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10 years ago

The moment near the end when Jack tells Malikai that he lost his son chokes me up every time I watch it, I don’t mind admitting. That may well be the best bit of acting I’ve ever seen RDA do. A “powerful emotional punch” is an understatement.

10 years ago

Most of my votes one. The only ones I don’t agree with. The best Hammond moment as the one from chain reaction. For coolest technology I had them in the reverse order Aschen transporters, time loop device and the arm bands last.

10 years ago

Yes, that’s one of my favorite Jack moments in the series.

10 years ago

I agree with most.

I still think Tanith was better than Osiris.

Window of Opportunity was by far the best of the season, “In the middle of my backswing!”


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10 years ago

I’m kind of surprised by the results of this month, in particular I’m surprised about the lack of love for Scorched Earth, only appearing for best Daniel moment where it lost :p

I think scorched earth is my favourite episode of the season, sure Windows of Opportunity that everyone seem to love is a great episode, but not that good in my opinion.

10 years ago

Wow I’m surprised that Willie Garson as Martin Loyd wasnt higher up. I think he is a great actor and he is always on the “celebration episodes” 100th episode… 200 episode… Im sure he will be on the ballot in coming seasons. He will win one. Other than that it turned out how I expected it to. I however voted for the Aschen as best Alien Race. Anyways great Season!!! One of, if not, the best.

10 years ago

Color me VERY surprised for lack of “Scorched Earth” votes– including the low ranking of my favorite Daniel moment in that same ep.

Now, I agree with the fans if they said “Absolute Power” was a great *Michael Shands* moment… but the events in the ep itself wasn’t real; in “Earth”, however, Daniel was actually trying to stop a massive terraforming device from destroying a group of people, put there by SG-1 themselves.

(Maybe these were the same concentration of fans that gave “Urgo” votes in S3…)


10 years ago

– I agree! Really liked Scorched.. and Daniel’s part. Don’t like Window… – think it’s highly overrated and to sit and watch the same thing over and over, nah not my cup… And Jack’s comment is soo lame, guess one has to like golf to appreciate that…
hehe fun comment re. Urgo.
Didn’t get many of my favourites this time – think Martuf was the only one :/ so a bit disappointed :)

10 years ago

Best Teal’c moment was more like funniest Teal’c moment. Not the best.