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Big Finish announces new series of Stargate audio dramas

Saturday - February 25, 2012

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis audio book publisher Big Finish Productions has announced a third series for SG-1 in 2012, featuring the voices of Michael Shanks (“Daniel Jackson”) and Claudia Black (“Vala Mal Doran”).

Part 1 of Series Three will be released at the end of May, followed by Part 2 in August. Each part will run approximately three hours in length, and run £25.00 for three CDs or £20.00 for a digital download.

Here’s how Big Finish describes Part 1:

A shooting in the heart of Stargate Command is only the beginning for Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran.

Suddenly it’s friend against friend, none of their allies can be relied upon and they’re the universe’s only hope to foil the latest scheme concocted by the last System Lord, Baal.

Will Daniel, Vala and a few of Vala’s less than savoury friends be enough to stop a conspiracy that reaches deep into the heart of Stargate Command and threatens to destroy everything they’ve spent years building?

Other voice actors this year include Cliff Simon (“Baal”), John Schwab (“Major Hunter”), Andrew Collins (“Keto”), Stephen Hogan (“Olssen”), Susan Franklyn (“Rix”), Alex Mallinson (“Airman/Robot/Jaffa”), Paul Hyu (“Lt. Colonel Yin”), Andrew Whipp (“Zoder”), Regina Reagan (“Wellan”), Anna Tolputt (“La’rath”), and John Banks (“Korek”).

Authors include James Swallow, Sally Malcolm, and Steve Lyons (Part 1), and Peter Evans, Richard Dinnick, and Sharon Gosling (Part 2), with direction from Lisa Bowerman and Jason Haigh-Ellery.

So far the publisher has not announced any stand-alone title for the story (or stories) — just “Stargate SG-1: Series Three.”  With six hours of total production time, it could be that each half of the series will be comprised of three individual, hour-long stories (as with past series).

Visit to learn more and to pre-order!

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  • Awesome. So I’m guessing that it takes place before Continuum because Baal is in it. Though there could be more clones, I guess. And before the SGC got mothballed, with Homeworld Command in the Pentagon taking its place in SGU.

  • The most disappointing thing about Continuum to me was that we didn’t get to see Baal’s host speak after Baal was removed. It would have been interesting to see what he said…what he was like. Too bad he couldn’t have made a guest appearance on SGU while it was on….or in the third movie if they had ever made it! Maybe he could have been a good guy that worked with them.

  • Homeworld Command was created after season 8 of SG. HWC over sees all things related to the safety of the Earth, including Atlantis, SGC, Antartica, and Icarus Base.

    What you may be thinking of is the IOA. But SGC is still around.

    As for timeline, It should be able to take place after Continuum.

  • That might not be exactly what we want, but … it is something. And, I hope that’s a start. Would I love some positive new series, film anything on the SG front and at least a new audio series is something.

  • I’m disappointed, and first thought was ‘ewww’, but then, it is stargate, and it’s our beloved characters, so Gateworld, be sure to let us know when they’re selling it because if all of us buy enough of them, who knows, maybe those bastards at MGM will see new dollar signs. Maybe if the latest James Bond film sinks, then they’d brush off their second largest money maker of all time.

  • unfortunately, these things hardly ever sell much. but atleast it keeps the canon going.

  • darsfog– I had thought the same thing. They never really say for sure, but there’s a couple of times in SGU that I got the impression that the Stargate was moved to HWC in the Pentagon. I had asked Mallozzi about it last February (2011)– I just pulled up his answer again. This is it:

    BT writes: “In SGU, when the Destiny crew connect to the stones in the Pentagon (also, where General O’neill’s office is), is this the Office of Homeworld Command?”

    Answer: It is.

    BT also writes: “If it is Homeworld Command, why was this chosen to be the Earth location that was used instead of SG Command?”

    Answer: I believe the Cheyenne Mountain complex was mothballed. It’s now the world’s biggest JC Penny outlet.

    So, looking back, all I remembered was about it being “mothballed” and not the quip at the end. Completely forgot it. So with that said, I have no idea if the entire sentence was a joke or not. Any way, I agree that it would make no sense for it to be in the Pentagon with all of the close calls that would have been much worse in a populated area. So I guess you’re probably right. I’ll end up watching SGU a third time just to see if there’s any clues. ;)

  • they had to redo those old sets to make new ones, they didnt care too much to come up with an explanation. They were reluctant in gating back to earth and chose destiny instead even though there was no real danger to SGC besides the earth gate had an iris and i still cant get passed this one incongruent start to the series. If the gate is in the pentagon well then that would just be absurd, so close to the white house too. You know what wouldve made sense, if Earth closed shop and put the gate in storage; they dont need it, they got ships and the gate posed an unpredictable threat. SGC can use their offworld colonies to conduct ground operations while the full focus of earth defense’s will in space.

  • They charge $102 for 6 episodes of these audiobooks. That’s pretty absurd, I bought 6 seasons of Atlantis DVDs for that price. Almost 5000 hours of film-like content vs one guy in a booth talking to himself… hmmm… not to mention they’re pretty hit and miss – like I couldn’t follow the ‘Perchance to Dream’ one with Beckett at all. It is pretty exciting that they’re creating stargate content, a little stargate is better than no stargate, and I wish I could support that… but even a fraction of that price would seem like too much money for me, since it’s only a fraction as good as seeing a real episode.

  • The other problem with them is that they are poorly written. The story ideas are good, even if the underlying plot revelations aren’t very original, but often they fail to keep you compelled in the story, and the dialogue is very cliched and predictable. It’s all very tropes-based like fan fiction. The same can be said of the additional actor/s they have in the episodes, the delivery of the lines is always done in the ‘obvious acting’ style any kid in a school play would naturally gravitate towards, because that’s how they’ve seen acting is done on every low budget 2-bit production out there.
    I am reminded of Colonel Mitchell’s cringeworthy “don’t underestimate your audience” line from 200, that sort of advice would go well for the producers of these audiobooks. It’s all made so much worse that it’s an inferior format and they’re charging for it at a rate several times higher than going to a movie theatre or buying a DVD.

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