and whether or not it’s really been stopped, and Rush’s motives and whether he’s turned over a new leaf.

If you’d like to weigh in on this week’s episode, call the GateWorld Podcast Hotline and give us your reactions by the end of day on Friday! We’d love to get your (concise) thoughts on “Twin Destinies,” which airs tonight on Syfy Channel in the U.S. and Tuesday on SPACE in Canada.

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Stargate News

Discussion“Deliverance” (SGU Episode #211)

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Next Episode: “Twin Destinies.” Call in this week to share your thoughts on tonight’s new episode, and then tune in next Monday to hear our discussion!

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  • @Darren and David Yet another great podcast.I don’t consider my SGU experience complete,before I hear your thoughts and theories about it!
    BTW UK Being Human..awesome!US..a cover band,trust me.Nothing like reimagined BSG.In BSG,they’ve kept some of the basic,important premises..US Being Human literally copies UK version and so far it truly is the same story with different actors.So far,hopefully that’ll change in the future.
    And you reminded me,I too need to rewatch DS9,but I will add Farscape to that..haven’t seen neither in more than 5 years..DS9 in 10.I haven’t seen it as a complete story,with all 7 seasons since it aired for the first time.I’m really gonna enjoy those two.
    And I sooo get you,about shows I like getting canned.It got me to the point where I hold back on commiting to anything.Defying Gravity,Legend of The Seeker,Terminator:TSCC,Jericho,Caprica,Firefly,Prey,SGU…
    I agree that if next instalement of SG happens,it needs to take place in the near future,when stargate is public and I would like a new enemy,possibly really from another universe,the one that’d be ambiguous at first,not clearly hostile and the true scale of the threat to be slowly but surely uncovered by our team.And I don’t mean anything like the vistors from V,or the Aschen from 2010.Not anyone that would come to Earth and be welcome here at first.That linked up with the already established mythos of our Ancients and us being the 2nd evolution,everything we know and have so far,icluding the Atlantis,could be awesome,I believe.But that’s just me,the armchair producer,lol!

  • Thanks – first upload was just the first two minutes though… :(

  • Great podcast as always – slightly better even :) Enjoy the quibbles section, good that it’s back.

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