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I’m sure there is at least one baal clone or original still out there somewhere… and yea i know they all had trackers and the real baal took his out or so he said and they got them all but…im sure a system lord wouldnt mind lyin to the likes of sg1 to save his own skin

Jim Hutto

Out of all the Villains in the Stargate Universe Baal and Todd are my absolute favorite.


Baal was great! lol, Egyptian God Tyrant one season then 1920’s Mobster the next season, awesome versatile actor!


Agreed. Baal was one of my favorites as well. He was intellectual and cunning. He was a little modest as well. Cliff Simon did an amazing job playing and well Creating the Ba’al that we know and love!!! Continuum was sad when Katesh killed him, that made me sad, I always like Ba’al and was always hoping that one day he would trully turn good and help SG1, haha wishful thinking I know!


Is there any reason why this interview was done sometime last year and has only just been released? Its like reading old news! Could you imagine if news reports were done like this?


I always loved the episodes with Cliff. He played the Ba’al character so well. It was cool seeing him on 24, also. I just wish they could have given him a larger role, he would have made such an amazing villain on that show I think. Definitely could have given Jack a rough day!


I had the pleasure of talking to him for 40 minutes while he had a break outside the venue in Auckland,New Zealand at the 2005 Armageddon expo.Very cool guy and down to earth.Good to read about what he’s been up too.cheers to all!


I didn’t even realize it was old news. Either way I still enjoyed it!

And I agree, Ba’al was B.A. and also the butt of plenty of jokes :)


Ba’al was my favorite Goa’uld and Cliff Simon played him with such relish. Although the character was evil you could see he also was very clever and had a great sense of humor. Cliff Simon brought all those elements together for his character to produce a very likable bad guy.

I wish Cliff all the best in his career and look forward to seeing him again on the small or large screen soon.


I can tell it’s a little older since there’s no mention of the two guest spots Cliff had earlier this year, but do I care? NO!

Cliff, keep on keeping on. I’m very eagerly anticipating DUST, so I really hope that gets picked up. Great news on Black Butterfly and the commentary. Quite frankly I’d pay for anything you narrated :D


Anyone who complains about news being old on a free site needs to take a deep breath and get a better sense of proportion. You guys are doing a great job here, and this was a nice read, old or not.


Just saw Mr Simon this week on NCIS LA playing the bad guy – don’t know how old that ep was- am just getting into that series, but it was fun seeing him again.


Cliff is an amazing actor. I really enjoyed his roll on Stargate – especially where he had to work with SG1 to overcome some objective. Those were fun episodes. I really liked how his character evolved as well; one week he’s a super villain, the next week he’s admittedly in need of help. The comedic relief was great too. Best to you, Cliff! Thanks for being may favorite bad guy