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Is MGM about to revive Stargate SG-1?

Sunday - April 29, 2012
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Stargate fans are abuzz after a cryptic announcement this weekend that MGM is reviving the original series, Stargate SG-1, in “a new format.” Just what is going on … and is SG-1 back on the small screen more than we can hope for?

The news came not from MGM or any of the series principals but from an independent Los Angeles producer, Darren Thomas, who may be affiliated with Andorra based Ordino Studios, according to a Google search. (Andorra is a small European country near France and Spain.) Thomas reportedly told the audience gathered at the official Stargate convention in Vancouver, B.C. that MGM is collaborating on an SG-1 app for smart phones and tablets (which would be in keeping with Ordino’s areas of expertise).

But there’s more.

Here is the news as summarized on the Stargate SG-1 Facebook page:

Wow, what a day! Tonight the Stargate Convention in Vancouver, is buzzing with excitement about an earlier announcement made by independent producer, Darren Thomas. Fans were treated to previously unreleased news about MGM’s collaboration on a new SG-1 App designed for smart phones and tablets. The scoop from Thomas is that MGM is reviving SG-1 albeit in a new format — music to the ears of many fans around the world. Thomas didn’t want to divulge more, but he did say that “plans are underway and I wish I could tell you more. The good news is that we will be unveiling something big at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.” But in the meantime stay tuned for more information right here on the SG-1 official MGM page.

(San Diego Comic-Con will take place in mid-July.)

Based on what other studios have done with their popular science fiction and fantasy franchises, possibilities for future SG-1-related productions run the gambit from online or print comics, to animated projects, to interactive social media applications. (The original television series ran on Showtime, and then Syfy Channel, from 1997 to 2007.)

GateWorld has learned that a press release from MGM and the Andorra studio is imminent (in fact, we were expecting to have it in hand by the time of the convention announcement), though we don’t yet know what it will contain. There is no confirmation that Ordino is involved, but the studio’s Web site does offer some tantalizing clues.

More likely than a live-action project is that producers will take another stab at a Stargate SG-1 video game, perhaps designed with mobile devices in mind (perhaps including social media elements), rather than gaming consoles.

Ordino describes itself as “the newest production studio to offer apps, gaming, animation and spatial experiences.” According to their Web site the studio’s Games Division is hiring:

… developers and artists to be a part of one of the newest hottest gaming labels in Europe. The first project involves an exciting Unity game for a major entertainment franchise. The game will be developed as a First Person 3D Sci-Fi Action Adventure and will include support for all mobile platforms. The game will include a mind-bending story and eye-popping graphics; it will be a plot-twisting, action-packed adventure experience.

“Some of our first projects include building first person mobile games for an established franchise owned by a major U.S. film studio,” the site also says.

A live-action revival for Stargate SG-1 in any form seems unlikely. While it is simple enough to arrange for former SG-1 cast members like Richard Dean Anderson (“Jack O’Neill”), Christopher Judge (“Teal’c”), or Claudia Black (“Vala Mal Doran”) to contribute voice work, reuniting the cast on screen is a tall order. Michael Shanks (“Daniel Jackson”) is currently working on his new series Saving Hope (filming in Toronto), for example. And, while awaiting word on another season of Sanctuary, Amanda Tapping (“Samantha Carter”) is directing for the new series Primeval: New World.

PC games based on SG-1 were previously attempted by Perception Pty and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, under the titles Stargate SG-1: The Alliance, Stargate Worlds, and Stargate: Resistance. Only Resistance saw the light of day, but as an online-only project went offline in 2011 after one year on the market.

Until we know more, we’d advise caution on the speculation — and keep it locked on GateWorld for the very latest!

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • Michael Shanks is working on “Saving Hope” actually…not “Grace”..:)

    Deeds xx

  • Interesting news!, I would prefer Stargate Atlantis because this show deserves more and was unfairly cancelled to make that bad Stargate copy called Stargate Universe, or a SG-1 but with John Sheppard, he has an overwhelming charisma.

  • It’s a game. There’s links in the forum that proves it.

  • Good news indeed! Nice to see that MGM are keeping the lights on for the SG franchise :-)

  • Would’ve preferred a live-action revival, but if games and apps help with that, great! Would’ve liked some SGU news too. We still have some time before Destiny is supposed to cross galaxies but time is running out. Hate to think their calculations were off and it didn’t work, or worse, Eli went crazy and killed everyone to save energy for himself.

  • I got excited thinking Stargate was coming back! Then I read the rest of the article. Imagine the sound of a deflating balloon here.

    Okay, so a game based on SG-1? I’m still a huge fan of the show, but even I admit the party’s over. SG-1 has been off the air for a very long time; can’t imagine them pouring too much effort and money into a game based on not only a dead franchise, but the coldest iteration of it.

