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Creation’s Vancouver Con begins this week

Wednesday - April 13, 2011
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April has once again rolled itself around to the front page of our calendars, and with it comes the return of one of GateWorld’s favorite events to attend.

Creation Entertainment brings their annual Official Stargate Convention to the franchise’s home city — Vancouver, British Columbia — later this week.  This year’s convention is being held April 14 to April 17 at the Metrotown Hilton in Burnaby.  The four-day event will pack in almost twenty main and recurring Stargate cast members and give their fans a chance to see them up close and personal.

The con kicks off on Thursday, April 14 with appearances by Stargate AtlantisDavid Nykl (“Radek Zelenka”), Mark Burgess (“Dr. Franklin”) from Stargate Universe, and a duo of Stargate SG-1 guests as Dan Payne and Patrick Currie (actors with multiple roles under their belts) drop by.

Friday appearances include Kavan Smith (“Major Evan Lorne”), Alexis Cruz (the original film and SG-1’s “Skaara”), and two actors very familiar with heavy make-up and prosthetics:  Andee Frizzell (“Wraith Queen”) and Alex Zahara (multiple roles).  Frizzell is stepping in for previously announced guest Chuck Campbell of Atlantis, who was forced to cancel due to commitments with a brand new project.

The convention shifts into high gear beginning on Saturday in what we’ll unofficially call Stargate Atlantis Day.  Main cast members Joe Flanigan (“John Sheppard”), David Hewlett (“Rodney McKay”) and Paul McGillion (“Dr. Carson Beckett”) will be joined throughout the day’s events by first-time Creation guest and legendary character actor Robert Davi (Genii leader “Kolya”).

The con wraps up on Sunday, April 17 with a whopping six guests throughout the day.  After an extended absence from the Creation stage, Christopher Judge (“Teal’c”) returns this year, along with fellow SG-1 cast member Corin Nemec (“Jonas Quinn”).  Recurring cast members J.R. Bourne (“Martouf”) and Christopher Heyerdahl (“Todd” the Wraith) drop by during the day, along with a visit by first-time attendee Jamil Walker Smith (SGU’s “Ronald Greer”).   Also scheduled to make an appearance on Sunday is Stargate executive producer Brad Wright.

If you can’t make it to Vancouver this year, no worries!  GateWorld staff are making the trip for you and we have you covered!  Keep your browser locked here throughout the week and beyond as we bring you updates from the convention — and the possibility of news of where the franchise might be heading in the future!

Chad Colvin is a GateWorld editor and convention correspondent. He lives near Madison, Wisconsin. Follow him on Twitter @ChadColvin.

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  • I would love to go! I’ve never been to a con. Hopefully Brad Wright will have some kind of news about SGU and/or plans for the franchise…

  • I think that Brad will have something positive to give fans about the future of SG. Wish I was gonna be there

  • Good to see how much support still exists for the old shows. BW will finally be on the hot-seat over SGU. I bet his reaction will be just like the Japanese camera and electronic makers: “What earthquake?”

  • i know this is a stupid question but does it cost any money to go to one of these things reason im asking is because im in burnaby right now alot closer to vancouve rand i’d like to check it out maybe

  • My wife surprised me with a Sunday ticket to the con. I’m very excited; hoping to hear some good news about SGU from Brad Wright.

    Anybody else going?

  • I hope everyone who goes has a great time and posts lots of con reports!

  • I hope to hell someone gives us good news about SGU or the continuation of the franchise in some shape or form. I dont like being left hanging after a season finale. MGM had a money maker and if an other Scifi channel (Canadian Space channel) would pick it up I bet SyFy will carry it. That is if they dont change their name to cheesy scifi/reality show network… (still steaming over the cancelation)

  • We want SGA movie, thank you! SGA deserves a proper finish, SGU can wait…

  • To the people that are going, can you please record of video of it and put it on youtube? Vancouver is a long way from Florida. And please ask Brad Wright, or somebody there about the future of SGU, and Stargate Extinction and Revolution. Also possiblities of more films after that. I know the chances are low but, I just want to hear it from the horses mouth

  • @puddlejumper_1, what part of Florida do you live in? I live in Pensacola.

  • @Puddlejumper_1: Unfortunately, audio and video recording of the convention is not allowed. It’s a standard policy of Creation’s which we respect even as press ourselves. That said, trust me. The minute we hear from Brad about what the future may or may not hold, we’ll break the news here!

  • @Chad Colvin Oh I didn’t know that. I thought it would be like a comic con type thing. And yeah I hope there is a future for stargate. I hate to see it end like this

  • I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came to the StarGate convention in Vancouver this year, you helped make my job a lot easier.

    The life of a volunteer at the conventions is a hectic one, you have to get the guests from one point to another on time and you have to be professional about everything you do with them, we can’t act all “fanboy/girl” because if we do it puts a bad impression with Creations. Thankfully I was able to hold in my inner “Geek”, but its not always a easy thing to do for some people, but we do try our best.

    I hope everyone had an enjoyable time and had a safe trip back home.

    See you all at the next Vancouver convention, or in Vegas for the upcoming Star Trek Convention.

    Always looking sharp with my suite and hat
    Graham – @Tweegster

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