    Moreover, it’s a first-person action game (which is cool), but it’s slated for the iPhone? Sounds like another one of THOSE shooters with a super low budget and awful, awful controls. Barf! I’m a super fan of Dead Space and Mass Effect and those both had iOS shooter spinoffs — just like I imagine this SG-1 game could be — that were so terrible, not even a self-proclaimed gamer and fanatic of those franchises like me could like them.

    Well, I don’t want to… *entirely* condemn this project before I even know its name, but it does have an uphill battle to win just based on the premise alone. For me, if no one else.

    Lastly, I’m pretty sure that, for a real reboot of the show to happen, the franchise has to remain quiet long enough for someone to say “hey, remember that great show? Let’s bring it back!”. I just hope that this game doesn’t “keep the lights on” too bright and delay that eventual reboot any. On second thought, I really doubt this game’s going to make much of a splash. Oops, there I go condemning the game again.

  • Thats cool, but I would have loved to play a Stargate game on the PC, or consoles first.

  • As much as I’d love more SG-1, restarting Atlantis is likely more feasible in the near term.

  • Did anyone really read what is said? They are not reviving SG1 on the small or large screen. It is an “app” for the phone. There “may” be a console game, animated series or comic but SG1 will NOT be on TV or in the movie. Remember MGM auctioned off all the Stargate props to prevent it from being revived, I will get excited when they say Stargate will return to TV. Anything else means nothing and if you get excited about nothing what can I say.

  • great news! and remember anything is better than nothing at all which is what we had today before this. And if anything I reckon MGM is doing this to see if the stargate franchise still sells.

  • Well, that’s disappointing! I want an SGA mini series or the darned movie! Anything else – whatever, not my cup of jello.

  • this sounds like excellent news but as @sylvia and @Nymeria said SGA would be preferred, i am really a SG fan based off the whole atlantis story, its a great story.

  • I wish that they would carry on SGU – many people derided this show – but I think it is brilliant. I never got as excited about Atlantis – SGU is more grown up and has more possibilities. The cast is simply brilliant, especially David Blue and Robert Carlyle. Come on MGM – They are all in stasis – wake them up!!

  • Mh, I’m not into games so this news turned out to be something not so high on my prefer-list. But yay! for all gamers
    And another one with the wish for more SGA

  • Rather being kind of negative about the news, try and be positive. As people have said news is better than no news and this is new’s because it could branch plenty of other idea’s down the pipe line.

    They know the fan’s love and need stargate back regardless which series, I certainly want some form of stargate tv series or game.

    Just sit back watch this space and keep those ickle fingers crossed people!

  • My birthday it tomorrow. This is a helluva present. Hope it’s true.


  • As long as they don’t try that “iOS only” crud on us, it’s good news.

  • I was really excited to hear that there may yet be hope for continuing Stargate. I Would REALLY like for them to “BRING BACK ATLANTIS!” but I’m open to see SG-1 as well. I was hoping if enough fans came together in wanting Stargate back someone might try to rekindle the flame that is one of the greatest scifi series EVER! I would like to put my support out there and if there is anything fans can do to help I’ll be looking for it. Maybe someone should look into making a themepark for stargate. I can already think of cool rides and stuff they could do. I really enjoy stargate and appreciate all the work the writers, actors, producers, stunt-doubles, tech-people, and everyone else involved in puting together such a wonderful entertainment for us and I hope to see it live on.

  • Bring back the best Stargate series BY FAR, which is SGU. I cannot put enough emphasis on the BY FAR.

  • Mobile platforms? Ew, why? That’s basically shooting for shovelware out of the gate.

    Anything that isn’t Revolution or an SGU revival is basically a cop out at this point.

  • Bueno la verdad, es una noticia tentadora y emocionante, pero demos paso al tiempo para saber si se deciden a un proyecto nuevo, me gustaría que por lo menos realizarán el final como tal de StarGate Atlantis con la pelicula.

  • Guess it was too much to hope that the app and the “new format” were two seperate announcements then? Because a comic or something based on that completed script for a third SG-1 movie would’ve been awesome…

  • Sadly (as I’ve read on other blogs/sites elsewhere), this was just an app producer’s product-hype statement that just *happened* to have the name “Stargate” attached to it.

    At the time I’m posting this, I’ve seen no announcements concerning the restart, resumption, or reboot of our Stargate series in any form (be it SG-1, ATL, or SGU).

    I will postpone a patented Snoopy Happy Dance until otherwise…

  • To be honest when I first read the title, I thought that they were re-releasing the DVD sets for SG-1. I bought the 10 season set (54-disc) with the crappy cardboard sleeves and after 4 replacement sets I finally got one full complete set of working discs and the woman at Fox Customer Care said that this set was being retired. I thought the title might have been about a re-release.

  • I was at the Convention and heard the announcement. My take is this: MGM just went through bankruptcy and have now righted the ship and have a couple good profitable projects. I expect they are reviewing what has made them money over the years and they cant help but notice Stargate over and over. They are putting out feelers and I think it is a good thing they are spending money on the franchise. One thing Darren stressed repeatedly was “Tell them what you want,” and that there were some other things in the pipeline he couldnt mention. Sorta have to read between the lines a bit but if you ever wanted a chance to get Stargate back, this might be it people. Tell them what you want.

    He also said one major obstacle is that evidently the distribution rights for various aspects are now held by three different companies and said its basically almost impossible to get people together to cooperate in Hollywood lol but maybe. Straight to DVD was an option I think.

    SG1 had a great run, they closed all the good story arcs. Its over. Deal with it.
    Atlantis definitely ended prematurely though and needs more.
    SGU ended right when it really was starting to get great. I personally loved SGU. It doesnt follow the recipe formula of wrapping everything all up in one episode with a happy ending every time. I can definitely see how it would turn a lot of people away in the weekly episode format (all 3 parts of Air played together demonstrates this point.) I watched them on blu-ray/dvd and they play more like a long movie. No interruptions for commercials or week long breaks.

    If you really want this franchise back, y’all are going to have to stop talking everything down. If you want it back, now is the time. They aint gonna go spending millions on something if you all keep pooh-poohing everything. Grow up and see the bigger picture.

  • If SG-1 is to continue in a live action format, it will most likely be a one time movie and not be a full tv-series. Too much time has gone by to be able to contract prior cast members for a full tv-series. Probably get one or two to come back, but will have bring in new actors to play new characters. Many of the prior cast from all 3 series are doing other things now. They might do something as a backdoor pilot with mixed old and new characters.

    With modern Computer Graphics does cut down costs of doing extensive visual effects and now some tv-shows are doing sets and backgrounds. Not building full sets anymore. No one really has to build full sets unless there is a commitment for a long term tv-series. A lot of your costs more come from contracting actors. Also keep in mind MGM may still have Stargate set pieces stored in a warehouse somewhere. They did shoot Atlantis and SG-1 movies after the series ended, and were planning to do more movies. Usually TV and movie companies put sets into a “Fold and Hold” status after they are done using them. Putting the sets back up is not going to be a huge dollar amount.

  • I was at the convention as well and my impression of the special announcement was there are some steps to getting the propper people together to make things happen but there is an independant producer intrested in what sounded like to me reviving stargate or making a movie. Although they couldn’t give us many details on what it is they are working toward they are intrested in what fans have to say and this is our moment to say what we want. There is also the app. So I’m hoping that there is a posibility Stargate might see the light of day again in some shape or form. So please give your input so they can make a decision.

  • Some posters here also need to stop telling other SG fans to ‘grow up’. ..

    Mature, well-thinking fans state all the time what they want from Stargate either here on this site or on others like it; and the producers will either cater to that ‘want’, or decide to do other things that *don’t* cater to that ‘want’. It’s that simple.

    There is no need for new/old producers to rush out for the purpose of creating ‘something Stargate’ if it is not what the greater fanbase will SUPPORT- either right now, or in the long run. (e.g. a phone app.)

    We’ve been through that, remember?

  • @Sylvia

    I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. We need to know *where*– other than here, of course..!

  • If there’s going to be some sort of continuation of the Stargate franchise through a different medium, such as a game, shouldn’t the story be continued for the one show that never actually got a conclusion: SGU? I mean, I love and will always love SG-1. It’s by far my favorite of the three–but the last ten episodes of SGU were so damn good, I’d love to at least see some kind of official (assuming MGM is spearheading this effort) conclusion to that story before SG-1’s story is continued. SG-1’s ending was satisfying, SGU’s was not.

  • Many Stargate fans want to see a conclusion of both Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Both those series were canceled because things got messed up between MGM financial problems and Syfy Scheduling that led to lower ratings. Syfy cancelling SGU was premature, the writing in the last ten episodes could have saved it for another season. If SG-1 is continued or another Stargate show is created before concluding the other 2 incarnations, fans probably refuse to become involve. Unless they do something with the a production that does tie into concluding SGA and SGU.

  • So what do we end of up getting if anything? A return to more crap based on the mistaken notion that that’s ‘what worked’. (SG-1’s ratings fell comparably to where SGU’s ratings were by the time that first series had ended, and SGU is the show worth saving/reviving, especially given the cliffhanger it left off on.)
    I hope it is just a videogame given that this buzz is about SG-1, because in all likelihood they’ll be some brief buzz about it, and then the game will simply move off into the sunset and that’ll be the end of it before long.

    I’m so ticked off and disgusted right now it’s not even funny.

  • I would like to see a combination show with a SG team based out of Atlantis and SGU-Destiny (atlantis can dial destiny and we find out there are 5 other destiny’s – one sent in each cardinal direction from earth into the universe) But NO to john sheppard as he was the downfall of SGA, it should have been called the JOHN SHEPPARD SHOW as it was nothing but him and his ego ad infinatum… less individual character based and more story based each episode all culminating in a long story arc that brings all the destiny’s back to dock each in their own pier at atlantis to do a full universe download of data etc…

  • SGU continuation is easy, return Ginn and Perry out of Quarantine, they use destiny in a star to dial all the gates in that galaxy to send out a message in machine code to stand down. They then reprogramme the seek and destroy to make star gates to replace those they damaged as that galaxy is populated my trillions of humans. Then use a black hole and star gate to dial back to earth or atlantis (it can power a gate), simple solution. And if poor chubby Eli ran out of time – he did the chair thing and is also in the destiny main frame and the chair has a reverse and can construct a body as well – so even if certain characters cant return, they can in the new body that was built for them… The writers, creators, producers – really are defunct of Ideas When it is So Blatantly OBVIOUS the options.

  • I’m sad to say I thought the announcement only meant a new game was in the future. I don’t game and would really rather a continuation of the Stargate Atlantis story. I disagree with a previous person’s comment about no John Sheppard. I think the cameraderie between Sheppard and McKay really made the show. I tried very hard to like SGU, but all the buddy elements were missing. I don’t think the story lines made up for the missing affection between the main team as had been apparent in SG1 and SGA. The same element was what made Star Trek so popular. Continue Atlantis, have them find the Destiny if necessary, but keep the elements intact that made these shows so popular. This kind of show is what is missing from prime time. An old fashioned adventure with good versus evil and a cast who sincerely cares for each other beyond the snark and seriousness. Anybody remember how popular Star Wars was when it came out originally. People were craving that kind of adventure. I’m so tired of crime drama and reality shows. Bring back SGA while science fiction and vampires are popular!

  • I read a few of the last few commits concerning SGA and SGU. I had a thought about the original Atlantis planet and the undersea platform. What were they drilling into the crust for? Maybe play into that as it being an Icurus type planet they could not detect right away. Just say there are heavy metals or minerals in the crust that interfered with the scanning technology. The Ancients chosen the planet also to prevent the Wraith from detecting it. You can cover multiple stories with it.

    To finish the Atlantis story arc, I would like to see the races of the Pegasus Galaxy coming together to defeat the Wraith once and for all. Atlantis could not do it by themselves and have to unite with the Genii. There is enough unfinish material to do good drama for more stories. The Wraith have to become a larger threat beyond the Pegasus Galaxy and the first attack on Earth has everyone concern.

  • Watching an episode of SG-1 today! But haven’t seen it before… it is about SG-1 being on a ship under attack by replicators and the Ori, it also focuses on Vala’s daughters plan to destroy the ancients before they destroy her. Also I saw a few scenes with T’ ealc on a beach looking out at a huge castle like city on a distant island. I then realised it takes place after the episode where SG-1 fininshed… is it being continued? I just though of brining this up because maybe this is what they were hinting at. Please get back to me on this. I am getting very excited because if this is true then we are going to have a lot more Stargate!

  • @ hunter207:
    Sounds like “The Ark of Truth” what you’ve seen. No new episodes, only one of the two SG-1 movies

  • It would be excellent if MGM revisited SG-1 perhaps with new actors and a new series, although I loved Michael Shanks as Daniel. As for games – not interested.

  • Greetings from Finland! I’ve watched all the series from DVD and by far I liked the original and the Atlantis best. Stargate Universe was great also. Different but great!

    Anything else than live action Stargate movie or series is crap. If the promised continuation of the series is game, books, comics or animated series..then please stop it..don’t do it. The fans want LIVE ACTION MOVIES or SERIES! At least THIS fan. :D All other continuation attemps are crap.

    Sadly this line:

    “MGM is reviving the original series, Stargate SG-1, in “a new format.”

    ..suggests it will not be dvd or tv-series but something “new”. So probably that crappy comics, games, books or something as stupid. Crap.

    That’s all folks!

  • I absolutely love all of the Stargate incarnations especially SG1 & SGA, SGU was poor and followed rather badly in the footsteps of Battlestar Galactica. Although the 2nd season picked up but really needs the touchy feely crap to have been dialed down about 80%. Bring back any Stargate TV series I implore you even if it has to be SGU anything is better than nothing. “Search your heart Luke”

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